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  1. Hi am Lucy the wood elf

    Voice:soft calm happy sounding
    Languages: English and native toung
    Abilitys:deadly with a bow. Master hunter. Skilled at making healing potions and deadly poison

    When I was 12 I went hunting by myself my parents dident know I spent hours tracking a buck I found him drinking from a puddle I I pulled the string back on my bow as far as it could go I had one chance to hit it so I took my time aimed and released it hit the dear in the heart I went over to the deer and said hyro hyn hidm wanath witch means May he find peace after death. I skinned the buck and took the meat I carried it in sack I was walking I stopped and looked around I saw smoke in the distance it was coming from my village when I got there every thing was burned nothing left I said to my self I will find who ever did this will pay with there HEAD!!!!! 2 years later I still have not found out who did it but I am getting close and when I find him I will chop off his head and feed his body to BEARS!!!!!
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  2. Welcome, Lucy the wood elf!
  3. Lucy, it is a pleasure to meet you! Welcome to Iwaku.

    -Marianna the mermaid
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  4. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  5. Well hi there, Lucy. >:3 welcome to the community!
  6. Hai Looci :3
  7. Thank u it is a pleasure to meet u to
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  8. I wanna help u on ur quest. May i?
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  9. Okay thanks
  10. Yes
  11. Welcome! And I hope you find a great group to help you with your quest.