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The shambles of Luricshia may not hold many voices;
but they do hold many secrets.

The greatest men have fallen here. The most dominant woman have knelt.
And the youngest children were raised by the blood of the fallen.
These children are known as The Poised: The bravest and most skilled children of their time.

But, like Luricshia, everything must fall.

The Poised were scattered, growing up with age, until finally hitting their late teens.
Each of them have embraced the control and constant manipulations of the elements...


All of the elements have chosen their hosts...but at a cost.

The Poised are faced with their own inner trials. The blood of the fallen do not take well with being silenced in the shambles of Luricshia for long.
They have formed themselves into the elements, selecting certain members of the Poised as their hosts.

The main goal of the fallen is complete and utter control.
The dominant women and fallen men all have a past...a love...a history...

...and they are all lodged in the hearts of the children who have grown.

In the darkest of times... is always the thing that relinquishes the heart, free the mind, and tame the beast.

NAME:...your name.
AGE: Something along the lines of 17-23.
APPEARANCE: (Pictures are gladly accepted! :D)
PERSONALITY: How you act and carry yourself around basically.
ELEMENT: Choose from the above!
ALTER ABILITY:OTHER than the manipulation of elements. (Optional)
FALLEN NAME: You have the option of creating the name of the Fallen that resides within you! (Optional)

**ERICKA JUOU= The quick to anger, spirited girl of Light.
**REKKI KODA=The easily annoyed, collected boy of Water.
**COPPER SODUH= The kind hearted, self=spoken girl of Fire.
**LANCE ABEO=The dangerously aware boy of Lightening.

NAME: Erika Juou
AGE: 19

PERSONALITY: Irreverent and spirited, Erika flits from one place to another doing as she pleases. Quick to anger and easily flattered, she usually talks a lot of talk but can be calmed down before she gets into a real fight.
ALTER ABILITY: Erika has an almost sixth sense about how others feel.
View attachment 3642NAME: Rekki Koda

AGE: 20

APPEARANCE: <----(See Image)

PERSONALITY: Annoyed. About everything. All the time. Unless of course you interest him in some way.


ALTER ABILITY: High intensity sight. (Basically seeing things at a farther range than natural)


Can I reserve fire before I post my bio?
Name: Copper Soduh
Appearance:Copper has light red hair that flows down her back in elegant layers, she has deep sea green eyes outlined by a thick layer of black eyelashes that cast slight shadows on her pale cheeks, her petite nose is dotted with light freckles, that give her otherwise hostile expression, the look of innocence.

Personality:Despite her usual sullen, hostile personality she chooses to expose, Copper can be the nicest person you'd know.
If someone need her help in any way, she'd help, as well as she can. Copper isn't afraid of meeting new people but doesn't trust easily, it may take a while for her to return your smile.
She's genuinely a good person an has no tolerance for liars, she thrives off the misery of some and wont feel guilty about speaking harsh truths.
Alter Ability:Manipulation, she has the ability to manipulate others into doing as she wishes.


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Name: Lance Abeo

Age: 20


Personality: Let's see here. I believe the words to best describe him is "on edge." Everything to him is danger danger danger. Even when he's laid back he's on edge. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Alter Ability: The ability to converse with nature.
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NAME: Braeden Erora
AGE: 21
APPEARANCE: Tall and slender, with purposefully wild black hair. He wears a black collared jacket, and all black clothing. His skin is almost a grey color, and his eyes are yellow.
PERSONALITY: Serious, careful, intelligent, reserved, alert, secretive.
ALTER ABILITY: Power sensing
FALLEN NAME: Coming soon.

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Name: Jazmyn "Jazz" Finley

Age: 19

Appearance: View attachment 3748

Personality: Very upbeat. Always like taking the hard way out of situations, just for the fun in the battle. She's never easily angered, but she is not annoying.

Element: Wind

Alter Ability: The ability to predict the future temporarily. The predictions don't last more than three seconds.

Fallen Name: Miasma
Ericka is mine. I like Jazz, Ili. However Ericka is still mine.