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  1. Okay, the OOC is up!

    ✢ L U R K I N GI NT H E D A R K ✢

    Interest Check

    Sign Up

    The Website


    ✢ R U L E S ✢
    • Godmodding is under no circumstances permitted.
    • Mary Sues and Gary Stues are not only frowned upon, but also risk suffering a very violent and gruesome death in this role play.
    • Proper grammar and spelling are a must. Mistakes happen and there are exceptions, but if I see text talk even once in this role play (unless your character is actually sending a message to someone), I will kick you out.
    • Please post at least a minimum of two decent paragraphs per post. Not everyone is a writing god (I certainly am not), but this is for the sake of keeping things going. Be as descriptive as your abilities allow.
    • Please be friendly and show respect towards all fellow role players. This should be a given, but I'll say it anyway. Drama within the RP is encouraged, drama in OOC is completely out of question, and will be treated with zero tolerance.
    • All gender combinations are allowed, and even encouraged. Nothing is impossible with true love, after all. ;3 Plus, it makes the role play more interesting.
    • Romance is also encouraged. However, as soon as clothes start flying, I would like you to please either move your conversation to PM, or fade to black/fast forward.
    • I added in ‘Special Abilities’ in the Character Sheet. That does not mean you are allowed to go crazy and make your characters OP. Since their monster forms look rather different from us humans, it is likely that they also have abilities we humans do not. That is what I wish you to include. However, it should make sense with your character, and not be something totally random or awesome, just because you think it’s cool.
    • No one is immortal in this role play. All characters can die, and het mortally wounded. However, I will have to ask you not to kill any characters which don’t belong to you without asking (I’m the only one allowed to do that, because I’m God. I probably won’t, though, considering I’m good incarnate and would never do anything like this without consulting the player first. ;3).
    • If you need help with anything/want to ask about something, don’t hesitate to consult either me or my mods.
    • You must frequently check the information and news and announcements thread.
    • I won’t put a limit on how many characters you may play, but would like to see an equal number of members in each faction.
    • If you are interested in the roles of any of the faction leaders, please PM me about it.
    • Last but not least… have fun and use your imagination! :3
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  2. o w o FIRST POST!~
  3. Can't wait for this.:3
  4. Neither can I. ^^ Still have a few things to do, though. X3
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  5. Go ahead take your time *ahem* its only my curiosity killing me nothing to worry about* -giggle-
  6. whooooo *flailing arms*

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  7. *is soooo interested, and thanks you XD*
    I actually have a character idea from a story I started a while ago. I'm going to draw her XD.
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  8. Nooooot yeeeeeeet! X3 *is working on it like crazy*

    Yay Sinopa! *tackle hugs* XD
  9. *Glomps everybody cause she can* >:DDD

    *Returns to picture hunting.*....I HATE THEM.
  10. [​IMG]
    XD lol
    *is glomped and hate picture hunting as well* XD
  11. ; -; Its horrible right! I cant find any good images for my character...
  12. Iv got plenty of grotesque beasties if I go that route =D
  13. Woot my cs is up! I think anyways. let me know if I need to change anything Gladis. =)
  14. He looks good. ^^
  15. happy days =)
  16. I cant decide what monster to go with xD
  17. I have a similiar problem. X3
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