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  1. [​IMG]
    мαувє тнαт'ѕ ωнαт ιт ιѕ. уσυ'νє ѕєєη тнєм.
    тнє σηє, уσυя σтн
    єя нαℓƒ... σя мαувє
    уσυ ωєяє ѕєт υρ ѕσмє нσω. α вℓιη∂ ∂αтє gσηє
    ƒє¢т؟ αη αяяαηgє∂ мαяяιαgє؟ вєѕт ƒяιєη∂ѕ
    ωнσ ѕтυмвℓє∂ ιηтσ ѕσ
    мєтнιηg мσяє؟ σηℓу
    уσυ тωσ кησω ωнαт яєαℓ
    ℓу нαρρєηє∂, вυт ιт
    ∂σєѕη'т яєαℓℓу мαттєя. уσ
    υ нανє ƒσυη∂ уσυя
    ѕσυℓ мαтє. уσυ мιgнт ησт кησω ιт ƒσя ѕυяє уєт,
    αη∂ уσυ мιgнт ѕтιℓℓ вє уσυηg, ιη уσυя тєєηѕ, вυт
    ιт ∂σєѕη'т мαттєя. єνєяутнιηg нαρρєηѕ ƒσя α
    ση, αη∂, ωнєтнєя ιт ωαѕ ву ¢нαη¢є, ∂αη¢є,
    σя ƒσят
    υηє тєℓℓєя, уσυ нανє ƒσυη∂ уσυяѕ тяυℓу
    ... єνєη ιƒ ιт ∂σєѕη'т αℓωαуѕ ѕєєм мєαηт тσ вє,
    ιт ιѕ.
    тнιѕ яρ нαѕ α вιт σƒ αη σρєη ρℓσт. ι кησω мαηу
    ρєσρℓє ∂ιѕℓιкє тнαт, вυт вαѕє∂ ση тнє ¢ιя¢υмѕтαη¢єѕ
    ι тнιηк тнє σρєη ρℓσт ι∂єα ѕυιтѕ тнιѕ яρ ωєℓℓ.
    вαѕι¢αℓℓу, ιƒ уσυ яєαℓℓу ηєє∂ α ρℓσт тσ gσ 域 σƒ,
    уσυ αη∂ ωнσмєνєя ι мαт¢н уσυя ¢нαяα¢тєя«ѕ» υρ ωιтн
    ωιℓℓ яρ тσgєтнєя. ∂ση'т gєт мє ωяσηg, уσυ ¢αη яρ ωιтн
    ωнσмєνєя уσυ ωαηт... вυт тнє ραιяѕ αяє тнєяє ƒσя тнє
    яσмαη¢є ρσятιση σƒ тнє яσℓє-ρℓαу «ωнι¢н нαρρєηѕ тσ
    вє ωнαт тнιѕ яσℓє-ρℓαу ιѕ вαѕє∂ ση, уєѕ, яσмαη¢є».
    ¢σηтιηυιηg ση, уσυ αη∂ уσυя мαт¢н ωιℓℓ яρ тняσυgн
    єνєηтѕ, ѕσмє єνєηтѕ ωιℓℓ вє тняєα∂-ωι∂є, ѕυ¢н αѕ α
    ¢συηту ƒαιя σя ¢αяηιναℓ, ωнιℓє σтнєяѕ ωσυℓ∂ נυѕт вє
    єνєηтѕ уσυ тωσ ∂є¢ι∂є ση. тнιηgѕ ѕυ¢н αѕ мαяяιαgєѕ,
    вяєαк-υρѕ, яєвσυη∂ѕ, ρяєgηαη¢ιєѕ, є¢т... αяє ƒσя уσυ
    тσ ∂є¢ι∂є υρση ωιтн тнє яρ ραятηєя. ιƒ уσυ αяє ℓσσкιηg
    ƒσя ѕσмєтнιηg αѕ ƒαя αѕ ѕєттιηgѕ gσ тнαт ι ¢αη αℓѕσ gινє
    уσυ. тнιѕ яρ тαкєѕ ρℓα¢є ιη єυ¢ℓι∂, σнισ. α ѕмαℓℓ
    ѕυвυявαη-яυяαℓ тσωη ση тнє ¢σαѕт σƒ ℓαкє єяιє. нσρє
    тнιѕ нєℓρѕ, ησω, нανє ƒυη!
  2. [​IMG]
    The Basics :=>: All of the site rules Apply. I won't tell you to break a site rule, Ever. If you haven't gone over those please go do that now, they can be found pretty much anywhere in the forums. Follow them, I don't want to get in trouble and I don't want this thread locked until it is "good and dead" ... or until I have to make a new one. *Crosses fingers and hopes for second option*

    My Forms :=>: My forms are here for a reason, please use them. I find it rather rude when people use their own forms and someone has worked hard to supply you with one (unless of course the rules state to use your own, or that you don't have to use the provided one). Plus, I also tend to get very confused. Please PM them to me, after I accept you, you can post it.

    Role-Playing :=>: First off, you need to wait until you are accepted before you can RP. Please, by all means, PM me for any reason, anything At.All. I love PMs! I'm a human too, and sometimes I forget to update something, or I just might not have had the time. Secondly, please try to limit the cussing (and star out any vowels) and NO text talk. Oh Puh-lease! NOOO TEXT TALK! USE YOUR WORDS. Third, I don't mind kissing and some stuff, but please use Fade-to-Blacks and Timeskips as you need(whenever things go more toward bedroom things). However, with that said, I don't want you to skip several days ahead in the RP if it will affect all (or most) of the RP characters (ie: A fair is coming, two rpers skip several days to the fair when everyone else is still a week away) If you're skipping days but it will only affect the people rping together (ie: two rpers skip a few days because their characters made plans to hang out) then it's fine. Fourth, Please don't go over two pages without me. I don't mind if it goes over a Little. on accident once in a while, but going Five+ pages over every time is not an accident. It is pure carelessness. Finally Fifth, Please don't be your own crush or boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse or fiance, and I'm sorry, but I only allow straight romantic relationships... Oh, and one last thing, any children born in rp are played by the person who rps the mother, unless otherwise decided.

    Characters :=>: You can have as many characters as your heart desires, so long as you can [1]Keep track of all of them and [2]keep them all active. I would greatly appreciate if you could keep the genders somewhat even as well. I don't want twenty girls to three boys (or vice versa). On the topic of looks, only use real life, HUMAN pictures. Not Anime or Cartoons or Sims or anything else... this isn't the RP for them. Lastly, as I stated above please don't be your own crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or fiance (straight romance relationships only). If you were to be your own it would sort of negate the whole idea of role-playing.

    Literacy :=>: I would like to see at least 2-3+ lines... at a normal font size or smaller. I don't really want to see a post that says 'He looked around' or 'She slept', but as long as you don't use text speak and can give a sentence someone can reply to I don't really care how lengthy your post is. I don't mind if you role-play in first person or third person, but please put the name of the person you are posting for somewhere in the post if you choose to rp in first person (i.e: Samantha - I look around the park trying to find something to do. As I spot him I blush heavily and stand up. Walking over I run a hand through my hair nervously, I can't help but think of how cute he is. Walking up behind him I tapped his shoulder "Hey" I greeted with a warm smile.). As far as grammar and spelling go, please, please, please try to be accurate. I can understand the mistakes here and there but I don't want a post that reads: .Trailr stod in barns loking at the hoses ate the hae nosily" ... No ... jut no. Preferably it would read: Taylor stood in the barn looking at the horses eat the hay noisily.

    Have Fun :=>: I"m pretty sure that I've typed everything that I had in mind, but I will add more rules if I find it necessary, so please, don't hesitate to check this post often. Now, without further ado, my last and final rule: HAVE FUN!!! (<= this is by far the most critical rule there is).

    Username 'Nickname' Here ... just something to call you so I don't have to change the username on the underneath post if you change your name
    Picture Here {realistic human only, no cartoons/anime/etc}
    {Full Name ❣ Age (try to keep it roughly between 14 & 24) ❣ Address (make something up) ❣ Nationality/ies}
    ❥Nickname} Here
    ❥Birthday} Only Month and Day are necessary
    ❥Eye Description} Here
    ❥Hair Description} Here
    ❥Markings} Scars, Freckles, Birthmarks, Tattoos, etc
    ❥Piercings} Here
    ❥Height} Here
    ❥Weight} Here
    ❥Health Ailments} Here
    ❥Personality} Here (list traits at the very least)
    ❥History} Here (optional)
    ❥Job/School Grade} Here (please specify if in school, you may have both school and job)
    ❥Match/Spot} Put either the other name or the pair # (I can choose if you don't want to)
    ❥Pet/s} Here
    ❥Family} Here
    ❥Other} Anything Else you can think of

    0 ƒємαℓє ѕρσтѕ σρєη || 4 мαℓє ѕρσтѕ σρєη

    1) Anthony & Calliope
    2) Elliot & Bella
    3) Thomas & Emilee
    4) Christian & Kat
    5) Logan & Asana
    6) Maverick & Oleysia
    7) LuHan & Anna
    8) Austin & Melody
    9) Chase & Mara
    10) Gabriel & Sadie
    11) Silas & Alyssa
    12) Jason & Eracilia
    13) Alexander & Caelian
    14) Hayden & Sibel
    15) ___ & Sierra
    16) Ryou & Giovanna
    17) ___ & Melissa
    18) ___ & Alexandra
    19) ___ & Frost
    20) ___ & Catarina
  3. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Members & Characters[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#139191]Username "Nickname"[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Character Name {Nickname/s} ❣ ♂ ♀ ❣ Age {birthday} ❣ Address ❣ Nationality/ies ❣ Pet/s

    [BCOLOR=#139191]H a p p i l y[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Anthony Mark Bledgerwood {Tony} ❣ ♂ ❣ 16 {January 7th} ❣ 88 Lincoln Pl. ❣ Scottish|Latin American|Italian ❣ Several Cows|Rodeo|Tila|Mouzer|Chase|Pipsqueak
    ❥ Elliot Owen Lewis Bray {Eli} ❣ ♂ ❣ 17 {March 4th} ❣ 84 Lincoln Pl. ❣ Welsh|French ❣ Mars|Pearl|Rootbeer|Blaze| Drifter|Topaz|Harley
    ❥ Thomas Matthew Campbell {Tom|Tommy} ❣ ♂ ❣ 22 {September 12th} ❣ 7 Honeydew Rd. ❣ Norwegian|Swedish ❣ Tallah|Patchwork|Wrinkles
    ❥ Oleysia Juniper Campbell {Olly} ❣ ♀ ❣ 16 {September 1st} ❣ 7 Honeydew Rd. ❣ Norwegian|Swedish ❣ Ivory|Pumpernickel| Sesame|Redd|Onyx|Cali|Jez|Olaf
    ❥ Christian Thomas Maluke {Chris} ❣ ♂ ❣ 20 {August 21st} ❣ 33 East Hickory Ct. ❣ German|English ❣ Swipes|Rainbow| Leap|Hops
    ❥ Logan Hunter Jackson ❣ ♂ ❣ 19 {July 4th} ❣ 108C Hampton St. ❣ Scottish|English ❣ Mr. Meow|Squeaky
    ❥ Anna Nicole Platt {Annie} ❣ ♀ ❣ 19 {November 15th} ❣ 14 River St. ❣ Greek|French ❣ Emerald|Piccino|Lacey|Marmaduke| Scooby|Scrappy|Fitz
    ❥ Melody Mara Cee {Mel, Princess} ❣ ♀ ❣ 15 {July 8th} ❣ 21 Lake Erie Rd. ❣ Spanish|Portuguese ❣ Max|Squish|Simon|Lys| Neek|Laros
    ❥ Mara Anastasia Argyris {Mar, Nene, Silver, Precious} ❣ ♀ ❣ 18 {December 25th} ❣ 12 River St. ❣ Russian|Greek ❣ Hansel|Gretel|Sky|Midnight|Star
    ❥ Sadie Savanna Hope Mckee ❣ ♀ ❣ 21 {March 5th} ❣ 11 Honeydew Rd. ❣ Spanish|Irish ❣ Apache|Bebe

    [BCOLOR=#139191]F E L I L L A[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Silas Nicholas Dempsy {Sy, Nicky Boy} ❣ ♂ ❣ 17 {November 9th} ❣ 4F Horizon Apartments ❣ Spanish|Australian|Dutch ❣ Georgie|Frankie|Antoine
    ❥ Austin Kade Coulson ❣ ♂ ❣ 15 {September 19th} ❣ 24 East Weston St. ❣ Italian|English|Filipino ❣ Kip|Molly
    ❥ Eracilia Olive Lysander {Era, Cilly, Cilia} ❣ ♀ ❣ 18 {April 26th} ❣ 48 South Rose Pkwy. ❣ French|Irish ❣ Picasso
    ❥ Calliope Artemis Locke {Callie, Cal} ❣ ♀ ❣ 16 {March 14th} ❣ 64 Barkley Rd. ❣ German|Native American|Greek ❣ Khione|Castor|Pollux

    [BCOLOR=#139191]S E R E N I T Y[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Jason Alexander Harvford ❣ ♂ ❣ 18 {October 11th} ❣ 97 Hemington Ln. ❣ Caucasian|German ❣ Papi
    ❥ Alyssa Harvford {Aly} ❣ ♀ ❣ 16 {February 25th} ❣ 97 Hemington Ln. ❣ Caucasian|German ❣ Several Fish|Laila|Taylor|Lexi|Serena|Miss Jackson|Brendon|Atticus|James|Clarisse

    [BCOLOR=#139191]R I E E Z Y[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Bella Cali Toulon {Belle, Bells, B} ❣ ♀ ❣ 16 {June 24th} ❣ 24 Shady Side Ln. ❣ Italian|Irish ❣ Lilo|Chip

    [BCOLOR=#139191]W I N T E R[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Kat Winters ❣ ♀ ❣ 20 {July 13th} ❣ 103-1154 Midnightway Apartments ❣ English|Italian ❣ Lucy
    ❥ Emilee Skye {Emi} ❣ ♀ ❣ 20 {December 1st} ❣ 1213 Wonder Way ❣ German|Italian|French ❣ Summer

    [BCOLOR=#139191]G R E E N T A I L[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ LuHan {Lulu, Deer Prince, Bambi} ❣ ♂ ❣ 21 {April 20th} ❣ 2101 Nowhere Rd. ❣ Chinese ❣ Romeo

    [BCOLOR=#139191]D E A T H[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Sierra James Hunter {Si} ❣ ♀ ❣ 15 {March 6th} ❣ 13829 Day Dream Way ❣ Caucasian|French ❣ Bella|Summer

    [BCOLOR=#139191]R O S E[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Caelian Amethyst Erikson {Cae} ❣ ♀ ❣ 20 {August 3rd} ❣ A7-8501 North Frasier St. ❣ Irish|German|Greek ❣ Belle
    ❥ Asana Jade Erikson {Ana, AJ} ❣ ♀ ❣ 19 {June 15th} ❣ C12-6750 South Broadway St. ❣ Irish|German|Greek ❣ Sweetie
    ❥ Maverick Alexander Coates ❣ ♂ ❣ 17 {October 31st} ❣ 130 N. Orlean St. ❣ English ❣ Blaze
    ❥ Gabriel Marcus Coates {Gabe} ❣ ♂ ❣ 23 {Sept. 23rd} ❣ 130 N. Orlean St. ❣ English ❣ Bandit

    [BCOLOR=#139191]I C E[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Alexander Jhonson {Axel} ❣ ♂ ❣ 21 {November 14th} ❣ 143-14487 Cloud Jump St. ❣ American ❣ Nana|Kari
    ❥ Giovanna Jhonson {Geo} ❣ ♀ ❣ 21 {November 14th} ❣ 157-14487 Cloud Jump St. ❣ American ❣ Firecracker|Mittens
    ❥ Alexandra Uchiho {Alex} ❣ ♀ ❣ 22 {December 4th} ❣ 2045-11344 Dream Way ❣ Japanese|American ❣ Ren

    [BCOLOR=#139191]F I R E J A Y[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Melissa Brown {Misty} ❣ ♀ ❣ 16 {February 18th} ❣ 202-940 Beagle Way ❣ Caucasian ❣ Delaware|Lady

    [BCOLOR=#139191]B U B B L E S[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Frost Isabelle Brooks {Fro, Frosty} ❣ ♀ ❣ 18 {January 8th} ❣ 16 Storybook Ln ❣ American ❣ Wolfie

    [BCOLOR=#139191]K A R M I[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Catarina Yasmin Iraci {Cat, Catty} ❣ ♀ ❣ 21 {August 21st} ❣ 95643 92nd St. ❣ Brazilian ❣ Mami

    [BCOLOR=#139191]T H U R R B O[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Sibel LoStracco {Sib} ❣ ♀ ❣ 19 {March 11th} ❣ 818 Sullivan Way ❣ Italian|Turkish ❣ BB

    [BCOLOR=#139191]S I L V E R[/BCOLOR]
    ❥ Hayden Michaels ❣ ♂ ❣ 19 {December 25th} ❣ 402 Braxton St. ❣ Australian ❣ Kip
    ❥ Ryou Misumi ❣ ♂ ❣ 20 {November 22nd} ❣ 404 Braxton St. ❣ Japanese ❣ Omi
    ❥ Name {NN} ❣ ♂ ❣ Age {Bday} ❣ address ❣ Nationality ❣ pet
    ❥ Name {NN} ❣ ♂ ❣ Age {Bday} ❣ address ❣ Nationality ❣ pet​
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  4. Username 'Nickname' :: Happily

    {Anthony Mark Bledgerwood ❣ 16 ❣ 88 Lincoln Pl. ❣ Scottish <dad>, Latin American <both>, Italian <mom>}
    ❥Nickname} Tony
    ❥Birthday} January 7th, 1999
    ❥Eye Description} golden-hazel eyes
    ❥Hair Description} crew-cut and medium brown hair
    ❥Markings} none
    ❥Piercings} none
    ❥Height} 5'8", on the shorter side of almost average
    ❥Weight} 144lbs, thin but strong
    ❥Health Ailments} none
    ❥Personality} Anthony tends to be a rather solitary, quiet person. He's not shy, he just doesn't ever feel the need to say much. If he decides to say something he will as he can be a very spur-of-the-moment person. Anthony doesn't do very well with major changes and it takes him a long time to adjust to change. He does tend to be stubborn, but is a softy if you can break him and earn his trust.
    ❥History} Anthony has had a busy, working but fun life to say the least. He's lived on this cattle ranch in Ohio his entire life, since the day he was born, January 7th, Anthony has been around cows... and various other animals. He is the second eldest child of a going on eighth generation of cattle ranchers on the ranch he lives.
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; 10th grade local high school. Job; Works on family cattle ranch.
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 1
    Braford Cattle || Highlander Cattle || Holstein Cattle || Jersey Cattle || Rodeo:: 4yr old, male,
    australian cattle dog, dog || Tila, Mouzer, Chase, Pipsqueak:: 5yr old, 7wk oldx3, female, malex2, female domestic short hairx4, cats
    ❥Family} Diane (69) {Grandma}, Jesse (50) {dad}, Gabrielle (52) {mom}, Harry (21) {Older Brother}, Jenny (13) {little sister}, Oliver (8) {little brother}, Mitch (8) {little brother}
    ❥Other} blup

    {Elliot Owen Lewis Bray ❣ 17 ❣ 84 Lincoln Pl. ❣ Welsh <mom>. French <dad>}
    ❥Nickname} Eli
    ❥Birthday} March 4th, 1997
    ❥Eye Description} Pale Blue
    ❥Hair Description} medium length and neat kept sandy blonde hair
    ❥Markings} a few minor scars from 'being reckless' and such... not that I'm really reckless r anything.
    ❥Piercings} none
    ❥Height} 6'0", just above average
    ❥Weight} 153, pretty thin but strong
    ❥Health Ailments} none
    ❥Personality} Eli is most definitely a cowboy, but he may not be your typical cowboy. He thinks everything through and is much more cautious than his brothers and father. He believes he got his wary trait from his granddad, but who knows
    ❥History} There hasn't been too much significance in his life. Eli grew up on the same ranch that he lives on now. His mother passed away from cancer just after his little sister, Carly, was born and his father remarried a childhood friend of theirs. The sad event in his life was the most expansive thing that happened. Sure, he's won rodeos and such but that just normal history for this cowboy.
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; 11th grade at local high school. Job; not really a job, but he works on the family ranch and competes in rodeos pretty often.
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 2
    ❥Pet/s} Mars:: 16yr old, female, Tabby cat || Pearl {black} & Rootbeer {tan}:: 4 & 6yr old, female & male, Norse Elk Shepherd-German Shepherd mix & Lab-Pitbull mix || Blazing Freedom:: {AKA: Blaze} 9yr old, stallion, chestnut Quarter Horse cross, 15.3hh horse || Drifter:: 7yr old, stallion, black and white paint Gypsy Vanner-Quarter Horse cross, 16.1hh horse || Topaz {grey} & Harley {chestnut}:: 8 & 10 yr old, mare (expecting his foal) & stallion, flea-bitten grey Quarter Horse & Chestnut Quarter Horse, 15hh & 16hh horses
    ❥Family} Stefanie (45) {step mom}, Luca (48) {dad}, Elizabeth-Marie (15) {sister}, Carly-Jean (8) {little sister}, Ash (21) {older brother}, Daniel (21) {older brother}, Stephan (19) {brother}, Nicholas (10) {little brother}, Grace-Annamarie (72) {grandma}, Georgio (80) {granddad}, Stella (33) {aunt}, Kari (5) {cousin}
    ❥Other} ba-doop

    {Thomas Matthew Campbell ❣ 22 ❣ 7 Honeydew Rd. ❣ Norwegian <both>, Swedish <mom>}
    ❥Nickname} Tom, Tommy
    ❥Birthday} September 12th, 1992
    ❥Eye Description} Pale mossy green
    ❥Hair Description} Short and neat sandy dirty blonde hair
    ❥Markings} none except the occasional stubble
    ❥Piercings} none
    ❥Height} 6'0", slightly tall
    ❥Weight} 178lbs, almost all muscle
    ❥Health Ailments} mildly allergic to cats
    ❥Personality} I'm a rather peaceful guy. I tolerate a lot of things and have been told I'm pretty understanding and a good listener
    ❥History} We were born and raised in Härnösand, Sweden. MY mom was ... technically she still is, a famous author. She visited Ohio on a few of her tours and fell in love, so we just up and moved there for a few years but moved back to Sweden just before Remi was born. Piper was born in Ohio... and she doesn't have as thick of a Swedish accent as the rest of us. It's a bit weird, and I still have an accent but it tends to mix with the Ohioan accent with which gets me looked at like I have four heads... but it's not as thick as my parents, Olly has a mixed one two. Piper seems like a normal Swedish little girls with blonde curls and bright blue eyes... until you hear her speak. Remi doesn't have much of an accent either. I guess family's always been extremely important to me. We moved back here just after Remi turned one almost 5 years ago.
    ❥Job/School Grade} Job; aspiring writer & composer. School; studies writing & music at the local college
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 3
    ❥Pet/s} Tallah:: 9month old > female > Nork Elk Shepherd > dog || Patchwork:: 4yr old > male> Norweigan Water Dog > dog || Wrinkles:: 7yr old > female > Norweigan Mastiff > dog
    ❥Family} Kirstine (56) {mom}, Lucas (59) {dad}, Oleysia (16) {sister}, Piper (11) {little sister}, Remi (6) {little sister}
    ❥Other} He has a swedish accent.

    {Oleysia Juniper Campbell ❣ 16 ❣ 7 Honeydew Rd. ❣ Norwegian <both>, Swedish <mom>}
    ❥Nickname} Olly
    ❥Birthday} September 1st, 1998
    ❥Eye Description} gentle looking and pale, blue colored
    ❥Hair Description} Long and wavy golden blonde hair with darker and lighter blonde highlights
    ❥Markings} none
    ❥Piercings} Ears are pierced once each
    ❥Height} 4'9.5"
    ❥Weight} 104.3lbs
    ❥Health Ailments} easily sunburned, allergic to nuts and bees
    ❥Personality} Olly is quiet similar to her brother, but she has this determination in her that isn't as present in him. Once the young girl sets her heart on something she sets out to accomplish her mission, no matter what the cost. She can be a bit outright sometimes, but that's just being a typical teen.
    ❥History} Same as Thomas'
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; 10th grade at local high school. Job; Works part time at local animal shelter
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 6
    ❥Pet/s} Ivory:: 2yr old female snowshoe hare ~ Pumpernickel:: 8yr old male Belgian Malinois mix ~ Sesame (white), Redd (red), Onyx (black):: 6month old female, maleX2 Pomsky ~ Cali:: 12yr old female calico cat ~ Jezabel (Jez):: 6yr old 16.1hh stallion flaxen chestnut hanoverian ~ Olaf:: 3yr olf 12.2hh white shetland pony
    ❥Family} Kirstine (56) {mom}, Lucas (59) {dad}, Thomas (22) {brother}, Piper (11) {little sister}, Remi (6) {little sister}
    ❥Other} She has a Swedish accent.

    {Christian Thomas Maluke ❣ 20 ❣ 33 East Hickory Ct. ❣ German <both>, English <both>}
    ❥Nickname} Chris
    ❥Birthday} August 21st, 1994
    ❥Eye Description} A dark, somewhat dull greenish-brown color
    ❥Hair Description} Short, cropped brownish-auburn hair
    ❥Markings} Freckles, the normal insignificant scars, usually a light stubble
    ❥Piercings} none
    ❥Height} 5'10", average height
    ❥Weight} 168lbs, stocky build
    ❥Health Ailments} None
    ❥Personality} Stubborn, Kind, Hard-headed, tries to be understanding, fun-loving, can be a daredevil but also can be careful <WIP>
    ❥History} WIP/RP out
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; studying construction at the college
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 4
    ❥Pet/s} Swipes ~ male, 2, Sugar Glider ొ Rainbow ~ female, 5, iguana ొ Leap (Left) & Hops (Right) ~ male, frog
    ❥Family} Grace <24, sister>, Lauri <55, mom>, Gabe<58, dad>
    ❥Other} He's a newer character of mine... still working some stuff out.

    {Logan Hunter Jackson ❣ 19 ❣ 108C Hampton St. ❣ Scottish <dad>, English <mom>}
    ❥Nickname} Logan
    ❥Birthday} July 4th, 1995
    ❥Eye Description} dark greenish-grey
    ❥Hair Description} short dark brown
    ❥Markings} a couple of scars from 'unidentified circumstances' and a tattoo: This ... it's literally a picture of him, no need to explain the whereabouts
    ❥Piercings} none
    ❥Height} 5'10", average
    ❥Weight} 160, normal
    ❥Health Ailments} ADHD
    ❥Personality} I don't like to sit still... in fact I really can't sit still... It just doesn't work for me. I have to be doing something... whatever it is... well... not sitting at a desk in school... that doesn't work so well either.
    ❥History} Let's see, well... I was born on Long Island, New York ... In a small town ... correction, a VERY small town, called Bethpage. I never knew my real father as he left before I was born... We moved to Southold when I was four, and we were in Manhattan by the time I was seven. For my eleventh birthday my mom married the most horrible man on the planet.. and two years later he unexpectedly disappeared off the face of the Earth. Just last year my mom, Leila Jackson, got married to my former Science Teacher, Potter Blowfish. Although I think my step-dads last name is hilarious, I kept my moms maiden name of Jackson. Oh, I guess I should mention these last two things: My family is by no means rich. Up until we moved my mom and I lived in a small apartment. After she married Potter we moved into his slightly bigger apartment. When we moved here a few months ago we moved to another apartment... about the same size as Potter's old one... maybe slightly bigger.
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; Studying Marine Biology at the college. Job; Lifeguard and swim instructor at the college during the winter, camp counselor over the summer.
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 5
    ❥Pet/s} Mr. Meow:: 6yr old > male > Maine Coon > Cat <=mom's cat || Squeaky:: 3yr old > female > Standard Poodle > dog
    ❥Family} Leila (47) {mom}, Potter (50) {step-dad}
    ❥Other} bloop

    {Anna Nicole Platt ❣ 19 ❣ 14 River St. ❣ Greek <both>, French<dad, less than 1/4>}
    ❥Nickname} Annie
    ❥Birthday} November 15th, 1995
    ❥Eye Description} Stormy grey
    ❥Hair Description} Her hair stops about mid way down her shoulder blades. It is a caramel color with a few natural blonde highlights
    ❥Markings} a scar by her right hip from when her appendix was removed and a scar from her right ankle across the top of her foot and onto the bottom of her foot, stopping just before the heel from a jellyfish tentacle when she was ten
    ❥Piercings} ears pierced once each
    ❥Height} 5'0", short
    ❥Weight} 108lbs, thin
    ❥Health Ailments} glasses/poor vision if that counts <contacts don't work for her>
    ❥Personality} I can be reserved at times, but normally I am a rather happy-go-lucky person who apparently trusts a tad too easily and is sometimes too happy.
    ❥History} I don't think there is much to tell. I've lived on the beach and grown up with the water in Torquay my entire life until two months ago when I moved here. Even though I am not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination (I believe and celebrate and all, but I'm not strict), my aunt and uncle are both into religion, and they still insist that the my sister and I practice Judaism. Especially since our parents died nine years ago in what everyone else believes was just an unfortunate plane crash, but our aunt and uncle seems to think it was more to smite our parents for not practising. A little weird to be honest, but I'll do whatever to keep them happy. When I was six I had my appendix taken out after being ill for almost a week and in the hospital for nearly twice that long. When I was ten I left the safety of the beach net to retrieve a beach ball that my older sister accidentally hit too far and I got stung by a jellyfish. I don't remember the incident, just a lot of pain shooting up my foot that made me black out, and when I was pulled onto the beach I kept coughing up water and my foot was swollen and bloody and covered in welts... and icebags, lots of icebags. My sister Elsa felt terrible about it for years, she still does actually. To this day we still aren't sure what kind of Jellyfish stung me, but I learned my lesson about pushing the boundaries
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; studying to be a nurse at the college. Really she wants to be an anesthesiologist.
    ❥Match/Spot} spot 7
    ❥Pet/s} Emerald’s Gaze: mare, 16.2hh, 7yr old, Chestnut OTTB-Shire Cross || Piccino: stallion, 16.3hh, 9yr old, Gypsy Vanner-Percheron Cross || Diamond Lace: mare, 13hh, 14yr old, Hackney || Marmaduke: male, 6month old, Great Dane || Scooby (black) & Scrappy (brindle): males, 4yr old & 6month old, Great Danes || Fitz: male, Savannah
    ❥Family} Elsa (22, sister), Lea (47, aunt), Ari (47, uncle)
    ❥Other} She has an Australian Accent. yup... totally based off frozen's Anna :)

    {Melody Mara Cee ❣ 15 ❣ 21 Lake Erie Rd. ❣ Spanish <both>, Portuguese <dad>}
    ❥Nickname} Mel, Princess {by her parents}
    ❥Birthday} July 8th, 1999
    ❥Eye Description} super light blue/baby blue
    ❥Hair Description} really long and black with some natural reddish auburn highlights
    ❥Markings} None
    ❥Piercings} just my ears once, I want to get my belly button pierced too though
    ❥Height} 5 foot and three quarters of one inch (5ft .075in)
    ❥Weight} roughly 98.7lbs
    ❥Health Ailments} besides being a tempermental teenager? none
    ❥Personality} Spunky, Sarcastic, easily frustrated and flustered, tries to please, gullable, friendly, flirty, caring, helpful, tries to be graceful <WIP>
    ❥History} WIP/RP
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; 10th grade at local high school
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 8
    ❥Pet/s} Max III, male, 7, old english sheepdog. Squish,male, 1, crab. Simon, Lys and Neek, three guppies, 4months, ... kind of guessed on the gender.. Laros, male, around 2, a seagull I helped when it was a baby... he's stuck around since.
    ❥Family} Ariel <40, mom>, Eric <45, dad>
    ❥Other} she's a former Once Upon a time original character that I can't really use the history for, so I'll edit as I go. She is based off Melody from Little Mermaid 2... not sure if you noticed, but I'm big into Disney)

    {Mara Anastasia Argyris ❣ 18 ❣ 12 River St. ❣ Russian <mom>, Greek <dad>}
    ❥Nickname} Mara, Mar, Nene {that's what Natalia calls her}, Silver {her last name means silver in greek}, Precious {because silver is a 'precious metal'}
    ❥Birthday} December 25th,1996 <Christmas baby>
    ❥Eye Description} Very bright and light golden/amber in color.
    ❥Hair Description} Long and loosely curly light brown hair with natural light auburn and darker golden blonde highlights
    ❥Markings} A few minor, insignificant scars from various things, a heart-shaped birthmark over her belly button, and a tattoo of Her mother's name: Anastasia Lilyia Pavlov-Argyris, date of death 22-11-2001 surrounded by a pair of wings and a halo on her left shoulder blade.
    ❥Piercings} ears are pierced once each, belly button is also pierced
    ❥Height} 5'0", very short, super petite
    ❥Weight} 105, very thin
    ❥Health Ailments} none... though she had braces when she was twelve until she was fifteen
    ❥Personality} Mara tends to be slightly timid but also slightly rebellious. She has a brain of her own and she isn't afraid to use it. While she is careful about things, Mara usually manages to do whatever she wants, even if it sometimes means paying the price... which is usually extra chores or her parents getting angry. She would never do anything illegal. Like everyone, Mara has her fears, such as being alone in the dark. She doesn't mind the dark when people are with her, but 'bad things happen in the dark'. She tends to be humble, though not as much so as her sister, and somehow is usually able to calm people down, including her irrational, hot-headed, older step-brother. She can be a very caring person, but Mara can also come off as selfish and once in a while greedy even. Once people get to know her though they will realize just how loyal and understanding she can be... even if she does seem to bee a walking contradiction every so often.
    ❥History} she was born in St. Petersburg, the eldest child, to the 'two most wonderful parents in the world'. Of course, "nothing gold can stay", and sooner or later things began to fall apart. Her parents really did try to make it work, but just a few moths after her little sister was born their mother fell extremely ill. Her father tried to cope, he honestly did, but things went from bad to worse. In the beginning it wasn't terribly, her father was irritable and best left alone, but it was tolerable. As her mother slowly got sicker and closer to death her father would disappear more, with him the few funds the family had. When he would come home he would be so far from sober he couldn't even say hello coherently. He started leaving for days at a time, then weeks, then a month, and by the time the girls mother had died nearly two years later, Mara and her sister, Marina, hadn't seen their father in almost a year. After the passing of their mother they were shipped to their only living family, in Ithaca... Greece. Marina was too young to remember much, but Mara, being roughly two years older had a few more memories. By the time their father was well enough to be a dad again he was already engaged to Mikael's mom and the girls were moved immediately to Sweden, then back to Russia seven months later when Mara was five. One year later the girls half-brother Brody was born, and five years after that Natalia, the families 'pride and joy' was born when Mara was eleven. She moved here when she was about fourteen. At first she kind of resented her step-mom, now she loves her and wants to continue doing the performing work with voice-overs she has been doing, but also wants to own the her 'moms' bakery one day: Angel's Sweet Tooth Treats
    ❥Job/School Grade} Job; She helps out at her step-mom's bakery daily, but she also participates in many auditions and performances, usually for voise-overs, but she has been in a few live performances. School; She studies Theater at the local college.
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 9
    ❥Pet/s} Hansel: male,4 Year old, black russian terrier || Gretel: female, 3 Year Old, giant schnoodle || Sky (blue), Midnight (black), Star (white): male, female, female > 8month old >russian blue, russian black, russian white >cat
    ❥Family} Ralph (72, step-grandfather), Gerda (66, step-grandmother), Julia (38, step-mom), Anastasia (32 at time of death, biological mother), Maksimillian (46, step-dad), Mikael (21, step-brother), Marina (16, sister), Brody (12, half-brother), Natalia (7, half-sister)
    ❥Other} bloop

    {Sadie Savanna Hope Mckee ❣ 21 ❣ 11 Honeydew Rd. ❣ Spanish <mom>, Irish <dad>}
    ❥Nickname} Sadie
    ❥Birthday} March 5th, 1993
    ❥Eye Description} pale blue with yellow-green flecks
    ❥Hair Description} Naturally very dark brown with no highlights. She tends to put in black or very dark highlights such as midnight or navy blue, giving her hair a midnight appearance. Her hair is long and wavy. It stops mid back when not straightened, which is how she normally has it since she hates straightening her hair, and a few inches lower when straightened.
    ❥Markings} a very small, barely noticeable beauty mark under her nose and This tattoo on her left shoulder blade. She wanted it on her wrist but thought better of it for her future career
    ❥Piercings} 3 lobe piercings on each ear, 2 cartilage piercings on right ear, 1 cartilage piercing on left ear, 2 belly button piercings, 1above and 1 below.
    ❥Height} 5'5", average
    ❥Weight} 132lbs, average
    ❥Health Ailments} Allergic to peanuts, chocolate, dust and mold. Lactose intolerant
    ❥Personality} I don't know, I guess I'm a contradiction... the 'rebellious good girl' if you will. I like to get my way and accomplish my goals, don't get in my way and we'll be good. I can be edgy, snappy, sassy, sophisticated, prissy, kind, caring, gently... really, I have a serious range of emotions... it really took a lot to convince my stubborn father I didn't want to be an actress.
    ❥History} There isn't much to tell really, I grew up on a small hobby farm in Fairview, Alberta, Canada with my parents, four younger brothers, and youngest, unexpected sister. Needless to say, I am not afraid to get rough or 'down and dirty' or whatever.
    ❥Job/School Grade} School; studying elementary education at the college in hopes of becoming a second grade teacher. Job; dance teacher, mainly teaches kids between 5 and 12 in lyrical, ballet, jazz and competitive
    ❥Match/Spot} spot 10
    ❥Pet/s} Apache: gelding, 8yr old, 15.3hh, Morgan-Hackney Cross || Bebe: female, 2yr old, Old English Sheepdog-Puli-Briard-Cardigan Corgi Mix
    ❥Family} Iliana (50, mom) | Justin (52, dad) | Shawn (15, brother) | Gabriel (12, brother) | Gary (12, brother) | Kevin (9, brother) | Elisa (4, sister)
    ❥Other} derp
  5. I'd like to get at least ten more characters or five more pairs before starting!
  6. Hi! May I post character sheets? I have two females!
    Can they be Thomas and Christian match makers?
    Call me winter
  7. Awesome I'll post tommorrow after work
  8. Hey i am posting my character sheets today and i was wondering if two of my characters could be siblings?
  9. I'd like to kidnap Melody's partner and Anthony's partner and make a male and female character of my own if that is okay with you?
  10. Go right ahead :)
  11. Picture Here https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/cc/a4/74/cca474e55b57323c3e9b4b0eb3a896d0.jpg
    {Full Name :Kat Winters❣
    Age 20
    ❣ Address 1154 midnightway apartment 103
    Nationality/ies} British, Italian
    ❥Nickname} None
    ❥Birthday} July 13
    ❥Eye Description} hazel
    ❥Hair Description} Long red hair
    ❥markings scar on her arm from a knife
    ❥Piercings} Ears and belly button
    ❥Height} 5'7
    ❥Weight} 103 (small and skinny)
    ❥Health Ailments} allergic to lemon juice, lemons anything with lemon can't have
    ❥Personality} Kind, caring, sweet, happy
    ❥History} Parents died in car crash by drunk driver, she has no family and had no friends till she met Christian. Her scar came from her mother who slice her arm as a child for not listening ever since then she fear disappointing anyone or not listening fearing they will hurt her.
    ❥Job/School Grade} College studying preschool teaching and work with kids now
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot #4
    ❥Pet/s} lab name Lucy
    ❥Family} None
    ❥Other} Anything Else you can think of
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  12. Picture Here http://data.whicdn.com/images/13394951/chapter3_the_first_blonde_wins_by_otogo-d3bu8fg_large.jpg
    {Full Name : Emilee Skye
    Age 20
    ❣ Address 1213 wonder way
    ❣ Nationality/ies} German, Italian, French
    ❥Nickname} Emi
    ❥Birthday} December 1
    ❥Eye Description} blue eyes
    ❥Hair Description} Long blonde hair
    ❥markings scar on her forehead from hittin corner of shelf as a kid
    ❥Piercings} Ears
    ❥Height} 5'9
    ❥Weight} 120 (skinny)
    ❥Health Ailments} Lactouse intolerant
    ❥Personality} Stubborn, speak her mind, caring and sweet at the same time. Thomas brought her softer side out
    ❥History} Her family is rich. Her parents are never home and don't care what she does. They don't even know about Thomas cause there gone all the time. Holidays she is alone in a big house and tried to get them home to celebrate but they never come home.
    ❥Job/School Grade} College psychology major and work at a bookstore
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot #3
    ❥Pet/s} a popmerianan name summer
    ❥Family} Parents mr and mrs Skye
    ❥Other} Anything Else you can think of
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  13. (I'll add pics tomorrow)
  14. [​IMG]
    {Calliope Artemis Locke 16 64 Barkley Road ~German~Slight Native American~ <Father> ~Greek~ <Mother>}
    ☸ Nickname ☸
    ☸ Birthday ☸
    March 14th
    ☸ Eye Description ☸
    Gray Green with Accents of Brown and Blue
    ☸ Hair Description ☸
    Blonde~Straight~Mid-Chest Length
    ☸ Markings ☸
    She has a small scar on her left knee from when she fell out of a tree as a child
    ☸ Piercings ☸
    One on Each Ear
    ☸ Height ☸
    ☸ Weight ☸
    99 lbs
    ☸ Health Ailments ☸
    ☸ Personality ☸
    Naturally, Callie is a very kind and caring person. She is not loud and outgoing, but she isn't reserved and quiet either. If she feels a need to say something, she will, but other than that, she usually keeps to herself. Callie is not afraid to stand up for others, but rarely speaks for herself. She will let herself be belittled and bullied as long as it doesn't get physical, seeing no point in letting them win by getting a rise out of her. Callie very rarely talks about herself unless it's the obvious little things. She is quite good at guiding the topic away from her and towards other people.
    ☸ History ☸
    Honestly, everything was fine in Callie's life until she was eight. A few months after her eighth birthday, her father lost his job. He started drinking. Luckily, he was never a violent drunk, but her mother was not the calmest person in the world. They started arguing and Callie tried to avoid going home as often as possible. She would usually disappear to the Bledgerwood Ranch for most of the day. Her father was too drunk to realize and her mother was always gone, working. Callie was twelve when she learned from her mother that he hadn't only lost his job, but he also owed a large amount of money to people from gambling. Her parents got divorced the next year and Callie's life has been significantly better. She has not had contact with her father since then, but she doesn't really care.
    ☸ Job/School Grade ☸
    10th Grade at Local High School~Part-Time Worker at Mad Hatter's Cafe
    ☸ Match/Spot ☸
    Spot 1~Anthony Bledgerwood
    ☸ Pet/s ☸
    Khione: Cocker Spaniel~Female_1 Year Old
    Castor and Pollux: Persians~Male~6 Months Old
    ☸ Family ☸
    Athena Thebes: Mother~46~Alive
    Marcus Locke: Father~49~Alive {No Contact}
    ☸ Other ☸

    {Ercilia Olive Lysander 18 48 South Rose Parkway French~Irish <Mother> <Father Unknown>}
    ♬ Nickname ♬
    ♬ Birthday ♬
    April 26th
    ♬ Eye Description ♬
    ♬ Hair Description ♬
    Auburn~Curly~Shoulder Blade Length
    ♬ Markings ♬
    Isn't it pretty?
    ♬ Piercings ♬
    Once on Each Ear
    ♬ Height ♬
    ♬ Weight ♬
    120 lbs
    ♬ Health Ailments ♬
    ♬ Personality ♬
    Era is sarcastic, angsty, and all around unapproachable. She prefers to stay solitary from most people, but does actually interact. Her bluntness often puts people off, but she doesn't really care all that much. She seems to have a problem with understanding other people's feelings and will say whatever she wants, even if it offends others. However, those that know Era can testify to the fact that she is a good listener and a good person to go to if you need a laugh or just want to get away from reality for a moment. She seems to have the ability to draw people into her art or her talkativeness as people find her voice soothing. She will never let people hurt you as long as she can help it and will always be there when you need her.
    ♬ History ♬
    Easy enough. Era lived a peaceful life with her single mother. The end.
    ♬ Job/School Grade ♬
    ♬ Match/Spot ♬
    Spot 12
    ♬ Pet/s} ♬
    Picasso: Unknown Breed {Stray}~Female~Unknown Age
    ♬ Family ♬
    Adelaide Lysander: Mother~49~Alive
    ♬ Other ♬
    Go away now. I have a painting to work on.

    {Austin Kade Coulson 15 24 East Weston Street ❖ -Italian-English- <Father> -Filipino- <Mother> }
    ❖ Nickname ❖
    ❖ Birthday ❖
    September 19th
    ❖ Eye Description ❖
    Dark Blue
    ❖ Hair Description ❖
    Dark Brown-Curly-Short
    ❖ Markings ❖
    ❖ Piercings ❖
    ❖ Height ❖
    ❖ Weight ❖
    159 lbs
    ❖ Health Ailments ❖
    ❖ Personality ❖
    Austin is very social and loves being around people. He isn't extremely talkative, but he hates empty silence with a passion. He has a talent for breaking the ice and is very good at making friends. He is very open with people, but he has a terrible memory with anything beyond names.
    ❖ History ❖
    There's really nothing remarkable about Austin. He was born to two loving parents that rarely fought and raised in an easygoing household in Colorado. Because his parents were businesspeople, he had to learn from a young age to be social. He didn't mind that much though. He kind of liked it. He excelled in elementary and middle school and was enjoying his high school years when his parents abruptly announced a move to Ohio and well... Here he is.
    ❖ Job/School Grade ❖
    10th Grade at Local High School
    ❖ Match/Spot ❖
    Spot 8-Melody Cee
    ❖ Pet/s ❖
    Kip: Sugar Glider-Female-1 Year Old
    Molly: Boxer~Female~2 Year Olds
    ❖ Family ❖
    Adonis Coulson: Father-48-Alive
    Penelope Coulson: Mother-46-Alive
    ❖ Other ❖
    That's about it.

    {Silas Nicholas Dempsy 17 Apartment 4F-Horizon Apartments -Spanish- <Father> -Australian-Dutch- <Mother>}
    ♈ Nickname ♈
    Sy|Nicky Boy
    ♈ Birthday ♈
    November 9th
    ♈ Eye Description ♈
    Dark Brown
    ♈ Hair Description ♈
    Light Brown~Straight~Short
    ♈ Markings ♈
    Scars, Freckles, Birthmarks, Tattoos, etc
    ♈ Piercings ♈
    Right Ear Stud
    ♈ Height ♈
    ♈ Weight ♈
    164 lbs
    ♈ Health Ailments ♈
    ♈ Personality ♈
    Silas is well known for being the town's notorious badboy. He is a player and some think of him as a waste of space. He rarely commits to anything, he never tries on schoolwork, he has a job at the local autoshop. Nothing special. Just kidding. Silas is the town's bad boy. However, he gets good grades and always lets girls know what they're getting themselves into. He is sarcastic and surprisingly witty, always ready with a good comeback. He rarely makes comments about people and hates gossip. He rarely smiles and is hard to impress, but that doesn't stop people from trying.
    ♈ History ♈
    Long story short, Silas's mother died when he was in middle school. He took it pretty hard and withdrew into himself. In eighth grade, he fell into the wrong crowd and got a bad reputation. His father left him to his own devices and eventually remarried a woman that was determined to make Silas into an upstanding citizen. She didn't get very far, but the two of them became relatively good friends and he at least started getting better grades.
    ♈ Job/School Grade ♈
    12th Grade at the Local High School-Works at Local Autoshop
    ♈ Match/Spot ♈
    Spot 11
    ♈ Pet/s ♈
    Georgie: Pitbull-Female-5 Months Old
    Frankie: Pitbull-Female-Five Months Old
    Antoine: Parrot-Male-Age Unknown-Previous Belonged to Scarlet Dempsy
    ♈ Family ♈
    Peter Dempsy: Father-52-Alive
    Layla Dempsy: Stepmother-50-Alive
    Sarah Dempsy: Mother-Would Be 49-Deceased
    ♈ Other ♈
    Plays Guitar​
  15. Accepted @Felilla

    @Wintermoon I will accept you once you have pictures and house/apartment numbers for the addresses
  16. alrighty, so after Winter finishes her characters we just need one more completed pair or four more characters (paired or unpaired) before we can start ... so I'll probably create an IC soon just to have it ready XD
  17. [​IMG]
    {Jason Alexander Harvford ❣ Age 18 ❣ 97 Hemington Lane ❣ Caucasion and German}
    ❥Birthday} October 11th
    ❥Eye Description} Dark brown
    ❥Hair Description} Brown
    ❥Markings} His birthmark vaguely resembles headphones and is located on his lower back
    ❥Piercings} N/A
    ❥Height} 5'9"
    ❥Weight} 160 lbs.
    ❥Health Ailments} N/A
    ❥Personality} If he had a catchphrase it would be "I am Jason Harvford." Needless to say he's confident to the point of arrogance. Unlike many he can back up all this confidence with his intelligence and his money. Jason is pretty bad at literature because of his tendency to be overly literal. He cuts to the chase and means what he says. He tends to stay away from saying anything he doesn't mean. He'll phrase it in a appealing sounding way but straight out lying is a rarity. He expects others to be honest with him as well, or at least he wants them to. He doesn't trust very many people. He sometimes likes to pretend he's a playboy but when it boils down to it he really just keeps a giant iron shield around himself because it's his motto people can't hurt you if you don't let 'em. Jason can be a bit sarcastic at times but his voice is naturally a bit sarcastic sounding so at times its hard to tell the difference. He'll apologize, if he means it, if he offends someone though. He tends to be loyal to those he feels close but everyone he doesn't is fair game.
    ❥History} if there was something that was the most important it would be the his ninth grade year. He was a bit of a ugly duckling until tenth grade where he blossomed and began to become alot more popular with people. So he's very sensitive about his ninth grade year and is quick to make fun of any and all freshman to hide his insecurity.
    ❥Job/School Grade} 12th grade at local highschool
    ❥Match/Spot} Spot 12
    ❥Pet/s} A baby kitten named Papi
    ❥Family} /Mom: Lilac Harvford ; 45/ Dad: Jackson Harvford ; 58/ Sister: Alyssa Harvford ; 16/ Sister: Claire Harvford ; 3/
    ❥Other} He's a man devoted to the women in his family. Every man who's broken his baby sisters heart has earned a broken face. He once got in a physical fight with his dad over cheating on his mom.​
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