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  1. ♠Alessandra♠

    Today was the first day of the new school year. Orantantion was about to start and Aless was told to Greet the students. She was the only real famous person their and most knew who she was from her swimsuit catalog over the summer that was worldwide. "I'm luck if the head mistress doesn't make me speak in front of the whole school." She sighs. "Let's hope this year is good." Was the last thing she muttered before the headmistress walked up. "Alessandria, I do ask you to speak in orientation. You are the only senior here. Most left the year before making their big break. Also you are the only one to get signed by Lynix Studios." She says joyfully before walking off to the auditorium.
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  2. Jayden A. Parker
    Ah, yet another year at Lynix's Idol Academy. Jayden was slightly slumped in his seat as he waited patiently for Orientation to begin. A common thing that occurred every year on the first day. He wondered why he was even there. He's been through this process more than he would have liked, so why was he here yet again? It's too late now. Practically everyone is piled in, he thought as he glanced around the pretty full auditorium. Kids of different ages were sitting down as they all waited for the Headmistress to appear. To pass the time, majority of them were chatting with their friends, trying to catch up with one another. This explained the cacophony of voices that vibrated within the four walls of the room, making Jayden frown slightly. He wasn't one for a lot of ruckus and could only hope that the Headmistress would make her grand entrance soon so everyone can shut up. The brunet wondered if anyone other than the Headmistress would speak today.
  3. Jazmyne sat in her seat with her feet laying on the seat while her head lay on her knees. This was her second year here at the academy and her voice within the school had become known. While Jazmyne had been told she's a powerhouse, she really believes that she needs more control on her voice which is why she's usually at the recording studio at night. Of course at first it had been just for fun but sometimes her teacher would give her pointers and advice and practicing on that seriously helped out. Sitting next to Jazmyne was a girl who was chewing her gum extremely fast and the smacking noise was extremely irritating. It'd been about 5 minutes but all Jaz could think of doing was punching the chick in the face.

    "Can you stop with the smacking?" Jazmyne finally huffed with an exasperated look, the girl looked over at her for a second before chewing the gum even more loudly. Oh man... getting into a fight on the first day back to school wasn't something she wanted on her record.

    "Dude... seriously?" Jazmyne huffed as she looked at the girl and it was clear that her temper was rising. What was this chicks problem? It was getting extremely irritating. The girl's face showed that she dared Jaz to do something. Jazmyne squeezed her hands into a fist while trying to fight back the urge to hit her. Who does that? Its really annoying.

    "You better hope that you're not here to be a model or actress because the next time we meet I doubt we'll get away without any scratches," Her voice was cold before Jazmyne stood up, turned and went to several seats away from the girl before plopping down and moving her legs up and down.
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    ♥The Special Hearts♥
    ArNBee Aria Archer-Magenta Faith Harlow-Iribella Taylor Fuller
    The three beautiful girls of ♥The Special Hearts♥, ArNBee, Magenta and Iribella were heading to Lynix. They were so excited for this. Lynix would be their first start to Stardom. ArNBee was thinking about new dance moves in her head, Magenta was fixing her make up...and Iribella, well she was..."I can't wait to see some sexy men." Both ArNBee and Magenta looked at Iribella.

    Iribella was always the only one of the girls who would rather screw then sing sometimes. Magenta cleared her throat, "Like, seriously Bella? Can you at least wait till we meet people, before you "Pounce" on them?" Iribella rolled her eyes at Magenta. "Well sorry, Miss Prissy Boots." "Can you both just shut up and play nice." ArNBee was always the middle man, keeping the girls in line.

    After finally arriving at Lynix and thanking their driver, the girls went into Lynix. It was beautiful, the girls were giddy with laughter and excitement. "We're so close, I can taste it." "Wow, I didn't know you could taste things. With your strict diet and everything." "Really, Bells." ArNBee just shook her head, pulling the girls into the auditorium. They took seats in the front row.
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  5. .:|Amber|:.
    Amber was excited, it was her second year of school here at the academy, and she was rearing to go. It had been three months since she had seen Aless, one of her best friends. She was dying so see her again as a cab pulled up to the front. Out popped our favorite Amber, in her usual clothes. She was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a blue tiger printed on it, a grey pair of basketball shorts, black sneakers, and a blue patterned hat. Smiling, Amber adjusted her hat, and got closer to the gate, only to see a familiar face in the crowd.

    Jumping up and down with excitement, Amber rushed forwards and immediately attacked Aless with a bear hug and a few cheek kisses. "Aless!" She cooed loudly, huggling her friend into oblivion.
  6. ❦Trixie Springfields❦

    "Here we go again." Trixie muttered to herself as she stepped out of her black porsche 918 spyder. This is the second time she'll be attending the orientation and she can't wait to get on with it. She's a second year fashion major at Lynixs Academy and clearly, today is not her day.

    Trixie walked in, her usual brown hair now a fiery red and her green eyes now black. She can hear the loud chattering and whispers of students and tried to ignore it. She was clearly in a bad mood as she took an empty chair around back and sat down "Ugh.." she groaned while placing a hand over her head. She was out late last night, attending a fashion show in her mother's behalf. Even though she's glad and inspired throughout the whole show, the after party gave her a massive headache and hangover. "I need sleep" she muttered out loud as she fished out a phone out of her pocket and quickly dialed a number. After a few rings, she heard someone pick it up "Hello? Hiro? the orientation is about to start. Where are you?" she asked through her phone, her head slowly throbbing.

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  7. ♠Aless♠
    Outfit (open)


    Looking around at the other Aless was soon talked to the ground by Amber. "Holy Shit!" She yells at the unexoectedness which was Amber. "Could you make a bigger introduction?" She kids hugging her best friend back. "We better hurry and get a seat. The oriantions will begin and you know how Mistress is." She chuckles as a few snap photos of the two girl. "Aless!" Yells reporters. The tall slender Aless ignored them and walked to her spot.


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  8. .:|Amber|:.
    Amber laughed at her friends response, slowly getting up off the ground and pulling Aless with her. Smiling, she dusted off her friend, ignoring the press as she smiled at her. "Come on, let's go to the auditorium!" She said brightly, walking with her towards the large building. "So how was your summer, you little nerd?" She asked sweetly.
  9. Hiromasa Yuma

    The man had forgotten to set his alarm. If he had he most likely wouldn't of been on time anyhow. The man wouldn't come on time to his own funeral. Even so, when he woke up fifteen minutes before school was supposed to start he had a miniature heart attack. He tripped on his covers as he practically flew out of bed. The face-plant left his head stinging but he recovered and headed into the shower. One scream from one of his sisters along with a soap bar to the face had him running to the next available shower. This time he knocked and when nobody answered he went in. The hustle and bustle of being late finally calmed down after the necessary hygiene activities and him putting his clothes on. He went with a denim jacket, regular white tee, jeans and the first sneakers he saw.

    His phone started ringing as he flew out the door and he picked it up when he got in the car. "Hello, I forgot to set my alarm. I swear I'll be on time to school before I graduate if I have to sleep in the bushes and forage for food in the cafeteria. How has your morning been so far? Delightful I hope." Hiromasa's morning anxiety was cleared from his voice. The drive to school would of made him barely on time if he had of blown past every red light. He felt doing so would be rude to those who had woken up on time so he waited his turn like everyone else. His morals wouldn't allow him to put himself ahead of anyone else.​
  10. ♠Alessandra♠

    "Nerd? Who are yoy calling a nerd?" She chuckles as they walked to the auditorium. "My summer was interesting. I spent it on my friends island in the Caribbean. He didn't mind. Honestly he doesn't have time fore it anymore and ended up giving me the island." She shrugs "So when spring break comes we can all have a massive party on a privet island. Winter we can hang out on the mountains in America." The auditorium was full and all around was new people and those who had been for two years now. Aless sighs mowing her time to shine was soon. "Let's take a seat." She says grabbing the girls hand. She sat in front row next to stage edge with row reserved.

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  11. .:|Amber|:.
    Amber smiled as she listened patiently to Aless' summer plans. Honestly, she would have loved to be on an island in the carribian, but her mom couldn't afford that, let alone keeping her in the house. Amber had been floating around LA for the whole summer, trying to stay out of her parents house. She knew it wasn't a pleasant place to be, so she didn't want to go back. Looking down the isle, she sat down next to Aless, pursing her lips. "I wonder how Hiro is doing." She mumbled to herself, tapping a finger on her chin.
  12. Levi Harris

    The man walked in the school with a small smirk on his face, already terrorizing the incoming freshman with the mere sight of him. At least, that was his opinion on the subject. It was a bit of an exaggeration but Levi did tend to have a little fan-club every year that grew a bit larger the longer he stayed. Also he was rich and had enough fame to gather fans not in the school. Though if you let him tell it, everyone wanted him but they just didn't know it yet. As always he was oozing confidence as if it was carbon dioxide. He was sure when or if his best friend Hiromasa arrived he'd be terrorizing the freshman too. The only difference was Hiromasa was modest and that Hiromasa was not off the market. Though, if Levi had anything to do with it Hiromasa would be off the market.

    I probably should have called and made sure Hiro was up, though he'd be late even if I did. Levi internally rolled his eyes at the thought of it. He had learned early that Hiromasa was allergic to being on time. The only thing Hiromasa would show up on time for was a date because he wouldn't hurt the girls feelings by being even a second late. Once Hiromasa showed up to a date, literally twenty four hours ahead. It was an amusement park and he simply stayed at the hotel just to ensure he wouldn't be late.

    Levi pulled out his phone, texting Hiromasa to ask, rather sarcastically, how early he'd be to school. He received the painfully honest reply: Negative five minutes. He put his phone up, suppressing a laugh as he headed down the hallway. He soon entered the auditorium and stopped cold in front of the doors. I'm not nervous about seeing her, I just walked a lot. Levi hadn't seen her, her being his girlfriend of about a year, while she was off on some island and he was more than ready to have the girl back again.

    He quietly walked through the auditorium and came behind Aless, putting his hands over her eyes- careful not to smudge any make-up on her face. "Guess?" He feigned a deeper voice than he actually had, whispering it into her ear.​
  13. ♠Alessandra♠

    A small smirk crossed her lips as she leaned over and pulled Ambre to her. "Your mine. All mine, my love!" She teases "If you called I would have come and got you." Aless's voice laced with her american italian accent. "Just think of it this way. Now you get to room with an Italian model." She brags once more. Suddenly the hands covered her sight with a whisper in her ear. "Is it Johnny Depp? Or rather my beloved boyfriend Levi?" She asks moving the hands from her face to see him. She smiled a bright smile and motioned him to sit next to her.

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  14. .:|Amber|:.
    Amber smiled and leaned into Aless, smiling at her. "Well, I wouldn't say all yours, you do have someone else who claims at the least a quarter of you." She said, giggling before someone came up behind them. "And there he is." She chuckled, shaking her messy blond hair. "Perfect timing dude." She said, smiling at him. "How was your summer?"
  15. ❦Trixie Springfields❦

    She giggled a bit after hearing Hiro's running late and how he'll sleep in the bushes and forage for food, but she quickly frowned after hearing him ask about her morning "I'm clearly not in the mood to talk it over the phone" Trixie said while groaning "You know, if I didn't know you I'll probably call you an idiot for not setting the alarm. Anyway, you should hurry up. Seems like everyone's here" she laughed once again and ended the call.

    She then saw a boy walking towards Aless and clicked her tongue "That must be Aless' boyfriend" she thought to herself and stood up from her seat, making her way towards the group and sat at an empty chair a little farther from them. She knew Aless for over a year now, being her fashion designer and stylist but she really never had the opportunity to meet her boyfriend.

    Anyway, her head is still pounding from the hangover "Ugh. I wish someone brought some painkillers" she muttered to herself and groaned once again.

  16. ♠Alessandra♠

    Aless pulled Levi down next to her and smiled brightly. "So how was your summer sweetheart?" She asks looking to him then Trixie who was behind her. She chuckles after hearing her say something about painkillers then handed her the water she had in hand and Advil which she kept in small container in her pocket. "Should have know not to drank day before school dumb ass." She smirks. Aless wasn't all sweet but you knew even when she called you a dumbass or something it was her being her and loving you. If she ever acted all sweet and innocent it was fake.

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  17. ❦Trixie Springfields❦

    "Thanks for stating that, captain obvious" she retorted back while taking the water and advil from Aless. Trixie really appreciates it when Aless becomes like a caring mother, even though she calls her dumbass. "Thanks" she mumbled and drank the medicine "It's not my fault my mother keeps on accepting fashion show invitations and letting me go on her behalf. Plus, its rude to leave when someone invited you to party." she said a little bit cheerful, feeling the painkillers taking effect. "Anyway, is this your boyfriend?" she asked while pointing a finger over to the man next to Aless.
  18. Levi Harris

    "Whoever this Johnny Depp guy is I'll kick his ass." Levi grinned right before his hands were removed. Of course he was joking, he knew that she knew exactly who it was. "It was good, Hiro and I worked at a summer camp for about a month. It was pretty fun being able to hang out on the beach all the time. Then I went off to Europe, I visited Sweden and Norway. I have a lot of distant relatives there. How about yours princess?" Levi responded to Amber while he casually rested his arm over Aless' chair. His hand mindlessly playing with a piece of her hair. He'd of pulled Aless onto his lap then steal her chair but he didn't want to get chewed out by the Head Mistress. She could be extremely aggravating when she wanted to. He didn't address Aless simply because he knew every detail over her summer simply because of their phone-calls.

    Backtracking a bit, he had called the female who'd asked about his summer 'princess' because of two reasons. First was that her name was wiped from his memory. He'd call her 'Hiro's-future-wife' but he was sure Hiromasa would hear about it, get flustered, and insist that Amber was only a good friend. So, being the man Levi was he'd then ask if Trixie (Who's name Levi didn't remember either) was his future wife then. Hiromasa would then turn red and begin talking about calculus as Levi cracked up laughing. The second reason was that with Levi if he didn't know your name either you weren't worth his time or you were princess; If you were female of course. Levi had always been bad with names. Aless, however, was never princess: she was always just Aless, or 'love'.
  19. .:|Amber|:.
    Amber looked at Levi, and she snorted softly. "Well, I will have you know that I spent a fantastic summer in LA, my home town. And then I came back to room with my bestie Aless." She said, smiling as she clasped Aless's hand. She knew this guy couldn't remember her name, but she wasn't going to let him get to her. She was a lot stronger than she looked, though she did not like the name he had given her, and she knew it was because he couldn't remember her, which kind of hurt. But she wouldn't let him see that.
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  20. ♠Alessandra♠

    "Now, now, no killing the actor that can literally pull off every and any role. I mean it be pretty funny to see him in drag." She smiles before finding herself into a fit of laughter at the image of Johnny Depp as a chick. However her mood was spoiled when a wanna be tried to sit in the front row which was for those who started their career as Idol's. Aless wasn't one for sharing or stuck up snobs that thought they where better because they have daddy's money or everything handed to them on silver platter. Aless leaned onto Levi's shoulder watching the young girl who look innocent but didn't seem it.

    Her hand was suddenly claps with Amber's and she snapped out of her trance of the new wanna be popular. "Awe Kitten. Don't worry about it." She says calling Amber by the pet name she'd given her last year. "He's bad with names. But I might have to throw him in a trashcan if he can't remember." She smirks deviously at Levi. Aless was the kind to threaten you all the time but you could somehow tell when she was threatening playfully and moments away from doing so. Certainly not a chick you want to piss off.