Lunacy: The Age of Silver

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  1. Everyone knows the tales of the creatures of the night: Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, Goldnight Angels, Moon Spirits, etc. At one point they ruled over the world, as the Gods had not yet appointed Humans as the reigning mortal species. During the day when Apollo's Chariot shone bright in the sky, Werewolves and Vampires looked human, Demons hid in shadows, and Moon Spirits fled from the blinding rays. However, when Artemis rode after her brother as darkness fell on the world, The moon shone, illuminating the world in the stead of her brother. In this land, when the world was still fairly young and Humans had not taken control, There was a time known as The Age of Silver. During this time, Apollo's chariot had broken, so Artemis took the task of watching the world. As the denizens of the night ran rampant, the Humans cried insanity and tried to believe it was just a dream, just a horrible, horrible dream...

    They were wrong.

    This is a tale of The Age of Silver.

    ((Rules: Characters can be either Werewolf, Vampire, Human, Demon, Angel, or Moon spirit. You can control multiple characters if you wish, but make sure to keep track of them and not get them mixed up. Spelling and Grammar are highly appreciated, but if you are using shitware and cannot do that, it is excusable. Anything explicit has to be moved to One[x]One or Mature sections, or personal messaging. I'd rather not have this thread closed by Mods. No guns, as they haven't been invented, but crossbows have. Magic is allowed. If you have any questions on the lore, PM me and I'll inform you if I've already said it, or I'll add something in a post if not. Werewolves live in Packs, Vampires in Clans, the rest independently, or in groups or something. If you want to create a new Pack/Clan, go ahead. Or join an existing one someone has already created.))
  2. "It would be an interesting sight to see your brother on your chariot," he joked, "What would they think of him?"

    She listened to him laugh as she tethered her chariot to the trees; "Orion, such jests won't get you anywhere but in my brother's list of people to smite,"

    Orion turned to look at her with a cheeky smile, "Doesn't he only smite when the sun is out?"

    The statement irked her slightly; while it is true that Apollo's chariot was broken and that she had to take his place, the thought of her proud and mighty brother not being able to attend to his duties saddened her. It was not just that, having the moon out for too long might cause some unwanted incidents among the humans.

    She cared not for the humans, lest they prove to be a hunter worthy of a challenge. But every god knew of the Balance; should any being break that rule, a severe punishment awaits. As such, the balance of the land, terra firma, stood on a fine thin line with her replacing her brother's duty.

    Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

    "I apologise, Artemis," said Orion, "I know you care for your brother deeply,"

    Orion, you sweet thing. "Thank you," she picked up her bow and quiver of arrows from the chariot, "But let us not allow the night to waste away." She may be somewhat bothered by her brother's situation, but she was still the Goddess of the Moon and Hunt; the desire to hunt was strong in her.

    He chuckled, "Waste away? You're queen of the night now, Misia!"

    Artemis blinked; queen of the night, eh? That's a first. "Indeed I am," she smiled, turning to view the vast forest before them, "It will be a good night,"

    "Is that so?" Orion stepped to her side, his hand ready to snatch an arrow from his quiver, "How many do you reckon we'd get tonight, my queen?"

    She smirked, "It's a race,"

    "I like the sound of that,"

    There was a gentle breeze that blew towards them, like the calm before the storm; it seemed to sense their anticipation for the hunt. The moment it relaxed, the two sprinted into the forest.

    The hunt begins.
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  3. a moon sprite leasons to the wind for it tell you what life has in store for you' Yui remabers the words of her friend Rie. she didnt mind the world she didnt mind this at all the trees dancing with the wind and the water slinet as it was before. but she knew something was going to happen today. she knew Apollo brock his carge and now his sister watch them. she sighs as her feet plays in the water. she lives in the forest. near the lake of tears, well thats what the humens called it. her long very long (it toch the ground) white hair it blows with the wind. she looks up to the moon with her Night sky blue eyes and sings a song of it (in the moon light look it up). she wanted to meet the sister pf Apollo but she wound have anything to her becuse she didnt know what to say mostly.
  4. Teris runs around and to the other side of the woods and ti the edge of a waterfall. She looks back to make sure her clan is following close behind. "Come on slow pokes! No time to lose!" She was testing their speed and it wasn't going so well. She sighs and watches the woods to see if any of part of her clan would at least come out soon.
  5. Larka watches the moon sprite in her wolf form. She takes a few steps forward snarling. "Look what we have here." As she says this her pack emerges from the shadows of the forest. " Now what is a harmless little moon sprite doing all alone? Isn't that dangerous? There's creatures that would love to kill you." Glinda runs out of the woods and to her clan leader, Teris. "Wow your super fast Teris. Are you trying to kill us?" She sits down and relaxes, catching her breath.
  6. Atreus stood on the rock jutting out of the face of the mountain. He looked down at his pack, who were playing in the field below. He gazed back up at the shining chariot of the goddess Artemis, the one who brought this blessed night. He leapt down from his place and began to walk towards the woodlands. He strolled over to a small lake and took a drink. He heard a voice calling out to someone else. In the distance, by the waterfall, there stood another Alpha of a different clan. He watched as she waited for the rest of her pack to catch up to her.
  7. Yui jumped into the water to get away from tham. she saim away to the other side osee another wolf. and she gasps. "dont hurt me please" she pleated as she watched him closly "help me dont hurt me" she said even solfly to him hoping oy he would hear but then heard one of the wlfs howl she got out o the water and hide
  8. Atreus glances down at the sprite, looking at her, puzzled. "Why... would I eat you, when there are perfectly tasty Imps I could eat instead?" He sat, and looked at the moon sprite for a time, studying her. "I'm Atreus, Alpha of Shadow Pack. Who are you, little one?" He leaned towards her, awaiting her reply.
  9. Teris looks down and sees two wolf packs just as her clan emerges from the forest."Wolves. Two packs. One alpha female and another alpha male. Wonderful."
  10. Before the nymph could answer, he looked up, and saw a Vampire. Friggin' blood suckers. They were one of the few peoples he didn't like, just because they always took the Humans he was planning on taking. He only took a Human as prey on rare occasion, and every time he did, it seemed a Vampire had gotten there first. "Hold that thought." He ran off back the way he came he had to alert some of his Pack that there may be trouble. Just as a precaution...
  11. The moon sprit hid in a tree waiting to see if he would come back. she sofly sings to herself a lallbay she sang and sang hoping she would be heard and maybe saved. she knew a vampir was around and wolfs hat was next humans no demon or the worst thing of life Angels. she hated angels. she staarted to cry

    (it only a fary teil the lalluby)
  12. Teris jumps down off the cliff and into the water below. She slowly walks out of the water. "What do we have here. Two alpha wolves and their packs. Pathetic."
  13. Atreus shifted form complete wolf to the fabled wolf-man form from the countless stories. He walks over to the vampire now standing in the shallow water. "What do you want, Bat, come to lead you Clan to an unsuspecting herd of Deer? You know these woods belong to the Wolf Packs, so were I you, I would be wise of my words." He stood at the edge of the water, waiting for the Vampire to respond.
  14. The moon spirt scaremed a little then coverd her mouth "shut up Yui" he told herself in her head. and as so she watched it unravele
  15. Teris laughs. "Why does it matter where we settle? Are we going to ruin your stupid ego or something?" Her clan laughs from above.
  16. That pissed Yui She jumped out of the tree and walke outofbthe shadows "first of this it my settlment so go some where easles to fuck yourself withs and sleep seavondly im not happy at the moment that people can just wa tey on the place now" she smiled "GET LOST YOU FUCKED UP VAMPS" after h was done she regeated it and srarted to back up
  17. Atreus scowled at the Vampire. "It doesn't matter to me, as long as it is not in my territory. Don't you have some Cattle to drain, you stuck-up blood sucker?" He barked in the direction of his Pack, and several other werewolves emerge from the trees. "Or would you prefer a nice salad, perhaps with garlic, and a nice glass of Holy Water. Hm? Or can your weak constitution not handle such items?" He smirked at the Vampire, well aware that garlic and Holy Water both can be deadly for the Vampire's kind. "I happen to have some on me, if you want."
  18. Larka stands next to the other alpha. "Yes. That would be nice. Wouldn't it? Your the ones with the egos. Taking what you want and kill anything in your path." Glinda jumps down and stands next to her leader. "Some of us have sympathy for others so you have no right to speak!"
  19. Yui was evern more scared and hide behing the wolf. one he said he wuldnt eat her and two he perblub was better at fighting then her
  20. Atreus snorts, slightly offended. "We take what we want? Says the Regal snoots who used to lock themselves away in giant castles, hoarding Hades knows what like dragons in a cave. And sympathy? I've watched your kind mercilessly slaughter a man and a woman in front of their children, and then kill the children! The worst I have done is a random beggar, starving half to death and contemplating suicide. If anything, I helped him. We kill for food, not fun. We hunt out of necessity, not sport."