Lurking through the darkness



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So I dont have any major rules just the basics
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Michelle limped through the woods exhausted from the fight she just endured. Her body was weak and she craved for something to drink. Her long silky black hair that flowed down her back was now a tangled mess. Her pants and top slashed. Blood coming from the cuts that were on her arms, legs, and stomach. She looked up and could she the street up ahead there was a small cafe in the distance. Maybe they had a phone, so she could call her parents, her roomate, someone. As she walked out of the woods she collapsed before she made it to the other side of the street to weak to get back up.
Oh, it's fantasy I clicked the wrong one by accident.
Jake was just coming home from service in Iran, he spent four years working as marine, three away from home. He'd been a soldier for nine years, nine years since he'd had his eieghteenth birthday celebration. After getting dropped off at a local bar, he decided to go make a few calls to friends and family, when he got there he picked up the phone and held it between his shoulder and ear. As he typed in the number he heard the sound of something collapse, it was brief, but close. He didn't see where it came from, but incase he heard it again he kept his back turned from the phone and stared off into the area.
Michelle could the shadow of a figure and knew that this might be her only chance for help. She tried to push herself up from the ground but it was no use she was just to weak to walk. Tilting her head slighty she looked to see of any cars were coming down the road when she didn't see any she started to crawl. Her body was sore and she wanted to just lay in the road, but knew that wasn't a possibility.
"Ok guys, sleep well." he said as he hung up the phone, it was getting late and Jake needed to get some rest. For once he wouldn't be sleeping with the sounds of mortars blasting around him, he can finally relax without worrying about being shot in his sleep. the streets were clear and the night was silent, in the distance he started hearing the crunching of leaves. Again, he thought it was nothing, but this time when he turned to look, somebody was actually there. "Oh my god!" he shouted, jake speeded over to the wounded woman and attended to her. "What happened to you?", but how she looked, it was like she could barely speak.
Michelle watched as a man ran up to her. She could hear him asking her questions and she tried to answer them as best she could. "Wo..woo.woods." She said as best she could she tried to get more words out, but the more she tried to talk the more she remembered. The last thing she wanted to do was remember what came and attacked her. She closed her eyes for a split secound and saw the eyes of her attacker flash by. Growing frantic her eyes shot open and she began to scream.
He started to calm down a bit after she tried to talk, but like he figured, she couldn't really speak completely. When she started saying woods, he only replied "what..?". And as she started screaming he just freaked out. "Oh shit!" he shouted, as he covered her mouth, if somebody saw them they'd probably assume he did this do her. So, best decision was to find her some help, and his first thought was a hospital. He took in two deep breaths and lifted the woman into his arms, her legs in his right arm and her upper body in his left, he carried her carefully to the nearest hospital as fast as he could.
Michelle could feel herself being lifted from the ground. Her eyesight was on the blurry side and the darkness didnt really help that situation. "Where are you taking me?" She was able to say in a voice so low she wasn't sure her even heard. " questions." She said trying to move around. It was no use though she was to weak and dehydrated to continue arguing over something she knew she needed, and what she needed was some medical attention.
He was about to turn the corner and start calling for help, but before he could he heard the woman trying to speak. " hospital..." it made him a little confused, but then again she probably had good reason. She was covered in wounds and needed medical attention bad, but Jake didn't even know how she got like this. So eventually he decided to just bring her with him, he learned how to handle wounds like her's in the U.S.M.C, so helping her out would be easy. "Just hold on you're gonna be fine." he whispered with a worried tone. His house was only a few blocks off and if he timed it right, they'd be home free.
Michelle wasn't sure if he was taking her to the hospital but she began to relax and closed her eyes. Once again the figures danced around in her head. The blood, her screams, those eyes. She wanted to let out a scream but didn't want to make so scene so instead she kept her eyes closed and endured the horrible figures. She could feel her warm tears running down her cheeks. How long would she be able to live with these figures?
Jake finally arrived home with the woman in his arms, feeling the blood from her body soak the sleves of his uniform. No time to reach for a key, he kicked the door in and entered the living room. The lights were on from his last visit through, a couch to the right wall, a bathroom down the hall, two bed rooms, and kitchen close by. He placed the wounded woman on the couch with her head on a pillow. "Stay with me now", he stressed as he gently stroke her head. He quickly fixed the lock, then went back to retrieve a few medical supplies. She was losing blood fast from the wounds, they were like something he'd never seen before. Whatever attacked her was viscious, but his eyes were open and focussed on healing.
Jake's sister Jessica had been living with Jake since there parents had divorced when Jessica was only 13 and that was 4 years ago now she's 17 and looking for a house of her own. "Hey Jake was with all the noise" she had just woken up and she came down in a big shirt the said Why are you reading my Boobs?. She saw the girl laying there with scares and looked so weak "Who is she and what happen to her?" she rushed over to them
"I don't have time to explain Jessica." he said, "Just run to the bathroom and get me the bandages." He had washed off the womans wounds when his sister walked in. Jake expected her to have been out with her friends, but having her here actually would be helpful. From looking closely at the damage, she seemed to have been attacked by an animal. They'd be easy to treat, but it still worried him to know what did this to her.
Jessica ran to get some bandages for the women. She came into the room and so a confusing look on Jake's face "What happened Jake" she spoked in a stern voice.
Michelle felt herself being laid on something soft. She could feel the man attending to the wounds and gently pushed his hands away sitting up. "I'm ok." She was finally able to speak. "I shouldn't have let you bring me here. It could have followed me. Im sorry." Quickly she stood up still weak she began to wobble. She wasn't even strongbenough to stand on her feet. That still wasn't going to stop her from leaving the door. When she reached the doorknob she stopped turning back to the men. "Thank you for helping me." She could feel her eyes watering only because she didn't want to face that again.
"Thats enough." he replied, as he layed her back on the sofa. "If i send you out there in this condition, you'll be killed." Jake wasn't the one to stop random people from disappearing, but this woman was injured, severely at that. "I don't know what "it" is, but one things for sure, I'm not letting it in here to hurt you or my sister." When his sister returned with the bandages, all he could think was that he didn't know. The cuts seemed to have been done by some kind of animal, but the placing was like someone used a hand to do it. "Sis", he whispered, "Go get my handgun, its in the bottom cabinet in my room. With three extra clips, go." he said with a worried voice.
Michelle wasn't lisenting to anything this man said. "No, no, no. I'm sorry but I have to go me getting killed is better then three people getting killed. Besides it might be in the woods and if it is then i'm ok." She heard him ask his sister for a gun and let out a low sigh. "No gun of any kind is going to stop..." Her words trailed off. She didn't know if it was a he or she but she knew it couldn't be stopped.