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  2. Dis art so good, I should save up some ka-ching-a-ling and get some art done :3

    Do you have a deviantart? I want to look at other art you've drawn(or something like deviant art)
  3. Absolutely! My deviant art is Otherwise you can also visit my professional portfolio on Thank you for the compliments!
  4. You deserve it, I honestly am considering having you draw some of my DnD characters at some point ha
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  5. Thank you! I would love to! Fantasy is my favorite genre among others!
  6. Don't mind the post. Just wanted to post something in here so I don't forget this is a thing when the good cash from Valentine's Day rolls around. I am in need of some art so I'm not left behind with the rest of my D&D group.
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  7. Sure thing! Glad to see your interest!
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  8. Hell yeah! I'm usually one of those weeabo dumpster fires, but I dig the realisitc fantasy look when the mood strikes. It just sucks that it had to be the slow season for work right now. I just wanna shove money through the computer just to get the ball rolling. But, c'est la vie and all that jazz.
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  9. ALRIGHT! I have money! I have a question in regards to commission payment: what do you prefer? Not where, but do you do straight payments before doing the work? Half now then the rest when you're done? All afterwards? Personally, I'm more comfortable with half now and half later if that's alright?
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  10. Making a post and watching this thread. I'm definitely going to need a custom work at some point in the future. If you need a few reference picture once I have the money and need of a character, I can provide them ^-^ you do some pretty amazing work, if I say so myself.
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  11. Awe thank you! I always appreciate complements! To answer your question, yes, I usually work best with reference photos, along with a description or bio. Thank you agian for the complement! :D