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  1. 'Red, for as long as I can remember everything was drowned in red.'

    In this world being a woman is not a cake walk, it isn't like it is up on the mortal plane. Women down here are disrespected, weak, pathetic little creatures who are trained to be the perfect baby makers. Yet not this one, this one is different, she is strong, violent, and proving she can thrive in a man's world.

    'I hate people, especially men, they think their so much better, I wonder how it feels to them knowing a woman ranks as one of the highest on the scale.'

    When you hear the name Rex, what is the first thing you think, perhaps it's a rather large man, broad chested, thick muscled and very masculine. Now what if I told you Rex was a six foot, one hundred-eighty-seven pound woman with the vicious tendencies of a rabid animal, would you believe me? No? Well have a look for yourself.

    'I am strong, I am fierce, I am mean. I. Am. The. Best.'

    A heavy thumping over took the room, a loud wailing voice echoing along the pulse, it was music. The kind of music you play when your upset, enraged, when you feel like watching the whole world burn. It was that kind of music.

    Rex hated the world today, granted she generally hated the world no matter what. Girls whined to much, men were too arrogant, and she lived under a constant reminder that it should have been impossible to be where she is now.

    The only thought that saved her from her fury was the simple fact, she was better than the prince of hell.

    At the thought a crule grin worked it's way along pale colored lips, splitting her expression into one of twisted delight. That's right, she was the best, and no man could tell her otherwise.

    Folding at the waist Rex placed her elbows firmly on the solid cherry table, folding her fingers together for a place to rest her chin. Stareing directly over the radio she had taken from the mortal world her eyes fixed on the window that over looked the Succubi guarden.

    The room she occupied was special it was inside the royal palace in a place just above the Succubi, being a cross breed wasn't always easy, being Lucifers favorite cross breed just made things harder.

    Bored now the flaming red head began to straighten, her fingers unlink in to move the radios dials. Turning the music off she moved away, she needed something to ease her mind off the dreams she had been having, perhaps a trip to the library would help.

    Long legs moved in long strides to carry the slender woman from one side of her room to another. Plucking the demon hide jacket from the back of her couch, Rex slid it on with ease. The color suited her rust red T-shirt and navy blue jeans we'll in her opinion, not to mention it was almost like armor.

    Strolling to the door, Rex lifted a rather nasty looking sledge hammer from the hook on the wall, then swiftly exited the room, the door closing sharply behind her.

    It was rather quiet today, something that generally didn't happen, many doors were closed and the halls were scarce. Whispers floated around, some voices peeked Rex's curiosity, but like usual she didn't investigate. Most demons here were male, and most disliked her presence greatly.

    Coming upon the library the girl heard an array of tones and sounds, seemed as if this was not the best place to come. Nudging the door open quietly her frame slipped inside rather silently, ears perked up. A couple of men were speaking, but she didn't particularly understand who, the voices were unfamiliar to her, yet not. A frustrating problem for Rex, she disliked not knowing who or what was roaming the palace, and new guests were always to be reported to her so she did not assume they were intruders.

    Holding her hammer tight at her side she moved like a breeze around the shelves and tables listening carefully. An expression of irritation, on her face, so much for loosing herself in strategy books and war tactics.
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  2. As she entered the room, the voices fell into a soft lull. A few pairs of eyes turned suspiciously to land on the fiery intruder, but as she disappeared behind the shelves the conversation started up again, this time in hushed tones.

    "Look. Abraxas. This abomination will not stand with the court for long, people are starting to talk. This will not end well for any of us!"

    "No. You look, Pithius. I'm just as against this as you are. We all know that Lucifer's decision was... questionable. But do you want to be the one to tell him that?"

    "Our King's wrath is a terrible thing," another voice says quietly.

    The whispers continues like this, arguing. From across the room, the librarian shrugs at Rex. He's always been a bit of a softie -- always kind to Rex. It might be because he's batshit insane, though.

    Eventually, a voice murmurs, "Damien. You know your father best. Can't you appeal to him?"

    A new voice. This one is unlike the others -- unlike the soft-spoken argument Rex had witnessed until now. This man speaks boldly, as if he wants Rex to hear.

    "I've tried. I told him of the mistake he was making, putting his life in the hands of a woman. A crossbreed, nonetheless."

    He pauses, letting his words sink in. For everybody in the room. And then he continues.

    "He told me to remember my place. Well I do know my place, and that girl is sitting in it."

    He spits the word as if it's bitter on his tongue.
  3. Rex slid silently around the cases, her head down, eyes low, some may say the look was one of submission, but to those who knew what she was cappable of, they knew it was one of concentration.

    Lifting the eyes to the librarian the beast of a woman gave a short nod, the man was good to her despite her gender. He always brought forth some of the greatest scrolls on warfare, she knew if she was searching for a particular answer he was the one to see.

    Catching the wisps of the soft voices her blood ran hot, Rex knew exsactly what, or really who they were speaking about. This was not uncommon to hear the words uttered, many protested her position, many claimed it was wrong. Several had lost limb, and even life to directing their rage toward her king, and even more lives ended when the bravest tried to take her place.

    The voice that came foward next was unlike the others, the one that was unfamilar to her, and Rex knew why. It was the prince, no doubt in her mind, he would be the only one she could think to raise their voice in such a manor. Rex had seen them turn their gaze to her, even if all they had caught was a brief glance. Granted nothing but her height made her particularly noticable, but even then, they all knew to be silent when speaking against the King.

    Moving like water, fluid and unwavering she came around a shelf, her free hand lazily trailing behind her, a nail gently trailing the spines of the books.

    Standing now in their sight, her body straightened to full size, her head raised and her eyes holding a glow of twisted amusement and irritation.

    "Good evening, boys, I couldn't help but over hear. Someone has a problem with the King? You know, if one has an issue with my Lord they are welcome to bring their concerns to me."

    Swinging it up, Rex balanced her strange hammer upon her shoulder, a crule smile etching across her face. Swiveling her gaze around her oddly colored eyes landed on the prince himself.

    "Who is this, might I ask?"

    It was clear in the sarcastic tone she carried, Rex knew exsactly who he was, but she was bound to make him see she saw him as beneath her.

    "A stranger? Now gentelman, you know I don't like strangers."

    Flashing her shark like teeth she began to inch closer by a few feet, her body moved like that of a predetor, they always said, there was something unnatural about her.
  4. To be fair, there was something unnatural about everyone that lived under Lucifer's domain. But right now, Rex just looked... scary.

    When the spoke, many of the man began to look uncomfortable. It was obvious they felt fine slandering her behind her back, but to face her scared them more than they could express.

    The prince stood.

    Back straight, he reached a good six inches taller than Rex. His shoulder length onyx hair was pushed away from his face lazily, his amber eyes studying her curiously. He looked unimpressed.

    Slowly, leisurely, he strolled towards the warrior woman. She was tall, yes, and strong, very strong. Very intriguing... and also very annoying. He stopped only when he was towering over her, peering down at her through narrowed eyes. "I assure you, I am no stranger." His eyes darted to her hammer. "Now put that thing away. This is a place of knowledge, not for the king's little pet to run around playing soldier."

    The men still sitting at the table looked visibly uncomfortable. Two sources of terrible power at odds with each other -- if things got out of hand, the whole library could be leveled.
  5. Rex found amusement in the way the others cringed away from her, they knew she would level them in a moments notice. Everyone knew of Rex's unwavering loyalty to the King, no one really knew how he had come to aquire the girl, she had almost been pulled out from thin air.

    However they were not her concern, if that was even what you could call the man who seemed to be indifferent to her appearence.

    His lack of fear, and respect, left Rex with a distinct feeling of annoyance. She worked tirelessly to destroy every obstacle, to thwart every sabatoge, the girl had even done the unspeakable to obtain her place in this world. She knew she deserved all she earned, and this man was, he was nothing but an entitled brat to her.

    As he a proceed it grew increasingly clear he was larger, the way he towered over her form, even she could not hide the way her brow raised in interest. Yes the men were large in stature, yes they were tall and broad, but none towered quiet like he did. Still even as he overshadowed her, Rex felt no sensation of looming, she felt no tingle of a challange, no rush of a threat, and she showed it.

    Bending one knee slightly her hip cocked, body tilting to the side a fraction, head following suit. The girls grin turned to that if amusement as her hair swung against her back from where she had tied it up.

    Her onyx eye glowed, the sky blue one lightened even more, she was humored one might say, something most found even more terrifying then when she was upset.

    However as he addressed her hammer, her grip flexed for a moment, showing just how much strength she had in the hold. The weapon wouldn't be taken from her, many had been hurt by even trying. Her grin widened even more as her free hand lifted to her lips a deep chuckle echoing from her chest.

    Rex was greatly amused by this man, and her response displayed just how little a threat she deemed him.

    " I know very well where I am, I've spent many hours in this room, so many that the time collectively would stretch the span of years. I will not drop Vivvian just because of where I stand."

    Perhaps some would expect his jab at her place to wound or offend her, but really he would have to be more original then name calling.

    "What's wrong, stranger, wanna play soldier too?"

    Cooing at him with a grand amount of insult underlying her tone Rex dismissed him entirely. He was nothing more then a man with a deep bark. Giving a rather unimpressed roll of her eyes her body slacked just a fraction.
  6. Damien's jaw clenched. Behind him, he could feel the tension between his friends. It would be so easily for the confrontation to escalate and turn the library into a miniature war zone. For a moment, he almost wanted the fight. He wanted to battle this insolent girl. And to win. If he beat her, maybe his father would finally...

    No. He wouldn't start a riot just for his father's approval. And should Damien and Rex duel, the people would riot. No. It was best to part now, leaving them both in one piece and with most of their dignity.

    So why couldn't he turn away?

    The redhead's eyes seemed to burn with ferocity, to hold his gaze like a vice. Blue and black, like waves lapping against an outcrop of slate. He wondered what it was like behind those eyes.

    Damien leaned forward, eyes narrowing. "You're out of line," he said, emphasizing every syllable, his voice a deep rumble. "You may be the King's protector, but you aren't royalty. You should take care how you speak to me."

    Suddenly, a soft hand fell on the prince's shoulder.

    "That's quite enough," the librarian says quietly. He spoke with the frail, wavering voice of one who had faced many years and learned many things. "My Lord, I have located the documents you requested."

    Damien straightened up, adjusting his coat and clearing his throat, looking almost embarrassed. "All of them?"

    The librarian smiles meekly. "It took a while, but yes." There was a loud thunk as he dropped an armful of scrolls and battered, leatherbound journals on the table. "I've marked some pages of interest. Should you need anything more, don't hesitate to call for me."

    Damien smiles, sincerely this time, laying a warm hand on the librarian's old shoulder. "Thank you, Dmitri. It's much appreciated." He turned to Rex. "It's been a pleasure, princess." He gives a dry smirk before gathering his books and disappearing through a door.

    Dmitri the Librarian smiles at Rex softly. "Pay him no mind, my child. He's nothing but bark. Now!" He turned to his shelves without waiting for a response. "What brings you here? You certainly read those last scrolls fast." One could practically hear the grin on his face. "You certainly read those last memoirs fast. We have something new, you know. A gem from the human world." No one loved humans like Dmitri did. He found them fascinating creatures, if somewhat weak. "The Art of War, written by a Chinese general. Quite fascinating, if you look at it."
  7. Rex watched his jaw tighten, his proximity allowing her to view and memorize even the smallest of detail on his expression. A slow grin worked it's way across her lips, her eyes glowing with a challange, and as he would wonder what lay beneath them, she leaned closer her grin turning crule.

    At his words, Rex's eyes glowed even brighter, making the blue nearly the same shade as the humans sky in the summer. Her lips parted a fraction as she was to speak, but the motion of the hand had her attention in seconds.

    Rex knew who it was, she had happily spent more time then most cared to admit in this very room with that very man. Leaning backward her eyes wondered away as they conversed, he was no longer her point of focus, at least not until he addressed her again.


    The insult made Rex growl low under her breath, how dare he call her such a thing. She was nothing like who's half wired idiots, who bubbled around spouting stupid words.

    However her gaze softened at the sound of the librarians voice, while he had a soft spot for her, she had an adoration for him. Their live for books is what had bonded her to the man, a grand smile split across her face at the sound of a new arrival.

    "I was hoping you would have something new for me. From the humans? Where ever did you get it!"

    Rex shared a love for the humans, granted she loved to terrorize and poke fun at them, but they were a rather interesting species. Trailing after him excitedly her whole demenor seemed to change, she had spent so many years in libraries, and she had spent quiet a few years in this one, with this man too.
  8. He chuckled. "When you're as old as me, you learn to get around." By human standards Dmitri looked to be in his late 70s. However, he had come into existence thousands of years ago, growing and changing as he saw fit. The form he carried now was simply the one he found most inviting.

    He hopped onto the stepladder resting at the foot of a shelf and pulled down an armful of scrolls. Thirteen chapters, inscribed on bamboo slips. One of the first copies ever made.

    "Careful with these, now. I'm not sure how long they'll last last." He stepped off the ladder, leaning in to whisper something to Rex. "Honestly, I shouldn't let anybody touch them until Osilec can restore it. But I trust you." He gave her a conspiratory grin.

    He turned back to his shelves, rambling aimlessly now. He began to speak about the Ars Notoria, a book promising mastery of arithmetic and philosophy. "Of course, there was that one fellow who claimed to see demons after reading it." Dmitri laughed, pulling a stack of papers from the top shelf. "Humans will convince themselves of anything, won't they?"

    "Oh well. How are you today my dear?"
  9. If anyone trusted Dmitri it was Rex, the girl practically hung on his every word whenever he spoke, he was one of the very rare she would take orders from. Like the king, she'd protect this man with her life, after everything he had taught her, he was one of the most important people in her life. And everyone knew this.

    Rex practically lit up when he reached for the scrolls, she could smell the age from her place behind him, she lobed scrolls. The handwriting taught you so much about the writer themselves, and there was always the chance of special notes in the sides too.

    Reaching out she took them gingerly in her arms, cradling the papers softly, if anyone knew how much she lived to read it was him.

    "I will treat them with the highest of care, some day Osilec really must teach me how to restore them."

    Peering up at him her smile grew kind, this man was something else, he was never crule to her for being a woman and always welcomed her openly.

    "It's been the same as every time you've asked when I arrive. The demons hate me, I've been in a couple of fights, but I suppose what you just witnessed would be a difference to every other time."

    A chuckle escaped her lips as she moved her frame around to find her table, knowing he would follow. Carefully she placed the documents down upon the table, her expression that of a child.

    "However there is a new development. Mother said I should come to you before seeing the medics. I have developed a couple of strange symptoms as of late."
  10. "Tell me everything, Child. I've been around long enough, picked up a few things." He came around, unrolling one of the scrolls. "Yes, this is the first chapter." And he laughed to himself.

    "Hope you can read that human writing." The human alphabets were relatively easy to learn, at least in comparison to some others. He dreaded having to translate Angelic writings.

    His mind wandered then, to his sisters. One older and three younger, he'd been surrounded by women his whole life. It was only when he was older that he learned that women were supposed to be weaker. But his sisters didn't seem weak to him -- the older had taught him how to read and write, the youngest how to climb trees. He was raised by women. Why should he treat them differently?

    "Now, about those symptoms."
  11. He always seemed interested in everything she did, he always listened to her, it made her life just a little more bright. Taking a seat she watched him unroll the first scroll her eyes falling upon the text, how long since she had last seen such hand writing.

    Her frame relaxed as her gaze traveled the letters on the parchment, "It's beautiful, look at the design and the way it curls and curves. Like poetry really, simply beautiful."

    Shifting her weight Rex leaned back in her chair her due colored eyes wondering up the figure of the librarian. He was gentle, and kind, posed no threat, he was the closet thing she had to a friend to be honest, and so to him she spilled her life.

    Her expression twisted between amusement, to irritation, and an array of other emotions as she recounted her life since they had last seen each other. Rex spoke of how she tried to train the smaller males, only to end up picking them off one by one as they a tempted to assult her. She explained how the whispers of her position where far worse, and some believed she had no talent at all.

    Her face had fallen into one of dispare as she peered down once more at the scrolls, "Nothing I do proves I am the best, not even the symbols of the seers, or the piercings of the scollars. Nothing works, it has been causing me quiet a bit of frustration. "

    Which brought her to her strange symptoms, "Mother says she's never noticed before, but my saliva has been changing color. Then there is this odd pressure on the these points of my head, "

    Placing her hands on top of her head she addressed the places above her ears toward the center of her skull.

    "I've been weaker as of late as well, mother says it may be because i ignore my heritage and do not eat the souls she recommends me to. What do you think Dmitri?"
  12. Dmitri frowned. This wasn't something he'd encountered before, but...

    He reached up, placing his fingertips on the spot that Rex had indicated. There was a bump. Faint, and easy to miss. But it was there. "That is concerning," he muttered. He turned away. Something about this was screaming at him. But he couldn't place it.

    "Well, I may be a scholar but I'm no physician. If I should come across something in my reading that can help, I'll look into it."

    The librarian disappeared behind a set of bookshelves then, the only evidence of his continued presence the soft click of his shoes on the floor.

    He had some research to do.

    Rex was left alone with the scrolls now. And it wasn't long before the basement door opened once again and a small boy with soft pink curls emerged, carrying a stack of books bigger than he was.
  13. Rex was pleased with the man's response, he didn't seem alarmed, but she wasn't really alarmed eaither at this point. She was still strong enough to be the brute she was designed to be, tho she wondered sometimes.

    Giving a slight shake of her head she bowed over the script of the scrolls her eyes glowing with delight, she loved nothing more then when Dmitri gave her new things to read.

    Gingerly her fingers roamed the script, her eyes flashing over the markings with great enthusiasm, anything to take her mind off of everything that had happened.

    Peeking up at the sound of footsteps her eyes found a small boy, shifting in her chair she watched the pink haired child for a few moments. Then with an elegent motion she was on her feet, most hated when she moved like this. One moment she was at her table the next she was at the boys side, on one knee, hands outstretched incase she frightened him.

    "Would you like help?"

    Rex was a brute but she wasn't a total asshole.
  14. "It's fine," the boy said cheerfully. His face was hidden behind the books, but he sounded sincere. He continued past her and to Dmitri's personal desk, depositing his burden there effortlessly. When he turned around, he gasped. "You're - you're her!" he cried. And then a whisper - "The warrior lady everybody's talking about."

    There was a mixture of awe and fear on his face as he looked around frantically. There was no one else in the room, just Rex and this small excited child. He was confused. He felt he should so something, say something. Quickly, as if in a panic, he bowed.

    "No, no wait. Pretend you didn't see that," he cried, his cheeks turning beet red. "Um - I - It's nice to meet you. Ma'am?" He blushed even harder, stood there for an awkward moment, and then hauled ass to the other side of the library, trying to pretend he hadn't just completely embarrassed himself.
  15. The boy was sweet, his voice was kind, it made Rex pop a friendly smile at such behavior. He was strong too, even for his size, slowly raising to her feet her eyebrows shot up with surprise.

    Tilting her head to the side at his astonishment, honest it was weird, the fear was normal and that she was use to but the awe. Frowning faintly when he blundered around for words, Rex had never seen anyone behave this way around her, not unless she was about to hurt them.

    Turning she watches him flee from her sight and presence, "That was weird."

    Shrugging casually to herself she returned to her scrolls, pooling over their context happily, and once finished she began to gently gather them into her arms.


    A sharp pain rang through the back of her skull, arching from her spine to both her temples. Grunting sharply she tired not to sway as everything went dark for just a moment. When her eyes opened once more she was knelt down the scrolls still tucked safely in her arms.

    Rex didn't feel any different, she also had no idea how long she had been like that, her senses were out of sorts and she couldn't feel her tongue. However that didn't mean she couldn't comprehend what was going on, or what she was seeing.

    On the library floor in front of her she notices small splotches of red, it looked strange to her, the floors were not red.

    Is that blood?

    That's when she felt the warm sticky feeling in her hair, drawing one hand from the scrolls she lifted it to her head.


    Crying out in fear she did her best not to drop the scriptures. Points! There were points sticking out of her hair, sharp ones too.


    Crying out for the man she scrambled to her feet, depositing the scrolls onto a nearby table. Something was weird, something was wrong, scrambling in the direction she had gone she did her best not to stumble into any other shelves or bang into anything.
  16. He was already there.

    Dmitri held out a hand, grasping her shoulder to keep her from falling. "Easy, easy." He looked around at the blood, exhaled, and pulled up a chair. "Sit down." There was something new in his voice now -- Rex had never heard him sound sincerely worried before. He led her to the chair and then looked over his shoulder. The pink haired boy was standing a few yards away, frozen in fear.

    "Sonny, Le Dragon Rouge. Now!" he barked. The boy nodded and sprinted off towards the back room. Should Rex's eyes follow him, she'd notice someone standing at the edge of the room.

    Damien's expression was unreadable. He studied the girl as if he could see straight through to her soul. He knew what was happening. He did. But he didn't understand why. Horns weren't terribly common, even among the higher ranking devils. They were usually only seen on royalty... And his hadn't grown in yet.

    He met Rex's eye for a brief moment before turning and disappearing once again into his study.

    Sonny came running back with a thick, heavy book. It was bound in demon hide, its cover boasting the title "Le Dragon Rouge." The Red Dragon. He laid the book on the table and Dmitri turned to it. "Horns," he muttered. "Growing in far before their time, at that." He was speaking to himself now, rapidly flipping through pages. "How are you feeling?" he asked without looking at her.
  17. Rex trusted the librarian, and thay was something very special, the girl didn't trust anyone, it kept her safe and secure, however she trusted him. Letting him guide her about she ambled back into the chair, seating herself carefully.

    Everything was odd, the world was swimming before her eyes and the voices sounded strange, but she could see clearer then ever. Leaning back slightly her head swiveled around the area, she found the boy as he rushed away.

    "What's happeneing?"

    Slurring her words slowly, she wiggled her tongue around in her mouth, it felt so weird to speak right now. Watching the boy return with a strange book she couldn't reconize, Rex gave a slight groan of pain.

    Lifting her fingers gently to her head she tried not to touch the begining of her horns, but she wanted to touch them at the same time. Feeling eyes on her, Rex turned her expression, her odd colored eyes falling on Damien.

    What was he stareing at?

    "Dmitri what is happening?"

    He wanted to know how she was feeling? She didn't care how she was feeling, she just wanted to know what was happening!
  18. "I think you already know the answer to that, my child." Dmitri sounded older than ever.

    "This book is an index of all recorded afflictions known to demon-kind. Right now I'm trying to find an entry on..." He hesitated. "Premature horn growth."

    Inside, his mind was racing. The girl. She wasn't a complete devil - there was succubus blood coursing through her veins. Surely that couldn't affect her horn growth? And how could she even GROW horns? They were reserved as a mark of royalty. Briefly, the thought that she might be an illegitimate child of Lucifer's passed his mind. Was that even possible? It would explain why he favored her so much. But it wasn't likely. After the death of his first wife, he had sworn himself away from... such things.

    The small boy, Sonny, handed Rex a damp cloth. "Here. For the blood." He was already at work, mopping up the blood that stained the floor.

    "Rex, do you want me to call a physician?" Dmitri asked.
  19. Rex didn't understand, horns? That was impossible, granted her father was a devil, a rather powerful one at that, but being a cross breed should have kept this from happening, right? Her eyes turned to the floor, her mother didn't have horns, no one else she knew had horns, and silently she wondered.

    "Mother said when I was born, father was going to execute me for being a woman, but he couldn't because a friend of mothers, the seer I told you about, said I was special. Perhaps I am just growing at a faster rate? "

    Lifting her gaze up to Dmitri she looked just as confused as everyone felt, and for a moment, for the first time for anyone to see, she looked afraid.

    "Can it be stopped? Is there a way to keep this from happeninf, the others already despise me, if I have horns..."

    She looked away, toward the boy, how kind. Reaching out her fingers brushed the rag and at the same ment pain washed through her again, the same spike from spine to temple. Growling she yanked her hand back to cover her face with her hands, body folding in on itself she whined in pain.

    " even if it can't be stopped, is there anything I can do for the pain."

    Rex's words we're pained and her jaw was clenched, but as her sentence continued she began to grow dizzy her words soft and slurred at the end. This pain was unlike anything she'd felt before, and honestly she just wanted it to stop.
  20. "I... I don't know. I'm going to talk to some of my colleagues, see if they've ever heard of such a thing. And I'm going to keep researching, don't you worry - "

    "It can't be stopped." Damien's dark voice cut off the librarian mid-sentence. "The horns. Once they begin growing they'll continue to grow until they've reached full size." He was leaning against the wall, staring at Rex through narrowed eyes. "If you really don't want them, you can always file them down." He took a drag from the cigarette in his hand. "Except you'd die."

    "Keep an eye on her, Sonny," Dmitri said to his petrified assistant before shuffling off to find some more books. As he left, he shot Damien a warning look.

    Damien shrugged it off, taking long, lazy strides over to the second-in-command of all of Hell. Damn, that phrase stuck in him like an arrow. "You're in pain," he said simply, expressionlessly.
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