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  1. Okay, so this is a roleplay I want to revive on these forums. I hope I get a lot of people interested.

    The Premise:
    Elyne is a land bathed in eternal light; its inhabitants born from the radiant rays of sunlight and the milky bars of moonlight. The creatures that dwell on its luminescent surface are incarnations of the light that they represent, flesh and blood made from light solidified.

    Each nation of Elyne’s vast tracks of land possesses a lighthouse that ascends beyond the lofty clouds. The light of these towering lighthouses provide sustenance for Elyne’s inhabitants. As long as the lighthouses remain lit as they have been since the beginning of time, no Elynian requires food or water.

    In these lighthouses reside the monarchs, the Luxes of the nations. Their light is the most radiant, the most powerful, and the most majestic. A threat, great in the magnitude of its power, unlike any Elyne has ever known is making its way for their radiant world. Beings of shadow from another world, Aespectriill, beings that devour the light for their sustenance have been chased off of their home world.

    Day by day, these shadow beings arrived in droves, but no one ever noticed. The radiance of the lighthouses burned away the forerunners of the invasion. As they arrived, however, the shadows in the nooks and crannies of Elyne began to grow. Wisps of shadow appeared in the lighthouses, materializing into Aespectriill. Eventually, thousands of them began to materialize in the chamber of the Luxes whose light no longer protected them from the ravaging hunger of the shadows. From their mouths and eyes, the light of the Luxes left their bodies, devoured by the most powerful of the Aespectriill, beings that would come to be known as the Tenebra.

    Elyne is falling into darkness. The light is only just beginning to stir against the threat of the shadow. Will you join the battle against the encroaching darkness, or will you be one of those who devour the light?


    The Plot:

    Elyne is a peaceful world where light is perpetual. There is never a dark day or night for that matter in Elyne. The inhabitants of this plane are born from light, firelight, moonlight, sunlight, aurorae, candlelight, lightning, any kind of light. Peace is absolute in Elyne, the nations require no trade nor money for their sustenance is the light of the lighthouses provided by the Luxes, the most radiant among them.

    However, recently, a race of light-devouring beings with semi-corporeal bodies of shadow began arriving en masse on Elyne. At first the light of the Luxes was able to keep them at bay, burning away the forerunners of the 'invasion.' However, as the main force of the shadow beings began to arrive, they slowly pushed back the light. Since the lighthouses were the foci of power on the plane, that was where the shadow beings manifested once they entered Elyne.

    Eventually, as droves of these "Tenebra" as they came to be called materialized on Elyne, they were able to overcome the light of the Luxes. The most powerful among them assimilated the light of the Luxes into their being. These Tenebra have been chased off of their homeworld by some yet-unknown terror. Few of them even know why they left, but they knew very well that they either flee and live or stay and die.

    Because of this, Elynian society collapses. Without the light from the Luxes, they are reduced to mortals with mortal needs. They must eat and drink and fight to survive. For a race of people that has never done any of these, it will be difficult and countless many will be absorbed by the Tenebra before they can muster the strength to fight back.

    As for the Tenebra, everything is a matter of survival. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. They all know it is only a matter of time before whatever was chasing them catches up.

    Right now, it is pretty apparent that things are quickly heading downhill. If all the Elynians die, then none will be left to feed the Tenebra who would eventually waste away as well. Nevermind biological incompatibility, nevermind cultural differences, nevermind language barriers, there is obviously only one way to get through the cataclysm: Coexistence. That should be your goal.

    The OOC: OOC - Lux Tenebris
  2. Interesting...I like it. :)
  3. Leviathandances: There's a link up there to the OOC. If you want to read more on it and perhaps create a character.
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