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  1. Sol, the city of the sun, radiant even in the darkness of night. While the moon shone in its lofty perch, and the stars twinkled beside her, the city shone brighter still. The sounds of celebration hardly ever died for none of its children needed food or wine or sleep.

    The fiddlers kept fiddling, the flutists kept fluting, the drummers kept drumming, and the dancers kept tapping their feet to the festive tune well into the dawn... and into the next night. Would that all societies be so carefree and unimpeded by any notion of evil as they.

    But the Shadows were creeping in. Nooks and crannies hidden from the city's light were beginning to grow darker. Dark desires were growing in men's hearts, hearts that had never known pain, anger, sadness hunger or even lust.

    And yet the fiddlers kept fiddling, the flutists kept fluting, the drummers kept drumming and the dancers kept tapping their feet to the festive music, none the wiser to the darkness that was knocking at their doors.

    Prologue - Darkness Gathers [Link to IC]

    We begin our journey with our characters, whether you be from Lune, Sol or Ignis, in the city of Sol, partaking in the debauchery. There are things going wrong here and there. Darkness that doesn't seem to get touched by light. Shadows moving contrary to how they should. But there's no cause for concern. There never was in the history of Elyne. Why start worrying now?

    But they are closing in and very soon, the world as we know it, will end in much screaming and gnashing of teeth.

    OOC Information!

    The following two are links to extensive OOC information about both the geography of Elyne and the Elynians themselves.

    Geography of Elyne
    The Elynians

    Regarding the types of Elynians, if you find that you might want to add one to the list, you must first run it by me and I will decide whether or not to approve it!

    The Tenebrae

    At this point in time, the Elynians still don't know about the Tenebrae. They are just strange shadows to them. However, there is a name for shadows in Elynian culture and it will be this name that they apply to the shadows. Some individuals might have different names for it, but the vast majority of Elynians would call them Tenebrae.

    During the events of Darkness Gathers, only four types of Tenebrae will be sporadically spotted by Elynians. Small, fleeting dots of shadows that tend to swarm, smokey shadows that vanish as quick as they appear, birdlike shadows that tend to flock together and follow a leader and finally, shadows that look normal, save for the fact that they move independent of a body.

    This might seem very vague, but that is intentional. This would be all you know and all your characters would find out within the span of Darkness Gathers.​

    Character Tempate!
    Show Spoiler

    Apparent Age:
    Nation of Origin:
    (Sol, Lune, or Ignis)
    Type: (Refer to OOC post about Elynians)

    [malk]Malkuthe's RP Standards[/malk]

    [malk]1. Proper Grammar and Spelling are a must![/malk] A few spelling mistakes here and there are totally forgivable. But if you give me a post that looks like it got raked over by a hen, we will have a problem. It doesn't take too long to use spellcheck. Use it!

    [malk]2. Quality and substance, please. Keep your standards high![/malk] There's a certain length that I like to see in posts to my RP, and every time you post less than two paragraphs when clearly more can be made, I shed a tear. ;_; If you want to see what kind of posts I absolutely love to see, check out , @DawnsLight, @Kisara, @Romulus, and @XC's posts in my RP Dwindling Glory - Lament of the Fallen.

    [malk]3. Invest time and effort into writing your best.[/malk] Don't join if you have a tight schedule that will keep you from making anything but rushed posts. Also, if pertinent things do come up in real life, NOTIFY ME. Nothing annoys me more than RP'ers who suddenly vanish.

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  2. Malkthe~!
    I really love your role plays, and I am more than willing to join.
    If I can squeeze that bit to my packed schedule, I'll see into it.
  3. If you have a packed schedule, Nuein, it's in mine, your, and everyone else's best intentions that you do not join this RP. Lux Tenebris is very different from my other RP's in that it will be emotional, it will be heavy, and it will require time and effort. If you don't have a schedule that permits you time to regularly dedicate to this RP, that will not be appreciated.

    Now this is a statement to all in general, and far be it from me to be all high and mighty about it, but I poured my heart and soul into making this world, and I expect no less from the writers who want to play in it.
  4. Name: Trivaldio

    Gender: Male

    Apparent Age: Just past his teen years, early twenties.

    Nation of Origin: Lune

    Type: Umbra

    Appearance: Dark gray hair the color of wet slate with similar colored iris. A dull grey aura that remains a midpoint, holding the same appearance in both light and darkness. Skin slightly lighter than his hair, with light gray scores over parts of his body, more predominantly on his arms. Standing at an average height with a slender body, his appearance is perfect for going unnoticed.

    Personality: An introverted being, feels more comfortable being alone with his thoughts as appose to with a large group of people. Enjoys the beauty of his surroundings and is interested in the way others behave. Friendly and helpful to people when he needs to be, he has always been captivated by trying to understand people and what they are thinking. He knows what he wants to do with his life and is very determined. Often wonders what it would be like to experience the beauty around him with someone else is like but currently prefers being alone. Has a habit of running his thumb along a large score on his arm when he concentrates.

    Background: Having been conceived in the light of a new moon, He grew up in the land of Lune. From a young age he was unable to take a complete interest in the common hobbies and professions. Becoming an artist, he is yet to see a piece of art from anyone, let alone himself which can radiate the same beauty as the world he lives in, and therefore prefers to just get out there and be in it. Becoming a philosopher, this was closer to the path he chose to follow, many Elynians from Lune ponder on the unknown, for example the replenishing sea, he however took an interest in people and preferred a more practical approach. He focused his attention on being able to mask his presence in shadows for as long as he could, subtlety is the easiest way to watch people, the city of Allune was the perfect training ground. Trying to put himself in peoples shoes, and imagine what they are thinking about. He watches people doing everyday things, and tries to imagine what they are thinking or talking about from afar. He continued to do this through his teenage years and because of this hobby, he spent the majority of his time on his own and he grew accustom to it. Whenever he wasn't observing, he would often be found sitting in fields of silvery-blue Moondrop flowers, not that anyone was looking. In his late teen years Trivaldio set his eyes on the other lands, wanting to experience them for himself. The beautiful landscapes and cities, the people, he wanted to see what he could learn from watching in a different environment. Now in his early twenties, he has been a resident of Sol for over a year and spends his time doing what he loves, Observing people as they party and play music and dance in the elegant city of gold.
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  5. I will definitely watch this role play.
    I'll probably join at a later time or just lurk around.

    It's quite evident that you poured your heart into this role play, and I wish you the best of luck.
  6. [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION], your charrie is accepted!

    [MENTION=3495]Nuein[/MENTION], alright. Thank you.

    Anyone else who is interested, please post as soon as you can. Also, I'll have my character up within the week.
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  7. Name: Magnal

    Gender: Male

    Apparent Age: Looks to be in his early-late 20's

    Nation of Origin: Sol

    Type: Radiant

    Magnal is outgoing, loudmouthed and happy-go-lucky, one among a flock of same-feathered boisterous musician friends. Their raucuous laughter accompanied their small troupe wherever they sojourned to, unsurprisingly, as Sol was a festive city.

    Though he is a passionate musician, he is far from the best, often being told politely that something seems to be "missing" from his music. This never bothered him. Nothing bothered anyone, at least before the Tenebrae arrived.

    With Shadows on the horizon, deep dark thoughts are beginning to claw their way out of Magnal's heart.

    Since childhood, Magnal has been... unique in that he is almost unhealthily obsessed with his music. Early on he picked up the Setilum, a seven-stringed instrument not far different from a violin. Magnal is also taller and brighter than the average Radiant. Some would say he was supercharged with light.

    As he grew up, he banded together with six-odd friends. They are at this point in time one of the premiere music troupes in Sol. People flock to them whenever they play simply to hear their soul-touching music. Their favourite spot to play is a particular square in Sol with a fountain with a silver-and-marble fountainhead towards its eastern side.

    Though an accomplished musician by all rights, Magnal's music has often been seen as "incomplete." He is certainly not lacking in technical ability, as he can play all notes to near perfection, but this focus on technical ability seems to hold him back from being able to play with the same passion and emotion as his peers. Needless to say, it was his style and even if his music was "incomplete" his friends' music was there to make their melodies come alive.

    However, envy is beginning to fester in Magnal's heart. How the nigh-obsessive musician will deal with it is yet to be seen.

    Profession: Musician
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  8. Well this seems interesting. I think I'll give it a try. Got to work on a CS though :)
  9. It would be awesome if we could get more people here. :D
  10. This looks fun........let me read up a bit more on the continents before I make a character.
  11. Name: Shadow Wyvern

    Gender: Female

    Apparent Age: Young, looks to be in her mid-teens

    Nation of Origin: Lune

    Type: Halo

    Appearance: Fluffy, short hair that glows like the light of the full moon she was born of, Shadow's name seems a bit strange when looking at her pale skin and silvery eye color. She has an average height and seems to be quite fragile or delicate in nature despite her constant adventures.

    One could say that talking to Shadow is like taking a breath of fresh air. She is an innocent, helpful girl who sees wonder in everything around her. She finds it easy to make friends, and almost everyone adores her company.

    Many often worry for her, so there are a lot of times when people don't wish to burden her with their own problems or with talk of danger. She doesn't take it to heart, but is she really capable of so little?

    As the shadows grew longer, so did her thinking grow somewhat dimmer. Every time the moon wanes, she finds herself with sorrowful, tragic thoughts constantly on her mind. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to last very long once the new moon has past and people can see her back to her usual self.

    Background: A lover of nature, Shadow has long since left the care of her parents for the peaceful roads of Lune. There was hardly ever a time when she didn't wish to explore the vast lands of her home and she knows of many places others wouldn't even think existed.

    Profession: Though she is young, Shadow is one of the guides around Lune. She has shown many travelers the beauties and treasures that lie in every acre of land. She loves to travel and is a frequent guest in Lune's many taverns and nature spots. She takes less time to guide people when the moon wanes, prefering to relax in the arms of nature or contemplate the ways things are.
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  12. I apologize for not being around too much, I have been taking some time off to readjust to school life. Anyway, is anyone else still interested in this? I would like at least two more players before I launch the IC thread for Lux Tenebris.
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  13. If you know anyone who might be interested in this game, please, do tell. :D
  14. You should definitely advertise it.
  15. I've been advertising it whenever I've been on.

    [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION] you still interested in this?
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  16. I'll ask around! :bananaman:
  17. :bananaman: Nope. I just wanted to gloat. :bananaman::bananaman::bananaman:
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