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  1. Well hello everybody! I'm at it again, on the prowl for my next victim, (oh!) I mean my next play mate! This time I have a REAL treat for you!

    Please put your hands together and welcome to the stage Miss. Rex Maximus!

    That's right folks, Miss. Maximus is in commision, don't mind her lack of detail it will all be revealed soon! Now come on down, if you think your brave enough and have a play date with Lucifers favorite General.

    ☆What I Am Searching For☆
    I am currently on the look out for someone to play the glorious Prince of Hell, and by that I do not mean Lucifer, though I may be convinced(see details at bottom.)

    I am currently looking for the Son of Lucifer, and you know what that means! Sorry ladies but I'm seeking a Male companion for this one.

    So what is it I'm exsactly looking for? Easy a male who is willing to be part of a supernatural story between Lucifers right hand and his son.

    ☆Availability/Response Time☆
    I like to personally post responses twice to three times a day and spuradically in the evenings. I work a 10 hour job so bare with me please.

    I do not expect the same from anyone, but if you are to be vacant for more then 3 days I would like a notice, I don't need a reason for absence should you return. However if you are gone 7+ days without notice the story will be moved to the bottom of my to do list as I will have assumed you have quit on me.

    ☆Story Plot☆

    Simple, Rex has taken the princes spot, what should have been his title now belongs to a woman, a rather great dishonor.

    I'm this demonic era women are highly frowned upon, first born sons are wanted. Female demons don't have as much power, rights, or advantages as the males and are often tossed aside or used for simple breeding. The strongest of the females are generally pawned off to wealthy strong sons to produce even stronger heirs.

    However Rex was a special case and now holds the highest titles umong men. This of course doesn't sit particularly well with the royal family or with the other demons.

    ☆The Prince☆

    As the prince you can decide how he feels, acts and generally who he is.

    ☆Rex Maximus☆

    Half succubus Half Devil (a type of demon) Rex is large in stature and brutishly strong. However this does not mean she is unintellegent, which is clearly not the case as she has shown she can be just as wise as the scollars.

    Rex holds a strong dislike for the prince, though she has never actually met him.

    However she knows she was chosen above him as the right hand and as Lucifers personal guard, which is enough to make her certain she is better then he is. Openly mocking the boy she only shows respect to his tutors, trainers and of course she holds her tongue in front of Lucifer. Lucifer has gotten after her a couple times for being disrespectful.

    ☆How I'd like this Done☆

    I would like to do this under, Adventure, Romance or in Pms. I'll give you the choice to pick one of the two.

    If you plan to make this a more mature theme at any point, you must be 18+ those who are under 18 will be confined to strict PG-13 where all mature content will be skipped entirely.

    Please message me with "Rex OOC" somewhere in the message, if you wish to apply, have questions or ideas.

    ☆Lucifer and Rex☆
    If you can successfully convince me to make this between Lucifer and Rex the details above are all meaningless to you.

    If I'm feeling generous I will do this pairing simply if you ask nicely. It won't be difficult to convince me if you can answer one of these three questions, one of which pertains to another question, correctly. OR can give me a reasonable answer as to why it should be Lucifer.

    Here are your questions:
    1) What is another name for Lucifer, used in the Bible.

    2) Do you know what Satan and Me by Orangeplum is?
    3) Which brother does Lucifer hate most in Satan and Me?

    If you can answer these, if I'm feeling generous, or if you can give me a satasfactory enough answer as to why it should be Lucifer I will be more then happy to descuss the details with you.

    Thanks for stopping, I'm super excited to start a story with you!!!
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