Ludosium RP [Post-Apocalyptic] [Dystopian]

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Ludosium RP takes place in the post-apocalyptic city of Prosumine run by a powerful body of people dubbed 'The Government'. Recently, stories have been circulating about a far away heaven-on-Earth known as “Ludosium.” However, the threats beyond the city walls prevent the weak of heart from departing for adventure. The wasteland is vast and teeming with mutants--bloodthirsty creatures that have lost all sanity to a mysterious plague. Can you survive the journey to Ludosium?

Ludosium RP offers:
  • D20 combat system + modifiers
  • Character approval for quality roleplay experience
  • Wide selection of different species/classes
  • Rations system to buy weapons/armor
  • Brand new site that needs dedicated members
Join today at: Ludosium RP
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