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  1. Lunasmera, a world of fantasy. Inhabited by wolves of fable. Some are said possess unknown power, even reported to have wings. But, those are just legends. Aren't they?

    Not exactly. Some of these are true. The wolves of Lunasmera do possess certain powers. For their dedicated worship to their dirty, Luna, the moon goddess has granted them with great power. Provided, the wolves must continue to pay homage with sacrifices and annual worship.

    The terms are this. On the longest night of the year, one wolf, a female, under the age of a year, must be given up to Luna, and become on of the Daughters of the Moon. In return, the wolves of Lunasmera, may continue to live in peace and have the powers they are granted. If they should fail to make the sacrifice, then they will be wiped out with all the force of the world.

    Foresight - The ability to see certain events in the future. This ability is not controllable, and cannot be called upon. It usually only happens before great danger is about to happen.

    Wisdom - The ability of knowledge and good advice. This ability grants one with good advice and good descisions.

    Strength - The ability of great strength.

    Spirituality - The ability to speak to Luna, the moon goddess. This is a gift only granted to anAlpha.

    Flight - A rare power that can only be inherited if both parents possess this gene. This wolves are granted with glorious wings.

    Heal - The power to heal most any wound and a natural knowledge of herbs and medicines to help with illness and the few wounds that the power can't heal.


    Alpha - A position shared by a mated pair who run the entirety of the pack. Granted with three abilities.
    Beta - A position shared by a mated pair who assist the alphas in running the pack. Granted with two abilities.
    Delta - A position shared by a mated pair who oversee and organize the daily activities of the pack. Granted with two abilities.

    Healers -Wolves who possess the ability to heal.

    Hunters - Wolves who possess the ability of strength.

    Scouts - Wolves who possess the power of flight.

    Advisors - Wolves who possess the ability of wisdom or foresight.

    Den Mothers - Female wolves who are pregnant or have recently had pups.

    Trainees - Young wolves who's powers have come in, and they are learning how to control them.

    Pups - Newborns, or young wolves who's powers have not come in yet.

    Elders - Older wolves who no longer can preform the daily activities of pack life. They are highly respected by all in the pack because they are granted with the gift of Wisdom when they become Elders.

    1. Please be respectful to all members.
    2. You may only possess one power.
    3. Up to 3 pups per litter, and you must find a role player for each.
    4. Up to three characters per role player.
    5. Follow the basic idea of the role play, ddon't make up your own information about the pack. Follow what is already written.
    6. No 'perfect' characters. Give your character a realistic personality.

    Joining Format -
    Bio (Fur color, eye color, personality, gender, ect)
    Position ( Either Healer, Hunter, Scout, Advisor, Den Mother, Pup, Elder) - No trainees until we have enough members to actually train them. Higher positions, like Alpha, Beta, Delta must be appointed.
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  2. Name - Rhiannon
    A dark grey wolf with storm blue eyes. She has a strange bright blue marking around her eye, as was granted with her gift of Spirituality. She is devout in the ways of Lunasmera, and is a dedicated follower of the moon goddess Luna. As Alpha, she finds it her responsibility to guide her pack to the best of her abilities. She can be strict and demanding, expecting the best of every member of the pack. Rhiannon was born into the role of leadership, both of her parents having been alphas before her. She has high belief in morality, loyalty, and respect and expects it from others as well as herself. She does not tolerate disobedience and during her era, her word will be law. Rhiannon is not one to be messed with, and messing with her can lead to your utter destruction.
    Alpha Female
    Powers - Spritiuality, Wisdom, Flight
  3. How would the three upper positions be imported? In game or before?
  4. Probably during, just based on activity and level of skill in role play, I might have a try out actually, and just appoint based on a skilled role player who has an active history. I'll probably decide within the week though.
  5. So in the meantime, just choose the other positions open then for the signup?
  6. Name: Kern

    Bio: Kern is a large black male wolf with bright yellow eyes. When he was still a young cub his pack was attacked and wiped out, he had barely escaped, a ripped ear and a large scar across his muzzle are a constant grim reminder to the family he lost. After some days of wandering another pack found the little black mess of fur, almost starved to death. They took him in, and he vowed he would always protect them, becoming one of their greatest hunters through years of hard training.

    He is very loyal, not afraid to protect what he has learned to love. His heart is strong and brave, yet he is very quiet and tends to watch from the shadows. He is still haunted by nightmares from when his former pack was attacked.

    Position: Hunter

    Power: Strength

    Hope this is ok! Let me know if I need to change or add anything.
  7. Name: Kirou (Meaning valuable son)
    Bio: He has whight fur and is on the smaller side, clearly he isn't good for fighting. He is also very unsure of himself and easily startled though he tries to smile all the time. The reason he is so unsure about everything is because when he was little he snuck out of the den from the den mothers with his siblings. He followed his brother who was alwasy talked highly of. Some even said he was going to be the next Alpha, but while they were exploring both his brother and sister fell into a ditch. He tried to pull them out, he tried to call for help but it was no use so he ran off back to the pack. By the time he had gotten help and returned they were no where to be found. Now he blames himself for not being good enough to save them and because of all the dispare he feels he forces himself to smile, so that others might not feel what he has.
    Position: Healer
    Power: Healing
  8. Both are good to go!