Lucia's Liberteen RP Request!!

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  1. So here I am, requesting a more than slightly... scandalous, shall we say? ... roleplay with some lucky young lady or gentleman out there! Some things to know:

    -I play girls. Only. Period. End of story.
    -That being said, I do enjoy playing with any gender. That I am totally cool with.
    -I do't do hardcore BDSM stuff. Just no.
    -My character will be about 16-17.
    -I don't really like doing it with anyone under he age of 15. Sorry guys and gals.
    -I switch between dom and sub frequently.

    My general themes:

    -Dirty talk
    -Dancing... strangely enough.
    -Anything you might suggest (if I'm okay with it that is)

    So, let me know what you'd like to include and we'll get started!
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  2. Incest?