m/f romance

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  1. Looking for someone who's on regularly and post frequently O , o
  2. That would be mee. Hehe c:
  3. * O * SWEET!! You prefer playing male or female?
    what type of rping do you like?
  4. O , o where'd you go? ; . ;
  5. Um i can as well... if you want im on almost daily.
  6. So what kind of Rp are you after?
  7. action/romance
    romeo and juliet type (forbidden love)

    you have any ideas?
  8. Hmn... Yuri? Yaoi? Het?
  9. no x , x but m/f love scenes mild
  10. So Some Fluff too?
  11. fluff as nonsensical cuteness? O , o
  12. Indeed the stuff that makes grown men want to hug kittens.
  13. XD lol sure!! XD you have any plots in mind?
  14. Hmn... Idk.. a forbidden love....Ah ... a case of switched cell phones. but one is a Juvy student and the other is an A+ one. They aren't allowed to even know eachother. but whats the first thing some one does if they are told no?
  15. The Yankee and the nerd? XD I like lol What if the yankee was a genius and the nerd had to study extra hard get his grades XD
  16. Haha ya. Thats great. so which do you want to be?
  17. Lol And I'll play the hard studying nerd. Just like in real life!
  18. XD I'm the procrastination nerd XD I'm paying for it x ,x I'm on paper number three of the three papers due today x ,x ugh lol