Lucerne, the City of Life

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    Welcome! It seems you've found your way to our beautiful city, whether your here chasing your dreams, looking for love or just trying for a second chance,
    you've come to a great city to make it happen! It's early
    April, a Saturday, and the city is bustling! As the days grow warmer, the highschool is prepping for Prom, finals and Graduation, the college students frantically study for exams, and the city gets ready for its annual festival of flowers. with so much happening in May, and only a month till then, you'll have to get in gear or get swept away! good luck with your new life here, and may good fortune befall you!

    **We start on on Saturday April 5th

    Faith wiped the sweat from her brow as she planted the last of the flowers she had been given for the day. The botanical gardens were buzzing in anticipation for next months festival, and the part timers were in a frenzy. the younger employees were piled with work on top of studying for finals and exams at the high school and university. Faith folded her muddy apron, done with her work for the afternoon, and punched out. she headed out to her minivan and drove to the daycare her daughter stayed at. once there, one of the women pointed out the quiet, book loving girl. "Esther, lets go home!" Faith called out. "ok mommy, just a second!" she said as she gathered up her crayons and books. she ran over to her mom with her backpack full, and they both left. As they got into the van, Faith asked her how her day was, double checked her seat belt and gave her an apple to snack on.

    Serenity let out a sigh as she sat in the public library, her nose in a book as usual. she had already spent quite a bit of time studying and was unwinding in a good SciFi novel, her favorite genre. with the hustle and bustle of the town, most of Serenitys quiet reading spots had become noisy, forcing her to stay at the library. she flipped a page, shirting her well worn bookmark. She usually worked on Saturdays, but since most people were too busy this time of year, the used book store cut back hours a little.

    Cian inhaled the aromatic scent of basil and oregano as he tossed the spices into the pasta he was making. He loved his work, the smells and tastes, the smiles of those who ate his food. he knew he had done right to go into culinary school along with a job at an Italian restaurant. the bell rang, and he saw a new slip of paper being put up on his list of things to cook. he turned his current dish to simmer and started setting up for his next order. once the raw ingredients were in the pan he took the simmering food and set it where all his finished products went. "order number 58 is ready" he called to no one in particular. a waiter or waitress would eventually retrieve the dish to be brought to it recipient.

    Sorry this took so long to get started! have fun~
  2. Gwen had just given some of the guests there food and wished them a good meal. She then gracefully returned to the kitchen just in time to hear that a new order was ready to be taken out. With a smile on her face she picked up the order and then carried it out to the awaiting customer. The job could be tedious at times but she did truly enjoy it, she found great satisfaction in seeing the customers pleased as they had a nice meal. After delivering the order she quickly checked around her tables and asked if anyone needed drink refills and such. Then she went to a newly seated group, got them some drinks, and then took their order before once again returning to the kitchen.
  3. Jay yawned and stretched, then threw his notes into his bag and slung it over his shoulder. If the hottest girl in class hadn't invited him to study with her, there was no way he'd find himself in a library. Now that she had rushed off for her yoga lesson, he didn't see any reason to stay around in the library any more.

    He stood up, intending to head over to the studio where all his dancer friends would gather on weekends to practice. Just as he was about to step out, a pretty young thing caught his eye. Her nose was buried in a book, black hair covering half her face. Figuring there was no harm in approaching, he walked up to her, grabbing a random book off the shelves.

    "Hi," he whispered, "You look like you're around here a lot. Maybe you could recommend something?" He showed her the book in his hand. "What do you think of this?"
  4. Lilly pressed down on one of the keys, letting the soft sound of the piano echo and soon disappear in the chattering that surrounded the cafe. She looked about her smiling, as she saw the warm faces greet her and smiling back as they sat down sipping on their tea or coffee and partaking in their sweets. She loved her job here at the Sweet Surrender, funny name but worked well in the business, persuading customers to be curious and try the pastries while relaxing to her playing piano in the background.

    She straightened up and placidly put her hands on the piano, thinking to herself what song would be best to play today. She mused, and decided to do one of her own improvisations and began playing. Her fingers were light and hearty as well as the music that swirled around it. Her foot every now and then hit a pedal slightly, sustaining a note when needed, making the music a little more dramatic.
  5. Stella played with one of her curls as she thought about what to write for her fashion artical. She knew this had to be good or she would be getting another C- for the thord time this week. She was usual good at writing pieces but this week it just wasnt clicking. Little Italy was very relaxed like always. A great place to think. Stella looked around for the waiter to bring her the slice of cheese cake she had ordered five minutes ago.

    "Really i've been waiting forever and still no cake...who do i have to kill to get some cake"

    Stella tapped the heels of her Betesy Johnsons as she waited longer
  6. Faith drove down the seat, one of her daughter favorites songs playing in the van. she had decided to take Esther to little Italy for some of the gelato she liked so much. as they got out little Esther took her crayons and notebook with her. Faith took her hand and they went in a quickly found a seat. Faith ordered a peice of tiramisu and a cup of coffee, Esthers strawberry gelato then sat and relaxed in the comfortable little shop.

    Serenity heard someone approach her, and read a few more lines before raising her sapphire blue gaze to look at the stranger. he asked about a book he was holding. she took it and read over the title, a smile spreading across her face. "good pick, this has a great story, and even better characters. this one will really suck you in if youre into this sort of thing." she handed it back. "i come here often to get books, however i usually prefer to do my reading elsewhere, cafes, the park...but its been so noisy the past couple of days i just decided to stay here today."

    Cian layed out a few more plates of food before the head chef came in and told him to take a break. Cian turned from the stove and wiped the sweat from his brow. he scribbled an order of fettuccine alfredo onto a slip of paper and clipped it in with the rest and went out into the dinning area and took a seat in a cozy booth. as he waited on his food he scribbled a grocery list down on a napkin. when he got home he was planning to do a bit of expirimantal cooking, so he didnt want to forget any ingredients.
  7. It had been a pretty dull day for Eve. Not too many people visited Game Nook. That was to be expected, of course. She'd only just opened it last summer. So she spent most of her day playing games on her laptop. As usual, she'd brought her lunch with her. She didn't like to waste time, especially on slow days when every customer counted. It would be closing time soon. The store closed early on Saturdays, and wasn't open on Sundays at all. At least for the time being, since Eve ran it herself. Technically, she had Justin, but it was basically a 50-50 chance whether he'd show up or not. Today, it seemed, was one of those days where he'd decided to sleep until noon again. She'd hear it when she got back home. "But Eve, I was so tired," is what he'd say. Sighing, Eve looked at her watch, then out the large windows at the front of the store. It didn't look like anyone was going to buy anything anytime soon. Closing 15 minutes early wouldn't hurt anything. She turned off the lights, made sure everything was put away, and got ready to lock up.

    ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Like Eve suspected, Justin had gotten up at around 12:25 that afternoon. He spent most of the day playing XBox in his boxers, with a bowl of some sort of cheesy snack. Thanks to him, there was now a light dusting of bright orange powder on the carpet, not to mention the open bags and dirty dishes he left strewn about. Checking his cellphone jerked him back to reality, though. Crap, I didn't realize it was so late! It was now a mad dash around the small apartment to fix it before Eve got home, which was made even more serious when he got a text reading "Closing early, be home soon." He threw on a pair of jeans and wrinkled shirt from the pile at the foot of his bed, then hurriedly combed his hair. There was a special every Saturday at Little Italy downstairs, and he always met Eve there. He checked himself in the mirror, then bounded down the stairs to meet his sister.
  8. Stella saw a cook come out from the kitchen. She got up and walked right to his booth

    "Excuse me sir but i've been waiting for my order for six minutes now..whats the problem"
    Stella crossed her arm
    "shouldnt you be cooking or something"

    Stella looked at Cian and waited for an answer
  9. Gwen was once again out and about running from table to table delivering and taking orders. She realized she was getting off soon and that's when it sunk in how tired she felt. She grimaced slightly when she realized that she still had to go back home and finish up her homework for her physics class and also had to take Ghost running still. As she walked out of the kitchen to deliver some fettuccine alfredo she plastered a smile back onto her face and continued with her work.
  10. "Really? I hang out at the park all the time but I haven't noticed the extra traffic."

    Jay flipped a few pages of the book, then put it aside and stuck out his hand for a handshake. "Thanks for the recommendation. By the way, I'm Jay."
  11. Eve met Justin in the waiting area of Little Italy, and sighed at his appearance. What I would give to be young and carefree like that she thought with more than a hint of sarcasm. "Can't you even be bothered to comb your hair?"
    "I did comb it." His sister was so uptight. So what if his hair was casually messy? It was just his style.
    The two of them were seated at a table by the window and waited for a waiter to come their way.
  12. Cian looked at the women and gave a slightly baffled look. "six minutes? pardon me for saying so, but arent you a bit impatient? it takes at least 15 minutes for meat to cook on high heat, and probably ten for noodles to get soft enough to eat, that is, if you have noodles. i apologize for any inconvenience, but cooking takes time." he gave an apologetic smile, then continued, "you're food is cooking, i assure you, the head chef has taken my place and sent me to take a break." if the red of his face didn't make it obvious that he had been working around the heat for too long, then nothing would. his cheeks were far more then rosy, and he felt as though he neary overheated in the blaze of hot stoves and ovens.

    Faith sipped at her coffee as her daughter ate the strawberry gelato. "mama, strawberries are my favorite fruit!" she said with an adorable little smile. "really? mine is apples." Faith answered. she glanced at the drawing her daughter had made while they were waiting. the paper was split in half by messy horizontal line. it looked like the same four people were on the top and bottom, just in different positions. "what did you draw dear?" she asked. Esther looked up a smile, on a surprisingly clean face, and pointed at the top picture first, "you said that daddy always watches us from heaven, so he is here with wings! then, he is talking to this guy here, while me and mama are standing by our house all. then on the bottom picture, me and mama stand by the house all happy with the guy daddy talked to, and daddy flys away happy because he sent us a new daddy!" she smiled at her accomplishment. Faith smiled, "very pretty. you should be a story teller." she said as Esther went back to her gelato.

    Serenity gave a curt nod, "you dont really notice the extra traffic untill you value the peace and quiet like i do. its not that much worse, but enough so that reading is not as pleasurable." she said.

    she took the hand he offered and gave it a firm shake. "Names Serenity. if need anymore recommendations, I've got plenty to give, however 90% of them are SciFi or classics." she lifted her current book to show that the title was War of the Worlds.
  13. August was swimming in large circles in the pool, guiding Snow and showing her the performance routine. At every major point, he'd give her a fish in turn for a flip. At some point, she'd stray away or forget what to do. At one of these points, August's cell phone began to ring. Stepping out of the pool and drying his hands, he answered promptly.
    "August, I'm off now, can you meet me at the Little Italy? I have a present for you!"
    August looked at the clock and decided the hours Snow had today was good enough.
    "Okay, It'll take about 20 minutes to get out of here. See you there."
    With that, he hung up and began to guide Snow back to her tank. After that, he closed the gates and made sure none were open. He headed out and to Little Italy, where his brother should be waiting.

    Auburn was already at the shop, sitting and waiting for his brother before even ordering a drink. He planned on getting August something with alcohol, but not himself. He only preferred expensive or sweet wines. He noticed a child he had at daycare, Esther. She was as smart as she was adorable, one of his best kids. But she seemed a bit shy, so Auburn had been studying ways to get her to interact easily with the others. Just as he noticed he was staring blankly into space, August came in and quickly found his brother. His hair was barely damp, and they both had it in the same style. At the moment, they were exactly identical by the looks. Both cleanly shaved with bright, blonde hair and baby skin on a teenager's face.
    Auburn took out a small, folded cloth and put it on the center of the table with a smile.
    August took it and unfolded it. Inside, a wooden pendant in the shape of a dolphin's tale hung on a thick necklace string. It had a hole in both fins, both with inscription above it. On one side it read, "Sing", while the other read, "Singing".
    "Blow on Sing" Auburn said, smiling and waiting.
    With hesitation, August blew gently on it. Out came a gentle dolphin squeal.
    Auburn started laughing softly.
    "I found that at an exhibit, and thought it was the coolest thing! Plus, it matches since you like marine animals, so think of it as an early birthday present."
  14. Stella looked at him and became embarresed. Stella started to walk away out of embarresment but just leaving would make her seem more rude. "I-Im..Im sorry that was rude of me and...yeah im sorry". Stella didnt wait for an approval she just started to walk away. She didnt even get pass the first booth before she slipped and fell backwards and landed on her butt.
  15. The customers clapped lightly after she had finished her last song of the day. She stood up away from the piano, and gave a small bow to everyone for their kind gesture. Lilly headed to the counter, saying thank you every now and then to those who complimented her playing, and took a seat at the counter.

    "Lilly!" Aster appeared handing her a well deserved sweet treat of today, macaroons. "Beautiful playing as always." She smiled slightly to him, and nodded her head before answering him.

    "Thank you Aster, and another thanks for the treat." With that, she took a small bite of it, letting the sweetness play with her taste buds. Aster gleamed at her, seeing that she was enjoying it.

    "We really appreciate such a great musician like yourself helping us gather business here. You really create a good atmosphere." He watched her as she continued to eat, his hazel eyes following her movements. Feeling the stare, Lilly ate the last one and murmured, "It's nothing.. Really." She got up from her seat, and waved a goodbye to Aster. "I must get going. Thanks again." He chuckled as he watched her go out the door, finding her shyness amusing. Honestly, whenever he would see her playing, she was a completely different person.

    Her face was red after she left, and started to walk down the street. She sighed, finding that she needed to learn how to interact with people more fluidly than making it awkward. She noticed up ahead, a restaurant getting quite busy. Hm? What is that place called again, mother said it was delicious. Before she could pass the building, she stopped and looked around for a sign. Ah! Little Italy, that's what's it called! She looked through one of the windows, trying not too look inconspicuous. Her curiosity peaked when she saw so many different type of people inside and couldn't help but feel excited. She gaped at them, wishing she could come inside but her hesitation was keeping her from doing it. This was just too public of place for her, Sweet Surrender was lucky not to get such a large rush like this. Lilly thought it would have been impossible for her to work there if that had happened.
  16. Suddenly, a loud thump caught the twins' attention. A young woman fell straight down onto her bum, and it looked like a very painful fall. Auburn stood up and walked quickly to the woman. He picked her up and set her back on her feet without consent, along with his "Oh my goodness"es. He gently rubbed his thumb under her eyes, where tears might or might not have been, he just knew from study this was the best way to prevent someone from crying. With a soft smile to the stranger, he asked,
    "Are you okay?"
  17. Gwen was about to go deliver the dish in her hands when she was sidetracked by a waiter who had just told her to go cover a table where two people had just been seated. She nodded, put the dish down and then made her way over to where two people who appeared to be siblings, one girl and a boy, happened to be seated. "Hello, welcome to Little Italy. What may I get you today?" She flashed a cheerful smile at the two.
  18. The scene with the cook and the customer was pretty amusing to Eve, though she'd never admit it out loud. Justin on the other hand... "Hahaha, did you see that?" "Shh! You're being rude." She was about to get up and help when a waitress approached the table. Eve didn't remember seeing her there before, even though she was a regular."Hi! Are you new here? I don't remember seeing you here before. Anyway, we'd like the Saturday Special, please!"
  19. Stella didnt even thank him for helping she just said "Im fine" She walked by him and went to her seat and grabbed a few napkins and dabbed her tear stained face. She placed her forhead in the palm of her hand. She started mumbling to herself. She had never been so embarresed. The day seem to not go right at all today and it was causing Stella to act out of balance with her normal self. She just wished this day would just end already.
  20. Gwen quickly wrote down what they wanted and then looked up at them, "Actually I am. I needed a job to support some of my college fees, but anyways...Let me go get your orders in." With that she smiled and returned to the kitchen. She then picked up a plate of fettuccine and as she was about to step out someone passed her some cheesecake that they had forgotten about. Today was just turning out to be one heck of a day for her. She sweat dropped but shook it off as she quickly dropped off the pasta first. "Here you go, is there anything else I can get for you?"