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  1. So, for one reason or another, you are here at Luxom Academy for Delinquent Children. Most students here are here because of some altercation or another at their previous school. However, a select few are here due to court orders, and some are just complete mental cases and their parents would rather spend the money to pay for this place rather than deal with them. Why are you here?

    OH! How rude of me. I didn't even tell you my name or why I'm here and I'm asking for your life story over here. I'm Rivika. Most call me Rivi. I got kicked out of my old school for doing dope in the bathroom. Plus, the court decided my family was all sorts of fucked up and that I couldn't there anymore. So here I am, BAM! Stuck here in Luxom until I'm 18. Just like you, and the rest of us. But, don't worry. It can be fun here too. I mean, they don't watch us all too closely, and, if your smart about it, you can get away with anything. So, let me know if you need anything.

    Welcome to Luxom Academy for Delinquent Children. You already received your welcome from Rivika, who, is probably not the best girl to get involved with on your first day. But, here's what you need to know.

    What kinds of children do we admit into Luxom Academy?

    We accept any child who struggled in their old school, is struggling with finding themselves, or has fallen into an unfortunate path that is destructive to their health. We accept students ages 14-18, both male and female.

    What is our goal?

    To provide a quality education to children who are unable to adjust to a regular school system. In addition, we provide excellent structure and therapy sessions to those who desire it.

    Academy Rules::

    1. We do not tolerate violence or drug use on campus. Perpetrators will be punished accordingly.
    2. School comes first, you must complete your work before you are allowed to participate in any other activities.
    3. We are not a religiously based school, but we do provide religious services to those who desire it.
    .... blah blah blah and a bunch of other rules that you probably won't follow while your here.

    Role Play Rules(You actually have to follow these ones)

    1. Follow all site wide Iwaku Rules.
    2. Please remain active, at least 1-2 posts a week.
    3. While your characters might not necessarily like each other, please remain courteous in OOC.
    4. Sex, drugs, violence, etc is allowed within the role play, however, please use your better judgement and keep it realistic.
    5. Tying into keeping it realistic, no GMing or Power playing, and no perfectly perfect characters and no helplessly bad characters either. We all have a little good and a little bad inside of us. Try and reflect that in this role play.
    6. The Academy rules are meant to be broken, feel free to do so.
  2. Character Sheet::
    It's just a basic character sheet, nothing to serious. I don't need anyone's full histry, just a brief one. I'm hoping to let most of the stories unfold within the actual role play, I find it more exciting that way.

    Sexual Orientation:
    {Picture or description are acceptable}
    Personality: {Keep it brief, don't need too many details. Like I said earlier, I like to let things unfold in the role play}
    Brief History: {I like the idea of keeping things brief if you hadn't noticed...}
    Reason for being sent to Luxom:

    Example {Just in case nobody knows what brief means}

    Name: Rivika Van der Beak
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight but likes to experiment

    Personality: Sarcastic and witty, but has a very musical way of going about life. Except for when she's alone and is in one of her manic mood swings.

    Brief History: Rivika was born to two parents who really didn't care much about her. She spent a good portion of her childhood trying to please them. When that didn't work, she took to more rebellious behaviors. Drugs, alcohol, sex. Oh and breaking a few laws here and there.

    Reason for being sent to Luxom: Caught using drugs in school; arrested 5 times on various charges; suicidal tendencies.

    Current Characters::
    Rivika Van der Beak xx Timber.

    Blake Dawsen xx Sammy_L

    Aunya Marie Jackson xx S k y y

    Myles Nile Jackson xx S k y y

    Ryder Ann Gentry xx Sammy_L

    Alexander Winchester xx Nova

    Cassidy Lu xx Matthias

    News & Other Important Things::

    7/29/14 :: Open for role playing xx

    7/27/14 :: Open for people to join!
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  3. I love this! Im about to join!
  4. Name: Blake Dawsen
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Personality: He doesnt really care much about what people think of him, hes sarcastic and likes to joke around a lot. Brief History: Blake grew up always in the shadow of his older brother, his parents having high hopes for him. He started skipping school and doing drugs and ended up having sex with many girls.
    Reason for being sent to Luxom: Got caught having sex in the janitors closet and was caught having drugs in his bag. Not to mention being arrested for underagged drinking. 770a53ce719f0770c6105ae02474cf53.jpg
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  5. Ok your good to go, just need a brief description or picture of appearance if you can.
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  7. Its all good, we all forget some stuff sometimes lol
  8. Okay lol :)
  9. I was gonna wait and see if a few more people wanted to join before I started the actual rp, does that sound good to you or would you rather just start it now?
  10. Its your rp so if you wanna wait thats fine!
  11. Character reserved if I may as I do some thinking and planning about my character. :-)
  12. Alright sounds good, sorry for taking so lo to reply i had to put my dog down last night and I've been under a lot of stress because of it.
  13. Awh I'm so sorry :( thats must have been tough, take as much time as you need love <3
  14. {{ I'm only a few hours late . Sorry to hear about your dog hun. I have a question. Are we allowed to join with more than one character? I may start out with one ..}}
  15. I think Im going to go with having 2 characters to start, an the. I'll see how that works out
  16. Name: Aunya Marie Jackson
    Age: 17 years old
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Aunya can be very mean at times. She doesn't like to socialize with anyone due to her past. She has let her past mold her into who she is. Aunya is hardheaded as she doesn't listen to anyone really. Not that she is a complete "bad girl" She has some good points to. When in school she does her work to make her seem like she's innocent. Aunya is a very hard worked indeed, but that doesn't make her a good girl.
    Brief History:
    Growing up with her two parents they never had time for her. They were too busy with their careers to take Aunya anywhere. When they added another child to the family after Aunya's third birthday life had changed forever. They treated that child like an angel and took him everywhere with them. Causing Aunya to grow jealous of him and act rebellious. Even then her parents ignored her which made her feel like she was a terrible daughter.
    Reason for being sent to Luxom
    : Doing/selling drugs in school. Constantly skipping school. Breaking the law. Fighting teachers.

    Name: Myles Nile Jacobs.
    Age: 16 years old
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Personality: Myles is a work of art indeed. He keeps many secrets and around Lexom he shall be known as "Secret book" . He knows how to keep his mouth closed and also will keep his distance from others. Work is not something he will do. He will throw the papers back in the teachers face and tell them to do it. Although when it comes to females he has a gentle side to him. He can be romantic , but once he feels like she doesn't care he will act like a dick.
    Brief history: Myles doesn't share his history with anyone. He grew up in Virginia being that average bad ass selling and doing drugs in school. Why because that was a quick way to make money. Myles also vandalized school property and glued coins all over the school locks, so nobody could get in. He had broken a couple of laws and even when he got his sentence he didn't do as he was told. Due to his misbehaving ways his parents sent him to Lexom and hopes it'll straighten their once a good boy out.
    Reason for being sent to Lexom: Breaking Laws, Drugs, Misbehaving, Vandalism, Fighting.
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  17. Ok good to go!
  18. Im gonna make another charrie in a sec
  19. Okk, im gonna probably post the rp thread later tonight when i get into my computer because im on my cell right now
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