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    The Sewers

    Alphonse was comfortably napping in the old, tattered hammock fastened between two minor pipelines. His hammer was leaning against the wall, still sopping wet from the cleaning it had gone through half an hour ago. Since the air in the sewers was bound to be rather moist, and thus it took a long time for things to dry. Either way it was better that it was soaked but clean, rather than the other option where it would still have been soaked, but this time in blood. Next to it Alphonse had placed his sword, which he rarely used in actual combat, but was a trusted practicing companion. His left hand had been wound in bandages, as it had been injured a while ago. Not that Alphonse was particularly in pain or even cared to be more careful than usual because of it, but at least it stopped him from scratching it when it itched so terribly.

    The blonde rat was woken up by the sound of someone opening and shutting the door to their makeshift, one room apartment loudly, while muttering something grumpily under his breath. Groaning softly, Al sat up and rubbed his eyes with his uninjured hand as he glanced around drowsily, trying to locate the source of the muttering.

    Soon the back of a small but lanky old man came into view, a walking stick carved out of bone in one hand and a bottle of plum wine in the other. He didn’t seem to have noticed Alphonse yet. Letting out a slight sigh of relief, the blonde youth dropped down onto the dirty ground as silently as he could, grabbing his hammer on the way as he snuck past the grumpy old man and towards the door-

    “And where do you think where you’re going, Alphonse?!”

    Before Alphonse had any time to react, he could feel the walking cane pressing hard against his neck, the bone feeling cool against his skin. The old main definitely was a lot swifter than he appeared… then again, this was to be expected from most rats- even seniors.

    “I-I…” Alphonse wearily turned around as soon as the old man relaxed his grip of the cane, letting it slide away from the blonde youth’s neck and back onto the floor where it belonged. “I’m sorry, gramps… I was just…” Alphonse truly wasn’t sure what sort of excuse he should try to come up with. His grandfather wasn’t one to buy most crap, and Alphonse had never been a bad liar. The way his grandfather was scrutinizing him as he feebly searched for the right words didn’t exactly make it any easier for Alphonse, and he could feel a bead of sweat forming on his forehead.

    “Well, before you took a nap when you didn’t think I’d notice,” his grandfather said, breaking the sudden silence that had settled across the room, “did you at least finish the tasks I gave you?” as he asked this, he uncorked the wine and took a sip directly from the flask, sitting down on the old (and Alphonse was sure moldy) sofa, one of the few pieces of furniture they owned.

    “I-I-eh…” he didn’t meet his grandfather’s gaze as he spoke, “I need to go do something. See you later gramps!” and with that out of the way, he bolted before his grandfather would manage to get up from the sofa again.

    Alphonse hasty footsteps echoed through the sewers as he ran, trying to get as far away from home as possible. He knew he would have to go home later anyway and take whatever shit his grandfather would give him… but for now he wished to avoid it.

    The blonde rat tripped almost trice (he actually tripped twice, but managed to steady himself in time the third time around) before he reached Gabriel’s living quarters, huffing and panting for air in exhaustion. He knocked on the wooden door with the back of his hand twice, taping his food impatiently as he hoped for his friend to be home.
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    Gabriel fidgeted nervously, crouched down in one of the sewer tunnels and completely hidden from sight unless anyone was deliberately searching. He was positioned not far from the main entrance used by a certain messenger boy and had been there for…well, he wasn't certain how long exactly. But it was probably less than two hours. It had been useless so far anyway. His diligent efforts had been totally unrewarded without even a fleeting glimpse of Shinji gracing his presence, although this wasn't unusual. Regardless of this Gabriel had still made it a part of his daily routine to sit near the entrance -hidden from sight, of course- and wait for at least half an hour, normally longer, to see if there was any news from The Watchers that day.

    He stood, giving a low sigh as he stretched himself out. His limbs felt understandably cramped after crouching motionlessly for so long but it was definitely worth it on the rare occasions this exercise payed off and he actually got to see the object of his affections. The youth didn't quite feel up to referring to Shinji as his 'sweetheart' yet, even inside his own head. That, along with most other terms of endearment, usually required a mutual agreement from the other party and at the very least a knowledge of the other's existence. As far as Gabriel knew neither of these conditions were filled in the relationship between him and the boy. Yet. Gabriel was confident that one day their relationship would develop to that point at some stage even if Shinji didn't even know his name right then. He was almost, almost ready to talk to him, he just needed the perfect excuse. Back home he had actually already filled three notebooks with ideas and plans, only to reject everything he came up with. It had to be an absolutely perfect first meeting! None of his plots had been up to scratch yet though, and all three notebooks had been stuffed into the back of a drawer in his home along with one or two other mementos of the boy he had managed to snatch, such as a feather he had found after tracking the boy's monster form one night…

    Gabriel shook his head quickly. He was letting himself get distracted and this portion of the day's allotted Shinji-Time was over. Now he had to return home to accomplish slightly more mundane things than hiding in a sewer tunnel whilst waiting for his would-be lover. During the walk home he was distracted by thoughts of other cute, feathered beings. Had he remembered to feed Sunny and Kiwi that morning? He was fairly certain he had, he rarely forgets things, but maybe he should take their cage outside for a little bit again because living underground can't be good for them even if-

    As he rounded the corner Gabriel blinked at the sight of Alphonse at his door. "What's going on? Did something happen?" He asked excitedly, noticing his friend's out of breath state. Then he paused, eyes narrowing in thought. "…or did the old man catch you sleeping again and now you need a place to hide?" He sighed, folding his arms and knowing this was far more likely than there being some sort of planned raid or word on recent Ministry activities. Not waiting for his friend's response he shook his head, stepping past him to push open the door to his home and going inside. "Y'know Al, it's probably harder on you to run all the way here each time than it would be to just do as he asked…" ​
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    A spasm travelled through the rigid form of a tense hand, clicking the fingers at the joint with a loud, pained groan. As if bones were scratching painfully upon one another. Eyes that hid a shimmer of something darker remained trained upon the polished white sheets infront of them, causing a grimance to appear upon pinky lips. Only distaste was expressed by the scrunched up features upon the raven haired females face. Groaning the faction leader fell back into the chair with a huff, arms folded upon her torso as she shook her head. Paperwork was far from her friend but she had to keep track of some of the more troublesome monsters.

    Having decided she would attend to the rest at a later date she stood, hands brushing against her latest outfit that consisted of a white shirt, cardigan, black skirt and boots. She actually wore little else than this combination.Her steps were eerily quite as she stepped around the black desk, fingers reaching out before her to grasp the approaching handle to push open the silent door. The ring of her eyes seemed to become hidden within murky blue as her thoughs headed to some of the few watchers she adored. Noelani was a strict woman and few held any place both within her heart or the compact ring of those who constantly gain her concern.

    First she thought over to her lieutenant, the one whose gender often slipped her mind. It was no insult...or it tried not to be but Noelani seemed to just brush it off. Of course she knew how the lieutenant reacted but her mind seemed to disregard her gender. "Don't think I would replace her though..." She whispered with a hushed tone as her steps led her through the infamous watchers tower. Then it came to Shinji, possibly the only one that provoked the softer side to 'Lady death'. Her lips curled to a frown as she thought about that, fingers clenching into a fist as she hurried to the large food hall for the watchers. "Shinji..." she whispered, eyes cast to the ground with possibly guilt. She feared that he recalled his visit years ago to her with his mother where she rejected taking them in...protecting them.

    Having reached the hall she settled her hands upon the wooden oak doors, pressing her weight against them as they swung open with a resounding echo. Eyes settled upon the general of the faction though she only looked back at them with disinterest. With a quick kiss of her teeth she brushed the gazes off as she headed over to the large array of foods where she quickly plucked up a range of cupcakes, stuffing them upon a plate till they seemed to become pryamid before she headed over to a lone table, slumping into a seat where she plucked a cupcake, red velvet with ivory icing upon its top, and removed the paper casing before she took bite. While she was quiet she wished she could finish them all faster before her ever loyal lieutenant appeared to stop her from once again only feasting upon cakes.
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    A chuckle broke the uneartly silence of his current location, sharp teeth being revealed from grinning lips as he kept an eye upon a few of the staff. Now, he can proudly say that he was not supposed to be within a small cafe, drinking espresso with a grin. This was because he was supposed to be sitting obediently within the small room given to him as he would hope he would not be relocated once again to the oh so familiar row of cells. Then again, Cerberus was far from an obedient pup waiting his masters command. "Heh" he couldnt help but snort, amused by the very notion of playing the good guy.Now he was just waiting for someone to report his absense and a fuming Noelani to follow.

    His hand, wrapped around the porcelain cup, brought the hot drink to his lips so the bitter taste assaulted his tongue before vanishing, leaving nothing but a remaining warmth to only add to the drinks addictiveness. Matthew couldnt help bit smirk, head settled in his palm, as he called over a waitress, proceeding to order another cup along with a sandwhich. When she vanished to complete his order the watcher leaned back, staring at the ceiling with boredom. He could easily start a ruckus but agents would be all over him and Noelani would throw a fit. Then again...he didnt care entirely.

    When his food was delievered he murmured a thanks even though he failed to see why when dealing with the irritating human. Grabbing the sandwhich he was quick to tear into it. Even if he despised humans, which he did, he found them useful for a few things such as to supply well devised meals. Other than that they were fodder. When he finished he tossed some cash onto his table before setting out. Though his features momentarily became a scowl when the small chime of the annoying bell rang with his departure. Now on the street, Cerberus began to take a 'merry stroll'...something that had in multiple cases ended with bloodshed and him being chained up. Again.

    How he loved testing peoples limits...
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    I sat at my desk in my room with neat stacks of papers in front of me. I had woken up early to continue working. No rest for the wicked I guess. I pushed back the chair I was in and stood up with a stretch. I grabbed my stomach when it growled, I forgot to have dinner yesterday. I groaned as I left my room barefoot in my black tee shirt and red Capris tied just under my knees. Not really the was the lieutenant should dress, but I didn't feel like dressing up just to go eat.

    I stepped out into the hall and walked down to the door to the mess hall. I quietly opened it and walked in, then started headed towards the food tables where I saw Noelani eating cupcakes, no doubt she was trying to eat them as quick as possible before I could confront her. I rushed over to her and moved the plate of cupcakes to the other side of the table.

    "Captain, you can't eat nothing but cupcakes. It's unhealthy, you'll get fat and then you won't be as effective." I said in a clear voice. If I didn't stop her now she would most likely eat nothing but cakes all day. Seriously, at first glance you would think that she could restrain herself from stuff like this.
    "How will you keep order then?" I added as I made two chicken salads then handed one to her.
    "Here eat this." I stood next to her and began eating.
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    Noelani had started the second cupcake before Makoto arrived, a lush chocolate one with a magnitude of rainbow sprinkles that just grabbed her attention. Though her secret glee vanished when her delicious obsession vanished due to the ever anno- loyal lieutenant. Her orbs, cast in a hue due to the blue ring stared at her comrade before she huffed. The younger was right but it honestly didn't ever seem an issue. "At night I turn to bones then im back to bones just with flesh by day. Ill be Thin the morning again..." She argued though doubted her lieutenant will give up.

    She stared at the healthy dish before her with loathing, a huff passing her lips as she poked at the meal with her fork, as if daring it to continue existing. Unfortunately it failed to burn or vanish. Sighing she stabbed at a piece of chicken, bringing it to her lips as she chewed mindlessly at the item that no where matched her previous snack. "Its easy to keep order, if they break the rules they deserve nothing but execution or imprisonment. They will be an example." She muttered.

    Noelani continued eating the dreaded salad, enjoying the chicken more than the vegetables. Eventually she briefly paused, humming as she turned her gaze to the creature who was mostly likely her closest friend. "Me and you will go above today...make sure no mutts ruin the order..." she told her, having lost the childish voice that demanded the return of her cakes and gained a more serious tone. "have someone tell Shinji im dragging him along too"

    Finishing up the bowl she placed her fork down, her eyes studying the girl before she sighed. "That dog...he is still in his room right?" She asked, referring to Cerberus. Sure, she put guards there but he was a tricky little mutt and she trusted little that chaos maker said.
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    I watched as she picked at her food. She had a point about losing all of that weight it still couldn't be very healthy for her, but I left it alone and continued eating my food, though she wouldn't be getting anymore cupcakes this morning while I was around.

    "Its easy to keep order, if they break the rules they deserve nothing but execution or imprisonment. They will be an example." I glanced over at her.
    "As cruel as always, though I agree completely." I knew that a place without order was chaos, I wasn't as obsessed with it as Noe, but I would do what ever I could to keep it, even if it mean ending some of my comrades, if she ordered for me to do so then I would carry it out without hesitation.

    Just when I was about to take another bit of my salad she glanced over at me. "Me and you will go above today...make sure no muts ruin the order... Have someone tell Shinji I'm dragging him along too" Her voice was serious now, I bowed my head at the orders.

    "Right away, Captain." I answered before take a quick bite as I shuffled over to the trash and threw the remaining away. I walked back to Noe as she sighed. "That dog...he is still in his room right?"

    "I will go check his room right away to make sure. Please excuse me." With that I bowed my head once more the walked away. I saw one of the other watchers throwing away his food so I approached him. "Find Shinji and tell him that the General and I are going above today, he is ordered to accompany us." I ordered.
    "Yes sir!" He ran out of the room to give the orders then I quickly left to make sure Cerberus was in his room, my room was on the way so I rushed in, slipped ob the combat boots that were by the door, the dashed out. I didn't have to go far, for his guards were speeding down the hall I was in. The two stopped in front of me and saluted.

    "Lieutenant! Cerberus escaped again!" One of the said. I closed my eyes as frustration welled up, when I opened them I punched both of them.
    "How on earth do you keep losing him!? Can you two not keep track of one man!? Damn it! Follow me!" I stormed angrily back down the hall. Who knows what trouble that mutt will cause! These idiots can't even watch a single man, I will admit that Cerberus is crafty but two guards, really? They shouldn't have let him out of their sight! I was one person and I was positive he wouldn't escape me!

    I slammed open the doors this time and walked back to Noelani, irritation filled my eyes.
    "Cerberus is gone."
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    "I don't like it..."

    "Well you will just have to deal with it Chad, it is part of being rank 1 after all. "

    "I didn't ask for that either."

    Chad shuffled his hand through some papers at his desk and look onward to the rain sputtered window. Akiela whined behind him as he pushed his doggy dish over to the man, but Chad seemed preoccupied. His dull grey blue eyes were cross as he looked upon his reflection in the window and thought to himself about it all. His hands dug in his pocket and then he brought a zippo to his lips as he took out one of his cigarettes. Akiela whined even louder.

    "What is it?"

    Chad turned and glared at the dog, but it was a short lived hostility. "Oh I guess you are probably pretty hungry huh?" He rubbed at the mess of hair on his hand and then retrieved the dog food. With a toss he threw the whole bag over to his husky and let the dry dog food spill all over the floor. Then he sunk into his office chair and rested his head on the desk. "There ya go, You probably wont whine anymore huh?" That meant their would be silence, and he could enjoy the solace of the battering rain outside.

    A bit of smoke passed his lips and he formed a ring of smoke. Little tricks like that were simple if you smoked this much after all. "Soon Akiela we are going to have another partner living with us.. The Ministry wasn't fond of how I handled the last one, but its a damn dumb requirement for our rank. If I could bud id have you be my hound." Akiela seemed to acknowledge the comment with a raise of his doggy head, but he was just as lazy and soon enough sat himself back to sleep.

    "A new hound, more pets, more creatures that should never exist in this world, and here we are treating them like house pets... it is fucking stupid.." He let his thoughts settle as the final of his cigarette burnt out and then his head hit the wood. Soon enough even the battering of the rain became a decadent thing of the past.​
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    Cassandra's Apartment - Southsage

    It was around twelve, and the sun was standing high on the ciel blue sky, bathing the world beneath it in a warm glow and heat. Being a late summer day in august, the leaves on the trees had already begun changing color, a few of them slowly drifting away from their branches until they softly landed on the ground. The city of Southsage (capital of Triana) was bustling as always around this time of day, cars lining the streets and crowds moving along the sidewalks. As it was Saturday, most people spent their day off shopping, visiting one of the many theaters or café's the city had to offer, or finding another way to enjoy their last days of summer.

    This was not the case for Cassandra Blaire.

    Standing before one of the large windows of her high class apartment with a tea cup in hand, Cassandra silently watched the dynamic world spread out before her. Being by far the most technologically advanced city of Triana, Southsage consisted for the most part of sky scrapers and other, rather large buildings. Nevertheless many of them retrained a certain old fashioned charm, just like the rest of the city.

    Hoot, hoot-hoot~

    Cassandra was pulled from her thoughts as Minerva, Cassandra's pet owl, made her presence known by hooting softly. The blonde aristocrat elegantly swirled around, the faintest of smiles crossing her lips as she stepped over to the table where the owl was seated. "Good midday, my sweetheart..." she said softly, noticing a small note tied to her left talon. After giving the black owl a gentle pat on the head, Cassandra loosened the note, her elegant, slim fingers working swiftly as they undid the knot keeping the piece of paper in place. Once she held it in her hand, she unfolded it, studying the somewhat messy handwriting in distaste for a moment. She recognized it instantly. It was a letter from one of her spies currently residing within the Carnival faction.

    It was nothing more than a weekly report, and after letting her gaze wander over it briefly, she disregarded it as important and walked over to the fire place, without further consideration slipping it into the flames, watching it crumble to ashes with a almost wicked look in her eyes. She held little respect for the Carnival memebers, even if she could tolerate them for their reasonable opinion of humans. Why they chose to openly but indirectly expose themselves, was far beyond her... but at least they didn't cause any trouble. This could not be said for the rats, lead by her hated brother War. In Cassandra's opinion they were the worst, the filthiest and most barbarian creatures on earth. She loathed them with all her heart- even more so than she loathed herself.

    Letting out a disgruntled sigh as these thoughts passed through her mind, she decided that she needed some fresh air. Before that, however, Cassandra had one or two things to settle with her secretary.

    Taking out her phone, she sent a message to Elise asking her to come to the living room, and quickly at that. While she waited for a reply, the blonde young woman grabbed her light summer coat and pulled it on.
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    "They want me, to work with a hound, the very thing I set out to destroy?"

    Brian shuffled through the papers, reading the information on who this hound was. Why it turned back on its kind, after a moment of reading, that wasn't the case. Now he has to deal with a monster, that's much stronger than what the usual hound is. Though its abilities are suppressed, Brian had doubts that it wouldn't last long, specially with the power it's holding back.

    "First week as a first rank, and they give me an extreme hound?"

    He got up from the desk he was sitting on, and threw the papers onto the table. He walked over to the computer screen, and folded his arms across his chest. "Computer, bring up file 223" the screen turned on and quickly brought up numerous pictures and articles. Some titles stating 'bodies found mutilated in city apartments' but each article said the same thing, 'victims suffering claw marks and deep gashes' he silently read the articles. This was a constant thing for Brian, always looking for clues to point him towards the true monster he was looking for. But he didn't have a name, nor did he know what faction he represented. His only guess was the rats. But he could be wrong.

    "Why aren't they sending any agents to stop this..."

    He had to wait for his hound to arrive so they could "get to know each other better" but getting nice with a monster was something Brian wasn't planning. It was going to be martial law for this hound, he didn't care. But all and all, he didn't see this going well for either both of them.

  11. [​IMG]
    "Mr Delini is it?"

    The guard nodded but neither of the two that escorted Neros opted to look into the deep violet of the mans maddening eyes. "Its rude to not look someone in the eyes when you talk to them." he comment as if picking apart their brains in that moment. Each of them held one of the two bars that locked the device that held him captive. It was quite annoying that his arms worked so well in this form, but in the other form they were useless, though Neros had grown accustom to the brutality of mankind when they escorted him, and it was certainly for "good" reason they were so cautious with him in particular.

    When they arrived at the office of his new 'partner" the two minor guards released his shackles and instead stood ready with rifles. Neros couldn't help but shake his head bemused by their performance, but he did as he was suggested and entered the building.

    The elevator ride left his mind wandering. it would figure that this rank one agent would be the the tip top of this sky scraper after all. The two guards moved first and Neros followed when the door opened again and now they stood before a very VERY strange looking human. "And they say I am a monster..." He spat in the direction of what was assumed to be his partner. neros stepped forward despite the two that moved in to stop him. "Well well, I am to assume we are partners now then. So lets make the best of it I guess. I am Neros Dominis... but other names apply perhaps the name Hell Raizer?" He smirked and met the mans steely gaze evenly. it was hard to tell anything about emotion on this one, but he didn't intend to back down, that much was for sure.

    "So anyways bud lets be friends, paint our nails, and play cards like ol chums, and maybe we can catch a big bad ol monster somewhere in between kay?"
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    The ring of the elevator went off, and Brian quickly reacted to shut down the computer "computer, force shut down" he spoke quickly, not wanting to give any clue to the monster of his past. Once the elevator doors opened, Brian turned around to face the three. His arms dropped down to his sides and he stood silently. It seemed that the hound brought a certain kind of tension in the room, seeing how cautious the two guardsmen were acting while in the presence of this monster. Brian relieved the soldiers of their stress by waving them off, without question they headed off to the elevator. Letting the monster, neros dominos, ramble on. But once the elevator doors shut, the machine man laid down authority.

    "I didn't give you permission to talk, did I?"

    Brian wasn't going to let this one walk all over him. He decided if anything was going to be done right, it would be done with strict prejudice. "Just because you are helping me, or the ministry to hunt down more of your kind, doesn't mean you get pampered. You are strictly to obey my word, what I say goes, if you have any issues with that, then I can gladly get you a one way trip to the inside walls of the ministry. Understand?" His voice was cold and demanding, as if the monster was worth less than the dirt under his boots.

    One thing Brian still couldn't get over, is how well these beasts can blend in with society. How blind the people of Tirana can be, how they can let these monsters do what they wish. Brian wanted all of them gone, even the ones who live among society, the so called "neutral ones" in his case, they all turn sour at some point in time. So he'd feel better if they we're all killed. And he wasn't picky on which one goes first. Even the one that stood in his room. But since his higher ups required him to work with one, he had no choice but to listen to their command.

    "You do your job, and we'll just get along fine. Any questions?" ​
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    It was a day as the usual for Juliana who slept in a back room of The Watcher base, she was very shy so people hardly ever saw her mostly because she spent most of her time in the lake outside the building, it was where she preferred to be. When Juliana got up that morning her hair was a mess that she attempted to tame in a mirror by her bed. The only time she didn't wear anything to cover up her scar was when she slept, but she hated the scar it looked like someone had sewn her head back on which wasn't too far from the truth. With a tired sigh she picks up one of the many ribbons by her bed and tied the sparkly bubble covered blue silk ribbon around her neck over the scar. Juliana looked too monster in her day light form to actually really interact with the outside world so she satisfied herself with the lake near by; which is where she would dive and hide at night when she became her fully monster form.

    It doesn't take her very long to get dressed in a dress of purple with sequins sewn into it's front and pull on her silver heels, although she covered up with a thick black cloak that hid her beauty and the fact that she actually liked wearing pretty things, even though she was in the Watchers' main hide out she still hid, because of how much more she looked like a monster. She was always quiet, unless someone made her angry, like Matthew for example, often times when he would disappear Noelani would be angry about it, though she never went to look for him, she couldn't without risking all of the other monsters. Thinking on this apparently conjured the problem because she heard the other Watchers running around and saying that Cerberus was missing, she didn't particularly care she just needed a bit of food. Juliana or Jewel as he preferred to be called by people who knew her wanders into the cafeteria and gives a wave at Noelani there with her scaled hand hidden under her cloak. Everyone in the Watchers knew who walked around with that cloak on all the time, as a peace keeper her first priority was keeping the species hidden. As she obtains some food she sits and eats it quickly listening to the conversations going on around her.

    She finishes fairly quickly and with a slightly polite bow, without saying anything at all she leaves the cafeteria again and goes back to her room where she sits and begins to draw a design on the paper, writing "For Cerberus" above the drawing of the clothing in a style that he liked; of course he never saw the designs, Jewel might have to show him one day but today would be one of those days to avoid Noelani and him; which she was completely fine with.​
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    Ryoku Hajin normally spend his days on a beach ignoring his business cell phone, he was an aristocrat yes but he had left most of the life behind, he was greedy and wanted to live life his own way and so he ran, built, and managed apartments all over by the sea, one of which he lived in, high above the rest who he managed, tailed for rent if they didn't pay up and what have you. Today was one of those rare days when he would spend time going to his old mansion and checking on things there, he wanted to make sure it was running when he found his sister. He didn't even let the word 'if' cross his mind, or else his hatred for The Rats would boil over even when he was a normally calm man. Ryoku wasn't without fighting experience, no he had been trained to defend himself all his life and so if he got in trouble he would defend himself easily.

    He was in his casual attire today, wearing a hat to cover his horns; so long as he didn't smile no one would have any idea what he was and he was walking through the old mansion house. Ryoku didn't mind the house, he was just too easy to pull into all the aristocrat business if he lived here. He smiles as he walks through the building, once making sure it was clear he walks out of the building letting the caretaker alone with a large tip for keeping the house in such good condition. Ryoku sighs a bit as he drives back towards the apartment building he lived in. He would have to do some work today, with a light sigh he picks up his business cell phone and starts calling some of his other apartment buildings to get updates and give them ideas on what to do with the buildings. He didn't know hardly any of the other aristocrats so he had no real reason to interact with them, though of course they had access to his business phone number so if they needed him for something or another they would call him, his skills weren't exactly something that he hid.​
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    @Gladis @Sinopa @Arius LaVari

    Noelani enjoyed the silence after Makoto left to complete orders, her lips still put in a small pout at being called cruel but overall she seemed to settle a little. In fact, Noelani almost smiled but that vanished as she stood up, dishes in hand as she went to put them away to be washed by some off the staff. She would of done some herself but she had a bad feeling clenching her gut, grey orbs narrowed as the traces of blue shimmered out in anger. She could bet that any moment she would get word of what the idiot was doing. Groaning she turned on her heels, posture tense as usual as she only paused to return a small wave to Jewel, another watcher she was personally quite fond off. Specially since the woman easily made clothes that passed her picky demands.

    About to exit the hall, the general froze as she noticed her Lieutenant once more as a scowl brushed her features. So it was true. With a sigh that only barely passed her clenched teeth, fingers clenched harder as nails began to press against the skin of her palm. "I see..." Continuing her walk, knowing Makoto would be followed her steps were echoed with heavy thuds as she took no care to keeping herself regal and presentable, nope, Noelani was pissed beyond compared. Having reached the entrance of the watchers building she turned her gaze to Makoto. "We wait for Shinji then depart." She ordered, her tone clipped as she turned her gaze towards the doors.​
  16. [​IMG]


    Elise was slumped at her desk, half-heartedly stirring a fourth spoonful of sugar into her coffee. Beneath the desk a pair of stockinged feet rested next to, but not actually in, her black kitten heels. The girl had a tendency to take her shoes off at work, when she was just sitting down at least, as it made her more comfortable. The desk, a heavy mahogany structure, reached the floor and thus shielded her feet from the view of any visitors to Cassandra and prevented Elise from embarrassing her boss. At any rate, the shoes were easy enough to simply slip on again quickly if she needed to leave her post for whatever reason. Sighing, she lifted the cup to her mouth and hesitantly took a sip only to grimace at the taste. She set the cup back down, deciding upon two facts as she did so. 1) Regular coffee, unlike frappuccinos, was no good to drink on hot summer days like this even when the summer was drawing to a close, and 2) it was plain and simple too bitter for her and if she added any more sugar to it then she doubted the crystals would even dissolve.

    These were decisions Elise had made numerous times throughout her youth but every now and then she still attempted to drink it to see if her tastes had changed. So far she had remained unsurprised and the offending liquid was gently pushed up into the corner of her desk to remain there, ignored, until it grew cold and was eventually poured out at the end of the day, perhaps after she had taken another curious sip. For the meantime it appeared she would be sticking to slightly sweeter, colder drinks.

    A message from Cassandra distracted Elise from her musings on beverages and the girl quickly slid her feet back into her shoes as she stood. Tucking her hair -today curled into soft waves and half pinned-up into a bun- neatly behind her ear she made her way calmly through to the living room, knocking once on the door before entering. In the past she used to rush through whenever Cassandra had wanted something but soon realised that this was unbecoming and also increased the already high chances of her knocking something over. "What can I help you with, ma'am?" She asked, her voice soft but it's tone lilting, almost like a bird as she folded her hands behind her back. She wasn't too surprised to find her superior presumably on her way out, it was quite common that she would need to leave for some sort of errand or business. On a day when the weather was as fine as this one it wouldn't even be unthinkable for her to even just be going on a walk, although this was unlikely even if her workload was extremely light given how devoted Cassandra was to her job, or so it seemed to Elise. The young girl definitely admired that side of her boss, although sometimes wished she would take the opportunity to enjoy herself a bit more and take as much care of herself as she did her faction.

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  17. Shinji.png

    City of the Watchers
    @Aka~Kitsune @Arius LaVari @Sinopa

    Shinji holed up in his room, fiddling with some sort of electronic or mechanic device, if not his computer was not an usual sight. This particular day he had chosen to skip lunch (also a common occurrence), to play around with the new security system he was going to try and talk Noelani into trying. The ebony haired youth was so focused on taking apart the camera, he just barely noticed the warning message popping up on the screen of his laptop, positioned next to him on his desk. His mismatched eyes flitted from screw driver and camera, setting on the screen. A look of dismay crossed his features, and a deep sigh escaped his lips as he put down the screw driver and stretched.

    "Damn that moron... escaping again. What a nuisance," he cursed, knowing that this meant more tedious work for him. He was glad that at least with the tracking device that had been put on Cerebus, he would be easy enough to find. He just hoped the freak hadn't caused any unnecessary trouble by the time they reached him. Even the more thought left a bitter taste in Shinji's mouth. It wasn't really that he hated the troublemaker or anything, but in times like this he couldn't help but find him utterly annoying.

    Shutting the screen of his laptop, he quickly slipped it into his back which he then threw over his shoulder. "Noelani is probably already waiting for me," he muttered, glancing at the bracelet clock around his wrist. It was around lunch time still, which meant Noelani couldn't be too far from the dining quarters. Without further delay, he grabbed his gun and sword, slipping the former into his pocket and fastening the latter to his belt, as he briskly walked in the direction where he thought/hoped he would find Lady Death- a look of annoyance present on his features.
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  18. [​IMG]

    "I see..."
    I held my hands behind my back as I followed behind Noela. The news had clearly angered her. Cerberus could ruin everything we have been trying to cover up, exposing us monsters could be dangerous for both sides. I quietly sighed, what a nuisance.

    "We wait for Shinji then depart." She said in a stern tone as we stopped at the entrance.
    "Yes ma'am" I stated as I stood beside her, keeping my eyes forward. Shinji should have gotten my message already, if that officer did his job correctly. I never understood why Mathew has to leave and cause so much trouble all the time, it bemuses me even more why Noelani would even make that deal with someone like him. And I'm sure that if he didn't run off all the time he wouldn't be stuck in that cage all of the time. I quietly sighed once more. He makes things harder for everyone, including himself.

    (Sorry it's so short XD)
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  19. [​IMG]

    Her foot was tapping repeatedly against the stone marble floors, the light echo bouncing repeatedly off the walls as she became increasingly agitated, her eyes narrowed till the unearthly hue was the only thing passing from raven lashes. The air around her refused to remain warm, the cold chill brushing harmlessly against his skin as slowly a grumble began to past her lips with each passing moment till she was scowling. "I wonder if I could just kill that wolf...end his usual antics..." She asked herself, tapping her cheek before she groaned. "No, that wouldn't be beneficial.." There was a pause before she looked towards the hallway where Shinji would arrive. "Maybe ditch him on a different general..."

    Her brief musings ended as she turned to Makoto, her head cocked in a manner that suggest she was curious. "What do you think I should do Makoto?" She asked, settling her hands upon the curve of her waist as she waited for an answer, lips pressed into the usual thin, pink line upon pale skin. "It is clear he will not remain here without is also clear that he will escape for his own amusement." Noelani stated, sighing gently. "So what do you think?" It was rare she consulted people but she was bored of Matthew and his antics.

    Noelani paused, turning at the waist when she heard the taps of shoes against the floors, causing her attention to shift to Shinji who was heading their way. A small smile crept onto her lips as her gaze undeniably softened. "Shinji." She greeted, her hands remaining placed upon her hips, her head still held high before she turned to both of them, her expression back to normal. "We'll go to the city, he is probably being his usual irritating self and walking around with a smug grin." That she was going to punch when she found. "We have a while until night. Though if he hides well enough we might not find him before then, if so return here. I don't want either of you caught by agents." ​
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