M.A.R.'s Academy: The Puppeteer and the Dampyr

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  1. Weeks passed. Lucifer found himself working harder, and yet was never happier in all his life. It was honest work, as well as important and moreover, not a single soul seemed to regard his....Condition as something unhealthy. Or worse, to be shunned and driven out. Perhaps the better part about it really was....Well, Alice.

    Out of everyone he met, she seemed to remain the constant and consequently, he found himself visiting her more often then not. Though he'd insist on leaving either of their doors open so as to satisfy protocol for when he paid a call on her dorm room.

    He still had yet to build up any sort of barrier from her teasing though, and his squeal of protest was fast becoming a familiar sound for any who knew them. But it couldn't last forever.

    And one day, after overhearing a conversation in the hospital wing? Lucifer would be striding his way towards Alices room, a serious expression on his features.

  2. In the few weeks of existing in this new world, Alice has continued to make more and more enemies. Rumors spread about how Alice could turn people into dolls on whim. To make matters worst, Alice just played along and even fluffed up the story about how she obtained her first doll, Rouge. She made bogus claims on how Rouge was an innocent soul who wanted to be a hero. How she tricked and abused her into killing her own parents. Then she took that corrupted soul and turned it into a doll. Of course the story was a lie as with all her claims. To Alice, anyone who was stupid enough to believe she was some super villain did not deserve her time of day.

    However not every student would fall for such tall tales. One vampire, dampyr as he prefers to be called, managed to overlook her twisted magic and see the good inside of her. That or he was just crazy. To her it was weird for he was the very type of person she grew up to hate. Some well off punk with a name who probably never even knew what it was like to work hard for you keep. However throughout all her teasing, he always remained beside her. No matter how much she made fun of his heritage, fancy manners, or even his lack of experience with girls; the man stood by her side and even fought to dismiss those horrible rumors.

    Ironically he became the one positive thing she could count on to really make her smile. After all, she never managed to find a way to extract the magic in the world for her dolls. The dolls in her room were all just empty shells, cold, lonely, and useless. With no new dolls or puppets, life was just not the same. Had Sir Fancy Pants not been around, she might have even fell into the temptation of becoming the very villain she strive to punished. He was more then just a friend. He was now the line that kept her on the straight and narrow. The proof that one day, things would turn for the better. The motivation that one day, she would figure out how to harness this unrefined magic into something beautiful and become the very doll maker she was suppose to be. Possibly he was something more.

    Recently she has left rouge behind in her room. Fearing that the creation could break from some idiot thinking they could save this innocent soul they were tricked into believing. The doll meant a lot to her. It existed at her main weapon. It was the sentence given to the woman who wronged her. It was the proof that her abilities exist. Last, it represented the past that she must overcome.

    Today was like every other day. Alice was sitting in her room dressed only in her pink gown She laid back with her feet in on the desk. Her gown barely reached her thighs but they did cover her pink panties with a teddy bear in the back, even in her current position. She rocked her chair slightly back. The chair almost seemed to divide gravity until one saw the thin wires holding it in place. Two Mini As hanged from the ceiling holding a book over her dresser. The book this time was the theory of mana. She kept a notebook in her hands and took notes, trying to figure out how to fix the magic to a usable source. When ever she wanted to turn the page, she would wave her hand and the puppets would turn perform the page on the book.

    All she needed now was for Lucifer to come unannounced to her room. It was a reoccurring theme really, one she come to enjoy. Oh the games she could play when he popped in and she was not nearly dressed for company. She even gave him a key to the room as so she would not have to keep letting him in. Walking to the door was so a pain and she could not just have a wire going across the room. Best part of all, she would be able to see him anytime.

  3. Who better then a Dampyr, to know what it was like to be cast as the villain?

    His was a rural world, where superstition still held sway and for good reason. Night time was an abode of nightmares, the days were harsh and filled with the screams of the dying and the smell and flash of gunpowder. In that world was he born...An outcast on both sides, save ironically the one race that was shunned and despised by both. Alice thought him a nobleborn and technically, that was true. But he never knew the identity of his vampiric father and even to get near them would have them strike out, despising half bloods in general. They would see something diluted, weak...Humans would see something monstrous, more so as he required blood like others. No...His race if he ever could claim one?

    It belonged to the gypsies. The Roma, the wanderers. The soothsayers and palm readers of the road in which he spent his life among. But that was a story for another time. Now? It was centered here. In this advanced world with its concepts and its....People.

    Alice wasn't the only one tarred by their association.

    Those of a magical bent were suspicious of him for his friendship. Others from worlds more similar to his own saw him with hostility, the habits of centuries and old hatreds impossible to remove in mere days. Coupled with the rumors....Well.

    He ignored them. He could take care of himself.

    It was when they insulted one of his few friends that he got mad.

    Which was why he was grateful for his regeneration, slow as it was. It hid the tell-tale signs of the...Disagreements he could get into with his dorm over her. Speaking of which, his hand began to glide along the key Alice gave him. Honestly, he still couldn't quite get it. That and he always seemed to barge in at the wrong times. Alice however she dressed out of her dorm, held the seeming belief that all bets(and possibly clothing) were off the moment she had privacy. Lucifer didn't know whether to curse his luck or bless it, considering what exactly he saw each time. He wouldn't be caught this time though...So far, he'd been lucky enough to avoid getting hit by her each time he stepped in- He had no idea how far his luck would hold.

    So it was with trepidation(and a touch of mild disappointment from a very dark, deep place in him) as he knocked and called out.

    "Alice? Are you decent?"

  4. "Yes father..." she answered in an unenthusiastic voice. She flipped the page and pulled her feet to her so that they were folded. This time around she was really focused on the book. It was a new read for her and had some really interesting phenomenons that she could try out. Not forgetting her play mate at the door, she decided to give him some intuitive to come in.

    "You know I gave you that key so you did not have to knock, You are always welcome in this lowly peasants quarters Mr. Lucifer-sama sir." She grinned and continued jotting down facts from the book.

  5. He let out a sigh of relief, using the key to let himself in as he spoke, this time with wry amusement as he teased.

    "If I was your father, I'd be wondering where I went....Wrong."

    Not again.

    And within Lucifer, the rising urges of chivalry and manhood warred with straight up embarrassment as he realized he stepped into Alice's trap. Or maybe she was just studying intently and didn't care- It wouldn't be the first time the magus had in some pursuit of a theory, worked heedless of her state of dress or the time of night. At which point, he made it his duty to make sure she ate or was tucked somewhere better then her desk for sleep. Though the latter was thankfully rare. Despite the fact he knew she'd most likely wouldn't care, he couldn't help but feel her puppets eyes staring in silent accusation despite his pure intentions.

    At any rate, he was standing like an idiot, blushing a thousand shades of red as he found himself in a loop.

    Alice was dressed in a way that required her room door closed.

    But he was here, so it must remain open.

    But the clothes!


    You could almost see the steam hissing out of his ears.

    And this was why it was difficult at times to integrate feudal world inhabitants into more modern settings, they retained many of the old attitudes...In Lucifer's case, it was his manners.

    All of which were now being dominated by the rising idea that Alice had very nice legs and ankles...NO!

    Finally mastering himself, though still red he stepped forward and stripped off his military coat, holding it out politely to her.

    "....If you please. It would make me feel better. Also I said before, I am not a lord of any kind."

    It was an old routine and it gave him some grounding.

    Even if his eyes threatened to wander.

    Damn his eyes.

  6. The door opened yet she never looked back. Instead she just flipped to the next page. She waited for the door to be closed. Unlike him, she was never one to care for the schools policies on guest. Too bad for her, her guess did not have the same opinion. It made little sense. What if they wanted to do something dirty or naughty. Did he want the world to see. Hearing his steps grow louder as he walked closer to her desk, she set down her notebook.

    As she turned around she saw his signature jacket in his hand. Despite how "noble" his actions were, a glimpse of his face was told a different story. The only question was to what tale did those red eyes wish to unfold. Quickly glimpsing at her self, Alice saw nothing... improper with her dress. Though her gown was a little on the short side, it still hid what it needed to those with self control. She stood up and waved her hand, causing both puppets to drop the book onto her desk and breaking the aura string which linked them to her.

    "Aww. Now I will never unlock to what those fierce eyes lust for." Her tone became playful as is she poetically flirted with the man.

    She took the jacket and pushed on arm through, "Be it my neck for its red nectar." she stretched her head to the side to reveal the typical spot she red vampires would bite in tales of fiction.

    Then she pulled her arm through the next sleeve and took a step closer to him. "Or maybe those eyes wish to peer through something you can't see.." She pulled in her shoulders to slightly raise her breast and winked at him.

    She looked down at his pants and grinned as she button up the middle button of the jacket, "Or maybe it is not your eyes that wish to see through me." She grabbed his strong arms and pulled her self closer, fitting his arms in between her chest.

    Then she backed off and quickly moved to the door and her voice returned to normal. "Whatever your choose I'm shutting the door." She briskly closed the door and proceeded to dust her hands off like she did some hard work. Then returned to her desk and buttoned the lower half of his jacket. Then she picked up the book, "So Fancy Pants, how may I serve you?" Then she giggled and returned to her flirtatious tone, "And if you are honest... I might say yes."

  7. Women.

    Terrifying creatures, the lot of them.

    It was his lot in life, he decided with an inward sigh to be plagued by them by and large. Whether being laughed at in his classes, bumped into in the hallways or more directly flirted with like with Alice, he was always...Nonplussed. He was still very much unused to attention of the sort and it baffled him that he did....If he had a clue that is. His inexperience and innocence(relatively speaking) gave him a shield that many found endearing. Though they were likewise nonplussed at how they all seemingly slid off him in favor of the academy's black sheep puppeteer.

    Who incidentally, looked more like a deer in the headlights then any storybook vampire as he stood frozen at her teasing. At the last word, he almost sputtered before reminding with a degree of long-suffering in his tone.

    "I'm not used to these fashions....In my world, a neck or ankle exposed was a scandalous affair. I told you before."

    He pouted and it only made him look cuter, for some inexplicable reason as he crossed his arms, though there was a softness in his eyes now. Now that Alice was more modestly dressed to his eyes, he found himself relaxing.

    That and she made his longcoat look better then he did.

    He sat crosslegged on the floor as he spoke further.

    "I was in the hospital wing earlier, when I overheard- We're going to have our first field trip apparently."

  8. "Well in my world, people could care less." She added to his first comment while still reading. True nobles were more conservative, it would not be tasteless to see a young princess wear something that made her seem "normal" to the public. His insistence on such rules baffled her, only for her to remember that he was indeed... a fancy pants noble.

    It wasn't until he mentioned field trip that he truly grabbed her attention. "Field trip, Field trip! I can't believe it." Then she returned to her book. "What's a field trip?"
  9. ......That was a good question actually.

    He pondered and finally replied after considering.

    "I think its a journey of some sort. At any rate, the teacher who was talking to the nurse spoke of our dorms division in relation to some world. Apparently we're to just wander and get a feel for life outside our academy. Beyond that, I'm not so sure."

    He shrugged and laid back on the floor, heedless of his collared long-sleeve shirt. His eyes looked at the ceiling, lost in thought before he finally spoke.

    "I personally would like to see more outside of here. Its nice, but I miss the outdoors."

  10. "Hmmm"

    Alice ponder the thought. Surely traveling would be interesting, but she still was severely hinder because of her in ability to make more dolls. All she had were puppets, but they require a lot of set before she could do anything worth wild of a show. Still, oh how she loathed not being able to perform her puppet shows.

    "It has been a while sense I ventured out..."

    She tried to return to her book but she could not focus enough to take in the complex topic.

    "Awww... not you got me all riled up Fancy Pants. Take responsibility!"

    She left her seat and jumped on top of the Dampyr, hugging his stomach as she rubbed her face into his chest.

    "I don't want to go... unless you stay with me!"

    Moving away from school grounds, she knew things could get more dangerous. This world was very much unknown to her. In her world, she had her dolls (of which she could make more) but here, she had very little to protected herself with. Really, she felt weak and vulnerable without her favorite weapons.
  11. A glance flickered to see Alice's reaction told him much about her thoughts on it. Despite her teasing, she was still a magus after all. Someone who made a living, analyzing the deeper secrets of magic and it was clear it had passed over to more mundane thought process. He rather liked this side of her, it kept his face free of his blushes and it always made their shared study time more interesting.

    Still, even he didn't anticipate her all but leaping on him.

    Rather then move away or squirm, he merely put one arm around in a half-hug while his free hand moved to rub her head gently as he smiled.

    "Hey, hey...Of course I'm coming too if you are. We're not sure what kind of world it is, so it should be interesting...And I'd worry if you decided to stay behind. I'd get no enjoyment and so may as well stick around."

    He pondered and scratched under his chin for a moment.

    After deeming the moment having passed, he then added in a more deadpan tone.

    "Could you please stop rubbing? Its distracting."

  12. (typo lol, i meant to write Come with me... not stay... but i will continue on...)

    She inched up his body so that her head would reach his chin then she turned around so that her back was against his chest. She kept her legs closed and over if not between his legs. Then she grabbed his hands and placed them on her stomach. Finally she closed her eyes. "To think you would miss out on this rare field trip for a villain like me."

    She could not remembered the last time she was so close to someone without the fear of death. It was, nice, not to worry about fighting or a luring war. For the first time every, she wished she did not have to fight. She wished she could just stay here and continue to enjoy the peace, even if it was with a noble. However she knew it would never last. "Fancy Pant should just be honest with himself. It would make him much more cuter."
  13. "You're no villain."

    His voice was quiet, but full of conviction. The way he said it, so sure of his words that it wasn't even a question insofar as he was concerned. It was also why he didn't move nor blush at her attempts to make herself comfortable, using him as her cushion. She was a physical being at heart it seemed and he went with it, if it made her feel better and connected. He closed his eyes, almost lulled by the scent of her hair and the warmth of her body before he added.

    "And I am honest. I'd be much too terrified to lie to a lady."


    (Heh, np)​
  14. She pouted her cheek for two reasons. One, she knew he full of it. Second, he has not reacted yet to her. It was ok, because she always had plan B. She rolled over again this time sitting on his chest. Then she placed her hands on his shoulders and paused for a moment. The aura strings from her rings attached to his shoulder but only in very small amounts. Then she giggled and got up. She tugged on the strings, feeding them magic to strengthen their durability. She attempted to pull him up to her and guide him to the bed.

    "I thought Fancy People dreaded the dirty floor of a peasant."
    Best case scenario, he she would have pulled him too hard and he would have flew into her having both of them land in the bed.
  15. At first he thought she was getting off him. Which was why he didn't think much of it. Up to the point he felt her hands on his shoulders and curious, he opened them to look up into Alice's pouting face. He blinked.

    ....Did he say something wrong?

    He began to get a clue though as he felt himself suddenly tugged by forces outside of his control. She was using her puppet strings on him! He didn't know whether to be bemused, to go with it or to struggle. He knew she wouldn't hurt him intentionally....And then he realized humiliation was another thing entirely.

    He began to struggle, trying to placate the puppeteer with a smile as he laughed nervously and raised his hands up.

    "Hey, isn't this too far for a jo- My, these are strong."

    Even his subtle tugging didn't do anything much to them and curious, he leaned back so as to test them.

    That was his mistake.

    Cue the sudden springiness forward, the brief look of panic and the sudden grabbing of the puppeteer as he strove to roll and take the brunt of the fall. He closed his eyes and braced for impact. He was prepared for pain and for fervent apologies on his part.

    But instead, he met fluffiness.

    On both sides.

    His eyes flew open and he realized he played right into her trap....Again.

    More spider then puppeteer, a snide part of him noted as he realized their capricious position. She couldn't have arranged it better if she tried.

    Him on his back, her on him and with both his arms willingly wrapped around and both on her bed with the door closed.

    His mind overheated briefly before finally resigning itself to playing solitare in a corner of his brain. Lucifer outwardly would be turning red before he asked, in tones of quiet dignity.


  16. The strings receded back into her rings as she held on tight to the Dampyr. She smiled, satisfied that she managed to get a reaction out of him.


    She sat up and threw the jacket onto her chair. Then she returned to her position over the man, smiling. "Now I'm comfortable." Her gown was soft and silky. It was also very thin allowing each transfer of body temperature. The jacket also kept Alice very warm so their was more then enough heat to transfer to the Dampyr.

    After Alice settled down, she yawned and closed her eyes.
  17. ....This was not ok.

    And yet....Yet, it actually was. He found himself enjoying the sight more then he should have, along with the warmth. Alice was a cuddler it seemed...And he couldn't help but think it utterly adorable when she used him thus. The only problem was of course...Propriety. It wasn't an example of chivalry in the least to take advantage of a lady thus...Though some part of him was reasoning that she didn't seem angry at all. In fact....She seemed downright happy. That little observation had him focus on her face, to the inclusion of all. The peace and utter relaxation that he noted was so often absent outside their dorms. Stoic and unfeeling was the face she presented to the world...Save for him. He was the only one who saw her like this. All Lucifer could do really was thank his lucky stars that he fed earlier.

    This vulnerability and sweetness was flipping all sorts of switches.

    Finally, he gave in. She won.

    He wrapped his arms around her and settled back into her bed to rest in turn as he closed his eyes.

    Letting her feel and scent wash over him, he felt more relaxed in turn as he muttered sleepily.

    "If I bite in my sleep....I'm sorry."

  18. Came morning, Alice started squirming around. Realizing she was not laying on top of her bed, she sat up and saw the man under her. Her face went red as she forgot she put him there last night. Sitting right above his pelvis, she looked around for any signs of a trap. Was this really that fancy pants?

    Slowly she got off of him and the bed. Her heart was racing. To think she pushed him so far and he... stayed. Worst, she stayed. Her body trembled at the thought of being with some noble. Her heart continued thumping. She was not that fallen that low. She sigh.

    Then she stretched while wondering what to do next. Seeing he was asleep, she decided she should freshening up. She turned around so that her back was facing him and began to undress. It would not take long since she was only really wearing 2 articles of clothing.
  19. Lucifer slept better then he ever had, though his dreams were strange. He dreamed of a cliff at night and a woman in a white night gown. As organ music loomed in the background and bats connected to piano wire flapped across the sky, he had taken her in his arms. Warm and willing, she exposed her throat as a shoulder strap dropped in a tantalizing image as he leaned forward-

    The whisper of silk on skin had his eyes flash open. The nine hells kind of dream was that? But the noise was real enough as he recognised the surroundings and turned his head.

    Just in time to see a teddy bear face as it slid off Alices hips and hit the floor.

    Oh shit.

    He was immediately awake as he realized she might not be so understanding. He closed his eyes, thankful that it was morning to explain away the tell-tale signs.

    Though he resolved to eat and take a very cold shower asap.

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  20. Free from her cloth constraints, Alice threw her arms up and stretched. Then she grabbed a towel out of her drawer and wrapped it around herself. Turning around her face went red. Though his eyes were close, the dampyr had move since she left him. She held the towel in place but did not tie it and thus should her hand ever let go, the towel would peel off of her.

    She walked closer to him frowning at the thought of him peeking at her. Sure his eyes were close but what did that really mean. She bend over, putting her face into his. Well if he was awake, he hid it well. Her face continued to grow redder as she began to blush.

    "I... I can't do this." She quickly left the room to go take her shower.
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