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  1. The human princess was in her room after a maid told her that her parents want her to come down so they can introduce her to the prince of the vampires. She hated the vampires, and she knew that her family had rare blood type, but still. She fixed her corset dress before she walked down the stairs, she had a cute cross necklace, and she had curly hair. She walked over to him. She didn't know what to do. She came to the living room where she saw him, she looked down, " hello" She said softly. She hated this.
  2. Raphael stood with a raised brow. The kingdoms depended on each other. The humans knew the vampires were far better warriors than those of just flesh and blood and could protect their lands from many invading things. As for the vampires... they needed their share of blood and what better than a human. So frail they were... it was saddening to Raphael really. He saw with which disdain she looked at him for merely a fraction of a second wanting to look away instantly. His nose caught her scent and he had to close his eyes. How sweet he thought. He bowed before her at the waist. Vampire or not, he was a royal as was she and he had manners.
  3. Sophia just hated them, taking some of the humans for blood, but she didn't know what their plan was. She looked over at the male, she curtseyed and smiled she nodded. She said, " So you are the vampire prince?" She paused, she wasn't impressed. She then said, " Father, mother i am going to the kitchen now" She blinked. She didn't want to be in the same room as them vampires. She ran a hand through her hair as she thought. She looked back over at him. She needed to get him.. away from here, she didn't trust him at all.
  4. Raphael watched after her as she left the room. The scent lingered long enough for him to register in his mind. She was the one. She must be the sweetest of all the humans. He wanted her for his own. He had taken women before for their sweet tastes and once they had served their purpose he had thrown them to his servants. By all means they were not starved. It wasn't too large a clan and those that did not hunt humans hunted their prey in the woods. It was only a select few that enjoyed a human or two during the month. A single feeding could last a vampire two weeks or more. The prince liked indulging a bit more. He looked at her parents and raised a brow. "I take it she doesn't like my kind." he smiled his fangs slightly exposed.
  5. Sophia had some maid make her a smoothie. She hated the vampires. She frowned and waited, she was getting tired. She went back up to her room, she didn't want to talk to the vampires. They all were mean. Her parents sighed and her mother said, " Well she just.. exactly not like your kind at all. She wishes... some things to happen, which we are glad that it don't happpen. " She smiled lightly, but seeing the fangs, she was slightly scared of the vampires. The father yawned, seeing how late it was getting, " Hey, Raphael, I think you should head home, its late and we need our sleep. "
  6. The prince bowed his eyes ever glimmering. As he turned to leave his dark coat floated steadily behind him. He passed through the doors the scent almost a visible map to where she lay upstairs. He could hear her heart beating and her steady breathing from where he stood. A maid turned and saw him letting out a small whimper. "Hush now... it's not you I want." he said with a soft voice. She shied into the wall with eyes closed shut as he left, the door hanging open. He took a steady pace till he reached the mansion. His home was dark and baroque. The gates opened for him and he watched a small little vampiress play beside a tree. "Darling, it's getting late. Run on home to your mum, you don't know what lingers in the dark." she smiled her small fangs exposed. She picked up her small doll and skipped along a soft lullaby filling the void of the woods. Once inside he sat in his throne room.

    "What have you spoken with the humans about?" his mother Elvira asked. She was tall and beautiful and although pushing two hundred and sixty to the humans she didn't look a day over forty. "Mother, I merely went to meet the princess." "What for Raphael. Do not anger the humans. We do not want a war." "Where is father?" "Out. He's hunting." Raphael's smile grew dark. She sighed watching as her son lept from the window in search of his father, and his next meal.
  7. ( want to skip to where she is kidnapped?)
  8. Sophia was in her room, and that was when she opened her eyes to use the restroom, but seeing a group of vampires she was about to scream, but she was grabbed, and they disappeared. She looked around, she didn'tk now what to do. she looked around trying to scream but she couldn't she suddenly seen that they were in a different place, she looked around, it was the vampires place. she whimpered. the vampires said, " we got her." She looked around, " I need to go home!!! "
  9. Raphael entered the foyer to his personal home off the main mansion. He could smell her from a mile away now. He smiled deep and dark like as he sent his servants off with a glare. "Sophia. Welcome to my home." he smiled. "Get comfortable darling, you may as well call it your own now."
  10. Sophia blinked a few times, she stood up and tilted her head, " No I shall not, I will not live with you monsters!' She frowned, she hated this. The vampires snicker, before Sophia glared at them when they were sent off. She bit her lower lip and thought. She hiccuped before she looked around.
  11. Raphael lurked near her. His cold solid frame inches from hers. "You call us monsters. At least my kind doesn't rape children and murder for the fun of it. We kill to eat as do your filthy kind. You have no idea what a monster is. Test me young princess and I will show you." He walked around her towards a door. "Come..." he said wanting to show her where she would be staying.
  12. Sophia sighed softly, " Well at least my kind doesn't kidnap people." She frowned a little. She tilted her head and shook her head and said " I do and I am looking at it." She looked around and closed her eyes softly. She wondered and said, " test you? Well I won't. " She didn't want to listen to someone. She glared at him.
  13. "Sophia... you said you wouldn't test me. Come with me then." he said from the opened door way.
  14. Sophia looked at him, " Did I say that, or are you putting words in my mouth. " She didn't want to com with him, she was so worried. She looked around, she closed her eyes softly. She closed her eyes and thinking.
  15. He closed the gap between them quickly and let his fangs touch the flesh of her neck. They indeed were razor sharp and if she even gasped too hard they would surely pierce her delicate skin. He grazed them up and down her beating pulse. Pulling away faintly he raised a brow. "I would love nothing more but to taste your nectar oh princess but for that, I will wait." He placed a strong hand on the small of her back and pushed her along with him. Trying to be chivalrous was not working. He would torture if need be. The cards were in her hands.
  16. Sophia tensed when he closed the gap between them, she gulped when his fangs were on her neck. She closed her eyes, unsure what to do. She suddenly took a deep breath as he pulled away and pushing her forward. She didn't know what to do, honestly, he was a vampire.. She knew they weren't to be trusted, her parents told her so. " She closed her eyes tightly as he began to push her, she didn't want to listen to him, She wanted to let him know that she won't listen to him.
  17. Sophia reminded him much of a small child that ignored her parents when she was not given what she wanted. The lights lit in the room as they entered. "This will be your chamber." The room was spacious and warm. It was decorated with deep reds and dark paintings. A giant black bear skin rug lay on the floor his massive head poised with mouth agape. She would be his princess prisoner for the time being. With as sweet as she was, he wanted her all for himself. His parents knew better than to go meddling in his business and even if he had worked his way into waging war with the humans they knew better than to fight the vampires. There was a reason fear ran through the very veins of each and every one whenever one was nearby. How easy it was to end one of their lives.

    "Now, I know you don't want to stay. Everything you want will be given you except of course your freedom. If you try and run please do remember that we are undead, we do not need sleep. We rest in order to regain a tiny portion of strength. I have enough to stay awake for a millennial." His smile was crude and almost ridiculing
  18. Sophia sighed lightly, she was a stubborn person, so she can make sure he knows that he can't tell her to do. She sighed and seen what there was in the room, she closed her eyes as she yawned. She was so tired. She looked over at him and said, " Really... " she shook her head, " Please do remember how stubborn my family is." She said lightly, she didn't want to be around him.. He was a vampire.
  19. He laughed. "Please remember I was around when your mother was still suckling on your grandmother's chest. Also remember it was my father who took that old woman and broke her. If you look closely you might spot her out in the woods. Still crazy from when she lost that bull shit stubbornness. Now rest. I will see you when you wake." he said leaving her in her room and heading for his. He laid in his bed his eyes closed and ears acutely in tune. He could hear her breathing, scuffling about in the room angrily trowing the throw pillows off the bed.
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