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  1. A dark grey wolf moved quietly through the emerald topography. Her storm blue eyes gazing out into the misted darkness of the night time world. Her eyes raised to the full moon, her body seemed to quake for a moment as if her soul was being overcome by some unknown force. Her body son stilled, and her maw parted, letting out a lone howl, full and bellowing, into the night. As the call dwindled, her eyes closed for a moment before opening once again. Though not was odd that she was alone, there was something odder about her yet. A turquoise marking around her eye was noticeable as well as large ,soon colored wings attached to her body. This was Rhiannon, alpha of the wolves of Lunasmera. Lunasmera was fabled to be home to legendary wolves, of great power and ability. This is mainly why humans never ventured in, and those who did refused to speak of what they saw. Rhiannon, was a legend in and of herself. She was the leader of her pack in a time of great plenty, of great success. It was mainly due to her that this was so. There were things that still needed to be done, but she had come very far from where she had been.

    The dark grey femme continued forward stopping at a midnight blue pool of water that reflected the moon. She lowered her cranium, allowing herself to lap at the water quietly. Her den was nearby to the water, a large willow tree whose roots she had dug under and made a warm, cozy den. Her pack mates had made similar arrangements under other trees or shrubs wherever they could find. She had chosen this area specifically for safety reasons. It was far enough into the woods that nobody would stumble across them, it had a water source, and a hunting grounds was nearby.

    Rhiannon looked around as she padded towards her den, making sure all was safe. She sat down outside her den, her eyes fixed on the distance. Her fellow lupine were all sleeping, and she could hear their steady, peaceful breathing. It put her at peace to know that they were all content. Her ears flicked forward at the sound of crickets in the night. It was getting warmer out. And, it was getting closer to the time when a sacrifice must be chosen. She frowned, it would be a hard decision. To take away a young life was difficult, but it needed to be done for the better of the entire pack.
  2. Kern woke with a jolt, long deep huffs of air escaping his lungs as he tried to regain his calm controlled usual manner. Not a night had passed without the haunting nightmares of his past, he longed for his mind and heart to finally be rid of this torment. It was an impossible feat, so he instead focused on his duties in the pack, protecting his family and keeping them fed. It was all he needed to do to feel fulfilled.

    With a loud yawn he stood, shaking off the last remnants of another restless sleep. His gleaming eyes focused on his surroundings, most other wolves still seemed to be sleeping, though of course one was up watching.

    He slowly approached the alphess, giving her a light nod as he let himself drop onto the ground a bit off to her side. It was a routine he had developed after waking up, since Rhiannon usually kept guard when the rest of the pack rested.
  3. Her ever watchful eyes acknowledged Kern with a warm gaze and a welcoming nod. "You are like I am. Not afraid of the darkness. Only worried about what it holds for us. Am I wrong?" She asked quietly, not wanting to wake the others. Her storm blue eyes focused in now on Kern. "I only speak because you are up before the others, and you always come sit with me a few hours before dawn." She said, a small smile crossing her features. "It is nice to have company when on watch. The paranoia dims quite a bit and you are able to enjoy the peace that the night can bring." She said calmly. As she spoke, it sounded old and wise, despite her young age. It was true, her one power was wisdom, which caused her to always speak like this. Not that she minded, she quite liked the way she sounded when she spoke.
  4. Kirou wasn't a sound sleeper but even when someone woke him up he wouldn't let them notice, in fact every morning he woke up to the slight sound of talking or something even the rustling of another wolf that, for what ever reason, was up and about. Instead he just lay their, with his eyes closed and his breathing steady waiting for sleep to take him once again. It wasn't that he liked to sleep, it always was filled with his brother and sister... when he woke up he was always depressed but once again he was always smiling and wagging his tail, just to make others feel happiness. He didn't want anyone to know about what happened or even bother those who did about it. What had happened was in the past and he would leave it there... for everyone else.

    Kirou, for whatever reason couldn't fall back asleep so he just rolled over slightly and looked out of his Den to see Kern and Rhiannon who always woke him up in the morning. It wasn't their fault, he made himself sleep lightly in order to wake himself from the occasional nightmare that liked to haunt him. He could never talk to them about his brother and sister, not now at least. Instead of walking over to them however he just let his head rest on his forepaws and watched as they talked.