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  1. l u n a
    A new family had moved in, and Luna didn't like it.

    This meant that she and her siblings would have to hide. They would be confined to the basement or attic, or the woods around the large house that had been built for them. Luna did not appreciate having to hide in her own home. Besides, no one had lived in that house for ten years. That family had left when they got sick of Bailey's wailing. Who could blame them?

    Luna had brought her sister out to the woods to explore because she couldn't stand the chattering of the new family. Georgie, who still had the mentality of an eight year old, was highly intrigued by a birds nest in the tree she had climbed. Luna sat against a tree, corporeal, because she didn't like being a ghost.

    That was when she heard it.


    Someone was in the woods.
  2. Nathan

    He loved his Aunt and Sister dearly but they just had way to much energy for him. Tired of the constant nagging of his Aunt to unpack his room, he decided to sneak out and find a quiet place to read. He didn't see the point of completely unpacking they would just be moving again in a few months. Finding a small clearing he realizes that it was already occupied. A girl roughly close to his age sat beneath a tree almost in the center of the clearing. Seeing her look in his direction he realized he was staring.

    "I am so sorry. I was just looking for a quiet place to read. Since you are already placed here could you tell me how to get to another clearing? If there isn't one do you mind if we share this one? I promise you won't even know I am here."

    Upon looking closer he realized that she was quite cute. Her soft brown hair fell to her waist. Though she did look a little annoyed, at what he didn't know for sure. He assumes it was because he ruined her solitude.
  3. l u n a
    Luna stood up when the boy entered. "It's okay. We were just leaving. Georgie?" The Italian inflections in her voice were clearly audible in her nervous tone. The little ghost girl jumped from her high place in the tree she had been climbing, and straight into Luna's waiting arms. Luna sat her sister on her hip and turned to face the boy.

    "Sorry for intruding on your land. We live nearby and I didn't know anyone had moved in. We usually explore the woods. It won't happen again."
    This was the default excuse every ghost used when they were caught on the property.
  4. Nathan

    Nate looks up and for the first time notices the little girl in the tree. Upon seeing her start to jump he freaks out but before he could even utter a sound the older girl caught her. Almost to late he realized she was talking to him.

    "Look you have lived here longer than I have. This may be the land that my Aunt bought but I can guarantee that we won't be here for long. I'm not going to take over the special place you have with your sister. This place is big enough I can find another spot."

    With a smile saying so just stay here. He turned and headed further into the woods. I hope they don't go I wouldn't mind seeing her again. With a smile to himself he continues on.
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  5. l u n a
    Against all better judgement, Luna called out, "Wait!"

    She set Georgetta down at her feet and whispered, "Go home, sweetie." Georgie started walking in the opposite direction of the house but Luna knew she would switch to her invisible form and go to the attic. Luna hugged her tiny body from nerves and walked up to Nathan.

    "My name is Luna," she told the kind boy. "Where did you move from?"
  6. Nathan

    Stunned at her response he turns around. "I'm Nathan or Nate which ever you wish to call me. And I moved here from Flagstaff, Arizona." Watching her he realized just how small she really was. Had to be roughly a full foot shorter than him. Noticing that she was hugging herself tightly he made sure to keep a good distance between them. He didn't want to scare her. Hunting for a gentle topic he asks, "So how old is your sister? I only ask because I have one as well. Anya is 10... and if you are comfortable... and if she wants to maybe they could be friends." Realizing he was rambling he blushed a little and decided to shut up. Realizing he might have been to forward considering they just met, and she seemed well uncomfortable. He was sincere though he really thought they would make good friends, plus it wouldn't hurt to be able to spend time with Luna either.
  7. l u n a
    Luna bit her lip, unsure. It would be nice for Georgie to have friends her own age -- give or take a hundred years or so. All she had was Luna, their brother Daniel and Bailey, the mystical hippie girl who had severe depression and had killed herself in the basement in the 60''s. Not exactly the best environment for a little girl to be in.

    "Georgetta, she's eight," said Luna. "And, that would be nice. We don't have many neighbours." Which was true. There was only one house nearby, and it was completely deserted. No ghosts or anything. The way Luna liked it.
  8. Nathan
    She is even cuter when she bites her lip like that. Hearing her say that made him smile. Knowing that this would be good for his sister, and maybe for once himself. It might not be so bad to have a friend as I thought. "So when would be the best time for me to bring her and do you just want to meet here? I am going to warn you though Anya can be extremely hyper. It makes it hard to keep track of her." He smiles at Luna. "I promise that I will help calm her as much as I can. And until we get more acquainted with the woods I won't let her leave my side. So if it bothers you to have me near ill stay on the edge of the clearing." Nate looks at Luna hoping that he wasn't scaring her out of the idea of hanging out with him. He didn't quite know why but he really didn't want to offend her or..... with a start he realized that he really wanted to try and be friends with this girl.
  9. l u n a
    "It doesn't bother me to have you near. I'm like ... this ... with, um, everyone. It takes me a while to warm up to people, I guess." She had severe trust issues and only put her faith in a few people. All Luna wanted was to spend the rest of eternity in peace. Nate would come and go, but she would remain, forever. She was content with this. Luna had come to terms with her fate decades ago.

    "Would you mind if we came to your house?" She would be there, anyway. "It's just, it gets really hot and I don't want Georgie out for long ..." This was a lie. She wanted to hang out with Nate in the house because that was where she felt the most comfortable.
  10. Nathan

    Relief flooded though Nate as he realized he didn't have to worry about Anya running off and getting lost. "That would be perfect. You've just saved me from running all over these woods hunting for a wild sister." he says laughing. Hearing a voice he turns his head towards the house. "Nathan Blackwood you had better get your butt back here now! If I have to tell you again we are going to have issues!" Groaning Nate looks at Luna. "Guess my Aunt has decided that I don't get a reading time." sighing "I'll see you later?" Of all the times for his Aunt to act like a parent it had to be now. Kicking at a stone he turns to head towards the house. Stopping he looks back at Luna. Smiling he gives her a small wave. His smile fades from his face as he resumes his walk home.

    Back at the house his Aunt glares at him and points towards the boxes he left at the foot of the stairs. Sighing he grabs one and carries it to his room. "Nate, Nate lookie what I did. Come look at my room I made it pretty!!!" Nate turns to see Anya beckoning him to her room. Smiling he goes to see how she decided to organize it. Looking in he sees that she had put all her stuffed animals in a corner all facing the door. Her giant doll house he got her for Christmas was in the other corner with all her dolls. Her bed sat in the middle with pink curtains surrounding it. Smiling at his sister with a slight laugh. "Its as cute as you are. I have a surprise for you." perking up Anya looks at him. "What is it?" She says jumping up and down. "You'll have to wait and see." Anya looks at him with a pout. "But I want to know now." "Nope not yet." Smiling he goes back to his room. Maybe I will unpack.
  11. l u n a
    As soon as Nathan disappeared, Luna slipped into her non-corporeal form. Now, she was but a mist, an invisible spectre who simply existed without touching anything. She floated back to the house and straight to the attic. There, she formed into the shape of Luna, but still see-through and untouchable. There, the others were waiting for her.

    "Georgie told me about the boy." Daniel crossed his arms and frowned at his sister.

    "Thanks for ratting me out." Luna stroked her sister's hair as she sat down, cross-legged, on the attic floor. When all the ghosts were non-corporeal, they could still touch and interact with one another. "He was nice, Danny."

    "But it's dangerous. He could find out."

    Luna shook her head. "It will be fine. I'll be careful."
  12. Nathan

    As the day turned to night Nate found his thoughts turning to Luna. Laying awake looking at the ceiling of his room he also wondered how close he should get to her. In his mind he was scared to get close, like he had so many times before. Mostly because once he leaves everyone stops contacting him. Leaving him alone. He did not want to get his hopes up more than he already has. His mind kept running through these same thoughts for a while. The last thought that ran through his head before he fell asleep was how excited he was to see her again.

    "Nate.... Nate wake up it's morning.... Naate you promised me a surprise. Wake up."

    Realizing that Anya was jumping on his bed and talking to him he opened his eyes. "Ani stop. I'm awake!" Laughing he sits up and grabs Anya to stop her from jumping. Smiling at his little sister he starts to tickle her. Anya then fills the room with a clear musical laugh. Nate finally lets her go when she surrenders. "Nate will you make breakfast Auntie was gone when I woke up. And I want pancakes. Plus you make them best! Please!" Smiling Nate ruffles her hair. "Of course Ani I would love to. Do you want your usual with chocolate chips and a funny face?" Jumping up and down in the door way her hair bouncing. "OH yes please!" Smiling he ushers Anya out of the room. "Let me get dressed. You should as well ok?" "Ok... Nate...?" "Yes?" "Will you uhm... will you also do my hair for me?" Smiling broadly Nate looks at his little sister. Since his Aunt was always busy he had always taken care of Anya. But last year she was picked on because her brother did her hair instead of her mother. So it was rare of her to ask. "OH Ani you know how much I love doing your hair. Don't worry about asking me." She smiles up at him with slightly watery eyes. And runs off to her room to change. Nate couldn't help but hope that this new friend is a good idea. With that he starts to dress.
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