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  1. Kallisto (open)

    Kallisto, just as her name means that she is the most beautiful she also is said to have been the most beautiful woman in ancient greek. Many men proposed to her everyday but none was ever accepted by her, she had already fallen in love with a man. When that man finally proposed to her she said yes even though her father told her she couldn’t take that man as her husband. They prepared to run away together because they knew that they couldn’t be together if they stayed where they were.

    They had decided a place they would meet, it would be in the middle of the night so no one would notice that they had disappeard before morning. But at the night that Kallisto were walking to meet her beloved she met someone else on the way. It was Lucifer, but in that time of history he was named Hades. Some people would maybe say they aren’t the same but it just different names and a different story of the same person. He didn’t mind that humans changed his name, or that they didn’t know what he was, as long as they feared him it didn’t matter.

    Ofcourse Kallisto became afraid of this stranger and screamed for her beloved to come and save her from the God of death. Hades had taken a liking to Kallisto and watched her many times from the underworld, now he felt anger and hate because she screamed another mans name so he killed that man in front of her eyes. Then he kidnapped Kallisto to the underworld where she could stay young and immortal forever.

    First she rejected him in all possible ways but then she seemed to lighten up, just as Hades thought she actually would become his and he stopped watching over her all the time Kallisto commited suicide. Because she commited suicide her soul should have come to hell but before that when she had been able to be alone she asked of the Gods to save her soul and let her be reborn in a new life. Hades had waited for her soul a long time before he realised that it wouldn’t come, and then it didn’t take long before he knew that her soul would be reborn.

    The problem was that he had no idea when or where she would be reborn, he wouldn’t even know what she looked like. He had to keep an eye on every human soul on earth untill his beloved came back to life, then he would use all his powers to get her back to him again. It took over 3000 years before he found the right soul, and this time he had decided not to lose it.<o:p></o:p>


    Kayle (open)

    Kayle walked on the street, she noticed immediately that people were staring at her, but she were so used to it by now so she didn’t care to much. Her family had just moved in to a new town so people weren’t used to her around there. Of some reason people were always like that when she came to knew places, they stared at her like if they had never seen a living person in their whole life. Guys confessed their love to her all the time, she usualy got at least one confession a week. At least in the town she lived in before, now when they had moved and no one knew her they all wanted to come closer to her as fast as possible. A lot of guys even broke up with their girlfriends just to confess to her or they confessed to her while they had a girlfriend. The girls often glared at her, sometimes out of jealusy because of how she looked and sometimes because their boyfriends flirted wih her.

    She couldn’t understand why people thought she looked so good, Kaylee thought she looked very ordinary. She didn’t know that she were the reincarnation of Kallisto, it wasn’t just Kallisto’s looks that had been beautiful, it was also her soul.

    Kayle thought back on when she had been living in their old home in that other town. The guys had just stopped trying to make her go out with her, it had taken her years to make everyone calm down around her. Before she had moved away there had only been a confession a week, maybe less sometimes, and the girls finally stopped seeing her as a threat even though there were still jealusy in the way they looked at her. When she finally had made some really good friends that didn’t think of her as a bother or as a future girlfriend then she were forced to move. She wasn’t happy with her parents because now she would be forced to do all that work all over again to get a somewhat normal life.

    She went in to a café and bought a cup of tea, then she sat down at one of the tables outside. A man that passed her kept his eyes on her even after he had passed her so he didn’t se where he were walking. It ended with him walking right in to a lamp post. Kayle couldn’t help but giggle about it even though she felt a bit bad for the man. He recovered fast though and started to walk again and this time he kept his eyes on the road.
  2. Lucifer, the name he'd grown quiet fond of as the world above him seemed to cower about at all times. He sat, the flames of hell forever surrounding him, as he watched on. Before him, the fragile mirror that glanced over the world, held the image of a young girl. The embodiment of the woman he had so fallen for. Housing the soul he so longed for.

    He watched on now, chin resting on his head. Eyes set ablaze as he schemed out a plan that would win her heart. Though each set of action was more vulgar and violent than the last. He was a being not meant for the gentile, human approach to things. And over the centuries he basked in that honesty. For he felt the human race to be far below him, and none, besides his beloved Kallisto, could match his beauty.

    With a snort, and a puff of smoke to follow, he switched his position. Legs now crossed in a gentlemanly manor, hands on the arm rest, and his back flat against the chairs back. He stared down at the mirror. His patience failing him as always. He wanted her, and he wanted her now. Previous events played back through his mind, causing him to growl as he jumped to her feet and stomp through the corridors of hell.

    The soul he so longed for was human. No matter how he tried to parade around the thought, it's what she was and so he came to a decision. He would act as she does. Human.

    Sighing, he ran his hand through his, now dark brown hair. The rest of his body following suit, as he took the form of a mortal being.
  3. Kayle sat at the table for a long time, she didn't really do anything and she weren't going to meet anyone. She just thought it felt good to just sit there and think, ofcourse men started to talk to her all the time but she made them disappear by telling them that she were waiting for her boyfriend. Ofcourse it was a lie, everyone just wanted her for her beauty and never for who she were. Instead of looking at the inside they were all just looking at the outside, it was so irritating. If she could find a man that liked her for being her and not because he liked the way she looked then she would probably be able to like him.

    The sun started to go down and she realised that it would be better to go home before it would become dark. It was still almost two hours before it would be totaly dark but she couldn't know if something would come in her way on the way home that would make her become late. That's why she always started to walk home some hours before it would get dark so she would have a lot of time. She almost always got stopped on the way home by some admirers which made her stop and she often needed to talk to them for a bit to be able to make them leave her alone.

    She rose from her seat and started to walk towards the lake, even though it was a longer way home to follow the lake it was a much more beautiful view than going in the city. Then it was the second reason that there walked less people there, especially in the evening. It was mostly couples that sat and admired the sunset when it were time for it. Even though the most guys with girlfriends also turned to look at her they would never think about confessing or talk to her while their girlfriend were there.

    But this day there weren't any people around at all, that felt wonderful that she didn't need to meet anyone that would look at her or confess their feelings without even knowing her. But there was a long way so she could never know when she would meet someone or who she would meet if she met someone.
  4. Lu walked through the flames, listening to the screams of mortal souls, mixing with the laughter of his demons. It took some time before he found a portal to the human realm, only to be stopped before reaching it. A demon with a snare look, the typical discription. Horns, tail (tails in this case). Mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, and claws that quickly reached for the dark god in human form.

    "Where do you think you're going mortal?" The beast snarled out. His voice deep and raspy as he made an attempt to dig his claws deep into the mans flesh.

    Letting out a scoff of irritation at the lower being, Lucifer simply glared at him. His body wasn't harmed by the demons attempt. If anything the beast's attempt at harm had backfired. It's hand quickly catching fire, a scorching flame that soon engulfed the creature whole. It let out pleading cries, begging for forgiveness to it's great lord. Snorting at the demon as he writhed in pain, Lucifer stepped over him. Leaving him to burn until he decided to put the flames out. Which was likely to never happen.

    He stepped down into the portal, clothes wrapping around his nude body before he emerged on the other side. The scent of fresh clean air almost making him gag as he noticed the setting sun. Thankfully he'd come about in an area where there were very little people to witness his random appearance from beneath the surface of the water.
  5. The sunset were very beautiful even for someone like her that never had a romance in her whole life. Sometimes now and then she stopped just to look at the pink, and on some places yellow sky, it made her feel warm on the inside. Why couldn't she have someone to share a moment in the sunset with? A sight escaped her lips, it wasn't fair, why couldn't she have someone that cared for her? Instead of all those guys that only cared for her body.

    She stopped thinking about it, it was such depressing thoughts. Instead her thoughts went on the assignment she had in school that were going to be done by monday, it was almost a more depressing thought. She had barely started on the assignment and it wasn't that many days left to monday. She never learned that she needed to start with those kind of things early.

    After some more minutes of walking she noticed a well looking man on the trail just beside the lake, he could have been a movie star or a super model as good as he looked. She almost thought that he weren't really human, that's how hot she thought he were. But she wouldn't judge a person on how they looked because she had lived her whole life with people doing that to her. Just because he were good looking didn't mean he were nice. She would probably not talk to him anyways, they would just pass eachother and then they would never see eachother again. Maybe he would talk to her to tell her how beautiful she were, many guys did that. But someone as good looking as him should be immune against her looks. So they would probably just pass eachother and then it would be over, a fast look would be all there ever was.
  6. He let out a small sigh, running his hand through his hair as it lay over his eyes. This style wasn't one he was use to, and it would take some time for him to get use to it. He trudged forward through the small thick of tree's, ignoring the small world around him. It's only been a few mere seconds and he was already tired of being there. Humans were a race of beings he'd never get use to. With that thought running through his head, he took a step back. Rolling his eyes at the small bit of laughter and giggles that could be heard from the other side of the lake. Scowling, he reminded himself why he was here. One women, driving him to act as a human would.

    Hands in his pockets, and eyes down, he began forward again. Stopping once he'd reached the path and looked around. Amazingly, he found himself a bit dumb founded as his beloved approached. Though it didn't remain more than a few seconds. It was the perfect chance to take her, and simply drag her back to the flaming depths with him. Anyone with complaints were sitting on the opposite side. Each with a dark secret that could mean there end if they tried to stop him.

    Instead he let a charming smile grace his lips as he looked over at her. Once again he tried to think of what to do, or say in this case. Pushing back every dark idea as he finally approached her. "Um, excuse me. But do you know how to get to..." With a pause, he stuffed his hand into his pocket, pulling out a random piece of paper that had appeared there as of his own will. "Uh, the Hôtel Fantaisie--" Pausing, a small chuckle escaping him as he shook his head. "I'm sorry, I probably said that so wrong." Instead he showed her the paper, a picture of a large hotel on it. The address and name written across the bottom. "Do you know where this place is. I kinda started walking around and I guess I got a little loss."
  7. She got quite the fright when she noticed that the man approached her, mostly because she hadn't expected him to start getting closer. He had a pretty charming smile on his lips, if it weren't for that she would probably have ignored him. He started to talk and it sounded like he were lost, he didn't know at first what he were searching after so he started to search after a paper in her pocket. Kayle started to giggle at his mispronounciation, but stopped herself fast so he wouldn't feel offended. She knew what hotel it were even before he showed her the picture.

    "Yeah I know where it is, you must have gotten really lost if you came to this place, that hotel is on the other side of town." She told him, it would take almost fourty minutes walk to get there. "I can walk you there so you don't get lost again." She sugested and smiled, if she did that she would probably get home just before it got dark, but she didn't mind.
  8. "Oh my," he chuckled, nervously scratching the back of his head. Amazed that such a simple, human, thing was working for him so well. Maintaining his calm and charming composure he simply shook his head at her. "Maybe I'm a bit old fashion, but there's something about having a girl walk alone anywhere that I'm not comfortable with. I'd rather walk you somewhere than you walk me all the way to the other side of town, then all the way back by yourself." With a shrug, he returned the paper to his pocket. Leaving his hand there as he smiled at her once more.

    "Of course I'm not saying I'll walk you anywhere if you don't want me to. I am still kind of a stranger to you. Though, that being as it may. I'd rather you just give me the directions back and we go our separate ways for the night." Again he ran his fingers through his hair. Brushing the bangs that he was so unused to, out of his eyes.
  9. She were a bit worried about leaving him to walk all the way by himself, if he already were this lost would he then be able to get himself to the other side of town even with her giving him directions? "I can write down the directions on a paper for you, it's probably a bit hard to remember everything if you just hear it." She suggested and took forth a pen and a notebook from her bag. It took about a minute to get the direction down on paper and she read it threw a couple of time so she could be certain that it weren't any mistakes.

    "Here you go" She said and gave him the paper. "Are you certain that you can make it there on your own?" She asked just to make sure so he didn't think he would get lost again.
  10. Lucifer took a deep breath as he watched her, tired of putting on the perfect face. Though far from tired of looking at her. With a soft smile he took the paper from her, looking it over for a short amount of time before returning it to his pocket. "I'll be fine, thanks. Have a good evening," he grinned at her, taking a few steps past her. He turned around mid step, beginning to speak before changing his mind. He began to wonder if he was being to pushy, or perhaps not pushy enough. After centuries and centuries of watching the humans interact, it was much more difficult than he'd thought.

    Normally going out and tempting the humans was left to the demons that he felt could better handle themselves here. Only coming up himself if he was searching for something, or was called on to do a sort of "mass extinction" of the kind. Shaking his head, he put his hand up in a wave as he turned back around and walked on.
  11. Kayle looked a little worried at him as he passed her but then sighted, she shouldn't be so worried by a stranger. If he went wrong again then he would just be able to ask someone else for directions. "Don't get lost again." She told him before he had gotten to far away to hear what she said. She wondered a little how long he would stay in town, would she see him again? She wanted to see him at least one more time so that she could ask him if he found the right way.

    She started to walk home again, even less people were out now, actually she couldn't see a single soul. It wasn't that late, why had everyone disappeared all of a sudden? Then she heard two people laugh, she turned her head towards the sound and noticed a woman and a man walking away from there. It sounded like they were talking about that it started to get colder, maybe that was why everyone had left. Kayle hadn't noticed that it had gotten colder, but when she thought about it she felt that the wind were a bit cold. Nothing seemed to get in her way as she walked home and she went to the bathroom to take a bath as fast as she entered the house. It was hard to try getting out of the bathtub when she knew that it would get could as fast as she left the water but in the end she rose up from the bath and dried herself before putting on clothes. Afterwards she ate her dinner and then she weren't in the mood for anything else than going to bed.

    The next day she didn't go to school, but to trick her mother she still went outside. If she would go to school all the guys would just chase her around, it was so irritating and she just couldn't stand it at the moment. But her parents would only tell her to get to school if she stayed home, she needed to be deathly sick if they would allow her to stay home. So instead of staying at home or going to school she went around in different chops. It was really boring because the most people were in school or at work. She wasn't used to skipping classes and it went against her morals and principles. But sometimes now and then she got enough of those jerks that chased her around and asked her out all the time, even she needed a break now and then.
  12. Lucifer spent his evening back in hell. Unsure of where to go when there was real no room waiting for him back at that hotel. The demons all crowded around him as he returned, some assuming he was another human soul. Damned for all eternity. But his menacing eyes, and deathly glare sent them all soon packing. Realizing they were toying about with the wrong man. Growling to himself, he kneeled before another portal. Staring down into it as he summoned an image of Kayle up. Watching her as she slept. He glared at the image, wanting nothing more than to make her his as soon as possible. Playing the waiting game was of no real interest to him. Images of the his beloved flashed through his mind, reminding him why he had to do it right for once.

    The god stepped through the portal, ending up in the water once more as he made his way back down the path. The sun was soon to be rising, and he needed to be some where to meet the girl. At some point in the day he'd probably create some mayhem, stealing the souls of whom so ever he wished. But as their weren't many people out, and he needed to keep an innocent appearance, he refrained himself. Walking down the street, his hands tucked in his pockets as he glazed around. As he walked pass a cross walk, he ran his hands over the buttons, the insides frying themselves and malfunctioning as all the lights turned green. It took some time, but as he continued walking. Taking a stop on the next block, he watched a car rush past him. Soon hearing the crash, as it slammed into another smaller car. Grinning to himself, he continued down the street, not bothering to look back.

    Of course not, he could hear the souls scream. One in particular, as it was dragged to the dark depths. To be embraced by the flames, the pain and torment. A soft chuckle escaped his lips as the thought ran through his mind.
  13. Kayle sat at a café and took an early lunch, not because any of her friends or family would call a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies a lunch. But she didn't feel that hungry and she could always make up for it by eating more to dinner. The café had a small TV and the news were on, first it wasn't anything special so she didn't pay attention to what they were saying but then suddenly she heard that they talked about a car accident. She turned her head so that she would be able to hear and see it better, it was just some hours earlier that there had been a car accident where three people had died. It wasn't that far away from where she were either, Kayle felt how she were loosing her appetite.

    Those poor people, their families must be devastated by the news. She fast finished her coffee and left the last cookie there. Maybe she were to sensitive, people died every day after all. But it felt more horrible if it were closer to her, it could be someone she knew. The chance was small because she just got to a new city and hadn't got to know that many yet but the fear of it being someone close to her were still there.

    She walked out of the café and started to walk aimlessly, sometimes now and then she stopped to look threw the shop windows to see if they had anything interesting. She soon noticed that she had started to walk towards the place where the accident had occurred. They had probably gotten rid of the cars and the bodies by now so it wouldn't do anything to take that way but she still felt a shiver going down her spine when she thought of going on the same road where people just had died. Instead she started to walk in to the opposite direction. She really didn't know what to do, she couldn't go home and she didn't want to go to school. But going around lonely was very boring.

    She were almost about to give up and actually go to school so that she at least had some people to talk to even though they would just drool over her. Not because it was different outside, she noticed people all the time that starred at her but she tried to ignore them. If she hadn't seen the guy from the other day she would have probably just walked back to the school.

    "Hey, it's you. The lost guy." She said smiling. Maybe not the best opening but she were just glad to have found someone that she maybe could talk with for a bit so that she wouldn't need to feel so bored. "Did you find the hotel yesterday?" She asked him.
  14. He walked on for some time longer, paying little attention to the others around him. He felt he would be wondering around aimlessly for a few more hours. Looking around for something to do, or at least someone easy to toy with. Instead, he soon heard a familiar voice from behind him. Peeking over his shoulder to see Kayle standing there. "Well good morning," he grinned at her. His morning going well after having causing the death of two innocents, and one not so innocent. He was in a very good mood.

    Turning to face her, he crossed his arms, a small slouch as he looked at her. "I did finally make it, yes. But as you can see I'm wondering about again now. So I'm sure I'll get lost some time later tonight." He chuckled, taking a few steps closer to her.
  15. "You should have payed more attention during the physical education lessons, if you had then maybe you wouldn't get lost." She said while laughing. "I don't think I got to hear your name yesterday. I'm Kayle." She said still smiling. It was nice to finally meet someone that didn't drool over her or tried to get her in to bed, he hadn't seemed weird at all when he talked to her the other day and it didn't seem like he would change that now. He were so different from the other guys she met all the time, everyone else almost attacked her with questions of what type of guy she liked and if she wanted to date them and such, but he hadn't even given her his name yet.
  16. "Now what would P.E. have done for me in this situation. It would get me lost faster if anything. As I'd have the stamina to run everywhere." He laughed, shrugging his shoulders. "Not that I couldn't do it anyway." He seemed to be rocking on his heels, mostly out of boredom as they stood and talked. "Oh, Kayle, that's a cute name. I'm Luke, but everyone just calls me Lu."

    A simple lie was his only relief right now as he played innocent. Only thinking of ways to get what he wanted as quickly as possible. With her it was all different though, forcing him to be patient and do things correctly. With a small mental sigh, he turned back around. "Walk with me," he said, motioning for the girl to follow after him as he went exploring through town.
  17. She chuckled a little at his comment, she noticed that he were rocking a little on his heels, maybe he were bored or maybe he were restless. "Luke, I am your father." She said with a dark voice as they started to walk. That was actually the only thing she knew from star wars, she had never seen the movies, only clips from some scenes in the movie. "I guess you hear that line a lot." She then continued with a giggle.

    "So what are you doing in this city? Vacation? Work?" She couldn't really tell if Lu were a student or not, he could still be in high school and it was possible that he went in university, but he also looked old enough to work. She couldn't even guess how old he were, either it felt as he got to young or to old when she tried to guess.
  18. He chuckled at her attempted pun, knowing only a few phrases from the actual movie itself. Only because the man who made them had mate his fate in the flames. Smiling softly he looked over his shoulder down at her, "No actually. I think you're the first." In reality that was true as well, though he was sure that those who's name was truly Luke, would have heard it far more than he. Not caring for the thought, he shrugged it off. Unconcerned with the doings of bully's or strange teenagers.

    "Oh, it's work. Business trip actually. Not one I really wanted to take part in though. So that's why I have to time to just go and get lost," he laughed, shrugging. At the time he had little to say. It was early, and not nearly enough people for him to cause some chaos without it being obvious that he was doing something. "So what about you? Place seems to shallow for someone like you."
  19. It felt a bit weird that no one had told him that, at least when he were in school it should have happened once or twice around friends. Maybe he were a lucky person and just happened to be around people that didn't say things like that. But still, to never having someone say that to him, it was a bit weird. It was even weirder that she where on a business trip and still wasn't working at the moment. But he probably had his reasons.

    "My parents just moved here and they took me with them. So now I'm going in school here. Which actually is like hell, I liked my previous school better than this one." She told him, she had almost confessed to him that it was like hell because all the guys tried to ask her out all the time and she got a lot of love letters from guys she didn't know. But she wasn't even certain if he would understand it, he didn't seem to look at her as the other guys did. Which was a good thing, she didn't want him or anyone else to look at her like everyone usually did. The only reason she liked her previous school better was because they were used to her, and all the guys had already been rejected so many times so the most of the guys didn't even try to talk to her and just admired her from far away instead. Now when she were in a new school everyone tried to ask her out. It would probably take weeks before it even started to turn down a bit.
  20. "Don't most people prefer their old schools. Don't have to start all over somewhere you've been most of your life. I'm sure you'll do fine though." He grinned at the girl, stopping for a second as they came to another stop light. He looked about out of boredom, noticing a demon of his trailing a man. Taking interest in it, he smiled at the girl, taking her hand. "Come on, I want to show you something I found." He grinned, making up lies so he could entertain himself as they followed after the demon that was hopefully soon to create chaos and death.

    He pulled her through what seemed to be an abandoned building, running up the steps. The top of the building would give a great view of the city, and even more so of the man being led to his death not to far below. "Look," he smiled as they reached the top, pointing out the scenery while his eyes scanned the ground for the demon.