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  1. Meryg Dun'Ririmgashba
    Gnoll Male 27 7'3'' 250 pounds

    ● ● ● ● ● It had been quite some time since anything of any particular note had happened. There had been no real raids; there had been no real bloodshed. A merchant caravan here or a lost, map-illiterate bard could scarcely be what the Butcher Prince, Yeenoghu, would see as favorable sacrifices in His illustrious and terrifyingly glorious name. No, something had to give. If not, then, quite certainly, Yeenoghu would see this particular Butcher's Brood, Meryg's own pack, as outcasts. He would see them as gone soft like a pack of the Southern Isles, thinking they had reverted to the worship of older, lesser nature totems. Meryg had decided that he, for he was just as good as anyone else, could go about renewing the favor of Yeenoghu in his own way. He would perform a capture and take on a thrall in the name of the Butcher Prince. He would treat the unfortunate creature with cruelty and violence befitting of Yeenoghu himself, and he would inevitably sacrifice the thrall when he either grew tired of its services, or it simply grew too weak to do his bidding.

    The gnoll, and a small band of like-minded gnoll men, had set out a few days' journey beforehand, heading from their home in the rocky, steppe-like wastes for a more favorable climate. To the near south-east of their own home lay many small spots and splotches of trees and little rivers to which the more adventurous, or stupid, of the civilized races were drawn. They were, for some reason, drawn to the frontier land in search of riches and freedom. Else, some were sent as governors, surely. There would be, Meryg had decided, a good number of bodies from which to choose. Of course, he was not the one running the operation. No, the leadership of the band had fallen upon an older, more dominant male named Thrask; however, he was called Thrask the Throat-Ripper. Meryg had not seen formal battle as Thrask had. He would someday, he told himself as he watched the older male lead the six-man troupe through the trees. ● ● ● ● ●

    [OoC: I just gave a basic surrounding for us to work from. Don't feel obligated to have them live in the woods or otherwise. I can work with whatever you throw my direction. Also, I couldn't come up with a clever title yet; we'll see what we generate as we go.]​
  2. Laraline sat at the family feast as per the customs of her family, she would sit near the head of the table because she was the eldest daughter. The conversations all revolved around the hideous creatures of the world, and the benefit of an annihilation of all whom were not of Elven blood. She picked at her food, bored of all the hatred that ran through the veins of her family. Her eldest brother, Lomielle would try to convince her to eat to no avail. How could she stomach any food in this place? How could any of them even want to feast? The Humans, and other species that have been in contact with her on her outings have all been pleasant, at least to her. She enjoyed leaving compounds, being able to breathe peaceful air and not have to be around such ignorance. The desire to leave began to set in, and against her family wishes, she excused herself from the table. If it was food she needed, she would get it from the Earth.

    Laraline went to her bedchambers, donning her cloak but leaving any weapons behind. She was fast and agile enough to avoid wild beasts. She did not believe that travelers would be near by as the hatred her family has spewed over the lands has caused the area to be void of anyone. Her family had large enough numbers that they were feared, and left to themselves. She did not hate her family but she did not enjoy being around them, either. She took one last look around her room to see if there was anything else she would like to bring but found nothing, and left.

    The sun shone bright, the sky was clear with no clouds and the wooded area was full of song from birds and other animals. Today was a great day to be amidst the trees. Ever so often, she would take time to admire her surroundings. A brook babbled gently, so she decided to rest at the edge, mindlessly watching the water flow. If only life at home could be so serine.
  3. Meryg Dun'Ririmgashba

    Gnoll Male 27 7'3'' 250 pounds

    ● ● ● ● ● The gnolls took no notice of the serenity of the forest. They were not in touch with the world as some races were; their thoughts dwelt and obsessed only on pleasing their demon god, Yeenoghu. They took from the land without giving back, moving on when the soil was used, the trees were felled and the minerals were ravaged. They made their homes on the smoldering remains of frontier towns and on the dead hulls of ruined forts, in the deep, spent wombs of mines and in the open field.

    A scent came upon the wind, and all of the gnoll hunters caught it at once. Their ears perked and more than one of them let out a low snarl.

    She-Elf, Meryg thought to himself. Elf women were fair, but strong. They were usually martially trained, as well, for their kind knew the benefit of being able to use a blade or bow effectively. Still, the scent told him, and the other males, that there was but one lone female to the near east of them. She was, give or take, only a couple hundred feet away now.

    The gnolls began to move more quietly, their minds concentrating now fully on the hunt. Thrask held up his hand, pointing the gnolls into different directions so that they might surround their target. Not knowing if she was armed or not, Thrask gave first pursuit to Meryg. Meryg knew that it was no honor; Thrask saw him as the most expendable of the company.
    ● ● ● ● ●

    [OoC: ]
  4. Laraline was about to stand and move on when she noticed something different in the woods. The sounds changed, and there were added sounds that did not belong. She focused her hearing trying to identify the noises. Whatever they were, it wasn't pleasant. More than one moving through the trees, seeming to be surrounding her?

    She started thinking it was her family to come give her stern speeches of how rude it was of her to walk away during a feast. She smirked a bit, but it did not seem like her family. No, whoever was approaching did not want to be heard. Her family didn't care who was around. Now, she felt foolish for not bringing a weapon. She had to figure out what to do.

    A tall tree with thick leaves stood close by, so she picked up some pebbles before climbing the tree. She concealed herself in the leaves as well as she could, placing her hood over her face. She stayed still, and quiet waiting for whatever was out there to show themselves.
  5. Meryg Dun'Ririmgashba

    Gnoll Male 27 7'3'' 250 pounds

    ● ● ● ● ● Meryg gave the air another sniff. It was heavy with the scent of trees, water and earth, but the scent of the female elf was heavier still than any natural scent. The girl was frightened, and the gnoll grew ever-so excited at the thought of his mark's fear.

    Moving forward step by step, the gnoll made his way to the source of the woman's scent. The other members of the hunting party stood their ground, waiting for Meryg to fail or succeed in the capture. Hunts for Yeenoghu, when there were not many targets, were regimented and taken slowly; however, should this had been, say, a caravan or some other larger group of travelers, the gnolls would have fallen upon them in number. This was only one elfess. She would be easy prey.

    Meryg stopped at the base of a great tree, looking about for a moment before the thought of vertical space crossed his mind. He looked up, smirking.

    "You down, She-Elf," he called half-teasingly into the canopy. "Meryg no hurt her. Meryg people need help. Lost. Far from home," he bluffed, seeing if she was the ignorant, helpful sort. "Come down? Show way?"
    ● ● ● ● ●

    [OoC: She totally doesn't have to fall for the trick, either. I figure she's a lot smarter than that, anyway. xD]​
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  6. Laraline was many things but a fool she was not. She took one of her stones flicking it toward another tree. She was hoping it would catch the Meryg's attention, making him think she was in a different tree. She remained silent to try to sense how many of his friends were with him.
  7. Meryg's ears dished in the direction of the thrown stone. It was a clever attempt, but a poor one; he was not some brainless animal who would follow the most slight of sounds into the forest. He had a mark on his mind, and the very mark he wanted was in the tree he stood beneath. He could smell her. There was no use in her games.

    "I smell you," he said, leaning against the tree and looking up into the canopy with narrowed eyes. "Why does the She-Elf hide? Meryg's caravan is lost. Come down and give directions to road, yes?"
  8. In exasperation, she called down, "No, I will not come down. The road is a league south. Now, leave me be." There were too many of them to take on or even run. If she kept to the trees there may yet be a chance. She jumped from one branch to another, tree to tree.
  9. [OoC: I know we just really got started, but I'm not entirely certain if I'm feeling our roleplay here anymore. I think I'm going to pull the plug on it before we go any farther with it, unfortunately. :c I hope you're not angry.]
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