Lyle and Blaise

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  1. The time is 3013 after world war 3. Nuclear weapons have disrupted the human population. Mutants have grew and formed a rebellion against their government overseers. Family have been destroyed. Cannibalism is an all time high due to the lack of food. Humans are being hunted and eaten by mutant families due to all nourishment has been destroyed.

    Humans have been gathered and used as cattle. All supernatural creatures have become alive. It is truly the end of mankind..
  2. Name: Blaise
    Age: 17
    Species: halfie ;)
    Height: 5'9" with ears
    Weight: about 145lbs
    Regular Clothing: Jeans and tennis with a tee shirt and a hoodie
    Abilities: Internal healing with great medical powers on others, Shapeshifts
  3. Name:Lyle
    Appearance:Profile pic with a dark grey mickey mouse hoodie. Black cargos with yellow vans.
    Abilites:Pretty good at math. Been surviving for months. Stealthy. Decent scavenger.
  4. Looks around flicking her ears listening from her tree. Looks at the ground. "Theres got to be atleast one mouse down there, i mean cmon."
  5. Lyle left his bunker early morning. He walked through the dying forest and stopped about 100 yards away from the gas station. He took out his binoculars and searched the station. He thought he saw some animal ears or tail. "Well if it's an animal it's dinner.If it's a mutant I hope it hasn't eaten recently."

    Lyle crossed the road and circled back around the station. He found a crowbar and some clothes. He stuffed them into his bag and entered through the back door. He opened it slowly and searched some cabinets. He found some peanut butter and a can of milk. He stepped back ready to leave until the can dropped. It rolled into the other room where he saw the animal ears/tail. Lyle quickly hid in a nearby closet. He couldn't risk being spotted by anything. He waited in fear..

    He sighed as the dog walked out. He followed the dog into the forest and decided to him Sparkz. "Be a good boy and fetch me some meat Sparkz" He shewed away the dog and kept on walking.
  6. Both ears perch up at the sound of the can in the station miles away. "hmmm" Leaps from tree to tree towards the station making it there within 2 minutes. Hangs upside down from the branch and looks around. "hmmm"
  7. He Thought he saw something. Was he being chased? He quickly ran to the nearest building. He found himself back in the closet at the gas station. He was too afraid to die. He held his breathe...
  8. Sniffs the air, she smelled human and felt sorry. "dont be scared... please." I whisper to no one and step down from the branches.
  9. Lyle shivered at the voice. He was found out. He stepped out of the closet hands up. The girl was a little shorter than himself. She had ears that were brownish/red. She was beautiful. He realized she was probably faster and stronger. He knew how to judge the mutants. If they had advanced sense they usually had something else abnormal.

    "M-My name is L-Lyle" He took off his bookbag and threw near the girl. He kept the crowbar on his back. He wouldn't himself to be this girl's lunch..
  10. Cocks her head to one side as he steps obviously afraid. lays her ears back scared as well. Jumps at the bag that lands next to her and crouches down to look in it. "Hi lyle... please dont be scared i promise i wont hurt you." still investigating the bag.
  11. He hoped the girl wouldn't find his peaches in the bag. He needed them for survival. He imagined the girl could go just hunt a human and be satisfied. He stepped towards the girl. "Are you Friend or foe Are you alone? You don't hunt humans do you?" Lyle gripped his crowbar at the last question.

    He didn't want to hurt the girl but he had to do something to survive
  12. Quickly snatches up the bag as her stomach growls. "Oh, shut up will yah?" talks to her stomach then looks up at you brushing a piece of her dark brown hair out of her eye. Seeing the crowbar jumps back into the wall and looks at him with horror in her eyes. "No! no im not a human eater! please dont hurt me i havent done anything wrong!" covers her head.
  13. Lyle flinched as her stomach growled.He dropped the crowbar. "I'm sorry..Please don't yell I think there are more of your people around." He scurried to the window and looked out. He saw a group of 3 people. One man had tentacles. The rest were women with ears and tails. Lyle held his breath as he slid down. He looked over to the girl with his bag. He scurried quietly to her. "Shh there mutants outside." He realized she didn't need to be quiet since she wasn't like him. Why would she? I'm so stupid. Lyle shook his head and looked at the girl. He had a brilliant Idea. "Quick I need your scent on me...So they'll go away. Do you have a scarf or anything?"
  14. uhhh no just my jeans and tee shirt... my hood is outside i left it on the tree, im aweful sorry" Hangs her head trying to be quiet for his sake.
  15. He sighed and laid down on the floor. He wondered why the girl just didn't leave and take his stuff. He shrugged. About 10 minutes later Lyle checked the window. The mutants moved on. He went to his bag and grabbed his can of peaches. He tried to open it but failed. He tried using his teeth but quickly chipped a tooth.

    He rubbed his cheek painfully. He looked at the girl and realized she probably had large canines. He held the can out to the girl "Can you help? I'll share it with you.." He smiled weakly. He tried to remember the last time he smiled. Something about this girl made him feel special.
  16. "I'll open it but... it's your food, I can always find something later..." Impales the top of the can with her canines and cracks it open. Hands it back to him, "there you go"
  17. Lyle was surprised on how easily she opened the can. It made sense though how else did mutants tear flesh? "Thank you..." He tilted the can up and ate a few peaches. He set the can down and looked at the girl. "Why are you here? You're a mutant you're accepted in the new world. Aren't you? Are you like a vegeterian?"
  18. laughs "I guess you could say that, I refuse to eat humans and thus im an out cast. unlike the others i remember my parents and they where human, i just don think i could eat another human."
  19. Lyle felt relieved. He shook his head in agreement. He felt like she knew how he felt. He smiled at the girl. She no longer seemed scary or threatening. She seemed more exotic..rare. Lyle stood and stretched, he left the can near the girl and surveyed the gas station. We need to move...Wait we? Should I take the girl? Can I trust her? What am I thinking of course I can.. Lyle walked back to the room where the girl was.

    "Wanna be survival buddies? Please eat some food..I don't want you to be hungry..Especially around me."

    Lyle laughed jokingly. He knew the threat was real but he trusted the girl.
  20. "Are you sure?" Looks up at him worriedly, "I know it's much harder for you to get food than it is for me, are you sure?"