Lust of immortality

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  • Ever wonder what it'd be like to be immortal..?

    Well, the group of our focus certainly did.

    Our story takes place in 2010 in a big city called Florington.

    However, it is not where these people hail from that counts.. No. Rather, it is where their hearts lie.

    For some reason or another, these kin have developed dark, lusted desires.. Desires for power, desires for escape, and desires for.. Well, I'll let you imagine, my dears.

    However, none of them could ever have even dreamed that they would have the chance to have these desires satiated. But oh, yes.. They have.

    You see, my loves.. I have convinced my fellow gods and goddesses to allow a.. Contest, of sorts. These selected folk, ages ranging from tots to elders, will be given a chance to have their deepest, wildest desires come true.

    So, peasant.. Have you what it takes to become immortal? To earn your place among the gods?

    Well then.. It's time you prove it.


    The challenge is simple. All players will be in a regular city. With civilians that have nothing to do with it. The players allianced god or goddess will tells them when they are in the presence of another player. Not telling them who it is or where they are exactly, the players can either choose to run, fight, or team up. Just remember only the last person standing becomes a god/dess.

    Appearance (by picture):
    Allianced god/dess:
    And anything else you see important to add :)

    And all gods and goddess will be played by me so there's no confusion. You can draw power from your alliance as well as communicate with them. Once you choose a god/dess you will receive a mark anyone on your torso as a brand marking you as theirs.


    Nonái is goddess of light meaning she controls healing and light energy aka electricity. An alliance with her will give you healing abilities as well as make you an electric bender(you can control lightning)

    Nonái weakness is water elements because of the blood bending can lead to self shock with the lightning energy, spirits because of the soul touch, and earth bending because her electricity cant go through dirty aka earth. Her counter is darkness


    Erebus god of darkness and shadow. He is very powerful and dark god, he helps maintain the underworld and keep the hollows of the earth alive. An alliance with his means the power of shadows and darkness you'll be able to turn into your enemies shadows and strike. You can also use darkness to bring out their biggest fear and make them believe its actually happening

    Erebus god of darkness and shadows his weakness is spirit because of the soul touch and fire because fire can shine in darkness. His counter is light



    Nakatari goddess of spirits. She is the goddess that takes the souls to heaven or hell. An alliance with her means being able to touch your opponents soul making them crippled and temporarily unable to use their power. You, yourself, can turn into a spirit making you physically untouchable.

    Nakatari goddess of spirits weakness is water because of blood bending can be used against her even as a spirit, and darkness because of fear. Her counter is wind.


    The words aren't included just the mark


    hephaestus god of metal (no not the music) he is the reasin for weapons and steal. An alliance with him allows you to control any weapon you touch. Making you master what normally takes thousands of years of training in just one touch.

    Hephaestus god of metal his weakness is earth because of the earth metals used in weaponry and fire because fire can burn you if you dont have a shield. His counter is water.


    Firos god of fire he is hot headed and tends to yell a lot but he is also the second more deadliest of the gods coming after Erebus. An alliance with him gives you complete mastery of fire letting you burn your enemies to the ground

    Firos god of fire his weakness is water because water can drown fire and air because fire needs oxygen to grown. His counter is light.



    Casinós goddess of water and is very bitchy. An alliance with her allows you to master water, including the water in your enemies blood making them unable to control their body, giving you control over them.

    Casinós goddess of water her weakness is spirit because of soul touch and light because electricity and water will end in her entire body being fried. Her counter is earth.



    Ethos god of eath and nature. With him you can control all of earth including the earth metals so metal based weapons have no use against you as you can use the metal in the weapon as you please. Another fun thing all solid ground you step on (except concrete) can be used to your abilities.

    Ethos god of earth and nature his weakness is darkness because of fear and shadows, light because of electricity, and air because you need air to keep earth alive. His counter is fire and water.



    Iris goddess of wind shes not the strongest of the gods but she can be lethal. She can create twisters and hurricanes or make the air you still and hard to breath (there will be a time limit on that power of 15 seconds or else that'd be too op).

    Iris goddess of wind her weakness is metal because metal doesnt need air to live, spirit because soul touch, darkness because fear, and light because electricity. Her counter is no one because everything either needs air to survive or doesnt


    Choose your alliance and receive your powers my friends, and let the games begin :) remember I will be playing all God/desses letting you know when you're close to someone or talking to you :) If you have any questions feel free to ask either me or my friend keaton in pm :)

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