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  1. View attachment 8207 Kallisto, just as her name means that she is the most beautiful she also is said to have been the most beautiful woman in ancient greek. Many men proposed to her everyday but none was ever accepted by her, she had already fallen in love with a man. When that man finally proposed to her she said yes even though her father told her she couldn’t take that man as her husband. They prepared to run away together because they knew that they couldn’t be together if they stayed where they were.

    They had decided a place they would meet, it would be in the middle of the night so no one would notice that they had disappeard before morning. But at the night that Kallisto were walking to meet her beloved she met someone else on the way. It was Lucifer, but in that time of history he was named Hades. Some people would maybe say they aren’t the same but it just different names and a different story of the same person. He didn’t mind that humans changed his name, or that they didn’t know what he was, as long as they feared him it didn’t matter.

    Ofcourse Kallisto became afraid of this stranger and screamed for her beloved to come and save her from the God of death. Hades had taken a liking to Kallisto and watched her many times from the underworld, now he felt anger and hate because she screamed another mans name so he killed that man in front of her eyes. Then he kidnapped Kallisto to the underworld where she could stay young and immortal forever.

    First she rejected him in all possible ways but then she seemed to lighten up, just as Hades thought she actually would become his and he stopped watching over her all the time Kallisto commited suicide. Because she commited suicide her soul should have come to hell but before that when she had been able to be alone she asked of the Gods to save her soul and let her be reborn in a new life. Hades had waited for her soul a long time before he realised that it wouldn’t come, and then it didn’t take long before he knew that her soul would be reborn.

    The problem was that he had no idea when or where she would be reborn, he wouldn’t even know what she looked like. He had to keep an eye on every human soul on earth untill his beloved came back to life, then he would use all his powers to get her back to him again. It took over 3000 years before he found the right soul, and this time he had decided not to lose it.

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    View attachment 8208 Kayle walked in to the school building, once again all the guys were starring at her. She had started in that school just a week ago and her new classmates and all the other people on school had a hard time getting used to her. Wherever she went it was the same, guys always asked her out because she was so beautiful and pure. Sometimes her friends had even called her Kallisto, the most beautiful. It was from a legend about a woman that got kidnapped by Hades, but got saved by her beloved in the end. No human knew that the story didn’t end as beautiful as it did in their version of the story.

    Kayle opened her locker, she knew it, another love letter was in her locker. But this time it at least was just one, the other day it had been three. She turned eighteen just some days ago and it seemed like the admirers had become more ever since, like some switch had been pulled and she had reached a new stage of beauty after she turned eighteen. It was a bit ridiculous to think that and it even made her chuckle a litle. She wouldn’t get a boyfriend, it would just complicate her life. And even if she got one she wouldn’t know if he liked her for her beauty or for who she was. She didn’t trust guys enough. <o:p></o:p>
  2. photo.jpg Lucifer trailed his fingers down the soft blood-red coverlet. An uncharacteristic smile appeared on his face as the evidence of his success glowed brightly before him. The clear crystal ball with its unassuming golf-ball size beckoned to him to take a second look. Inside shows a hazy and flickering image of a woman, beautiful beyond repute. It was like watching a video behind a clouded thick glass.

    No, he will not. Soon, he'll have the real thing right where he wants her to be. Here, on this bed, on this room so different from the other parts of his world. Behind the closed heavily gilded gold doors, lies a bedroom which had not been opened for 3000 years. As he surveyed the familiar place, memories came to him one by one.

    "Please let me go!"
    "I'd rather die than love you!"

    He had lost her once. Never again would he make the same mistake. Never again would a woman best him. He will have what he wants. He will have her.

    For so many years he have searched for her. Everyday, he walked around The Lake, seeking for a familiar face, a familiar soul. Everyday, the ball remained lifeless. His anger and frustration built up until the cave-like place he lived in started to shake every few minutes in some days. Then suddenly, the crystal glowed, as brightly as it did when it first tasted the blood of its designated owner. And then he saw her. Her golden locks which he remembered to be so soft as he buried his fingers on it were now replaced by long dark strands. Her face is a little more angular now and her skin a shade darker. But still as beautiful as she had been in the past.

    So here he is now, dressed in Earth clothes. His marks are well-hidden by magic. He was now ready to retrieve his bride. But now, he'll make sure that it'll be forever.

    He took the ball from it's resting place on the bed. With a gentle touch, the ball took the form a necklace. After securing it around his neck, he strode out of the room and after a while he was before gigantic black iron gates. The Gates of Hell. Smiling faintly, he stepped forward and out of hell and straight into Earth.

    Strange smells and sounds bombarded his senses. He remained still for awhile as he let himself be acquainted with his new environment. As he opened his eyes, he saw that he was at a school. It was her school, if he remembers correctly.

    Some students stared at him. Some even stopped on their tracks. He gave them all a beatific smile, his eyes crinkling. Then, chanting under his breath, he set a spell over the whole town.

    A teacher stopped and stepped forward towards him, she had a hand extended. "Welcome to our school, Lucian Blackmoore."
  3. Kayle knew that the one that had sent her the love letter probably were somewhere close by in the stim of people walking to their lessons or checking in their lockers. That meant that she couldn't just throw the love letter away, that would be mean and rude, so she opened it. Once again it was from someone that didn't dare to tell his name, he just told her how deep his love was and how beautiful she was and one day he would let her know who he was.

    A lot of her admirer were like that, they didn't tell her who they were but they loved her deeply. How could she even try returning the feelings if they didn't even show themselves? The only thing that was worse was when they actually went to her and asked her out, especially when it was people she had only talked to one time before. She barely knew them and still they wanted to go out with her. Some men were really stupid, but she could never tell them that so she just turned them down as nicely as she could.

    One time she even had a boyfriend, it didn't last long. He only cared for her appearance, when she asked him what he like about her he just said that she was beautiful. Then she asked him what her hobbies were and some other things he should know about her, but he didn't know the answer for any of her questions. She couldn't stand that guy anymore and left him, in the beggining it had seemed like he actually cared about her but in the end he was just out after her body just like everyone else. Would she ever find a soulmate that actually could understand her and care for her?

    She sighted and put the love letter back in her locker, she could discard of it later when people wasn't around to see it. She didn't want to get rumours spread out that she was cold hearted. Then she started to walk towards her classroom. At the way she saw her math teacher, that reminded her that she needed to talk to her about getting extra lessons. She had come really far behind because she changed school in the middle of the term and her last school hadn't come as far as they had. As she got closer she noticed that there was a guy there, even if she just had gone in the school for a week she thought she already had seen all the guys, but she didn't recognise him at all. Was she showing the way for another new student?

    "Kayle, shouldn't you be on your way to the lesson?" She asked as she saw Kayle. Kayle got woken up from her thoughts
    "Yeah I was on my way but then I remembered I needed to talk to you about a thing but we can take it later you seem busy." Kayle said and glansed a litle at the guy, he was really good looking, few people on this school could compete with his looks.
  4. Lucian nodded politely as the woman beside him rattled on about the school’s system and its numerous accomplishments. He suppressed the desire to flick his fingers and say goodbye to the noise she was making. How he hated the unnecessary chatters humans seem to think is as important as the polluted air they breathe in. These mortals sometimes are so silly. He gave the teacher a smile as she looked up to him with expectation in her eyes. To what he just smiled at, he does not know and care. He still has plenty of uses for these beings. It still is not time for breaking them. Maintaining a façade of perfection is still a necessary part of his goal.

    As they reached the school grounds, he was suddenly hit to the side with something. He flinched slightly and looked for the culprit. It was a girl of medium height with curly mahogany hair and clear complexion. She was blushing and fidgeting.

    Now, it starts. He stopped himself from rolling his eyes and sighing.

    “Uhm…I’m Christine. And I think you’re hot.”
    “Thank you, Christine,” he said with a slight nod. He refused to entertain these humans. He took a step forward to continue the tour.
    “Wait! I’d like to know you better!” she called at him hurriedly.
    “Thank you, but no.”
    “Well!” The girl sputtered with indignation. He doesn’t care. She’s not important enough for him to give a damn.
    “If you will continue?” he told the professor.

    As she launched into the specialization of the school, he let his fingers touch the flower of a shrub that surrounds the sides of the field. It showed the only sign of his displeasure. The delicate petals instantly withered.

    It made him remember the day he saw Kallisto first. She had been surrounded by flowers and had been laughing at something her friend had said. The sun made her gold hair shine, forming a halo around her face. Her laughing countenance made him stop and want to reach out and touch the pureness she showed. He had been walking around his lake observing humans when the surface glinted with her image. He had his hand reaching out before it could register that it was only a projected image. His hand touched cold water and brought him back to his senses. For days, he watched her. Until he decided to have her.

    As they reached the area that was near the classrooms, he felt his necklace pulsate. His eyes widened as it signaled the closeness of the person he seeks the most.

    She’s near…

    His fingers twitched as the desire to have her filled him. Just wait. Soon he’ll have her. He could feel his heartbeat accelerating.
    As she entered his vision and walked towards them, he was mesmerized once again by her beauty. Her faded image which the ball had showed him failed to prepare him for her presence. Once again, he felt the all-consuming desire to have her, break her, possess her. It was still as strong as it had been before.

    Stop. Wait. You'll scare her.

    The teacher finally deigned to introduce them both. He nodded to her in greeting. Keep your control. Then, he made his powers do the work. He's not Lucifer for nothing.

    "Kayle, your new here too, right? Lucian just transferred today. How about you and him partner for awhile until you two get used to the school. Something like a buddy system? What do you think?"

    He fought hard not to grin.
  5. The teachers proposal wasn't that bad, they were both new and could helo eachother out. If he wasn't like all the other guys drooling over her every second ofcourse, but the way he looked he should have the same problem as she have, but with girls instead. Even though the most guys would love such a scenario, but maybe he was different. Well, she wouldn't know before she talked to him so she could try the buddy system and see how it went.

    "Nice to meet you Lucian" Kayle said with a smile and reached out a hand to shake his "I don't mind doing a buddy system thing at all, do you?" She asked him to be certain so he agreed with it.

    His reaction would help her see if he was like everyone else or not, the most guys confessed their love for her already at this stage and even if they didn't they got embarrased and weren't able to talk or did something weird that showed that they liked her to much. Something inside her almost hoped that Lucian wouldn't be like them, that he would stay calm and treat her as everybody else. She was tired of being so different, you could be loved to much and she had experienced that many times. Especially at valentines day.

    Every year she got tons of valentines cards, chocolate boxes and stuffed animals. She were never able to eat all the chocolate so the most of it got thrown away or given to friends, she didn't have any place to put the stuffed animals so she often gave them away to kids, and there were no reasons for her to keep every valentine card she got so they always got thrown away as fast as she got home. Valentines day was the worst day at the year for her. The worst thing was all the guys that asked her out on a date to valentines day that she needed to reject.

    But now it wasn't valentines day and she didn't need to worry about those things, now she only needed to worry about Lucian, how would he treat her?
  6. Take her. Claim her.
    Make her yours. Make her want you as much as you want her.
    She's so near...Just a word, and she'll be yours...

    For a minute, Lucian savored the whispering of his innermost desires. So tempting. So enticing.

    He could almost imagine the feel of soft skin beneath his hands, the sweet smell that could make even the Master of Hell groan, the cries of pleas and mercy that sound like symphony to his ears. An image of her eyes soft with supplication, so unlike what she had shown him before, was almost enough to make him grab her and drag her with him to hell.

    But as he gazed at her surreptitiously, her different face, different soul made him remember things he would rather forget. Her tearful face. Her eyes full of hatred. Her lifeless eyes. Her smile forever gone. The day he discovered her once warm body turn blue and cold will forever be etched in his mind. It was the day he discovered his vulnerability. That day the Lord of Darkness discovered that he had a heart.

    For days, his heart ached up to the point that he rued the moment The Lake showed her face and changed his life forever. For days, he felt pain. For days, Hell wept. Until he discovered that her soul would be reborn once again. And then he had searched and plotted for this day. And he refuses to lose her again because of his inability to control himself.

    His emotions well in check, he kept up his look of politeness and his air of detachment. This was only the beginning. No need to rush. First, the seduction. Next, the temptation. Then, the corruption. And lastly, the claiming.

    One step at a time.

    "I don't at all, Kayle. Getting to know the school with you would be quite...interesting," he told her in a smooth voice, keeping his tone well modulated, not showing any of the turbulent feelings he had been feeling.

    "Well, that's great!" The teacher clapped her hands together with a smile. "I've got papers to sign, exams to check and students to scare so I'll leave you two youngsters alone." And with that, the woman left, with her vigor and her noise.

    Lucian looked at Kayle with raised eyebrows. Now what?
  7. Kayle were carefully observing his reaction, he was calm and didn't show the signs the most others showed her when they first met. He was different from the other guys she had met so far threw life, maybe she actually could enjoy being with this guy if he were the only one who didn't walk around drooling over her.

    Then to her surprise the teacher left them alone all of a sudden, Kayle thought that she would walk with them to the classroom at least. It made her a bit nervous, she wasn't used to being alone with a guy. Her eyes went to Lucian and she noticed that he looked at her too, she got a bit embarrased and turned her head away just to see the watch on the wall.

    "We should get to the lesson, it will start any moment." She gasped and impulsive she took Lucian's hand and starting to lead the way towards the classroom.

    It was probably because she was so used to grabbing her friends hand and start to drag her to the classroom when she noticed that they were going to be late if they didn't hurry. A habbit like that was hard to get rid of when she had done it for three years. She was so new to the school so she still hadn't get used to not having her friend there.

    Kayle had almost felt like killing her father when he told her they were going to move because of his work. The guys had almost stopped with torturing her with asking her out every second, there was just a few that didn't give up. The rest of them had asked at least three times so they had gived up long ago and just watched her from a distance, in the beginning she thought it was scary but after some time she got used to it and stopped carring about it.

    Remembering this made Kayle feel really bad, now she lived the same nightmare all over again with all the guys going after her. She had a long way to go before everyone in this new school would have asked her out.

    Suddenly she came to think of that she had taken Lucian's hand, how could she do that with a guy she just had met? Outside of the classroom she let go of his hand and almost thought about excusing herself for suddenly gripping his hand, was that really something she should be apologising for? If he minded her taking his hand he was probably the only guy in the world that did so, but he had surprised her just a moment ago so maybe he would surprise her again.

    "Sorry, I maybe was a bit pushy just now." She said as she turned around to face him. The teacher didn't seem to be in the classroom for the moment, but Kayle could see threw the door that all the students were on their seats in the classroom as she glansed in. Well the teacher they would have to this lesson was famous for stepping inside of the classroom exactly the second the lesson started.
  8. photo.jpg Lucian smirked behind her back as she reached out to touch his hand willingly. It would seem that his plan is working so far. She never did this when she was Kallisto. She never touched him on her own free will. She never gave him a soft smile. She never gave him her heart. All he got from her at that time was hatred and disgust. Not so mighty now, are you, Kallisto?

    At the same time, he could not help himself but savor this unusual moment of warmth, if only for a moment. Devils are allowed for momentary moments of weakness, after all.

    Her hand is so soft...And her skin so smooth.

    He curled his fingers around hers.

    For a man who was destined to be hated and feared from the moment of his birth, Lucian never really had a chance at human love. He had been betrayed right from the start. The parents who was supposed to be all pure and good abandoned him. All because of a prophecy. He was discarded. Well, he showed them, right? He made the dreaded divination real. He became the Lord and Master of all Evil.

    As they reached the classroom, he sensed that she was feeling a little bit conscious of her action. Before she could feel uncomfortable about it and him, he disentangled his hand from her. It would not do if she gets discomfited around him. HIs plans involves her feeling safe with him. He looked at her as if nothing strange happened.

    "Is this our room? Lead on, buddy," he tried to tease her to put her at ease, his lips curving upward.

    As they entered the classroom, a spell seemed to work on all the students. Almost all of them stopped on whatever they are doing and stared. They became the focus of attention of all 27 curious and mesmerized students.
  9. He didn't seem to think anything about what she had done, he really wasn't as all the others, he was different. Maybe he would be a good company for her, as a friend ofcourse, she wouldn't go any further with a guy she just met even if he was different and really hot. But having a guy like him as a friend maybe would scare away her admirers, in that case he would be a great help.

    As they walked in to the classroom she noticed how everyone starred, for the most it was only the guys that starred and some girls that then fast averted their eyes because they were jealuse. But now even the girls starred, but it wasn't just at her, the most of the starres where focused on something behind her, but the only thing behind her was Lucian. Well, when she had started they had the same reaction on her, had he always gotten those reactions from people around him to?

    All the starres made her feel like a animal on zoo, there was no place to escape to and no place to hide. She was never going to get used to this. "Don't worry, they won't eat you if you don't show any fear." She whispered to him as a joke, ofcourse everyone would be curious about the new hot guy that came in to their class. She was glad that the only empty seat was the seat beside hers, he was the only one who didn't drool over her or glarred at her with anger and jealusy.

    As she went to one of the two empty seats she could already hear the wispers around them, the most people seemed to talk about the new guy, some others talked about what she was doing together with him. Kayle sighted, well at least they had something new to talk about instead of saying the same thing over and over again.

    Just as the teacher walked in to the classroom everyone got silent, he looked at the new student from head to bottom and back to the head again. "You must be Lucian Blackmoore, the new student. Welcome to out school. Could you come forth and present yourself for the class?" The teacher said while he still seemed to analyse every inch of Lucian. When Kayle had started she had the same teacher in her first class, she really didn't like the way he was looking, it was a bit scary. But some days later she noticed that he did the same to everyone, which made her feel a bit more at ease.
  10. It seemed like Kallisto still got the same charisma she had before. The students before him were perfectly stunned by the sight of her. Though he could suspect that some of it was also because of him, he believes that it was because of her mostly. As she moved through the room, his eyes drank in her movements greedily. She moved like a dream. Sensuous yet elegant at the same time. He could feel his blood heating. Patience.

    As he took in the class, he noticed that he was not the only one with that reaction. His eyes sharpened and narrowed. Making sure that it would go unnoticed bu Kayle, he looked at one guy in particular and as he held his gaze, he let his lips for a gloating smile.

    You can all look. But look is all you can ever do. No one else can touch her except me. She's mine.

    As that little declaration was over, he sat beside her. A girl was on the other side of him and smiled at him with invitation on her eyes. He nodded at the red-head curtly. He's got no time and patience to play with such insignificant beings.

    He settled himself on his seat, leaning against propped hands. He looked around the room. The students seemed to be whispering among themselves. If what he believes of human nature is true, rumors about him and Kayle would be spreading around in minutes. Let them do it. It would drive other irritating females and males away. And then he can monopolize her.

    After a just a few seconds, the teacher entered the room. Lucian took in his stern appearance. His thin-wired black glasses says a person who leans more on the practical side than the superficial. He's got perfectly ironed clothes with good color coordination. Probably with a wife.

    Lucian shrugged.

    He stood up and lazily moved towards the front. He faced the humans before him, their faces turned at him and waiting for his words. "As our teacher have said, I'm Lucian Blackmoore," he let a little mocking tone enter his voice, but still kept his face completely pleasant. "I hope to learn many things here and..." He let his gaze settle on Kayle, "acquire some..." He returned his gaze at the class in general. "valuable lessons in life." He turned at the teacher and smiled, " I believe that would was good enough?"
  11. Kayle watched as Lucian walked towards the front, everyone was starring at him, the guys with a bit jealusy in their gaze. She could understand why, such a hot guy would take all the girls away in seconds and there wouldn't be any left for them. The girl starred with admiration in their eyes, some even had love in their gaze already. They weren't better than the guys that always shased after her, they would probably just irritated Lucian if they fell for him so easily, but he was probably as accustomed to this as she was after all if he had lived with those looks all his life then he must have had the same problems as her.

    During Lucians short speak she was certain that at one point he had gazed right at her, did she imagine it? Even if it probably were her imagination a small blush was spread on her cheeks, she felt like all the other girls in the classroom, starring at the new hot guy like a maniac. But she weren't like them, it wasn't like she yearned after him like they did, she just admirered what he had done and a bit how he looked to. If he were a guy she would be able to fall in love with then she would need time to get to know him better first.

    The teacher nodded and made a gesture with his hand that Lucian could go back to his seat, then he started the lesson and made a small speach about what they had been talking about the previous weeks so Lucian would be able to know what he had missed. The teacher had done the same thing for Kayle when she started a week ago. She wondered a bit if the class started to get tired of repeating everything or if they didn't mind because they were to busy starring at the new people in their class. the teacher didn't talk for long and after some time his phone rang, he needed to go somewhere and everyone needed to study on their own.

    As the teacher closed the door behind himself everyone in the classroom started to talk with eachother, like anyone would study when the teacher was gone, not even Kayle would do that and she was miss perfect, the girl that almost never did something bad. She turned to Lucian, "So were did you move from?" She asked him, now she had a chance to get to know him a litle. The girls wouldn't dare to approach him when he was talking to another girl, and the guys wouldn't dare to approach her as long as a bigger guy was talking to her. Just one week in a school and she had already learned how it worked by observing them carefully, she mostly did that to be able to get away from the guys as flexible as possible.
  12. After settling his body on the chair that was nearly too small for his large frame, Lucian deceptively leaned his face on a propped hand, looking at the teacher as if his words were the golden ones that would save them all from ever lasting hell. Not that he would mind. Sulfur can be quite nice and good for the skin. Lucian chuckled a little at his own private joke. The girl beside him eyed him like he had just sprouted a horn. No pun intended. Calmly, he just raised an eyebrow at her in response.

    The time seemed to crawl by. He thought that time seemed to move unusually slow. For a moment, he contemplated doing a little fastforward and playing with it. The last time did that was at least 100 something years ago or something? It resulted into something the world was not unprepared for. The mayhem that ensued earned him another scratch on his long line of achievements. Humans are really so easy to influence and thus, manipulate. Sometimes, they're too easy.

    He took the moment to look around the room while the teacher sprouted something that he had heard so many times that he could almost recite it asleep. Being alive for so many years that even he couldn't keep track of, he had seen and done all things that there is. As he subtly observed his surroundings, he caught a sight of himself on the window. Though never a vain one, even Lucian must admit that he looks good. Good thing his marks were hidden. He doubted if strange swirling pure black tattoos all over his body would attract someone as almost physically perfect as Kayle.

    At long last, the teacher finished with his speech and left. When Kayle approached him out of her own accord, something in him warmed at the thought. His heart stuttered a bit. What was that? For a minute, Lucian frowned at the strangeness and unfamiliarity of the feeling. But as she stood before him, those thoughts were forgotten. She was so near that her scent teased his senses. Upclose, her skin even looks more soft, if that is possible. It just invites men to touch. It was a good thing he has an iron will and control.

    As she threw the question at him, he calmly recited the story that he had invented a long time ago when he still like playing with humans in person. "...and so that's how I cam to be here." Lucian sat down on the desk, his arms crossed on his chest. "How about you? And by the way, is that man still going to return?"
  13. Kayle laughed a bit, looking a litle at the door. "I don't think he will come back." She said, he had gotten such a call just some days before and he hadn't returned to his lessons for the whole day. From other students she had heard that it happened a lot with him, they didn't even know why he had this job when he barely took care of his own classes. Some of the students had already started to walk out from the classroom. Her last school had been really strict on the point that all the students must be in the classroom untill a lesson have finnished even if the teacher isn't there. In this school there weren't such a rule that students needed to stay if the teacher wasn't there.

    Kayle turned her eyes away from the people that had started to walk out and looked back at Lucian. "I moved from the other side of the country, my parents got a new job here and of some reason they had to take me with them." She said, she weren't angry about it but she weren't happy about it either. She smiled as she said it but her voice was a bit neutral, the only thing that had been bad about it was that all the guys in her old school just had given up on her and now she needed to start it all over from scratch in this new town. "I don't really mind that we moved to a knew town, but I have a problem with new people. Especially guys, they often acts weird around me. Not you though, you are the first person without weird reactions around me." She continued and smiled to him.

    She wasn't certain why she was telling this to him, but it felt like she could talk to him about it, he felt safe somehow. Maybe it just were because he was new and she were new and he didn't act so weird around her like everyone else. "So do you have the same problem with girls? That they act strange and follows you around?" She asked, why wouldn't it be like that? He was hot, the most girls must feel attracted to him so that he had some stalkers after him wouldn't be that surprising. Actually it would be surprising if he didn't have.
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