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    Whenever we go on a trip, whether it be to a friends house to spend the night or to a different state or even country for a few days, we bring some form of luggage with us. Sure we pack the normal stuff, like clothes and shoes and toiletries, but what about the special stuff you bring with you? You know, like the baby blanket you take with you wherever you go for security, or a lucky pair of socks you are absolutely certain will make your trip a success.

    Your characters have luggage too! What if they needed to go on a trip right this moment. What would they pack?

    The object of this excersise is to go a little more in-depth into the personality of your character, based on what they would pack. For instance, an athlete would have their luggage filled with sneakers and equipment. A grandmother going to see her family would have a suitcase full of goodies and treats for her beloved grandchildren. A musician would have a special bag for their instruments. A... Well, you get the idea. The object is to turn what your character packs into an expression of their personality.

    Some things to consider:
    -What type of luggage are they using?
    -How large or small is the luggage?
    -What color (or colors) is the luggage? Any patterns or prints?
    -What kinds of clothes are in there?
    -What other kinds of special items (other than clothes, shoes, etc.) have been packed?
    - Where are they traveling to?

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  2. Asa
    I stand on my toes watching the conveyor on the baggage carousel as I wait for my plain bags to come around. I finally spot them thanks to the red ribbon tied around the handle of the grey suitcase and the strap of my black duffel and haul them off carefully, muttering a curse when I notice the once-again broken zipper on my duffel and the sci-fi novels spilling out of it. I hurriedly stuff them back in along with the Linkin Park sweatshirt that's accompanied them out and tug the zipper closed, yanking my large, rebellious grey suitcase upright and starting towards the doors to the pickup zone, even though the weather is cold and rainy. Of course, that's normal for early-winter Seattle, but still. I mentally catalog what I brought. Jeans, combat boots, t-shirts, a few sweatshirts, sneakers, socks, all the usual stuff, plus a raincoat and a heavier jacket. All of it is in darker, neutral colors with the exception of my t-shirts, most of which are from my favorite bands. In my duffel is quite a few of my books, mostly sci-fi and fantasy novels, my boxing stuff, and extras.
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  3. Sasha Keren

    What type of luggage are they using?

    Sasha's typical article of luggage comes in the form of a versatile canvas or leather travel bag.
    Which one he uses depends on how much he needs to take with him.

    How large or small is the luggage?

    The canvas bag is the size of a normal backpack with two large pockets and a few other small ones.
    The leather bag is more like a messenger bag with one very large central compartment and a few small ones.

    What color (or colors) is the luggage? Any patterns or prints?

    The canvas bag is a soft, neutral color between beige and army green. It has a few pins and a keychain stuck to it.
    The leather bag is tan leather, with braided leather zipper pulls. The keychain from the canvas bag is often stuck to this one when used.

    What kinds of clothes are in there?

    Sasha would pack jeans, as jeans are versatile and can be worn for virtually everything. A few t-shirts or sweaters depending on the
    environment being traveled to and his favorite jacket. Shoes consist of a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of boots. Underwear is a maybe.

    What other kinds of special items (other than clothes, shoes, etc.) have been packed?

    Sasha's special items consist of his laptop for schoolwork, his phone, and books. He would also pack his gun, unless he's flying.

    Where are they traveling to?

    Sasha doesn't actually like to travel much, but when he does, it's usually to visit family in France.
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  4. Ashlynn Summers is a military lady, so she'd pack whatever she could carry on her person, maybe use a standard-issue backpack. She'd pack her knife, sidearm, extra ammo , her stealth equipment, a few days of rations, a change of clothes, small medical bag, canteen, and possibly an extra weapon like a rifle or grenades, depending where she was going
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