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Respond with song lyrics to the lyrics above you!
Person 1:
"Everybody's looking for something."
"I'm not looking for a fantasy, I want a man who stands beside me."

Both of those are from songs. You see?
I'll start:

"To me, coming from you, friend is a four-letter word."
Nobody knows the song, Kitti. >:(

You should try something the little gay kids of the forum enjoy, like Kesha or Lady Gaga.
Silly people, she dun mean from the same song!


Have you ever really loved a woman? D:<
At least someone gets it. **jams dunce caps on Dark and Koo**

"Will she love you tomorrow like she loves you today?"
I will do anything for love....but I won't do that.
"In my world, only you make me do for love what I would not do..."