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  1. hello people of iwaku!
    you can call me lyz c: and this is my official partner search.

    update: I may or may not update the plots every week/every other day v:

    requirements/ information:

    ° one liners aren't appreciated... please just give me something to work with.
    ° please try to reply when you can!! I won't be mad if you don't I swear because I won't have time to reply either but tell me ahaead of time if you're going to be gone a day or so!
    ° I can play both male or female and dominant or submissive!!
    ° if I play either one I'm gonna be a really strong Dom or a really shy sub..
    ° I only do mxf roleplays... sorry!!
    ° my grammar isn't always perfect and sometimes I make typos... but u still try !! I hope you would too
    ° I like to keep my character sheets simple I don't mind if you don't but I don't really so the personality thing... it just develops throughout the plot

    plots and Pairings:

    Birthday Present
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    Muse A and Muse B have been dating for quite a while... and it's Muse A's Birthday! Naturally, family comes over for dinner but Muse B has a different idea of a "Birthday present" for Muse A... while they're all eating at the table (Parents, siblings and other relatives) Muse B decides to get in between Muse A's legs. Since Muse A can't make a big deal out of it without embarrassing himself or Muse B, he has to go along with it... but after the big party... Muse A has to get his revenge

    Big Little Girl

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    Muse A is Muse B's Older brother's best friend. Muse a and B haven't seen each other since they were little and Muse B had always had a little crush on Muse a. When Muse A comes back from college Muse B is eager to show him how much she's grown, and to Muse A's surprise... the little girl he used to tease all the time turned out to be such a freak!

    Speeding Ticket

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    Muse A is a cop that just issued Muse B his very first ticket. Muse B's parents wouldn't be so happy about that so he seduces Muse A into forgetting about this little mess...

    Just one time

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    Muse A is somewhat of a reject. Muse B is somewhat known as a whore? Muse A and Muse B have been best friends since forever... but highschool seemed to change everything. Muse A finally decides to lose his virginity and asks for help from Muse B. Muse B agrees to "help out a friend" little does she know that this is going to change everything

    Bad Teacher
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    Muse A is the P.E. teacher in muse B's school. Muse A shows interest in Muse B, which she clearly doesn't like. She finds herself being Muse A's new play toy. Muse B soon finds out that Muse A did the same thing to the English teacher, The Principal and Her Best friend.

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    Muse A is a new student at Muse B's school. and just so happens that Muse A is the perfect girl for Muse B, and of course other guys would wanna have her too. Muse B isn't exactly the most popular guy in the school, but Muse A had a particular liking to Muse B. Why? Because Muse A is a succubus feeding on Muse B's feelings for her (and maybe his semen too)

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    Muse A is the quietest, kindest most generous person at Muse B's school. Some say that she's a saint. but Muse B knows otherwise. He is literally the complete opposite of Muse a. some might call him a fuckboy.. but Muse A and B have been in a secret S/M relationship. It's not exactly... a girlfriend boyfriend thing, it's kind of a friend's with benefits kind of relationship. But what happens when Muse B suddenly starts falling for Muse A?

    Meow Meow Meow <ddlg>

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    Muse A Is one of the most popular bidders at the black market auction. At these auctions they sell women, Nekos {who are basically slaves}, "missing" artifacts, etc. and Muse A is looking for a new companion in his lonely mansion. Muse B just so happens to be one of the luckiest Cats around ( literally ) Muse A ends up buying Muse B, and so begins their new found relationship.

    × Boss x Secretary
    × Fiona x Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball
    × gangster x Pastor's daughter
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  2. I like the sound of birthday present. Would you be comfortable playing the dominant male? Myself playing the submissive female? If so, I'd be more than happy to do this idea with you.
  3. I'm down for the last one. (Succubus) Shoot me a Pm.
  4. I'd be totally down to do the Bad Teacher RP. Should I PM you or you PM me?
  5. Down for just one time.

    Wanna PM?
  6. I'm interested in Birthday present or Innocence. Hit me up with a PM
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