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  1. c a t h e r i n e
    Cat was tired. Then again, Cat was always tired.

    Not physically, no. Physically, the vampire girl couldn't get tired. But the decades upon decades of immortality had taken a toll on her psyche; sure, the heightened senses and superpowers that came along with eternal life were great most of the time, but on occasions, Catherine Whitlock wanted to just crawl into the bed she had for no reason and sleep.

    But she couldn't right now, because Cat was being forced to attend the school musical.

    Not that there was anything wrong with musical theatre; in her lifetime, Cat had probably seen Les Miserables at least seventy times -- but this particular production just wasn't very good. Most of the cast clearly did not want to be there and they looked just as tired as Cat felt.

    Except for one girl. She was blonde, buxom and beautiful, everything Cat was not. She took hold of the attention of the audience and ran with it; everything she did on stage was seamless as though it had been rehearsed one million times, honed to perfection. Cat was jealous of her enthusiasm. She also knew that the girl on stage was a werewolf, a fact she had been reminded of many times by her dear sister, Bridget.

    Bridget. The only reason Cat was at school at eight p.m. on a Saturday. Bridget had wanted to come to the performance just to stake out the werewolf twins that she despised so much, and, of course, she had dragged Cat and Ethan along with her. Ethan, Bridget's husband -- but boyfriend to the general high school population, of course -- did not want to be here any more than Cat did. But, of course, there was no saying no to Bridget.

    Sometimes Cat wished for her adoptive sister's confidence, but she had long ago accepted that she was not meant for such a dominant personality. Cat knew her place; she was the shy, introverted submissive one. And she was fine with that. Really.
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  2. Up on stage, the blonde, buxom, beautiful girl was none other than Lea Garland, whose acting skills, aiding her other assets, drew the attention of the audience, despite her role as an ensemble member. The other actors and actresses on stage were only important whenever they were near Lea, which wasn't often enough for the principle roles and especially the leads.

    Her proximity renewed strength in the movements and voices of her acting partners, and, despite never holding a physical spotlight, a mental one was trained on her constantly. She had the most life onstage, and held a greater drive to perform than anybody else in the cast. Intermission rolled around and the budding star travelled backstage.

    "You're drawing too much attention to yourself, Lea" said her older brother, Elliot, who worked as a prop manager and stage technician within this performance.

    "Well, it's not my fault that the rest of the cast can't act! Someone has to breath life into this show!" Lea retorts. She unbuttons the top of her costume, freeing her assets with a satisfying plop and a deep sigh of relief. The costume manager would yell at her later, but for now she needed a rest during intermission.

    "That's not what I'm talking about. Sure, your acting is great, but I can smell trouble in the audience."

    "Your nose smells nothing, Prop Closet. The moon isn't even out. Your powers should be nothing." Other members of the cast used Elliot's nickname as an endearing term and a joke, but Lea wielded it to stab at Elliot; the blade is a harsh memory of locked closet doors and several tears.

    "You don't need a wolf's nose to smell trouble when you're involved, Little Devil. Look, just... be careful and head straight home once the play is over. Got it?"

    "Of course, dear brother," she says with a clear layer of sarcasm. She quickly walked into the green room, away from her brother. She had a fanbase to please and would certainly greet them post-performance.
  3. c a t h e r i n e
    The play ended -- finally -- and the audience filed out to the lobby for the customary meet-and-greet with the cast members. The only one who looked remotely interested in this event was the blonde werewolf girl. Cat wanted to speak to her but she new she would probably get decapitated by Bridget if she did so.

    Bridget and Ethan lurked in the corner; the redhead's blue eyes were fixated on the two werewolves as they spoke to the audience about the play. Cat stood beside them, her arms hugging her slim body, unsure of what to do. She wanted to leave. What was the point of her even being there?

    "Can we go home?" she asked her sister quietly.

    Bridget bit her lip as she leaned to keep her X-ray-like eyes on the wolves. "Absolutely not," she said in her rough Scottish accent. "We don't leave until they do."

    There was a few more minutes of silence between the vampires, before Bridget said to Cat, "Go talk to her."


    "Go talk to her. The werewolf chick. She won't expect it from you, and she hates the two of us. Go find out something about her brother."

    "I don't --"

    Bridget grabbed Catherine's sleeve and shoved her towards the line. Cat looked back frantically to Bridget and Ethan, but more audience members had blocked the way. Cat was trapped in a crowd of enthusiastic people who actually knew what they were doing and what they were talking about, and soon enough she was standing in front of the blonde girl.

    "Um -- h - hi," she stammered.
  4. Lea could sense the shy vampire before their conversation began. Outside the school, Luna, the heavenly white sphere, began peaking her head above the horizon, bestowing her blessings and curses to the creatures below. Luna's gift sharpened Lea's senses, revealing the stench of blood and death that followed the vampire clan. One vampiress stood in the back of the room and another was approaching amidst the crowd.

    Lea, greeted the stammering vampire with a smile, performing yet another show for the audience and hiding her emotions behind the mask of an actor. She says, in a kind and bubbly voice, "There's no need to be nervous. I'm only an actress. I'm just as human as you are." Lea giggles at the joke that only the two of them would fully understand.

    "Come here," she said. She pulled Cat into a tight embrace that placed her painted lips next to Cat's delicate ears. She spoke in a soft growl, below what anyone else in the room, "I am well aware of what you are. Whatever you want from me, we're not doing it here. Go around to the back of the school. Alone. Twenty minutes, no more, no less. Try anything funny and I will not hesitate to hunt you and your entire family."

    Lea's voice returned to its bright, bubblegum demeanor as she released the hug. "See? Nothing to it. We're both just girls. I hope you enjoyed the performance, but unfortunately, I have places to be. Ta-ta!" With flourish and grace, she weaves her way out of the crowd and gently waves farewell, disappearing into the halls of the school and heading towards the dressing rooms.
  5. c a t h e r i n e
    If Cat's heart still beat she would have gone into cardiac arrest when Lea hugged her. All she could smell was the werewolf's scent; wet dog. It was awful but she managed to forget about it when Lea told her where to meet her. Once Cat was released she stumbled back, nearly falling over. When Lea disappeared, Cat quietly and quickly made her way back to Ethan and Bridget.

    "What happened?" Bridget's voice was insistent and commanding.

    "Sh - she wants me to meet her behind the school," said Cat nervously, picking at the sleeve of her woolen cardigan as she spoke. "I'm -- I'm gonna go. Can you p - please not follow me?" She didn't want Lea or her brother to hurt her, or her family.

    Bridget thought it over. "Fine. But you have to tell us everything that she says, okay, Cat?"

    Cat nodded. Bridget took Ethan's hand and they walked out. Cat stood there, nervously looking around, before leaving and making her way to the back of the school. She didn't know why she was going -- this was incredibly out of character for the vampire. But nevertheless, there she was, chewing her nails as she waited for the werewolf.
  6. What approached Cat as she waited behind the school was not the buxom babe she saw before. Rather, it was a snarling mass of claws that clicked along the concrete and fur that shone like a pure sheet of gold in the moonlight. The beast stares at Cat with piercing yellow eyes that slice through the blackest night and make quick work of the defenses surrounding the most courageous men's hearts. The beast inched forward with its grumblings growing louder into a hateful snarl.

    "Well, blood sucker? Are you here to murder me? I'd like to see you try," Lea said to Cat in a voice not audible through sound but through resonating in her mind.

    Without further warning, Lea pounced on Cat with her jaws open, ready to accept the embrace of the vampire's neck. However, after she managed to get the vampire's neck within her grasp, (the girl's demise was only a quick movement of Lea's jaw away,) she freezes, fighting the urge to clamp down and end this hunt in a gory display.
  7. c a t h e r i n e
    Cat had seen werewolves like this before. You didn't manage to be close to Bridget Whitlock without seeing a few angry wolves. But she was not expecting it -- Lea's form took her by surprise. She was about to speak, to tell her that she hadn't meant any harm, but the beast pounced on her.

    Now Cat was scared. She could fight -- she had had to fight before. She had come out victorious. But she didn't want to fight Lea. She had not come for a battle, and she was scared.

    She whimpered. A sign of weakness, she knew, and Bridget would scold her if she found out about it, but in this moment she didn't care. She was scared. The vampire was scared.

    "I - I didn't mean to d - do anything," she stammered, her eyes squeezed shut. She was hyperaware of the werewolf's hand on her neck. "M - my sister just s - sent me to c - come and talk to you. I s - swear, I never m - meant to hurt you."
  8. The wolf slowly opened her mouth, releasing her grip on the vampire's neck. She turned her gaze to lock with her captive's. Her eyes, glowing in the darkness, turned from the steely gaze of a savage hunter to that of a compassionate and concerned friend. She stepped back away from Cat, becoming half-engulfed in shadow.

    "You weren't planning on killing me. Even if you were directly ordered to, you wouldn't be capable of it. You don't have the same killing intent your sister does. You're kind; I can smell it; I can feel it. You're telling the truth. You're so innocent and pure. Could you possibly..." Lea pauses, searching for the next words to say. She continues, "I'm very sorry. I didn't mean to threaten such a cute little girl. You know how it is between our kinds. Could you forgive me?"

    Lea steps forward and gently nuzzles the tip of her nose against Cat's hand.
  9. c a t h e r i n e
    When she was released, Cat gasped for air, despite not having needed it for so many years. She listened to Lea's apology and allowed her to nuzzle her hand. What did she do now? This is where Bridget would have killed the wolf for touching Cat and wore her pelt to school the next day.

    But Cat was not Bridget.

    She slid down the wall until she was sitting and wrapped her arms around her knees. She felt so weak. What kind of vampire was she? She couldn't even fight the creature that had just threatened to kill her.

    "I ... I forgive you." And that is where Bridget would have disowned her.
  10. "Allow me to make things up to you. If there's anything you need, let me know. I Owen you for my behavior. If you need tickets to a show, or if you'd like a date, or..."

    A howl pierces the night air, amplified by the power of the moon. It's a howl that pierces fear into the hearts of small animals and small vampires that don't know when to stay home. The call brings a fierceness to Lea's gaze. "Or... If you need to stay hidden from a hunt. I'll lead the pack towards the east edge of town. You stay towards the west. I can't do this every night. Stay safe. Before I go... What's your name, sexy?"
  11. c a t h e r i n e
    "Uh ... a date? Um, I don't --"

    She was trying to say I don't know about that, but the howl of the wolf cut her off. A scared Catherine shrinked back into the wall behind her. Wolves. If the wolves were out hunting, that meant that Bridget was out hunting them. Cat hoped her sister was safe, but also hoped no one else would get hurt.

    "C - Cat," she stammered. Lea had called her sexy. That was the last thing Cat was. "Cat Whitlock. I'll, um, stay to the west. Thanks for ... not killing me."
  12. "Cat... I hope we meet again." And with that, the she-wolf ran off, disappearing into the night.

    She sprinted through the forest, arriving at a clearing just outside a natura cave. Inhabiting the clearing wass a plethora of wolves with colors of fur all shades between a bright blonde, a dark brown and a cherry red. A wolf bearing a pelt of jet black glared at Lea while bearing his teeth and growling.

    "You're late, Little Devil," her brother growled, "and I don't care how strong you think you are. It's dangerous to be without the pack, especially with hunters out tonight. It's a full moon. Even though we may be stronger, the hunters are more confident. Let's get going. Alpha sniffed out a vampire to the west. It appears to be alone. We're going to need a full pack."

    Lea's expression turned to that of shock. In an attempt to cover for her newly made friend Cat, she said, "What if it's a hunter?! Didn't you yourself say that there was a hunter at our school?!"

    "Alpha is taking the risk! Whoever we lose is a worthwhile sacrifice to take down another vampire and continue our kind! I'm... I'm not happy with it either, but it's not my decision." Elliot turned towards the rest of the pack and followed them. The pack had picked up the scent of a vampire, but not of Catherine. They were following the scent of the hunter, Bridget.

    Her hair on end, Lea caught up with the rest of her pack.
  13. c a t h e r i n e
    Cat was walking home on the east side of town when Bridget met up with her. "Tell me everything that happened," she commanded. No hellos. Just cordial, stiff, business-like conversation. Very Bridget.

    "Nothing. She threatened to kill me, then saw that I meant no harm and left me alone."
    Bridget's eyes darkened but Cat ignored them and continued to speak. "I'm fine. You don't need to ... chase after her, or whatever you were going to do."

    "Oh, I'm gonna do so much more than that," said Bridget menacingly. She chewed the inside of her cheek and sniffed the air, trying to pick up the scents of the werewolves. "They're coming this way," she deduced. When she turned back, her eyes were red and her fangs were gleaming in the pale moonlight. "Go home, Cat."

    Cat didn't need to be told twice. She ran home to the Whitlock's large, old house in the woods. Her adoptive parents, Carmine and James, were sitting in the living room. Cat slipped past them and joined Ethan in the study, where he was playing piano.
  14. It didn't take long for Bridget to be surrounded. The pack of fierce predators enclosed the vampiress in a circle like an animal within a cage. Twenty pairs of beady yellow eyes, filled with the moon's wild and untamable rage, trained themselves on the hunter. Growling, snarling, and gnashing of teeth created a cacophony around Bridget. There appeared to be no escape.

    The pack held their positions strong and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. With a brave and furious howl, the Alpha, the leader of the pack, gathered all his strength into his lupine legs and launched himself towards the hunter. He aimed to clamp his jaw around he vampire's throat, except this time there would be no mercy or hesitation. Only the instinct of the hunt remained.
  15. Bridget smirked and leaped upwards. She used her super strength to avoid the Alpha's teeth, catching hold of a branch and hoisting herself onto it.

    "Aww, how sweet," she said in a sarcastic tone. "You pack of mutts think you're capable of hurting me."

    Bridget leaped down and landed, hard, on a wolf's back. The crunch his bones made under her feet was satisfying. Bridget smirked at the alpha, turned around and ran back towards her house. She was too tired to hunt them all down, and even she needed backup. She would need to bring Ethan back out with her another night.
  16. Unfortunately for Bridget, a certain obstacle had planned ahead, placing himself between her and the vampire's home. He growled and barked at her, attempting to strike fear into her heart. The obstacle was Elliot.

    "Come on, blood-sucking scum! Are you really running away from this fight, this hunt?! I should expect more from you, but I guess you can't expect much from a rotting old prune!" Elliot said as he inched forward. He wedged Bridget in between himself and the pack, (which had left behind its fallen comrade,) keeping a safe distance away from any branches.
  17. Bridget ran head-first towards the wolf. When she was in biting reach from the creature she leaped over him and latched herself to the side of her house. She smiled down at the creature. "Better luck next time." She opened a window and climbed inside.

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