Lux Aeterna (Space Fantasy RP)

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    "Extinction is the rule,
    Survival is the exception"
    ~Carl Sagan

    Dear Potential RP Partners,

    I, Izurich. am once again back with a Space Fantasy-themed RP plot, inspired by serieses such as, Gundam, Starship Troopers, Astebreed, Darius, and many others.

    Please, do take a look. ;)

    With deep regards,

    =Things to Note=

    Necessary to get us on the same page, please take but a moment of your time to carefully read them,
    1. All IWAKU rules apply, obviously
    2. This RP will be in 3rd Person, Past Tense
    3. RP through Threads only
    4. 3 (or more) Paragraphs should be the norm, can be more or less depending on the current scene. I :heart: Long Posts. I can write a Novel of a post when inspired enough
    5. Artwork/Anime/Comic style character pictures, Please No Real-life portrait/models
    6. Mutual Plotting, while I am quite an aggressive RP-er most of the time, I highly prefer partners who are willing to go hand-in-hand in plotting awesome stuffs together with me.
    7. Communicate with me, I am a friendly person and won't bite, I want us to mutually grow as Roleplayers together. :)
    8. Got an idea? Tell me! Something bothering you? Tell me! Good OOC Communication is key to a mutually enjoyable RP!
    9. Most important of all, Have FUN!! Yes! We're here to have fun!
    10. As a proof you have read the list, please state your Favorite Color or Food.
    =Plot and Lore=

    Disclaimer: This is a general idea of the plot and background lore, things may change as we discuss our ideas together.

    • In the 27th Century, 5 centuries after the first successful planetary colonization project took place in Mars. Humanity has progressed into the space-faring era with colonies set up even beyond Earth's solar system, all made possible by the invention of FTL (Faster-Than-Light) travel. Societies prospered as a whole, rapid advancement in science, medical, art, and other fields bloomed. Mankind had entered a Golden Age... until in mid-26th Century, they came.

      We were never alone, there was no possible way that in the whole universe, mankind was the only advanced species.

      They came in waves, spreading through the fields of outer space like locusts, consuming everything in their path, destroying colonies and the planet's ecosystem, spawning uninhabitable wastelands in their voracious rampage. Dubbed 'Xenoptera', this hostile alien species will be humanity's greatest challenge yet.

      However, as always, ever since time immemorial, we will fight back and we will survive.

    • [​IMG]

      Founded in the 24th Century, United Republic (of Earth) Colonies, or URC for short, is an evolution of the United Nations (UN) due to humanity progressing into an era where people distinct themselves by the planets they lived in instead of nations. Its headquarter is still in New York, USA, Earth.

      The URC, much like the UN, holds the Colonies together and promotes inter-colony cooperation, including peacekeeping missions. With the arrival of the Xenopteras, the URC is humanity's front against the alien threat.

    • Picture


      A mysterious alien race resembling mechanical insects in both design and behavior.

      Based on combat and research logs on captured Xenoptera specimens, it can be assumed that the Xenopterans are a bio-mechanical hive-mind insectoid race. Varies greatly in sizes, from a few metres to the equivalent of a mothership, all of them are united under a single consciousness. Their true motives and home planet are still unknown. All attempts at communication had failed, currently, there is no other known way in dealing with them except through extermination.

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      Mechanized Assault Units a.k.a Mecha in popular terms, the PSY-Breed is humanity's trump card against the Xenopteran threat. Developed by a team of URC's finest researchers, PSY-Breeds combine Xenopteran physiology with human ingenuity, these giant humanoid robots have unprecedented capabilities compared to any developed combat vehicles so far in human history.

      A 'living' machine, PSY-Breeds require two operators. The Pilot, which controls most of the suit's movements and functions, and The Conduit, which serves as the 'power-source'. The latter which arises controversy and heated debates among the colonies under the issues of human rights and ethics. However, whether it is 'ethical' or not, one can't deny the significant role these mechas play in the war against Xenopterans.

    • Picture


      The Conduits are best described as homunculi, artificial life-form created through the splicing between human and Xenoptera DNA and grown in test tubes. They are fully sentient much like a human, but posses a unique ability to interact with Xenopteran bio-mechanical tissue.

      This ability truly shines when a Conduit is integrated into the power core of a PSY-Breed unit. True to their namesake, they serve as the 'conduit', allowing full synchronization between Pilot and Bio-Machine. Without them, the PSY-Breed can't activate due to its Xenopteran nature incapability with man-made controls.

      So far, only XX chromosome embryos have given positive results which makes all registered Conduits biologically female. Subject to controversy due to how they were developed, the URC does its best to keep them hidden from society, often living in solitary confinement, only allowed contact with their assigned Pilot and select scientists.


    Now that I've set the setting, how about your role? Well, I am searching for a Pilot (M or F). Rest assured, I will give you one fantastic ride through this Space Fantasy world! : D

    P.S: I can turn the thread into a Libertine one upon request (18+ Members only)

    • Interested? Post here in this thread or PM me!
    • I am open to suggestions, but the core setting must be what I've put above
    • Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Post here in this thread or PM!
    Hope to see some interest!

    Good day, folks!
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  2. This sounds like fun, but I'm a bit unsure about what exactly would be happening during the roleplay just based on the tabs provided. Would the plot to be fighting off the alien race specified, or will there be other elements as well? If you get back to me, I'd love to be the Female Pilot. :)
  3. Wow this sounds awesome! I'm very much interested if your still looking =)

    Oh! And my favorite food is pizza...and icecream....and sandwiches....this could take awhile....Lol
  4. I actually read the list, but forgot to add my favorite color.
  5. I'd very much be interested in the role of a female pilot as well if you'd still be looking.

    My favorite food is lobster. :o
  6. @Sailor Moon @Whispering~Melody @Valor

    Hey, everyone!

    Thank you for showing your interest and properly reading the rules! :) However, I've already got a partner.

    Hopefully, we can partner up some time in the future!

    With thanks and regards,

    @Sailor Moon
    I will answer your questions nonetheless.

    The latter. :) Awesome cool space combat will be a major part of the RP, but there will other kind of struggles and conflicts the characters will experience, such as social, political, and even investigation, finding out the true nature behind the alien race among many others.


    The interest check is now hereby CLOSED.
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