Lurking in the Dark

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    The Premise
    IN THE BEGINNING, humans and monsters could peacefully coexist, living, laughing and loving together. However, as all beautiful things are fated to crumble, eventually even this truce came to an end. A war that would change the entire future broke out between the two races. For many years they fought. Villages were burnt down to the ground, families were shattered and countless lives were lost. Humans gained victory, and the few remaining monsters were forced into hiding. As time passed and the human society evolved, the tales of wars and monsters were lost. Eventually monsters became a mere forgotten legend.

    Until about twelve years ago. One particular group of the monsters had grown tired of having of living in the shadows of the human race. They wanted the right to exist, the right to live their lives peacefully without resorting to secrecy and lies to keep themselves safe. So they revolted. Hundreds of human lives were lost in the attack during what would later be known as Bloody Friday. Yet in the end it was still the humans who came out victorious. And the lives for many of the monsters would change drastically.

    In response to the attack, the government formed the MMW (Ministry of Monster Welfare), and introduced Operation Fox and Hound. One by one they would hunt down the perpetrators of Bloody Friday and deal them the punishment they deserved. However, it did not end there. Due to Bloody Friday the government views monsters of all kinds, whether aggressive or benign, as potential threats. Because of it we monsters live in constant fear of being captured and brought to what we call ‘The Facility’. What goes on behind those walls remains a mystery, even to us. All we know is that few who have entered, have ever returned. And those who did... were no longer the same.

    Whether human or monster, it appeares that we have reached a point where no one is safe.

    So, what is your part in this story? Are you fox… or hound?

    The Monsters
    YOU KNOW THAT crooked old lady walking past your window every day, or the ugly little man rummaging through the garbage cans outside that one restaurant? Haven’t you always felt that there was…something off about them? The way her heavy coat wraps around those sort of strange looking bulges around her waist, or how he always makes sure to keep his forehead and ears covered up? Well, chances are they are actually monsters.

    Every monster has a human which is dominant at day, and a monster form which is dominant at night. Despite me calling their day form human, they actually tend to look rather different to us. Even if the details are small, if one pays enough attention to them they become rather obvious. For one, they tend to be slightly anatomically off (although this is not always the case). Added to that, all of them have features which hint at what they look like in their true forms. For some it might be that they are extra hairy, have different colored eyes, have an extra eye, have long and pointy ears, their backs are covered with scales, their nails resembles claws, their tongue is forked, their feet are large, an extra pair of arms, they only have four toes and four fingers… the list is endless, and full of possibilities. Some have features which are easier to hide from the public eye, others tend to stand out more.

    Every night when the sun falls, monsters turn into what they truly are. The transformation is short but somewhat painful, as they go from domestic to feral. In this form it is completely up to your imagination what they look like. Monsters come in all forms and sizes. However, what (almost) all of them have in common is that they look bestial, grotesque, and monstrous. I do not want beautiful monsters (if you find a really good picture or have a good idea for this, I might make an exception. Also, freakishly beautiful monsters are an exception). They should look as far from human as possible, and I don’t want anything generic either. In other words, the monsters should look freakin’ amazingly creative. I don’t want my role play swamped with wolves, foxes and other typical appearances. For this form, I prefer creativity over luck, and therefor would rather have it that you write a description if you are unable to find a suitable picture, than go for the first, best thing you find out there. I might allow one or three wolf/cat/fox like characters, but would certainly prefer it if you find something else. Hunched backs, long fangs, five eyes, yellow claws and toad like skin is what I’m looking for! Not only, of course, but you get the picture. Be creative!

    The Factions

    General: Ringleader Conquest
    Location: An amusement park outside the city
    Short Description: Carnival use their appearances and abilities to perform. Their objective is to try and gain peace with the humans through methods that allow them to interact with masses. They try to get their attention and to prove that they are safe and peaceful. They don't want to be in control, they just want to peacefully coexist with humans. The circus allows them to expose their true selves to the humans, at least to a certain extent, since it is all just 'part of the act'. Carnival has a special treaty with the MMW which allows them to keep existing the way they do. However, this also means that they are constantly under heavy surveillance by the MMW. Their relationship to all of the other factions is okay, though they are often looked down upon for loving humans – especially by The Rats. Their strongest relationship is with The Aristocrats, and they are on neutral terms with The Watchers.

    The Aristocrats
    General: Madame/Monsieur Famine
    Location: High and Middle Class parts of Cities
    Short Description: The Aristocrats are often seen as greedy corrupt by the other factions. They have settled amongst humans, living a good and comfortable high or middle class life. The majority of the aristocrats have made it far as CEO's of big companies, politicians and other positions of power. They believe in living peacefully amongst the humans, though manipulating the course of society from the shadows. The Aristocrats tend to look down on all the other factions, seeing the The Rats as filthy savages, The Watchers as foolish hermits and Carnival as clowns. That said, their relationship to Carnival is the strongest, as they don't really interfere with one another. Many monsters who happen to stand out too much to be part of The Aristocrats, often transfer to the Carnival, because of their good relationship. They are also known to have worked together on several occasions.

    The Watchers
    Lady/Lord Death
    Location: Underground City (caves)
    Short Description: Within the hidden city of The Watchers, is where the Monster Court is located. It is The Watchers who act as a kind of police force/mediator for the monsters, and most larger disputes are solved within The Watchers walls. They ensure that the rules the four factions have decided upon together are followed, and any offenders will be taken there to receive punishment. They are by far the strongest of the four factions in terms of physical power, and make sure that none of the others create too much exposure that could reveal the whole network to their enemies. They are the most neutral out of the bunch, and look upon humans with neither love nor hate. The only thing they care about is living safely in their hidden city. That said, should a true war break out, The Watchers would probably still aid War over the other two factions.

    The Rats:
    General: General War
    Location: The sewers
    Short Description: The Rats are by far most aggressive faction in the network. Perhaps it is not much of a surprise that the majority of the survivors of which were involved with Bloody Friday, later became The Rats. Based in the sewers, they try to think of ways that will allow them to remove the humans from power. Their objective is to take over, their method is bloodshed. They are brutes that have lost far to many to even consider a more peaceful approach, and will always argue for starting a war against humans. Although The Watchers disagree with total elimination of the humans, these two fractions have a good relationship because of their shared views on protecting one's own. The Rats despise The Aristocrats, and Carnival for their love of humans even more so.

    The Drifters:
    General: None
    Location: Spread out, usually living a low or middle class life. Many reside in the slums.
    Short Description: Some monsters belong to neither of the factions, and simply mind their own business. These are usually refereed to as 'the drifters'. Being on neither of the sides, these are treated with neutrality by all groups. However, some work as freelance info brokers etc. causing them to regularly get in contact with the other factions.

    The Ministry of Monster Welfare
    MISLEADING NAME, WOULDN'T you agree? The ministry of monster welfare is a secret organization working directly under the government. They operate from several bases around the country, and have highly trained and skilled agents working for them. The agent’s job is, more or less, to round up monsters and bring them to the facility. Workers for the MMW tend to either have had bad experiences with monsters, or were hired because of their aptitude for the job.

    After capturing them, the agents are tasked with brining the monsters to ‘The Facility’- preferably alive. However, monsters that prove to be more trouble than they're worth are usually simply killed.What goes on behind those walls is unknown even to the majority of the agents. There have however been rumors of experiments and an attempt to find a cure to these ‘abnormalities’ floating amongst the MMW members.
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  11. Both. There will be open MMW roles, but there will also be NPC's controlled by me or my mods.
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