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  1. Hi there! My name is Lydia, as you can see. I just joined Iwaku yesterday and I already have a few roleplays going, but I have a few pairings I want to do. You can see them below:

    [BCOLOR=#993366]ROMANCE (no sex)[/BCOLOR]

    Vampire x Human

    Mermaid/Merman x Human

    Bad Boy x Good Girl

    Popular x Outcast

    High school student x High school student

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  2. Any of these sound interesting to me! The mermaid/merman x human isn't as appealing as the others, but I can work with whatever! (:
  3. @MarilynFae PM me please, and we'll discuss a plot.
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  4. I could play a fairly convincing outcast, possible sociopath. A vampire would also be interesting, however I'd most likely play it violently. Are you looking to RP everyday society?
  5. Hey, I just joined too! Wonderful to meet another new person. I'd love to do a vampire x human RP since recently my interest in vampires has sparked once more. Of course I can do just about anything you want, so please respond, I would love to RP with another new person.
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