Luricshia: Element's Chaos

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    Lurichia is in shambles. The Fallen are gathering their hosts together, whether they realize it or not. The original warriors of Luricshia are on their way to finish what they could not finish before; killing the Poised. Having their blood spill on the same battle grounds as the fallen was the only way their deaths could truly satisfy the warriors.

    The ones who choose to step into Lurichia's broken coliseum are to be prepared for the fight of their lives.

    Unless, of course, the Poised find their significant Fallen. Challenger. Partner. Lover.

    "There is Strength in Beauty."


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    He was thinking about hopping over the rocks, but it really didn't seem like a good idea. It seemed like a horrible thing to do actually.

    Rekki Koda blew an exasperated breath and prepared himself to leap. The ravine was a major rush of flowing water, cascading into sharp boulders and finally ending at a peaceful bend at the corner of the meadow. It was the 'cascading' part that threw him off. He knew he was Poised. That was step one.

    It was how to control the element that confused him.

    Annoyed, he ignored the fact that his element was ravaging against him. Water was water after all.

    "What won't make me better will surely kill me. I don't see how water will make me better, but I can understand how it can kill me." he muttered under his breath. After the statement passed through his lips, he scowled, eyebrows creasing in annoyance. Now he was just being a coward.

  2. Lance.jpg
    Lance sat lazily on the hilt of his sword. The sword, wedged in the tree, held sturdy enough. Besides, Lance was the one who stabbed it inside of the bark. It was going to hold.

    "He's not serious..."he said, peering down to the river where a boy about his age stood. The boy looked as if he were about to leap into the water. That would've been suicide.

    Lance gasped. Suicide!

    Springing from the sword and yanking it out on the way down, he pursued the incredulous boy at the river. Dark thoughts of suicide flowed in unceasingly. Increasing with every step.
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    Copper sat down on a piece of rock that had dislodged it's self from the ill looking wall beside her, scanned the area around her hearing the quick tempo of rushing water from the river up ahead.

    She bit her lip, she'd need to cross that river soon, but maybe she should take of her shoes, the shoes she had on, couldn't give enough grip on the slippery rocks she'd need to leap.

    Now that's done, she stepped forward and watched her steps to the River, as she got close she could see another across the river from her, trying to get this way perhaps?
    Copper walked out from the shade and stood by the water edge, watching him intently, ready, if necessary to help him out from the chaotic water below, because falling in could mean his own death.

  4. Waking up from her nap, Erika stared up at the trees around her. From her pocket, Erika pulled a bright pink lollipop and stuck it into her mouth. The forest was peaceful and there were birds chirping but she felt an uneasy tingling in the pit of her stomach. When Erika sat up, the feeling intensified and she realized that the feeling had to be coming from someone else. Sucking on the lollipop, Erika decided to go looking for whoever it was that she was feeling. It was a nagging sensation, one that she could separate from her own rather boredom but still present to her. She felt worried about something.

    Erika stood and took a few steps toward the left, where the trees got denser but the feeling subsided slightly. Turning around, Erika realized that she was heading toward the river? Perhaps someone was in trouble near the river? As she got closer, Erika could feel two different people, the second one having very different emotions from the first. Annoyed, Erika pushed the others to the back of her mind. When she got around too many people, the feeling got hard to ignore, which is why Erika typically stayed away from places where there were crowds.

    Coming in to view was a woman with bright red hair on one side of the river. Erika strode up towards her, pulling the lollipop lazily out of her mouth to speak. Licking her lips, Erika finally got close enough to see what the woman was looking at; there was a man trying to make his way across the river. It was immediately apparent that the woman was the worried one.

    "The hell is your boyfriend trying to accomplish?"
  5. As he stood gazing out at the water, he began to notice that the tempo slowed down. Not aware if it were him hallucinating, or nature toying with him, he rubbed his eyes. And that's when he saw them.

    Across from the river was a girl with red hair and worried eyes, staring at the place he was. She looked...unnatural standing in at the edge of river. Her body stood at an uneasy angle like she was trying to balance herself in intense heights. That's when she spotted him. Rekki lifted an eyebrow at her, annoyed. The hell is she lookin' at? He knew that she couldn't see him as clearly as he could see her. Squinting his eyes was completely unnecessary. His gift of sight was phenomenal, something that helped him in his travels and trials. This time, it came in handy to gather information.

    Before he could come to the conclusion that the girl was mentally insane, he saw another girl stroll up to her. This one was different. She didn't seem phased about the river or the boy standing poised ready to jump in it either. As a matter of fact, she had a lollipop. A lollipop. Judging by her attire and physical structure she had to be somewhere around his age, maybe older? Yet, there she stood, dragging lazily on a lollipop. The annoyed knocking returned to Rekki's head once more.

    "Can a guy get one piece of priva--" The words were cut abruptly short as a blur of hands, legs and shoulders ransacked him square in the chest. The hit came by complete and utter surprise to Rekki; so surprised that he couldn't even detect the presence of another person! The two of them went crashing into a nearby pact of dirt, rocks, and slightly damp grass. Rekki's shoulder gained a cut from the impact of the ground and the sheer force of the tackle. His eyes couldn't even register who the person was before him. Thankfully, he flipped backwards, launching the idiot off of him, and scrambled up, face white with frustration.

    "What the hell is your problem?" he shouted, still not knowing the identity of his
    mysterious attacker. When his eyes finally focused, the fell on a boy about his height, only with more of a tan then him. He had ruffled golden hair that sprayed in different directions and still maintained the title of being 'neat'. There was an abstract tattoo displayed on his arm, forged of some dark ink. Not quite black but almost there. The boy turned to face Rekki and, to his surprise, he seemed just as pissed as he was.

  6. Copper looked at the her, then the lollipop, she raised her eye brows.
    "He's not my boy friend, i don't even know him, just kinda seems a bit reckless to me..-" she was cut off mid sentence as the rushing of the water seemed to subside.

    Copper shook her head staring at him quizzically when he, himself was thrown backwards by another addition at the scene.

    Copper watched her head tilted to one side as the others hit the ground.
    They all seemed to look around her age, if not a bit older, she smiled as she realized they're all here because of that other guy, worried even.
  7. "I should ask you the same thing. Suicide? For what? You have a lot to live for. You're young, right? Lived a healthy life? So why end it now?" Lance said, cutting his monologue short. The boy was a volcano of anger. Every syllable that left Lance's mouth was just another opportunity to cut him off from his speech. Lance didn't stop, though. He wasn't going to let this guy get away innocently. Lance would gladly show him the error of his ways. By force or just by talking some more.

    The boy didn't answer his question. In fact, he didn't say much of anything. It looked as if her were flexing his hands, ready to strike him straight in the jaw with as much force as he could muster. This tickled Lance's happy place. The guy didn't even see the tackle coming. There was no way he was going to get close enough to get in Lance's personal atmosphere. But why stop there? Let's toy with him.

    "I see you anger quickly when someone gives you advice. Well then. Isn't this exciting." A sneer crept to the end of his mouth. The other boy swung his fist forward, teeth bared. The distance between the two of them was immaculate. Why would he swing from that far a distance? The answer was a wave of salt water crashing into the side of Lance's temple, knocking him right off of his feet and into the earth.


  8. "Well, now there are two of them messing around. They'll probably be all right, you know. You should stop worrying, the others aren't worried at all. The one you were watching, he's just mad." Erika ran her tongue along the outside of the lollipop before sticking it back into her mouth. This little scene was interesting, but there were getting to be an awful lot of people here and Erika was beginning to feel claustrophobic with so many emotions crushing in on her. By telling the girl not to worry, Erika was hoping to at least lessen the burden since the girl's worrying was awfully intense.

    Idly, Erika plopped down on the ground with her legs criss-crossed to watch the pair of boys. "Did you want me to try to make them stop?" she asked the girl, not even looking up at her. Anything to ease the worry. Worrying was heavy on Erika, like a stone in her stomach. For a bit, the boys were just talking to each other and Erika briefly lost interest, instead reveling in the delicious strawberry flavor of the candy that she was sucking on before she realized that she'd been talking to someone and ought to pay attention.

    While everything seemed fun so far, Erika wondered if today was going to be more interesting overall than most of her other days. Looking up once more at the guys, Erika decided it already was and hummed a little, perfectly content.
  9. The impact of the water was more than Rekki expected, but exactly what he needed to shut the boy up. All it took was one swing of his fist, and the water bended to his will, becoming an aquatic fists itself. Water was a lot more forceful than Rekki gave it granted for. Water didn't seem like the strength-dominant element, but it did have it's plus sides. It was a great healer, a relaxer, a thirst quencher, and it made a pretty good fist too.

    Golden (the nickname he fashioned) lay on the ground, completely caught off guard by the sudden attack of rushing water. It didn't phase Rekki too much that he had just revealed himself as a Poised when he relaxed and cracked the knuckles on his right hand. There were only two facts of the matter to him: Either he was going to kill him or he was Poised also. The second thought seemed a lot more logical than the first for obvious reasons. Firstly, the warriors of Luricshia were older than Golden and more stealthy. They would take time observing their enemies, dissecting their powers, and hatching a plan; not tackling them and rambling on about suicide.

    Secondly was the speed Golden traveled in. If Rekki's eyes couldn't catch him from far away, then he must have been moving at a higher speed than natural. Before Rekki could come up with the conclusion that Golden was Poised and challenge him to a battle, he noticed the red haired girl creeping towards them. The knock of annoyance returned in Rekki's mind.

    "You. Go away. This is not a place for girls like you." he said, addressing her but speaking loud enough so that the other female he saw before could understand. Golden, still sprawled on the ground and soaking wet, took a look at the red haired girl also.
  10. Poised huh? This is going to be a tad bit interesting. This water boy appeared annoyed and he took that annoyance out on an innocent girl.
    Lance picked himself off the ground and rubbed a smudge of mud from his cheek.

    "Madam, don't mind this fool here. He's just anxious to see my skills." He said with a cocky air to his voice. The girl looked confused and lost. The water boy, on the other hand, was only getting agitated.

    Lance took the opportunity to check on his wound. The damage was but a bruise but a bruise inflicted by water was an embarrassment.

    "You. Droplets. Let's say we stop this insistent bickering. It's getting us no where. I'm Lance by the way."


  11. Lifting her eyes lazily upward to the water boy's face, Erika smiled sweetly and lifted her hand up to flip him off before placing both hands on the ground to stand up. If he was going to be macho about this whole affair - his emotions made Erika think of him as a little boy even if they were close in age - Erika was not going to sit idly by and let him be a damned misogynist.

    "Don't be irritating" Erika scowled and she jabbed at him, more specifically his eyes, with her finger. FRom so far away, it looked more taunting than damaging but Erika was directing light directly into his eyes, effectively blinding him. "No place for a girl... treating us like we're some kind of meek and servile wench. That's such a stupid and misguided viewpoint" Erika was perfectly loud so that he could hear her, still focusing too much light into his eyes for him to see. She hoped that he stayed relatively still; she didn't want to be responsible for his death if the fool plunged himself into the water.

    "By the way, this forest is my place. Stupid." Erika's sharp temper had flared up and was slowly smoldering out. She was already considering letting him see again and flopped lazily back onto the ground after her spiel was over.
  12. Copper raised her eyebrows.
    "Talking to me, boy?" she sneered and gestured to the forest, carefully though, carefully.
    "This is my place." she said audibly over the river.
    "Who do you think you are, telling me where my place is?" still sneering she shook her head.
    She was about to continue when the girl with the lollipop began her own tirade. Copper sat down and crossed her arms, just in case he was tempted to push her, she wasn't going to be responsible for flame grilling anyone, not even the water thrower... water thrower.
    Copper frowned and re-lived the last five minutes.
    He's Poised..
    Slightly surprised she couldn't help wondering how well he can control his element, she hadn't been able to control it all the time, especially when she's mad, or upset.
    Now the other male was speaking to her, he seemed to be apologizing for the boy whom he just attacked, shrugging Copper nodded at him and continued to watch.
  13. "My name isn't Droplets. It's Rekki Koda."He sneered. The sentence didn't come out too menacing, just annoyed. He was always annoyed. The sun was blaring down on his head, taunting him. The forest never got that hot before and the heat was driving him insane. He had the mind to completely flood the area; and that's when she spoke from afar.

    "By the way, this forest is my place. Stupid."

    The statement caught him off guard. Instead of describing how much of a wench she was, he found himself at a loss for words. The girl, who didn't appear any more younger or older than himself, had completely confronted him verbally, and had no fear or worries about it afterwords. She had said her statement in pride, all the while eating away at the lollipop. Even from this distance Rekki could tell that she wasn't kidding. The girl threw herself back onto the ground, shutting off himself, Lance, and the other on comer.

    "Listen you!" he started, but then the girl with red hair interrupted his sentence, just as fiery as the last.

    "This is my place."

    Rekki felt something strange coming from this one. She was a lot more fiery than the one before. Not in words...but in something else. A droplet of sweat fell lazily on his shoulder, and it wasn't from anxiety. This heat is coming from her, he concluded.

    "Isn't this something." he mumbled, letting his guard down.
  14. Copper looked at him from across the river, still slightly annoyed at the cheek of it all, who cares if he's poised she didn't going around like she owned the place, did she?
    She pondered that for a moment when she saw his lips move, he only mumbled so she couldn't hear him, but something about it made her raise her eyebrows and she huffed in annoyance.
    "It's rude to mumble" she said, loud enough for him to hear, but not to loud that she had to shout, her voice held a sharp note.
  15. "Ah. Seem's you got yourself into a bit of a trouble here." There was a jingle in Lance's laughed. "As amusing as all of this is, I believe that I can't help you here, Koda. Even the smartest of Poised know not to upset the natural order of a female. No need to fret. They will both calm soon enough. When that moment comes, you should depart." It was the best piece of advice Lance could give Rekki Koda.

    The woman with the beautiful red hair was Poised with the element of fire. Lance learned this information from the trees. The moisture from the atmosphere that swept away at the dense bark told him all of the answers. The heat wasn't from the sun. It traveled in waves, much like the water from the rushing ravine in front of them all. The closer he sensed the trees, the more the humidity came from the red-haired girl.

    "Hey, fire bird. I don't mean to be to be rude, but do you mind toning it down slightly? It's getting too hot."he asked.

    Taking his interests in the other girl, he threw a rock that he rolled between his fingers. The thunk sounded off above her head.

    "Join the party, sweetness."
  16. Copper frowned at the statement, not noticing the humidity at all, but now it was mentioned could notice it a little.
    "I'll try." she said, the heat in her voice was less so now and she felt her temper slip away, along with the increasing heat.
    "What are you then?" she asked although glancing at him, and how he held his stance, she'd guess along the lines of Lightning, just a hunch but her hunches were usually correct.
    Copper caught the rock he threw at the other girl and threw it into the water, the rock made a hissing sounds as it collided with the cool water.

  17. At the other boy's words, Erika stood lightly and brushed off her pants. She had already seemingly forgotten her earlier anger, alight with the nearly joyous feeling that the one seemed to be radiating. She honed in on him and basked in his lightheartedness. A broad grin across her face gave Erika a brighter look that paired with her pink lollipop in a more childish light than her temper had done.

    "Water and fire, now that's quite a pair for you, huh?" Erika was now close to the guys, bouncing around them as she examined Rekki from every angle. "Yo water, question. Why are you such a hothead? I thought water was supposed to be all cool and all of that stuff..." she chuckled and sung to herself under her breath. She did not seem to care for his response and moved on to circle around Lance

    "Wonder how we got two poised all in the same area, what a coincidence? Or is that three of you?" Erika turned to Lance, her eyes questioning.
  18. Copper heard Erika's comment and nodded to herself.
    Walking over to her she flicked her hair from her eyes, her hands resting on her hips, she let her weight rest to her left.
    "Maybe even four of us?"
    Copper highly doubted this girl wasn't a Poised, she seemed too radiate light around her, if by the flick of her hand almost...
    "Light." Copper said the word aloud and looked at Erika.
    She dropped her hands and let out a exasperated sight.
    I've gone this long, and now I meet three in one day..
  19. "I'll show you cool.."he snarled under his breath, but thought twice about it. She was right of course. For someone with the element of peace and tranquility, he was easily tempered. All three of them proved that fact.

    Miss Sunshine bounced around. Lance leaned against a tree with a satisfied smirk on his face. And Hot head only took in all of the scenario. Rekki's temper rose and fell in gradual leaps and drops. He was annoyed at the fact that he was suddenly surrounded by three very different but equally annoying people. On the other hand, those people were all Poised. He was positive that Lance had to be Lightening. No one could travel at that high of a speed, except for someone of wind, and one doesn't come across that element often. Hot head was fire. The hair gave it away. And with the attitude the other girl had, he assumed she was Light. Four Poised in one area. Dangerous.

    "This isn't good. We all don't belong here. If we all continue to stay here, they'll find us." He said aloud. The way the sentence left his tongue with a air of worry surprised him. "Not that I care." he added quickly, to compensate for the kindness he had just displayed. His eyes swiveled over to the red head girl and squinted. Interesting.

    "Your name?"

  20. Copper was caught off guard at the actual sincerity of Rekki's words, she gaped at him for a second then scoffed as he ruined it with his next comment.
    Typical she thought, always have to ruin it, but what he said was true, with four of them it wasn't likely to go unnoticed, but they could look after themselves..surely.. her stomach knotted up and then she shook her head erasing all doubts, leaving her free from the worry, that if she lets it will arrive just as quickly as it left.
    She felt someone's eyes on her, feeling uneasy Copper turned to Rekki, seeing him squinting at her.
    She was just about to snap at him, that it was rude to stare like that when he spoke.
    "My names Copper, yours is Rekki I heard you earlier.." she watched him an eyebrow raised.