(M/F) Looking for M, two Anthro/Furry plots

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I am always looking for some active and literate RP partners. Yes. Those are my two main wishes. Be active and write lots :)

    I want to keep this decently short, but I will assume you have read all of this before contacting me, and if there is anything more you're curious about. Feel free to visit my page and information. I will do that to you, and a tiny information page or even "person doesn't let you see his/her page" will put me off.

    - Active. I am always loving an active partner. One or more post a day is heaven. If I only receive one post a week, I will address that unless I've been given a reason in advance.
    I firmly dislike being told afterwards. Don't assume I know your holidays or other appointments, and if you're not sure you've told everyone about your absence. Then check!
    - Grammar. I am in no way a grammar nazi and there will be my fair share of mistakes as English is not my main language. I hope this thread will give you an overall view of my own writing skills.

    However, I do need you to match my skill or be better. I can not read through a wall of misspelling words and sentences that doesn't make sense.
    - Length expectations. Yes, I do expect you to write a nice amount. I usually say my comfort zone is 1-3 paragraphs (meaty ones). If I don't get enough to work with, I will tire of the RP quickly,

    and I understand that dialog heavy posts tend to be shorter but there is always possible to add a little more. Keep it to 3 paragraphs each post and I will love you <3,
    give me only 1 all the time and I'll most likely drop the RP.
    - Participation. My plots are NEVER set in stone and I will never take offence, if you present a different direction or plot point to me. I do expect you to participate in the RP creation.

    I have written some basic ideas, but I want both of us to work it to the next level. Make it fun for both of us that we can't wait for each others responses!
    - Communication. A very important part! A lot of things that I've mentioned have to do with communication so I can't stress this enough! If you will be gone for a while,

    tell me when and how long. If there is anything wrong with the RP, then bring it to light, I won't know until you tell me. If you have an idea that you think I might resent,
    tell me about it right away! I am an honest person, but also open to new things :)
    - Balance. I put this in the libertine because I am completely fine with violence and smut. If blood need to be spilled, then it will. If we want steamy sexy scenes, then we will.

    Be very open to talk about this, your do's and don'ts. I have a link on my page to a kink list, so dig in^_^

    If these requirements are not filled, I will give you a warning, I will be honest. Hopefully someone agrees with this naturally and we can have lots of fun! If I am not the person for you, I can assure you there is lots of people looking.

    Side note; I am always up for a full on feral RP, or just implement one in it. And if you do have your own ideas, don't hesitate to pitch your idea to me. The more information you write about yourself and the RP we want together, the more interested I will be.

    I will most likely not respond to people only saying; "I am interested". You HAVE to start including yourself in the idea right away, or if something is unclear then ask about it.

    Plot #1 //Modern, High school, height difference//

    I always love a good high school RP and would like to do one completely with Anthros/Furries. Think our modern world but with animals instead. I have this idea about my character being short (picture to the left), when her normal height should be around 1.67m in her age, she stand with only 1.55m. A dorky teenager that is having difficulty fitting in (more about my character will be written in my Character sheet). You can choose yourself what your Male will be in this school. A jock or a bully perhaps? I give this freedom to you.

    We could also include many more elements! Add friends in to the mixture, or the all popular teacher drama. The possibilities are endless and I'm open to add more than just having our two character running around. With this, I would love someone that is good with bouncing ideas.

    I think at least both our main character should be students, age between 15-18

    Plot #2 //Fantasy, Historical, Magic//

    What if, in a magical world, there is a creature that have the ability to create crystals. Real and valuable crystals. If such a creature really existed, would it be treated with respect and kindness? No. The greed of clans and loners of this world will consume such gifted individuals. Until none is left.

    Once upon a time, this kingdom was rich and healthy. Some hundred years ago, it was told that they bathed in crystal and most of their export was in this rare stone. But as of late, the riches have dwindled. Some claim that this all was because of the legends about the blue hoof deer that could create crystal from nothing. But not so many was fond of believing in a fairy tail.

    What will happen to this land once the last blue hoof deer wakes up?

    This might be an odd story to get in to. Again, I would like to have someone who is willing to build this idea with me. I have this basic concept, and I would really love to explore a magical fantasy land.
    Once again, the world is only furries instead of humans.

    If there is any interest then please send me a PM. I prefer it that way, as I want to get right into building these stories together :) In the PM, try and inspire me! I absolutely love OOC chatting, so if you're not friendly there is a big chance I'll be scared of you xD
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  2. Thanks for the nice Rainbows and compliment :3

    I am still looking, don't be shy!
  3. This seems very interesting on various degrees. I'll send you a PM and another little gift.
    Why the extra gift? Well, who gives a damn?
  4. Curious
    do you want it to be AnthroXanthro
    or AnthroXHuman
  5. AnthroxAnthro preferred.