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    • My name is Nana, I'm seventeen years old and just trying to live a normal life, it's really hard to do considering that there is this little bug living in my brain, her name is Scales.

      My name is Scales, I am a parasite, somehow by mistake I managed to not consume this humans entire brain and in fact only a tumor.

      Together we do impossible things I hunt down the rouges of Scales race and eradicate them, you could say I'm kind of like a superhero trying to protect my race.

      However Nana would be nothing without me, I give her strength, speed, invincibility. Without me she would be a weak human, but I make her strong.

      Lately there has been rumors that someone is going around helping the parasites, aiding them in hiding from us, it was bad enough trying to balance school with this strange hobbie of mine, but its gotten a lot harder.

      This wont stop us, not in the long haul, I will make sure of that, with a high success rate I cannot allow Nana to roam a world with these infectious beasts, not while I lack so much control.

    • With a pair of black bobby pins dangling between her lips sleepy seventeen year old Nana Izumi had her fingers tangled in her hair, messily pulling it up into a pony tail, it was a struggle being half awake but somehow the girl managed. Pinning the loose strands of brown locks into place, dark orbs stared back at her reflection in her vanity, it was a new day, a new adventure to begin,

      "Scales, are you awake yet?"

      Human girl, I have not slept more then a few winks since we created this partnership.

      Nanas lips quirked up into a rather amused smile, nostalgia glowing deep in her dark irises, ten years ago Nana was declared to be a walking dead member of society, with a tumor that was expanding in the left behavioral cortex of her brain she didn't have long to live. However on a cold night in December this odd little green bug had burrowed it's way into her ear and unknowingly had saved Nana's life.

      "My little Christmas miracle. "

      Nana we do not have time for your dallying, if you wish to make the bus you must leave in the next five minuets, and hurry-

      "Aye, aye, I know Scales we go through this every morning-"

      AND you're always late!

      A soft chuckle echoed behind Nanas closed lips, the girl was practically never on time, shuffling from her chair she nudged her feet into her boots, honestly Scales was such a worry wart, and was always very clock like. However thats what Nana loved so much about her.


      I told you we would be late.

      Nana laughed as she bounded down the sidewalk, shoes thumping heavily, leaving a trail of sliding skid prints and small holes in the snow behind her. She was late, but honestly she was always late, so it didnt seem to phase the childish girl, clutching a brown satchel to her chest and adusting her black framed glasses higher onto her nose she puffed heavily, scrambling down the busy street...but where was she going?

      "Are we getting clos- "



      Somewhere Nana heard the screams of a woman, and the squeeling of tired, unknowingly the flake of a girl had sprinted right out infront of a taxi. The sound of metal against metal rang loud and clear, Nanas body however didnt move, but the front of the cab was crushed.


      Her voice whispered softly as Nana watched her skin on her hand that had planted itself firmly against the hood of the yellow vehical, this could be very bad, slumping down the girl knew that today was going to be a rather hectic day.


      Now even more late then before, Nana slowly entered the cafe she was suppose to be at earlier this morning, clearly it was much to late to meet the person she had been planning to meet, but at least this way Scales couldnt say she never made it.

      Flopping herself down at one of the small two seeter booths, Nana slumped down with harsh sigh.

      Dont get to comfortable, one of my kind is coming closer...

      Sitting up swiftly the brunette began to look around, the girl was always unheathily curious about other parasites.
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  1. Justin was getting ready for the day as he was tired of doing nothing today. It was early and he was preparing to travel around which was great for what lived inside him. He was always traveling and he had no time to relax in one location. Money just appears in his pocket and the money he has the better it is.

    Recently he went into a deep sleep and he just wakes up in a new place with a day or two passing. Just nothing was normal for him and other people assume he isn't Justin. He feels bad for others because his friends are not sure if he is himself. Though it feels weird because his body isn't as responsive anymore.

    He was now in his car driving around as he knew there will be somewhere to go in this world besides home. He sometimes finds himself in terrible situations and the next moment he wasn't in them anymore. While he was driving he suddenly felt like he was going to fall asleep and he soon parked and fell into his sleeping trance.

    During that process his hair was now red and his eyes were a dark red. Jason took control once again and he snickered. "I'm in control again this damn human is putting up a huge fight on letting me have full control" he spoke to himself though as he was driving he sensed his kind and he snickered. Hopefully another one that will join his rebellion. Though he will only communicate to those of his kind. He knew of those who have a joint agreement will both have personal thoughts so either way a human could influence the parasite.

    He soon found the cafe and he slowly approached it making sure they weren't gonna clash heads. He had to make sure that this parasite would not hurt him. He is a killer afterall. Though he makes sure he doesn't have killing intent in front of the parasite since they know if they seek to kill.

    He entered the cafe and he looked around as suddenly he made eye contact with the other and he found her. He soon sat down with them and spoke "I'm Jason and I will want to speak to your parasite, I don't talk to humans. I don't kill you either unless you pose a threat to me" he warned as they both seemed to only want to talk.
  2. As he entered the cafe, Nanas dark eyes focused on his form.

    That is him.

    Nodding slowly the mortal girl began to turn her gaze away from the man, however as his eyes fell on her Nana tensed up.

    "Scales he-"

    Nana clammed up the moment he slid into the seat across from her and began to speak, irritation floated across her eyes as his words began to register.

    Calm down Nana, he will sense your anger.

    Breathing slowly out of her nose she began to fold her hands on the table before her, starring the man down with a rather peeved glare. Leaning forward slightly Nana spoke rather softly,

    "I beg your pardon, her name is Scales, not parasite. You seem to be under the impression she would even want to talk to you, Scales doesnt talk to just anyone, what makes you think you'd be so special."

    Leaning back the brunette tucked her hands down into her lap, twisting her fingers together.

    Scales could practically taste the dark intentions of the man, she could almost see the blood he must have she'd in his life time.

    I don't like this, stay on guard, and be mindful of what you say. He might be dangerous to you.

    Unwinding her fingers Nanas left hand moved to rest gently on the brown satchel at her side. The gesture didn't appear to be threating, but the look in her eyes seemed to scream she didn't care for his presence.
  3. He snickered at the girl as she was starting to get frustrated with his words. He wants 'proof' that she isn't just controlling her parasite and giving her a name that was for no reason. He hated that parasites were trying to get into the human world as humans not for who they are. "I'm sorry miss but Parasites dont exactly like names I don't know how you convinced yours to be happy with a name and I'll convince her to talk sooner or later" he told her and sighed. "I don't get you humans at all" he said slightly.

    He knew this would go nowhere without a real plan unless he happens to make Scales take control. He just snickered at the two as he knew even the slightest thing would help her. He soon just made hostility come from him enough for them to realize "Now you got two options, Scales talk or I will start making these humans a nice little treat for me but I'm not sure how much you can endure anyways" he said to her and sighed
  4. Nana, I sense hostility. It is a trap, he is attempting to lure me out.

    "I understand."

    Whether he knew it or not, she had not been responding to him, not in the slightest, however she had been listening closely to all that he had stated.

    "I was the chooser of the name, however she agreed to be called such, it is short for Scales of Judgment. Assuming you've been awake long enough and hold the same intellect that she does you should know who, or rather what that stands for."

    Nana was aggrivated at the male, how dare he come to her side, demand an audiance with her parasite. He acted like he owned the place and ran the show, this greatly upset the human girl.

    Nana control your temper.

    This was easier said then done, as far as the human girl was concerned this man could take his attitude and shove it where the sun didnt shine, but Nana knew that Scales was right, the girl needed to remain calm and balanced, a rather difficult task. Tho the anger flared forcefully back into her chest, and it was clear from the way her cheeks began to scorch a scarlet shade that he had rightfully angered the woman.

    "Listen here you putrid, scum sucking, leech; you will get no where with my partner with such words, I think you should leave."

    The last few words echoed as they left Nanas lips, and behind her specticals he would be able to observe a slightly red hue to her left iris. His threat to the humans had not only upset the mortal girl, but the parasite as well, Scales had spent many years with this female, and had grown to desire a safe environment for Nana, the reason behind such needs was yet to be understood.

    Nana glared harshly at the man, slowly roaming her gaze along the parts of him she could see clearly, a look of disgust twisted her lips into a sneer.
  5. Jason sighed they saw through his plan but he didn't care if he just out in his true intent up Scales might be convinced. "Our kind learns faster than yours, we max our bodies to its full potential. Though I guarentee you might want to reconsider the offer. If not I have s couple of ideas in store" he said but as he said that his intent to kill was there. Though the angrier the girl is the more Scales will be held back if they happen to fight. "Your trying to put yourself in safe place Scales but there are others out there but you need to understand it" he told them as he soon thought. "Now how many humans are in this room?" He asked ready to kill anyone here.
  6. "We are aware that your species learns faster than the mortal rate, we are aware of how they affect the body, and we know, you aren't a pure parasite either. Scales can smell your mortality, let me make this as clear as I possibly can."

    Moving her body fluidly, she raised her arms to fold over the table, leveraging herself with her feet, the girl leaned over the table as close to his face as she dared. Just under her flesh he would see what would apear to be a wrippling effect as her flesh began to harden.

    "If you so much as breath in the wrong manor I will allow Scales to tare you limb from limy and devour your flesh like the caniable you parasites are."
    Sweping to the side the girl was suddenly standing next to the table dragging along her satchel by it's strap.

    "However as it seems you refuse to retire the thought of speaking to my partner I will have to ask that if you wish for Scales to even consider uttering a word to you, you will need to follow me."

    With that Nana spun on the balls of her feet and began a rather aloof stride away from him and toward the door.

    Good choice Nana, take him somewhere secluded, then remove your glasses, I will handle him.
  7. He sneered he knew what was going down. "I'm not involved with this pathetic human" he told her. He refused to admit that he was human. He can take control anytime he wants but it's hard when he goes to sleep. He soon waited to see her reaction she wasn't showing any weakness. Her parasite was hiding her identity.

    He soon he went to follow the girl he knew that she was going to attack him and he was prepared for anything but he also knew his human can also show a weakness point to them. He wondered if the human was afraid of killing an innocent being. He sighed as he spoke "I'm not a fool, I know your going to get into an advantage point for you and you parasite will take control and you will try to catch me off guard and end me. Though I refuse to let it happen. That's why your telling me to follow you" he told her trying to see her feelings and see her plans.
  8. Nana was unamused with his behavior, something about him rubbed the mortal the wrong way, and to be fair that wasn't always hard to do, but this man really made her uncomfortable. Leading him from the building she began to stroll casually down the sidewalk, from her motions it was clear that she knew where she wanted to go and where she knew they needed to be.

    "I think you misunderstand, the point of this endeavor is to peacefully resolve this...situation. to protect the mortals."

    Nana kept her head level and her temperament calm, ducking off to the side after a few yards into a back ally.

    "Since you wished so desperately to speak with her..."

    With her back to him she lifted her hands to pull the specticals off her face, and as soon as their frames no longer touched her flesh her entire form rippled.

    Brown drained from her hair, leaving it stark white, skin easing from a peachy shade to ghastly white, tinting almost grey.

    Turning around, any form of expression seemed to have died into one of pure boredom. Red orbs stared boredly at his form.

    "You have threatened my human, and by extension myself."

    The two girls didn't even sound the same,

    "I am Scales."

    Her voice was lower and colder then Nanas, like a machine almost.
  9. (I'm back to a normal schedule I'll be able to reply instead of when ever I'm not mourning)
    He sighed as she said he got it wrong he was easily on guard and he thinks he can handle a human and her parasyte anyways. He was wondering what type of strength was within her but he never wanted to judge. He thinks he can lure the parasyte over to his side but he might have to do something he usually can't.

    "Don't you hate how they treat your human and you, Scales..." He was struggling to say her name, "I think it's time that we all take a step forward so they know we aren't any threat but want live a normal human life. Do you think Nana will age at the same rate since you took over half of her brain? The answer is no, she will be treated harshly over time. I'm offering you two safety with lots of people like you but others who are full" he spoke to them.

    Though a minute later his hair tinted to a bit blonde. Then he fell down on his knee though soon his body stopped revolting. Then he got up. "Though I will meet you back here in let's say two days if I don't see you I know how to grab your attention" he said to her not caring of them he hated humans. He hasn't bonded with one so he doesn't understand them.
  10. He thought he could handle the two of them, the boy was arrogant, he clearly barely had control over his human, raising a brow with a rather uninterested glow in her scarlet eyes the girl moved to rest her hands at her sides,

    "Listen carefully to me, you obviously unstable hybrid, lets do things my way, "

    Slowly moving toward him Scales stood before him with a firm glare,

    " Learn to bond with your human, learn to really exist, then you can find me here."

    Dipping her pale hand into the brown satchel and slowly extends the card in her fingers toward him, it was an art studio.

    " Ask for Nana Izumi."
  11. [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Jason was a very stubborn parasite and he didn't like it when it came to others telling him anything. Though she crossed his line. "We show hostility for a reason you know. It's to prove the we are all alike and humans are supposed to be food you know" he said seeing it in his eyes. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]He reached for the card and took it. "It's a human studio. I really don't like human events nor do I like humans. I don't see reason to let this human control the body I own" he told her. He sees the human's body as his own though he knew how to fight using the body though its risky. [/BCOLOR]
  12. "Humans are not food, we are, use your brain. The spices we inhabit is our food source, by theory wouldn't that make us the food. Meaning I will dig you out of that body and devour you without so much as a thought if you threaten my human with hostility again. "

    Her voice was firm, her eyes flaring to a brilliant candy red, glowing with an inner desire to kill, her own hostility began to flare and grow, it was clear that her hatred for parasites far exceeded her irritation with humans.

    "To be honest, I suggest you learn to get along to go along, Bug, you can barely keep control of your human, by our species directive I should kill you for being defective. We can speak again when you arrive at the Studio, understand? Nana has somewhere to be."
  13. "We may be both food and not food but I don't see use for humans sure coexisting with them should be easy but give me a reason why I should, humans do nothing but hold you back as you know it yourself! What happens when she will eventually prevent you from killing someone that she trusts and end up doing against her trust. She is nothing but a thing that has human emotions to prevent us from fighting. They can't suppress their feelings and neither do we have feelings. Our kind does not mix well" he spoke. Though she wouldn't have the power to dig him out since they would also kill an innocent being too.

    He felt her hostility and he smiled. She was easy to piss off and he loved it. Every parasite has a weakness and she has a major one right infront of her. "You have no right to suggest anything you haven't had control over you human and lived like you don't need someone holding back a smart mind like you. Though you speak as if I'm the only defective here and I see your a defective too but I'm one that doesn't frown upon it. Now it's either you can go rouge and take control which you should try it, you might like it yourself or I have to control my human in me" he said to her and sighed he wasn't ready to have restrictions.

    (Shall we have a time skip for when my character has learned to coexist)
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