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  1. A sharply dressed man in relatively bright clothing walks out into the middle of the room carrying and old beat up wooden crate with the red words "Soap Box" scrawled on the side of it. Placing the box upside down upon the ground and stepping up to elevate his view of the current surroundings he allowed a hand to run through his off-white hair. Two assistance, one a rather young red haired women the other a wild eyed scruffy looking gentlemen, seemingly come out of nowhere. Each one seemed to perform mild tasks with quick efficiency such as tucking in the man's shirt, straightening out his tie, buffing his shoes, and yanking what seems like a nose hair which only caused him to flinch and cast an unsavory eye upon his help.

    With flailing arms the man shooed off his nagging followers and in mere wisps of smoke they are gone. "Right then." The voice was crisp and yet a bit of youth could still be caught lingering on the coat tails of his words.

    "Any questions or concerns for one of your new ruling party's front man?" A sharp glimmer sparked in the back of those deep brown eyes he was flashing everyone that paid him heed. Lips curled back as he crossed his arms in front of his chest as if listening to a silent applause that greeted his wit and natural charm.

    "I will make you all my minions at some point or another but please for now except "my" Danny Orthius's friendship for the time being!" As his voice raised his hand quickly jutted out and pointed down at his on lookers, the little old lady and the pigeons she happen to be feeding. A few coo's were easily mistaken as roars of acceptance as Danny made a subtle bow of the head and stepped down of his box.
  2. ....Interesting... You are.... interesting- its making me very curious, really....

    I don't usually post in the welcome threads anymore, buuuut something about your post in my OOC made me deliciously curious.

    Have you been on this site before, Danny?
  3. Tilting his head to the voice of his first true catch Danny spun his attention toward her with a rather brilliant smile. Sitting on his box and pressing his finger tips together as he leaned forward tapping at his chin with the sides of his index fingers.

    "Been, you ask? I've been here for quiet some time actually, in the shadows, behind the walls, even in the elevator of that building." Danny nodded his head to the left but there weren't even structures in that direction.

    "I've know of Iwaku for over a year I just never stepped into the light. Crowds you see. I never did like crowds of more then 20. Also forums were always to slow for me at times. When my muse strikes." Danny's hands part ways and he gets back to his feet.

    "It's something that needs to be expressed rapidly before it is over run by the next one, or the one following that. The workings of," A quick tap on the side of his head and a wild stare as he steps closer. "What goes on in this mind are rather erratic."

    "Though I am pleased I've caught the eye of someone interesting, it only means I have a sound grasp of the gab."
  4. Hi. You sound like fun. Cookie? *extends plate*

    Your profile pic, your "Mad Scientist" title and your status all make me think of the crazy awesome of Doctor Franken Stein... *pokes warily*
  5. There was about half a second between the claps of the girl's hands causing the pidgeons surrounding the old lady to flap their wings and choose for th sky. A sly grin played on her lips when her blood red eyes gazed up at this so called 'Danny'.

    "A truly interesting welcome thread it is.... It is a pleasure to be able to meet you Danny. "
  6. OMG Sinderi!!! I know you!!! you have a chatango!!! :O!!!!
  7. Ohmai, that is very true, totally busted!
  8. Lol You usually go to dub happy. :F I'm huntsman21 :P
  9. [ALIGN=left][​IMG][/ALIGN]With a sharp crook of the head one could swear they heard three sharp clicks as Danny's eyes shifted to the latest arrivals. A bright smile graced both of them as he walked toward the one holding out the plate and retrieving one of the morsels to study it closely.

    "In a way he and I have our similarity's you could say." The cookie same up to his lips yet he paused once more. "And I would be wary of who you go around poking. You might just get poked back." That smile of his didn't fade yet those dark brown eyes of his scanned over her form as he took a violent chomp out of the cookie and stepped around her keeping his eyes on her for a moment longer before addressing the other young lady.

    "No no I'm awe struck myself that my theatrics brought such a response to one such as yourself!" Reaching out to clasp her hand together in his own his body looked rather frail but that firm grip rang out with a warning of false guises.

    "And here I thought I wouldn't get any more attention at this stage after a set amount of time! I greatly appreciative of you both taking the time out to greet me." Releasing the woman's hand Danny back up to be able to keep both lady's in sight. "I do hope we get better acquainted here as time passes."
  10. "I hope so aswell. "
    The grin turned into a smile and her hands fell relaxed besides her body.
  11. A more negative voice declares from the back of the small gathering,
    "Yeah yeah- seen bettah arrivals commin' outta sardine cans, and they're DEAD."
    A sharp featured wolf anthro glares at this man 'Danny' with narrowed hazel eyes. Despite the flashy, rather original introduction he's displayed she appears rather short about it,
    "Nice ta meetcha an' all dat but really- o's gonna letcha get away wid makin' people minions? Not me- dat for damn sure,"
    The little box she sits on scoots against the dusty floor as she lets herself up and dusts her little black jacket off. The furry trim brushes her silvery cheek bones and ruffles her long array of silvery tipped brown fur in a style of human hair. As this little show of gussing up goes about she doesn't take her eyes off the strange man.
    "Watcha problem, eh? Gonna go about inslavin' people. Yo mudda ever hug ya assa child er sumthin'? Ya ever think 'ow people feel bein' minions?" She doesn't seem to want an answer and mills on in her minnow voice, "No ta little pay raise and o' course listenin' t'ya blatherin' 'bout world dominations or toilet clogs. Mah lord, ya think anyone kin stand dat now-a-days? Eh? Well wutcha say t'dat mister man?"
    And she crosses her arms, little black claws on each long silvery finger tapping the loose folds of her jacket.
  12. "No need to put up such an agressive stance y'know. "
    For a moment her red eyes turned at this new person.
    "Let the man have his dreams instead trying to drill him down into the ground...."
  13. "Dreams," the wolf spits between her thin black lips, between the shards of fangs standing between them, "HA! Minions- imprisonment! Tell me, you some lawyer for the mentally deranged or jus' scourgish?"
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  15. Welcome to the Nut house, Danny.
  16. "I am not a lawyer, I'm just a dog who follows her master. "
    The expression in the girl's face darkened for a moment by answering the wolf's maybe sarcastic question. Though she didn't seem to bother it a lot since this new person had caught her attention and she was here for him, not to argue with a wolf.
  17. Without taking another step once he heard the new voice break from the familiars Danny's eyes shot back to the origin. Letting her tangent and accusations unfold it was the "mother" work that finally brought a change to his rather peaceful smiles. It was a brief look and if you hadn't been watching his face at the time it would have easily been missed. The sear hatred that look gave off could have filled a therapists notebook if given the chance.


    Quick to catch himself though his face returned to a subtle smile and allowed the two "lady's" bicker for a bit before a sharp snap of his figures cut through the air and motioned with the same hand to Sinderi to hold off for a moment. Inside his head one of his voices gave a scoff "So it's already begun. They are already claiming to be my followers. This path might be shorter then I had first thought."

    "Well "Fido" I think you aren't entirely clear on the term Minion" ya see." She hadn't given him a name to address her and since she wanted to belittle him calling her the most generic of canine pet names might ruffle her fur a bit. See the term minion was used to imply a person or follower that willingly give their support. Either for a form of payment or because their causes have similar grounds to benefit. What you seem to be describing is slavery, which given your race, you might have a lot of experience in."

    Danny was on the move again making a b-line toward the anthro at a relatively mild pace. As he walked past Sinderi he cast a quick smile to her and out stretched a hand to give her hair a gentle pet through if she allowed his touch, but continued on to his new subject of interest. As soon as his face could no longer be seen by the others a rather ruthless grin crept across his lips.


    "No my mother never hugged me she was a rather vengeful "bitch". She wouldn't hesitate to puncture my eye with a needle in the name of science if given the chance to again, but my cause, the fuel that drives me? Is that what you're asking for? Why you all would become my minions "willingly"?" Danny halted infront of the "women" and leaned in as close to her face as he could and spoke in a hushed tone that only the most keen of ears would be able to pick up.

    "That's a secret."
  18. She stopped talking, her lips back together, maybe she had chosen the wrong words there. However she moved back and raised a hand to stop Danny from touching her head. Her eyes flickered for a moment before she backed away and focussed on the words he spoke, and although her ears were very sensitieve she wasn't able to hear the words clearly. Her red stare went back to the wolf girl to await her responce.
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