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  1. Ivy woke up with a small groan as there was a pounding on her door, before she could get a word out a woman dressed in a black dress and white apron comes rushing into her room. "Ivy love, you have to wake up. The mistress is going to be awfully made if you are late for breakfast." The maid rushed, pulling out clothes for the girl to wear and was yanking her out of the bed, to which Ivy lazily got up trying to wake herself up. "She is always mad at me, so me being late to breakfast isn't going to make that much of a differences." she told her. "I know, but let's just make this day as easy as possible." she told her softly. "Alright, alright." Ivy yawned as she got dressed and her hair done for the morning.

    "Don't forget to water my plants, alright?" she asked the maid as walked out of the room and started to head the large stairs case and to the dinning room. The maid looked back into the girls bedroom that was covered in plants. Either potted plants on the floor, on shelves or even some hanging from the ceiling. They covered the girls room, sighing the maid hung her head. "Yes ma'am." she said before going to get the watering can.

    Downstairs Ivy was greeted by a rather plump woman who was already eating. "It's about time." she scolded her. "What kind of lady are you, you should of been up already! You don't keep others waiting." she scolded her. Ivy glanced at her and grinned a bit. "It doesn't seem like you waited too long aunty." Ivy sneered as she took her seat and started to eat as well. "You are just like that damn father of yours, as ugly as him as well. I don't know what my sister thought in marrying him and bringing his demon into the world. Because of it, she is buried six feet in the ground now." the woman spat. All Ivy could do was nod her head, it was the same thing she heard over and over again.

    Her aunty went on and on belittling her, making fun of the way she looked and dressed. It never ended, but Ivy had learned to tune that out. When she was done eating she just got up from the table and took off out of the mansion of a house. It wasn't a place she would ever call home, but it was a start. She didn't live too awfully far from the school, so instead of having someone drive her, she just simply walked to the nearest bus stop and got on.

    Getting a seat near the back, she yawned and tapped her face trying to wake up. Looking to the window, she watched the orange glow of the sky as the sun was coming up more and more. It wouldn't be too long before she reached the school and her day would begin as usual, nothing too exciting ever seemed to happen.
  2. "Hey, freak! You too scared to take me on?! Why's everyone so scared of you when you haven't even laid a finger on them, huh?" There was a good amount of voices roaring through a crowd just within the frontside of the school Kovu attended. Rarely had he attended classes and since he had decided to stop by, he was greeted with a challange right off the bat. A young male with espresso colored hair, casual clothing, and a good amount of pride stood face to face to Kovu. His smirk lay dead on his face and Kovu just glared back, attempting to hold back anything he might've regret doing or saying. Then the words came to push and shove. The male, known as Cody, reached out and shoved Kovu back only a couple steps. This caused the crowd to 'ooo' at the occuring event.

    Kovu's piercing blue eyes flashed a crimson red at this action and he clenched his jaws tightly. Again, he'd hold back. "They don't bother me and they all are scared of me because what I'm about to do to you will certainly show you every reason there is to tell." Cody laughed at this and walked over towards Kovu again but this time, Kovu was the one to take action. He reached out and shoved Cody back. It took no effort at all and Cody was already stumbling back, nearly falling flat upon the ground. The crowd began to debate on who'd win the soon to be fight and of course, Cody was said to lose.

    The two went at it and things moved along pretty quickly. Cody had stood up and attepted to punch Kovu, only to have missed by mere centimeters. That was that. Kovu grabbed the male's shrit collar and threw him to the ground before pinning him there, punching his exposed face with immense force. The crowd began to shout more and more as the events ocurred at a quick rate. The two were so caught up in time that they hadn't even noticed the approaching bus. It was so early in the morning for any teachers to show up and whenever someone had decided anything at all, this fight would continue. Kovu's intentions were to do more than just harm the male. It didn't even look like he was going to stop any time soon.
  3. Ivy had been a bit spaced out as she sat on the bus, it wasn't until it came to a shop stop that she came to again. Shaking her head as she moved and got off the bus with some other people. It wasn't long until one of the younger students came running up to her, an amused look on their fight. "Ivy there is an actual fight going on, come on you are going to miss it!" she yelled at her. Before Ivy could even comprehend what she just said, the girl grabbed her hand and pulled her to the circle that had formed around the two. There was so many people yelling and edging them on it was crazy. The girl had pushed and pulled until they were in the very front.

    When her hand was finally let go, Ivy had watched in horror and then in amusement, but then something snapped and she shook her head. Throwing her bag down on the ground she started to storm into the circle, she had grabbed the back of one of the boys shirts at random, though it just happened to be Kovu. "That is enough!" she yelled at the both of them. "How disrespectful can you little shits be?" she asked as she tried to break up the fight. "This is a place for learning, not some damn arena where you can show off how macho you are!" she told them harshly. "And another thing, it is way too early in the morning to be making such racket you know."

    She wasn't that strong of a girl, so when she had grabbed Kovu it was just like a tug on his shirt more then anything else. "Ah come on stop ruining the fight!" someone called out from in the crowd. 'For real it was just getting good!" yelled another one. "Just let them bet the shit out of each other, some of us have money ridding on who the winner is going to be!"
  4. Hit after hit, Kovu's repetitive attacks kept on going until he had felt a light tug on his shirt. He had expected it to be yet another persong wanting to get in on the fight, so he had stood up without looking and nearly took aim at the girl if he hadn't glimpsed at her. His eyes glared towards her's and he kept eye contact for what seemed to be seconds before Cody staggered up a little, spitting out blood. The two peered at her for a second and Kovu looked back towards the male. "The only one trying to show how strong he is, is that wimp there." That was all he said before walking towards Cody and shoving him back to the ground. Afterwards, he walked away from what had started that morning and the crowd slowly began to dispurse.

    A few guys came around and pulled Cody to his feet. They didn't look towards the girl at all. Exept for a couple who seemed thankfull that the girl had came in to break up the contact between the two. Cody remained bruised and hurt though his pride remained. He looked off towards Kovu and attempted to provoke him yet again. "Why are you walking away, huh? You scared?" The boy's friends attempted to stop him from saying anymore but he continued to push his luck. Kovu had stopped walking and turned around slightly, his eyes glaring at the boy. A few people lingered around and had just hoped that the two would continue their battle.

    It was clear who was going to end up being buried within the ground. "Cody, that's enough." one of the male's said, supporting the boy's weight a little. "You can barely stand." Cody shoved the male away and took a few steps towards Kovu. "You're not going to let a girl stop this, right? Or am I right about what I said? You're just a pathetic freak that's too scared to face someone who's still up and walking!" No one knew when it would end but when there was one left walking, that determined the winner. That is, if no one else had anything to do about this.
  5. Ivy was a little shocked when he had almost hit her, but none the less she held her own ground. She stared him down as he was doing her, her eyes never looking away until he did so. When he pushed Cody back down, she made a 'tch' sound and started to follow him a tiny bit. "None the less, now shoving him back down was really uncalled for her." she told him harshly. But that opinion seemed to change as she heard Cody keeping up his tough guy act. Looking over at him she shook her head a bit. When he started to take steps towards Kovu, she got in between him and placed her hand against his chest to stop him. "No that is enough." she said even harsher.

    She was talking much like a stern parent. "You need to listen to your friend, you are all bloody and bruised. Really it's only something in the morning. It is too early for this. What are you having a tough time at home or something?" she asked. "Maybe you come from a single home and the stress is getting to you, or your mom or dad is being an asshole so you are trying to take that out on someone else. But really that would make you no better then them." she told him. "And you have no right to call anyone pathetic or a freak, from what I saw he is neither of those two things, the only pathetic one I am seeing right now is you."

    "So why don't you go nurse your wounds and just leave him alone, it's not worth it. And from what I am seeing you are going to be the one getting the crap beat out of you. So why don't you save yourself some pride and just stop while you are at it." she said, never budging from her stop. She wasn't about ready to leave, she knew that if the fight continued they would both get into a lot of trouble, and the cops might even be called. Not only that, but it seemed like one would land in the hospital before it really came to an end. Seeing one was more beaten then the other, it was clear just which one would end up there.
  6. Cody's eyes glared towards the girl then Kovu. She did have a point and he'd much rather be stopping any wound that may still be bleeding. One of his friends pulled him along and this time he followed, taking his eyes off of the two. That was that. What was left of the crowd had left and a few of them mumbled in anger due to the abrupt stop. That left Kovu walking away yet again. He put his hands in his pockets and carried on with whatever he was planning on doing. It was as if nothing had happened. He was the type to just forget everything. There was no need to linger on the fact that Cody was trying to start something yet again. He had taken one last look towards the girl before walking across the school campus casually.

    Kovu directed his attention towards the shade of a pine tree that extended over the surrounding school gates. That's where he'd stay until the school bell rang. He sat upon the soft grass and leaned back against the hard metal gate. The thoughts of actually finishing things up with Cody came to mind yet those words that girl had said did make a good point. Many things drifted over to his mind and it seemed endless as a matter of fact. Instead of bothering himself over this, he adjusted his position and laid back upon the grass, staring up at the sky. The sun's rays had touched the top of the pine tree and the sky only held a few clouds here and there. Another rough day at school had already determined his mood towards everyone else here.
  7. She watched him go and started to relax once more. Shaking her head she looked back to Kovu, watching him walk off. She stood there for a couple more minutes before going and picking her bag back up. Grabbing it, she walked into the school and right to her locker. Placing it inside, she looked out one of the windows and sighed. She didn't see anyone going after Kovu to see if he was okay, and it almost made her feel bad that no one did. Without another word she started to take off to where she lost saw him. Outside near he pine trees. She didn't mind that, she did tend to enjoy nature more then anyone else.

    Heading out there she had enjoyed the short walk, and the soft breeze that was going on outside. Spotting him under the tree, she slowly started to approach him. "Hey." she said soften then the first time she had talked to him. "Sorry I kind of yelled at you two, but really fighting is just pointless you know." she said as she sat down beside him. "Are you doing alright?" she asked tilting her head to the side. "I am Ivy by the way, what is your name?" she asked tilting her head to the side.
  8. Kovu had closed his eyes for a while as he layed upon the soft grass with arms crossed behind his head. It wasn't long before he had heard footsteps nearing closer to him. He expected it to be another godforsaken person and he opened his eyes slightly, only to see the girl from earlier. The same girl that had managed to stop the fight between him and Cody. He did not reply to her greeting for numerous amounts of reasons. One, she could've been sent here to just question him, two, this could've been a joke, or three, she merely came here to scold him. The boy just turned his attention back to the sky. Not too long after he thought she'd just leave, she had sat beside him without a care in the world. Then he heard her say her name. This was new.

    "Kovu." he said, peering on over towards her for a moment. Suspicion still lingered within the air as she had asked if he was ok or not. Still, he answered out of courtesy. "I'm fine. Cody's got the aim of a child. There's no need to worry about me." There was a pause, then he seemed to ask something moments later. "What are you doing here? I take it someone had just sent you here." Kovu's tone was more towards the hostile side. This was the usual tone he'd put into use.
  9. "It's nice to meet you Kovu, she said with a small smile, though she was a little taken back by how hostile he was. She simply just shook her head, and never said anything against it, well not yet anyways. "I am glad that you are doing alright then." she said gently. "And really you think someone would just send me out here to check on your lazy butt, and I would come running?" she asked laughing as she sat there. "But no, I came out here on my own free will. I saw everyone take off after Cody, but no one came for you." she explained. Placing her fingers on her chest, she grinned "And out of the kindness of my heart I came to check up on you." she laughed.

    "But really," she started as she placed her hand back down. Soon pulling her legs close to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. "I just came to check up on you. I never really see you at school, so I wasn't sure if you had friends or anything like that." she said looking over at him once again. "Where did you learn to fight like the anyways?" she asked. "That was pretty wild and ruthless, though Cody did deserve it."
  10. The boy scoffed when the girl had mentioned that everyone had gone off after Cody. "That's how everyone is. After he had started the first big fight with me, everyone treats him like he owns this place. There's not much to it." he sighed lightly to himself and softened his voice a little. If she came here on her own, then he'd give her a more suitable attitude. There wasn't any need to be more than rude to her anyway. She seemed different than the rest. He'd give her that. Though he still felt as if it'd be hard to trust someone who'd just come and show nothing but kindness.

    "Well I'm doing alright. And I only learned to fight after I had first gotten jumped as a kid. They all thought I was different around her becuase of my solitude. I was always alone. It's nothing new and nothing too old to know." he chuckled at that single thought. "After they had beated me down, I kept a promise close to my heart. I told myself that everyone would fear me. Everyone would finally leave me at peace. So I got them back. . . Every single one of them. . " he muttered this softly to the girl and slightly glimpsed towards her. His eyes remained a deep blue and he seemed to peer at the girl for quite a while before looking back up towards the sky. "There are reasons as to why I don't come here often. I assume that you haven't heard of the rumers. I'm quite glade about that. Either way, I haven't seen you around here as well."
  11. "I know, it kind of sucks how people react that way. You win, he gets he attention and if you were to lose, he would still get the attention. Life is just unfair that way I guess. But at least you have one person here now, no?" she asked laughing a bit as she sat there. She listened to his story about how he learned to fight and what he had promised to himself, she took it all in a small smile on her face. "That must be awfully lonely huh?" she questioned. "I mean if everyone is so scared of you, you must not go to a lot of parties or hang out with anyone like that. And well I hate to tell you this, but I am not going to leave you be now." she laughed.

    "You need at least one friend in your life, even if you don't want me to be your friend I am going for force my friendship on you." she laughed. "I can understand being alone though." she said more soberly. "It's because of one of my aunt's workers that I don't feel as lonely and I guess she is one of the reason's I am reaching out to you now." she mentioned. "I haven't heard any rumors actually." she told him. "And maybe it's because you are never here is why you haven't seen me." Ivy suggested. "But actually I had to take a while off of school to get adjusted to living with my aunt and everything."
  12. Kovu listened intently to what she had to say and his stared at the sky as he did so. He felt a gentle breeze pass by and after she had finished telling him a bit about herself, he noddded just a little. "So you live with your aunt, huh?" he said, looking at her again. "I wouldn't want to ask you about anything further." If the girl had lived with her aunt, then something must've happened to the girl's parents. That was something personal and he didn't want to get tangled in that stuff. Not here, not now. It wasn't the best of times, anyway. "And I don't need parties to go to. I don't need people to talk to. I don't need other's to hold me back or follow me around. Though if you're going to keep it this way, I wouldn't really mind."

    Kovu was most certainly ok with the girl's company. He had someone to talk to and it was better than talking to his companoin, Odd; his dog. Talking to an animal without getting much of a response was more than boring. He'd thought he would go crazy within a couple of days tops. Shikei sighed lightly to himself and sat up, scratching the back of his head. "Well. . sorry you had to come to school and get greeted with all of this. . mess."
  13. "I do live with her, and if you want to ask me things, it's fine. I don't mind too awfully much. If you ask me something that I don't like I will just tell you to shut up and drop that topic." she laughed as she sat there. "That's fine, I go for a party from time to time to escape the house, but sometimes I am forced to go to one of my aunts party's and they are pretty dull." she laughed.

    She was relaxing and enjoying the breeze, closing her own eyes as her curly hair was pushed back by the wind. "It's so nice out today." she whispered mostly to herself at that moment. "Ah, don't apologies for that." she laughed. "It was rather exciting to come in on, well I mean I was tried when I came here. But I am wide wake now thanks to your guys little stunt." she laughed as she sat there. "I am assuming class is about ready to start any time now though."
  14. He nodded at her response to his apology and soon stood up for a second. "It must be pretty boring heading out to parties here and there. I'm not so fond of them anyway. . what with all the noise and stuff like that." The boy stretched and exhaled lightly, peering towards the area where he and Cody and ruthelessly attacked eachother. He had been provoked, picked on, and pushed into fights in that very spot numerous amounts of times. Sometimes, he just went on with it. Nothing more to it.

    "I'm not attending class." he said coldly. "The first three classes are with that idiot, Cody. The rest are just plain boring. I'd go if I had felt like it but with what happened this morning, I'm not planning on going. I just linger around campus until the day's end. Afterwards, I just head off home." Kovu shoved his hands into his pockets and peered down towards the girl. "I take it you're attending class anyway?" He figured the girl would do so. Why else was she here anyway?
  15. She nodded her head a bit. "It can be awfully boring, even more so when you can't wear what you want to wear." she laughed slightly. When he told her that he wasn't attending any of his classes a frown fell on her face. "Well that is a stupid idea, and yes I am attending my own classes." she said as she started to stand up as well. "Why don't you just come to some of my classes if you don't want to be in class with Cody. I mean you know you are going to fail a lot of classes. Even more so you will never get out of here at that rate, and it will make finding a job ten times as hard." she told him.

    Ivy got lightly brushed off the back of her skirt in case she had any grass on it and fixed her top once again. "Well you know it would be a wise idea to go to class. Even if you don't maybe I will see you after school today or something." she offered with a shrug.
  16. He watched the girl stand up and his thoughts drifted from here to there. " I wouldn't think any of your teachers would even come close to accepting me into your class. We've all got our own mentors. It's best to keep it that way." What with all of this talking, Kovu was up for a sweet treat. It was a habit of his and he'd most likely be seen eating just about anything that perked up his day. Whether or not the girl liked it, he'd want his way as always. If he didn't want to attend class, then he wouldn't go.

    "I don't need a job." Kovu's eyes looked off past the gate and down one of those abandoned streets. Those streets down towards the back of town were avoided at all costs by many different people. Though for him, it was a place he could get his mind off of things. It was what he considered home. "I've got all I need already. I'm not your typical teenage boy, Ivy. Although I'm considering you as another companion of mine, I'll always be alone. .Some things that have been taken from me just can't be returned. I haven't told you my full story and I suspect that you haven't told your's as well." His deep blue eyes peered towards her and he gave her one last smile before begining on his walk. The boy was off in search of both his dog and something sweet to snack on. Whether or not the girl followed, he'd probably be back within time to speak to her again.
  17. She looked at him, taken back with the fact that he told her he didn't need a job. Shaking her head she lightly punched his arm. "None the less it would a nice thing to have you know." she told him. "Well maybe one day you will tell me your story, and I will my own. You are right, I haven't told you a lot of about my past, but it's nothing I am trying to keep a secret you know." she told him. Her eyes had followed to where he looked, a small chill doing down her back seeing the back of town. Parts of her wanted to go there and explore it, but from the rumors she had heard before, it wasn't totally worth it. Then again...maybe it would be one day.

    She was about to tell him something else until the bell started to ring. " careful and I will see you later. No more fights got it!" she asked as she quickly started to run off into the school building. She had ran down the hallway and half across the school as she was making it to her first class of the day. But even as she was running her mind would drift back to Kovu, he was something different, she had yet to meet anyone like him before.
  18. "No promises." Kovu replied, waving as he made his way towards the back school gate. As he approached it, he reached up and pulled himself up, hopping the gate. Alot of kids did this whenever they'd want to skip classes and Kovu had been one of the first couple of people to do it. As he landed briefly on the other side, he began walking again. He took his destination to some place in town. From here, he'd meet up with his companion, Odd. The dog had always managed to snag some sweet treats for him. Although he wasn't around the girl, there were a few questions he'd like to ask. One, he was wondering as to why she was living with her aunt, and two; where were her parents? It was a personal question, yes, and he knew that he'd get a personal question.

    Not long after he had exited the school grounds, he stopped just in front of one of those abandoned streets and whistled lightly. Moments after, a large dog appeared out of a few bushes with what seemed to be a box in its jaws. This one was more towards the independent side and whenever Kovu would call for it, it had always had a treat in its jaws. Kovu crouched down and reached out, grasping the still wrapped candy bar from the dog's mouth. "Nice going. I take it you've had a relaxing morning." he said to the dog. Odd barked in return and panted lightly, swishing his tail back and forth lightly. The boy smiled in returned and stood up, motioning for his companoin to follow. As he walked on, Odd followed closely. The two were already on their way to scare off a few people. Just the usual.
  19. She had got to her class just in time before the bell rang to single other students were late. She sank down into chair. The day went like that as she was just focused on getting her classes done and getting things taken care of. She was actually always happy to be at school, it was so much better then being at her other home. Many people might of been jealous for the fact she was rich, but in all honesty she would trade them that in a heart beat. Even though she got use to the verbal abuse by her aunt, something she said really did bother her and got under her skin. At least school she didn't have to think about that and could just pay attention to something else.

    When school was over she was getting out of her last class and started to head down the hallways to her locker. Gathering her other things up, she started to wander around to see if she could find Kovu again. She had gone back to the pine tree, though it wasn't long that she was slowly starting to approach the back of the city. She stood there looking inside wandering if she should go in there or not. She was scared, but her mind wouldn't stop wandering and soon her mind won as she slowly started to head inside the city.
  20. The two had gone off to scare a few people who had basically looked scareable. Throughout the whole day, that's what they did. After a day of just goofing off, they had returned back to that abandoned street. Odd ran along while Kovu ran on after him. This was one of the only times Kovu could really show his true self without being judged. He had a place in his heart for his companion and there wasn't anything in the world he'd trade it for. Kovu had a smile upon his face and he reached out towards Odd, rough-housing with the dog as always.

    Though in the corner of his eye, it was as if he had caught the silhouette of a figure not too far from where they were. Kovu took a clear look towards the figure and narrowed his eyes slightly. Then he noticed who it was; Ivy. It was that girl from this morning as he had recalled. Odd growled lightly and the boy hushed him before he were able to dash off towards the girl. "Hey, she's a friend of mine." Kovu muttered, standing up. Odd tilted his head and watched as Kovu wandered towards the direction of the girl. "Ivy?" he asked, as he got in range with the girl. "What are you doing over here?" It's been a whlie since he's actually seen a person wander on back here and it was already strange for both Kovu and Odd.
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