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  1. So, due to some events involving some of my rp-partners, I've decided to expand my horizon and try new things.
    So, to say it simply: Slave looking for mistress! :P
    But yeah, I'm thinking of a mistress (experienced or not), buying a slave from one of many agencies. As part of the setting, slaves are common, though not the "work until you die of exhaustion" type, but rather servants, whit a bunch of laws against mistreatment and whatnot. Slaves are used a lot for tasks around the house, though quite a lot of them are also used for sex, and whatever perversions the owner might have.

    So, if anyone is interested, post here, or pm me, and we'll see what happens ;D
  2. VERY interested :) this is kind of my thing haha , and I lost you in the group rp since it was kind of taken over by others, Id love to do a onexone with you :)
  3. Um...I might be up for this.

    I'm thinking of something that is a slight twist to the usual slavexmaster story. Perhaps, a young woman of a prominent welfare, destined to be eventually 'given away' to someone unworthy of her treasures in order to maintain proper accords with her father's unlawful allies. A sacrificial lamb most of the maid staff prefers to call her out of earshot - not in humor, but in morning for the charming girl.

    In order to keep her 'treasures' safe, her father purchases a slave, one who had strength to protect and serve, but fearful enough to obey his words. This slave becomes his daughter's manservant/bodyguard during her outings and daily visits in the village for various classes and shopping. The manservant helps her maintain her schedule, does whatever projects she ask for, and basically babysits her throughout the day.

    Within the three years he's lived there, he's come to learn that this woman was very generous and caring to her staff - unlike her father who was tough even to his own child. Being a widower and businessman, he kept a stiff upper lip in his daughter's rearing and kept a huge staff of tutors and servants to play as her mother, siblings, educators, friends, counselors. She appreciated their sacrifices and treated them like family. The slave is not accustom to this, and through the young woman's delicate touch, he'd learned her personality, becoming comfortable around her, and eventually grew fond of her.

    This young woman, it turns out, doesn't have a lot of friends, at least, not any she trust and cared enough about. And besides, every single one of them knows more about what she's meant for, and tends to snicker and gossip behind her back about it. She pretends she doesn't hear, but she does. She would talk to her servants at times, when they were out of earshot, about how she hates the whole idea about being used, being given away to some tyrant of a man just to keep his trade relations secure. She was nothing more than a pawn in this man's chess game she didn't want anything to do with. But unfortunately, she has no choice.... Or does she?

    One day, one of her maids overheard her crying, for her day was soon to come. Her father had begun packing her things, purchasing new attire for her, and preparing her tutors and staff for their travels. The time had come for her to move from her family home to nest with a stranger she did not love. The maid, feeling sorry for her kind master, suggest removing herself out of the equation - make herself less desirable to the other. Although, it would ruin her father's business plans, and possibly endanger the entire city - but she didn't care. Her maid suggested using her slave, claim that he'd deflowered her, and allow him to run away in order to keep is life. The girl wasn't concern about using a life like that, regardless of the person's status, but it was the only idea they could come up with.

    That night, the girl spoke to her man servant, telling him her plans. She had two weeks before the ceremony; before she would be forced into hell. Nervous and completely timid about the whole idea, she guaranteed his life will not be threatened, for she will allow him to escape before announcing anything to her father.

    Now, I'm thinking at first, just the idea of saying the act happened was okay. But, as they planned, the girl realized that after the three years her manservant has lived under her orders, he's always been very helpful, very respectable, never shown her any signs of anger or hatred for his position, and was a caring ear that would listen to her rants when her other servants were busy with chores. The idea of actually acting out their plans was becoming more tempting to this immature woman than just simply pretending. She was actually fond of him as well.

    Sorry, my plot bunnies are rather loud. This is only a thought though, and perhaps you'll see something in there that needs a tweak, or there's a twist or two that might come out of it all. But, it's a start. Let me know what you think. :)
  4. There's a few things I might change for her story and such, but I'm posting my initial set up so I don't lose, or forget, her.

    Name: Suri Damaris
    Age: 24
    Gender: F

    Species: Red Panda/Bearcat/Firefox Family – Suri’s family line is under the Red Panda family (Ailurus)

    Appearance: About 5’7”, 128 some odd pounds, give or take. Medium brunette hair, hazel eyes.

    Ailurus Natural Form: [​IMG]

    Ailurus Natural Form: [​IMG]

    Human Illusion: [​IMG]

    Due to her father’s stature (and detestable reputation within certain circles) Suri will utilize her skills in illusions to clone herself into the persona of, what her friends like to call, her inner-human.

    In some ways, Suri’s rather self-consciousness of her appearance when in certain human cities, and this skill comes in handy when she visits there for certain classes. Even though her instructors are not appalled by her appearance, she’s been treated horribly by citizens of certain cities and once was kidnapped by trappers planning to sell her like a common animal. She prefers her natural form.

    Personality: She uses her attitude and bad behavior as a sort of privacy screen, hiding her feelings to avoid emotional harm. She’s dealt with physical harm, that’s nothing to her – sometimes, she craves it. It’s the emotional pains she’s not good at handling. Sometimes, a person can say something simple to her, something that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and she’ll take it personally to the point of depression. Other times, she’s rather a pleasure to be around.

    She’s best under control when she’s away from her father and the countless ‘yes men’ that surround him on a constant basis. It is one thing to have her controlling father tell her what to do, but he allows his officers to treat her the same way, and a few of them take full advantage of this behind her father’s back. So, Suri tends to stay clear of her father and his entourage, remaining among the maids and tutors who have been placed around her as caretakers throughout her entire life so far. She loves them like family and despises her father.

    Her father’s physician tells her that her emotional flips are due to the traumatic episode she’d underwent at a young age witnessing her mother’s death – her emotions are pulling from that hidden experiences. She just thinks she’s becoming more like her father, and losing all the positive qualities her mother passed to her.

    Weapons: She likes to melee fight, usually sporting an evil set of metal claws that fit on her four fingers like a ring and locks around the palm of her hands. The claws extend out over her natural claws a good five inches. She’s good with a sword, and a dead ringer with throwing knives. Her favorite weapon though is her daggerlettes, which are small throwing knives attached to the end of a thin metal chain. She hides the weapon in her hair, using it as a ponytail holder or whatnot; or wrapping it around her waist like a belt.

    Strengths: Her personal strength is in the way she conceals her abilities. She’s a very good actress and can play the coy, the sweetheart, the damsel, if need be. But once she’s in and has gain trust, she turns on her victims quickly. The surprise: how such a sweet young lady be so vicious.

    Weaknesses: Her lack of emotional control gets in the way a lot of time, especially when she’s dealing with her father. (Secret: This is because she witnessed him murdering her mother. Even though she doesn’t recall what happened, deep down she knows the truth, and her emotions act upon it.)
  5. Name: Gardosh Blackskull
    Age: 42 (Of about 500)
    Gender: M

    Species: Orc – Largest of the greenskins. Strong and masculine.

    Appearance: About 7'5", 360 pounds, a little depending on the day. Hairless. Missing part of his right ear from a fight, before he became a slave.

    Personality: Compared to most Orcs, or at least how most people think of Orcs, Gardosh is a calm man. If he is pushed too far, he will become a lot more angry, of course, and become quite a bit more like the berserker many would expect. And he has become if not calmer, then more controlled during his time as a slave. He has found that it's easier to do as he is told, rather than being punished for not doing so. Being an Orc, he never really was hurt badly from the same punishment as the other slaves, yet he still finds it painful and something to avoid.

    Weapons: He used to have a greatsword before he was taken into slavery, yet it was taken away and sold off. Nowadays, he's mostly unarmed, except for a pair of spiked steel gauntlets to both allow him to hit harder, and block the blows of others, be they using blades or their fists. He is powerful without them as well, but not nearly as powerful.

    Strengths: His strength and loyalty are his strongest points. He'd rather get gravely injured rather than letting those he are set to protect get harmed, and he can most likely shrug off what would injure others gravely.

    Weaknesses: Not the most intelligent of men, nor the quickest one. When pushed over the edge, he truly loses control, rampaging through more or less anything.

    Just putting this here as well. I just hope its not too horrible D:
  6. ^^

    No, he's great! A gentle giant with a shaky trigger finger? HEHE! I can see scenes where someone (either staff or Suri's father) gets him agitated, and he's literally biting his tongue to keep from blowing up, or sitting on his hands to avoid bitch slapping someone across the grounds. LOL! Suri will probably be the one who understands and tries to help him transcend into his new position. Being more of a friend to her staff than a mistress, she'll get him to relax and talk. But, they all will be biting their tongues around her father. If he gets wind of Suri's staff breaking their protocol around his daughter, the'll be hell to pay.

    Uh, that can be a little problem for the staff and Suri, a small conflict to cause more problems for them in the mist of the larger one. I can see the other leader, the one who is taking the offer of Suri as a payment for maintaining his heavy trade to her father's city... I can see him leaving a spy in the mist of her father's entourage. He communicates on behalf of his leader, but he's also secretly watching Suri and her father to make sure they don't attempt to spirit her away or anything else that might break their contract.

    So, there's a thought on a conflict. I can see your charrie well aware of the man's presence, and knows he's part of Suri's father's entourage, but his main purpose is unknown - that that causes you charrie to be a bit on edge when he notices the spy. Suri is oblivious though.

    Umm... idea - I've got tons of them - Suri might need to learn a few new fighting techniques. All she knows is what the guards have taught her, and a few of the maidservants who also works on the side as barmaids. But, that's it. Her daggerlette is a weapon she made herself, and can work it well, and throwing knives she's good at. But grabbing techniques and more unique sword techniques - she could use more practice on all of them.
  7. Swordplay and grabbing he can do :D For smaller swords and with someone bigger than him? Not so much :P
    But yeah, it sounds like we have a lot of fun ahead of us :D
    So, wanna start this, or is it more you wanna discuss? Cuz I feel ready to start this :3
  8. Yea, but he can still possibly teach her something she can utilize - just in case she's stranded alone. In all honestly, being a martial artist myself, I've taken down guys twice my size with just one perfectly placed move. It is possible - without getting squished. LOL!

    Anywho, I'm working an OP right now - in the mist of working... I work at home, so I get to multitask. I'm hoping to have it up today.

    Hey, what are we going to title this mess anyway? I've been racking my brain about it forever...and I still can't think of anything fitting. >_<
  9. Titles not really my strongest side... >_> So just nameXname?

    And yeah, I know throws and stuff can take down someone twice your size. But I doubt and Orc would know many throws aimed at larger opponents, as they tend to be the largest. :P

    Also; Yay! OP is being made! :D
  10. Almost done. I had a really hard day at work today...and tomorrow I'm heading to a Quarter finals football game after work. I'm swamped, but still working this out.

    I'm hoping to have it posted before I leave out tomorrow.
  11. D:
    Well, I'll just sit here, waiting for you... :P
  12. ICC:

    I ended up coming up with names of the main countries/cities in the story. There's a note at the bottom that will help clear up any confusion - I hope.

    I've been up for three days straight and now it's finally attacking me. So, if there's something in my OP that just doesn't make sense, I'll edit later. :)
  13. I didn't really know what more to write in the first post DX

    I can edit it tomorrow, if my brain works better by then
  14. NP - understand fully. My brain's been out for two weeks... I'm eventually going to actually go to bed to get some sleep...

    Eventually in this sentence does sound like a very long time...

    Anywho, I didn't know if you wanted me to run the father in this or not... I just came up with a name for the NPC. :) But, I can have him come get him in my next post, if needed. Or, you can just move Roan however you need him in your scene from the slaver to the residence. It doesn't matter to me about him.
  15. Well, it'd work for me if you used the father and moved him and the orc to the house, with getting ready to being revealed, I guess :P
  16. Posting on the wing of a fly here... I'd had his new slaver take him to the dungeon to be washed and to be fitted for a guard's uniform. Then, they'll head to the inner courtyard so Roan can present Gardosh to his Suri, the Governess, and the rest of the house staff and Suri's personal staff.
  17. I gotta say... I feel inadequate when looking at your posts D: I look at something so long and filled with purpose! But then again, it makes every post much more of a joy to read! :D
  18. Don't feel inadequate - just glean. LOL!

    The best way to build a story through an RP is to just create the scenes as you go along...fill in the world, so we'll have something to work with now, and later on. That's my goal in RPing and writing.

    You're able to gain NPCs to work with, charrie personalities that may come in handy for your charrie later on, and if Gardosh is really keen on paying attention to his surroundings (which, being a warrior with intelligence, I say he does) he can gain a lot of information just from the 'impressions of attitudes and behaviors' I'm hoping I'm adding into my postings. Therefore, there's something there for him to work with in a deeper sense of the story.

    Oh, and my NPCs are workable for both of us. If you need the Slave Master, or any NPC that I've popped out to do something you need, then do it. I'm not one of those peeps who get irate if someone moves my NPCs - unless I state otherwise that I have a special purpose for them. So, have at them!
  19. Yeah, I kinda know that there are things to comment on and whatnot about surroundings and feelings. And I try to get more of that. I'm just not that good at it yet D:

    And yeah, noted about the NPC thing. I didn't exactly expect you to be angry if I did, but I didn't have any ideas about things for them to do :P
  20. Just cause...

    Vel - Suri's Confidante - Shadow Umbreon



    Ketchet - - Suri's House Friend Avian (Owl-Bear) Her parents managed the old winery a long time ago.


    D'Larrie - Governess of the House - Satyr

    Hawkwin - Slave Master / Mountain Giant

    Dache- Captain of Guard / Human

    Raifie - Cook / Dwarf

    Killeens - Roan's Personal Guard/Assassin
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