Luck of The Irish

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  1. Elvira clumped through the front door and dumped her bag on the table. She glanced in the mirror, and tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

    A smile spread across her lips, as she thought about the fact that this was the last day before summer started! She was now off on her summer holidays, and she couldn't wait.

    Maybe this summer, Niall would come to visit..... She sighed. Niall Horan was her ex-boyfriend, but also her closest guy friend, and she missed him so much when he was away from home, which was pretty much all the time. She missed her Niallers.....
  2. niall come off the bus of his home town and looks around hoping no one would see him. he walked around and got to his houes with out geting notice. his mother run to him and hugs him. "hello mom" he said with a smiles. he want to his room when he was about to go to his room his brothers come out and looks at him. "hey" they say. "hey whats up." the boys talked all day. (don't know how old his brothers are). his momther calls his ex girlfriend.
  3. Elvira heard the phone ring from her room, and she groaned as she got up to answer it. She icked up the reciever, and replied, "Hello?"

    Maura Horan smiled. "Hey Elvira - guess who's home?"

    Elvira's eyes lit up, "Seriously? Ok, I'll be right over!" She hung up and dashed out of the house, hurrying down the road to the Horan house. She knocked on the door, waiting to see her friend, and ex.
  4. he walks up to the door and saw her. "Elvira? is that you" he said with a smile. and moved aside and let her in. "how have you been" his brothers walk up to her and both said at the sametime "hey Elvira hes back." one of tham smiles and saids "i bit in your head your saying 'it a dream come true.'" they laugh.
  5. Elvira smiled widely at him, "It is awesome to see you again, Niall - I've been good actually." She overheard the comment from Niall's older brother, and rolled her eyes. "C'mon guys - give me a break."
  6. niall laughs solfly "guy's show some repet to the girl." they walk way saying "whatever you say little brother." he looks at them with a smile and he said "come on in it nice to see you again." his mother looks at her and said "why do you come over for dinier."
  7. Elvira nodded, and followed him in. They walked into the living room and sat down. She looked up at Mrs Horan, and smiled. "That would be great, Maura."

    She turned back to Niall, and grinned, "So, how are the rest of the guys?"
  8. "not bad where just talking a little bit of time off and stuff if you know what i mean" he said with a smile. his brothers look at them then goes to there rooms. but made sure both of tham. maura calls tham "boys help me make dinier will you boys." they yelled down "aww come on mom can you make niall do it" she looks at Naill then at Elvira. "NO get down here right now" they come down and help her out. leaving tham alone.
  9. Elvira sat on the sofa, and smiled at Niall, "So... I missed you a lot while you were away...." She softly said.
  10. "really" he said with a smile. I was hope she would say that. "me too I.... I wish the boys could come too but they wanted to go she there family".
  11. "I'd like to meet them someday." Elvira smiled, and kissed Niall's cheek, blushing. "I really missed you Niallers."
  12. he looked at her shocked and said nothing. then his mother called for tham telling diniers ready and walked with her to the dining room.
  13. Elvira sat at the table, and tried to calm her heartrate. She looked over at Niall, and smiled.
  14. he smiled back wondering what he did wrong.
  15. After dinner was over, Elvira stood and pulled her bag over her shoulder. "Well, I'm going to head home now - it was great to see you again Niall." She smiled warmly at him, and then made her way out.

    Greg Horan, Niall's oldest brother, grinned at him, "She still has a thing for you, Niallers...." He teased.