Lux Tenebris: The Second Act

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    A new day was dawning, but the moon had yet to set. Its path in the night sky had stopped at its zenith, beaming down upon the land with its milky white light. All over Elyne, in the wake of the Tenebrae, the land had been stripped barren of life. As the sun's brazen light shone brighter and brighter along the horizon, newborn creatures began to peek out from the void that they had come from. In small bright flashes of light, where there had once been nothing, blades of grass rustled in the breeze, flowers unfurled their wondrous, glowing petals and all manner of critters began to scamper around the fields.

    By the time the sun had risen above the horizon, all of Elyne was awash with light and life. All of Elyne, that is, save for Sol, which remained barren for shadows encroached upon its shining walls. The milling mass of shadows dispersed for a moment, into buildings and nooks and crannies and alleyways, escaping the light of that day's sun. It shone brighter than it had all other days, and its brilliance made the golden walls of Sol gleam, fatal to any Tenebra, save for the larger ones, who dared venture far too near.

    Sol was dazzlingly bright, but its people were nowhere to be seen, many devoured by the Tenebra and many more hidden beneath the streets in the city hewn of pale stone below. Elsewhere, in Allune and Ignis, there were bigger, brighter flashes of light...

    Precursors of what was about to come at the strike of noon...

    Sweat beaded on Magnal's brow and rolled down his cheek to join the rest of his sweat in a puddle on the floor. The last two days had been hell. He was tired as ever and the hunger gnawed at the edges of his consciousness and the world's scream kept repeating in his head. He had to play to that most glorious of screams. He just had to.

    The people of the underground city had been welcoming enough and there was food and water to go around. The hunger for flesh gnawed at him, but as long as he was sustained, he needed not to pursue it yet. Even if he did, there was enough to do in the underground city to keep his mind occupied with other thoughts. Over the last two days they had been training with all manners of weapons. They'd tried to separate Magnal from his setilum but he refused it and strapped the instrument to his back with a makeshift harness.

    For a weapon, he chose a large hammer. It was quite a formidable sight, seeing the large Radiant swing about a massive hammer. He easily pulverized the large clay urns that they practiced on and he had been putting considerable dents on the bags filled with sand that came after. There was one rule for them. "If you see a shadow smaller than you, hit it. If you see a shadow as large as you, hit it. If you see a shadow much larger than you, get some friends and hit it. Whatever you do, don't let them get past you."

    Apart from the weapons training, they were being taught how to release the light that they held within. It was during those times that Magnal came terrifyingly close to lunging out at others because the training made him hungry and left him tired. His crimson-streaked golden light came ablaze around him as he focused his mind on the task at hand. He was in that phase of training again, although that morning it would be short and served only to refresh their memories of what to do.

    Come noon, all hell would break loose. Before then, the Elynians would gather in a protective circle around the middle of the courtyard in front of the Lighthouse. The doors of houses would be left open so that any that needed to could dash away to escape. The sun was climbing quickly, and time was running short. One by one the Elynians broke their fast and began to head for the surface.
  2. Training. It wasn't what Jarl'eth had first expected, they were actually practicing with weapons and their 'inner light', he excelled in the latter although it worried him that it drained so much energy. Never the less succeeded. He didn't have a particular preference of weapon, but he only used single handed weapons. He preferred mobility and versatility and often practiced with blunt weapons and cutting weapons, and even with no weapons at all. Versatility and adaptability were key to surviving many situations. New information to process other than dwelling on the horrid creatures outside was good for Jarl'eth, the thought of them would come to him though, and when it would his face would set in a hard expression and he'd become more focused on his training, putting out more energy than people thought he could upon first seeing him.

    It was time now to leave, Jarl'eth was agitated slightly at the lack of time they had but there was nothing he could do about it. Wiping his brow, Jarl'eth turned and followed the others.