Luna is looking for partners! (throw ideas at me)

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  1. Hello and before i get into too much detail I will say that I really only do female characters I cannot do males in romantic situations or as my main character. So I am seeking someone who can play male. of course there can be side characters
    so that aside I am looking for any style rp excluding fandom. I have a range of characters from a belly dancer succubus to a kitsune assassin to a normal human.
    now smut wise, i can do it. I have kinks but i am not into: rape, bathroom stuff, heavy BDSM, full on furry stuff (i can do animals that turn into humans but, have some animal features like a tail or ears but not full on furry), gore, and incest.

    i have some characters and a few vague plot ideas but, i would love a partner to bounce ideas around with. If you have any questions ask or pm me!
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  2. I'm willing to create an idea with you :P
  3. Ditto. Hopefully either heavy on fantasy or cyberpunk. Or both if you dig shadowrun
  4. ...Belly dancer succubus


  5. Interested if you're still looking for a partner
  6. Shoot me a pm if you are still intreasted
  7. She is my pride and joy character wise. I have developed her over a three year period
    as well as her daughter
  8. I am now that I have reigned in some of the chaos that is my life. shoot me a pm if still intreasted
  9. I'm interested
    I'll be PMing you soon
  10. Are you still looking?
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