Lynx's Cavalcade of Plots!

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  1. The ideas I have are either romance typed or some other crazy idea that popped into my mind at some point.

    Idea #1
    The idea would be about a gang of orphaned teenagers that live on the streets of Tokyo that suddenly discover a secret lab in the forest and their lives change forever. They meet an experiment there that they befriend and invite into their gang to help them live on the streets. Although, something is off about all of this..
    (Okay, so I have MANY things planned for this, some things that may make a person angry and then surprised in a good way, reply here or PM me if you're interested.)

    Idea #2
    This is an idea I had gotten from reading a certain story, it is about a young man/woman that falls in love with this computer A.I that had one day suddenly popped up on their computer looking like a living person, but were told they were only a computer A.I. It turns out they were trying to hide from the scientist that created them, so they hide with your/or my character and eventually a bond is formed.

    Idea #3
    And last but not least, I'd like to do something paranormal or horror centered. There's not a specific plot for this, I just want to work out something with my partner and create our own horror story.

    So, that's all, hope I hear from someone soon!​
  2. I like the the first and third ideas.
  3. Okay, I'll PM you.
  4. I like the third idea =3 I'm good with horror and paranormal lol
  5. Alright, PM me. :3
  6. I'm interested in the 1st idea and the 3rd idea paranormal not horror
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.