Lucerne, The City of Life

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  1. Lucerne, or as most people know it, Alfalfa. No, this isnt about plants, more so, the meaning. In the language of the flowers, Lucerne means Life!

    Welcome to our humble city! Lucerne is a beautiful city, respectable in size, however nothing like New York or Chicago. Lucerne is dotted with green parks, nearly every shop and attraction imaginable. from an amusment park, to museums, botanical gardens and pet shops. Lucerne is a port city with an expansive beach and a diversity of water and land sports, as well as rich culture and ,modern technology. This is a city of second chances, a place to reinvent oneself, so come on, dont be shy! Make your life here, be who you want to be, because saying the sky is the limit would be an understatement!

    NOW that I've hooked you in... this RP is something ive found to be successful before. it is very relaxed, you can have as many characters as you want, live how you want and stir up whatever story you want! Jobs, Ages, everything is up to you, so i hope you can build some interesting stories. this is something i want to go on and on, to see characters grow and mature, depending on what age you start at, even get married and have kids. how many generations can this last? well thats up to you!

    Rules, i have only a few~

    -please no super natural, this is meant to be slice of life
    -im all into drama and possible character death for story building, but please dont go psycho killer, and if there is conflict, dont kill a character without that persons permission.
    -have fun! if youre not having fun, youre doing something wrong.

    ~Character Sheet~


    Age(no limit!):




    School Grade:


    Hobbies and Likes:

    Fears and Dislikes:


    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):

    My characters!!

    Name: Faith Ernst

    Age(no limit!): 27

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Motherly, warm, kind, organized.

    Background(brief): Faith is a widow, she lost her husband in a hit and run accident, she spends as much time with her five year old daughter as she can.

    School Grade: N/A

    Job: Assistant Manager for the Lucerne Botanical Garden.

    Hobbies and Likes: Cooking, Flowers, Children.

    Fears and Dislikes: she hates being alone and has a fear of thunderstorms.

    Other: She keeps a pet cat, a white short hair named Frost

    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):

    Name: Esther Rose Ernst

    Age(no limit!): 5

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Shy, quiet, timid, smart, artistic

    Background(brief): Daughter to Faith, she lost her father when she was 2 so she doesnt remember him. despite her timid nature, she is a happy child who loves to spend her time drawing and reading.

    School Grade: Kindergarten

    Job: N/A

    Hobbies and Likes: Drawing, Reading, she loves her pet cat and animals in general.

    Fears and Dislikes: she is afraid of thunderstorms, like her mother, and dislikes TV.

    Other: Pet cat, Frost.

    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):
    tumblr_midx2qNMsj1r9pmqao1_500.jpg (she got most of her looks from her deceased father)

    Name: Cian Dion

    Age(no limit!): 20

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Flirty(not in a bad way), fun, energetic, charitable.

    Background(brief): Cians parents serve as Marines in the U.S. Marine Corps, and he is quite proud of it. however he never lets pride get the best of him. he had a habit of playing matchmaker in high school in a way that no one else would dare to. he could slip himself into the shoes of the bad guy and and often push anothers guys buttons till he had no choice but to express his feelings. Cian would flirt with other girls and make other guys jealous, often receiving a quiet thanks from the girls without actually being recognized. Since gradutation, Cian moved to Lucerne to get a fresh start, and hopefully find a girl he wouldnt have to help in his "false bad guy" sort of fashion. He is open to amels as well. Bisexual.

    School Grade: second year in college, Lucerne University Culinary Division

    Job: works as a training cook at an Little Italy, an Italian restaurant

    Hobbies and Likes: cooking, hockey, soccer, dogs

    Fears and Dislikes: he hates guys who disrespect women, and is afraid of heights.

    Other: his parents are on deployment to Afghanistan and have been so for at least 6 months.

    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):
    Cian Dion.jpg Cian Dion.jpg Cian Dion.jpg

    Name: Serenity Cyria

    Age(no limit!): 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Quiet, studious, kind of a loner, sarcastic

    Background(brief): Serenity lives with her father, a business man. She ives a rather high class life, with her father buying her just about anything she wants. even though she is spoiled, she is no brat. the only thing she requests of her father is more reading material. she is very intellegent and has a massive collection of classic novels and scifi books. she never goes anywhere without a book, and spends a lot of time studying

    School Grade: senior in highschool (12th grade)

    Job: she works at Imagination Reborn, used book store.

    Hobbies and Likes: books, quiet, studying and reading

    Fears and Dislikes: noisy places, annoying people, she has a fear of clowns for no apparent reason, and she doesnt like spicy food.

    Other: She believes that she is happiest alone, doesnt date and thinks no one could change her mind otherwise.

    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):
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  2. ~Character Sheet~

    Name: Jay Denzer

    Age(no limit!): 20

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Arrogant and spoilt

    Background(brief): Coming from a well-to-do family, Jay is the spoilt and arrogant first-born of the Denzer family. His father owns a company that supplies parts to ships. His family lives in a condominium overlooking the sea. In college, Jay is pretty average, but has a reputation as a playboy.

    School Grade: College, Lucerne University Arts Division

    Job: None

    Hobbies and Likes: Parkour, breakdancing, photography, pretty girls

    Fears and Dislikes: Being told what to do, commitment


    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do): here.
  3. Name: Lillianne Vales (a.k.a. Lilly, Lil)

    Age(no limit!): 20

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Lilly is very inquisitive, always asking questions and gets excited easily over every small thing. She is very intelligent but likes to keep it to herself, making her take things very lightly. Her personal past is a bit touchy for her, so whenever approached with the subject, she can be very edgy and irritated.

    Background(brief): She was adopted into a wealthy family and was treated very well. Unfortunately, her father being president of Lucerne Entertainment and her mother a famous actress; Lilly was often left alone by herself besides the butler or nanny tending to her. She has been home schooled her entire life in her parent's large mansion located in the rich suburbs. She hardly ever went out, because often she would be bombarded by paparazzi and others recognizing her. Gathering her courage and wanting to interact with the public again, she now attends Lucerne University to major in music, in hopes of being a renown composer.

    School Grade: Freshman at Lucerne University Music Division

    Job: Works as a musician at the Sweet Surrender Cafe

    Hobbies and Likes: Likes playing piano and violin, writing music, attending shows in the musical theater

    Fears and Dislikes: Not being successful, people using her for her status


    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):
  4. [MENTION=4503]Kaera[/MENTION], [MENTION=4237]azure_night[/MENTION], you're both accepted! i plan to start the RP by monday, i hope we can get lots of people!
  5. Name: Remiel "Rem" Minuano

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Background: Born into a middle class household he grew up as a bright, reckless, and energetic child, until he turned 10 . . . . when his dad died of a heart attack, leaving him and his mom alone. Through the years he has surprisingly managed to keep his dads death a secret, while just barely scraping through middle school into highschool.

    Personality: To everyone around him he appears to be an extremely happy, hyperactive wierdo, who can never get upset. But in reality he is just an angry and confused kid with daddy issues, he supresses his actual emotions, and what happened to his dad, because he is scared of being treated differently.

    School Grade: 9th

    Job: None

    Hobbies and Likes: Skateboarding, Track, Boxing, Reading, and Eating

    Fears and Dislikes: Losing somebody else he cares for, crying.


    (hope its okay ;__;)
  6. [MENTION=3081]Seveer[/MENTION], its fine! You are excepted! My Monday RP setup still stands,so sorry if anyone is impatient!
  7. Name: Gwen Locke

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Personality: kind, caring, smart, athletic

    Background: Gwen is the daughter of a well-known doctor who has always traveled around the world; she knows very little about him and rarely even sees him. However, her mom always chose to be home so Gwen grew up helping her mother with chores around the house and, when she grew old enough, errands around the town. Around her freshman year in high school her mother was hospitalized where she had to remain until her passing later on in Gwen's sophomore year. Regardless of previous events Gwen began talking to her father more and now focuses on her studies and hobbies more than before.

    School Grade: College Freshman

    Job: Waitress at Little Italy

    Hobbies and Likes: Loves singing, music, running and rock climbing.

    Fears and Dislikes: Dislikes rain and thunder. Afraid of snakes and spiders.

    Other: She has a Samoyed named Ghost 11-8.jpg . Gwen usually goes running with him every other day.

    Appearance: black_hair-headphones-long_hair-original-red_eyes-scarf-skirt-stockings-white.jpg
  8. [MENTION=3861]Shadow Reaver[/MENTION], accepted! looks like Cian will have a co-worker who isnt NPC! nice~
  9. Can I reserve a spot? I'll have my sheet up today or tomorrow at the latest.
  10. Name: Stella Bell

    Age(no limit!): 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Sarcastic, Funny, Giving, Naive at times, Bitchy at times

    Background(brief): Stella grew up in the south. She has a southern bell attitude and loving manner. She moved here to go to art school. Stella has always been the go to girl for advice but like they say..your good at giving it but cant take your own. Stella has never been with a guy but can give you adivce that actually works when it comes to relationships. She watches other relationships fail and take notes. Kind of like her parents. God she hopes when love finally does find her it doesnt end up like theirs.

    School Grade: College

    Job: Intership at a boutique

    Hobbies and Likes: Drawing, Dancing, writing, Cooking, Partying

    Fears and Dislikes: Her heart gets broken first, Snakes


    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do):
  11. [MENTION=2965]the8bitMoon[/MENTION], no worries, you can sign up whenever, there is no limit set on this RP
    [MENTION=4571]KittyNecole[/MENTION] Accepted!
  12. [MENTION=4503]Kaera[/MENTION], [MENTION=4237]azure_night[/MENTION], [MENTION=3081]Seveer[/MENTION], [MENTION=3861]Shadow Reaver[/MENTION], [MENTION=4571]KittyNecole[/MENTION] [MENTION=2965]the8bitMoon[/MENTION]

    Here is the RP thread, sorry it took so long to get up!

    If you are looking at this thread and considering signing up, i could use an adult character for Faith to talk to~
  13. Name: Eve Campbell
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Hardworking and organized.
    Background): She just recently graduated college for computer science. After hearing of space for rent, she opened a game store in Lucerne whch has been a modest sucess. Her little brother just moved in with her at the beginning of the school year, due to trouble he had at his old school. The two of them are currently living in a cozy (read small) apartment over the Little Italy cafe, which is just two blocks from Game Nook.
    Job: Owner of the local game store, Game Nook.
    Hobbies and Likes: Video games, particularly strategy games and MMOs. She's the manager of a guild in WoW and she's also interested in game programming.
    Fears and Dislikes: Lazy people, Flash-based websites. She's afraid that her younger brother won't be successful in school.
    Other: She's a regular at Little Italy.
    Appearance: She's average in height and dress, usually wearing just a nice top and classy jeans. She ties her medium length brown hair in a loose ponytail and needs glasses (probably on account of staring at screens all the time)

    ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

    Name: Justin Campbell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: A laid back gamer, he spends most of his free time playing video games. But where his sister prefers strategy games, he prefers FPS's and other mindless action-type games. He often slacks off at school or work, but he's a reliable friend.
    Background: Trouble at school and friction with his parents prompted his move in with his sister. His school grades have been average, Bs and Cs mostly. They'd probably be lower if it weren't for his sister hounding him to finish his work on time. He's made a few friends at school and online over video games. He's currently putting off studying for final exams.
    School Grade: Junior at Lucerne Public High
    Job: Part-time job at Game Nook.
    Hobbies and Likes: Video games, particularly online action games. He plays pretty often, unless Eve is breathing down his neck to finish his homework. He's a member of Eve's WoW guild.
    Fears and Dislikes: He hates doing things he considers "pointless." (Like schoolwork)
    Appearance: A little taller than his sister. He shares her gentle features and green eyes. His light brown hair isn't short, but it isn't too long either. He dresses like many his age, in a t shirt and jeans.

    I'll try to find pictures later, but I wanted to get this up. Also, I hope the location of their apartment is OK. If it's not I can change it.
  14. This looks very, VERY interesting! ^-^

    May I join after this coming Saturday?
    And if so, are we able to play a character, then later on add another? c:
  15. [MENTION=2965]the8bitMoon[/MENTION], accepted!
    [MENTION=1127]Darkness Dies[/MENTION], of course, people can come and go as they please, add characters or even get rid of them(like death or the character moves away from Lucerne or something) i look forward to seeing your characters!
  16. ~Character Sheet~

    Name: Nym Allen-Peterson

    Age(no limit!): 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Very laid back and a bit scatterbrained

    Background(brief): Mostly ignored by her divorced businessman father and hippie mother (she lives with her mother), she is left to do most things by herself. She is an extremely average person, nothing to remarkable about her appearance or intelligence. However she is very caring and sympathetic to others and is always there to help.

    School Grade: Junior at Lucerne Public High

    Job: Barista at a Hippie Cafe

    Hobbies and Likes: Volunteering at the animal shelter and children's hospital, knitting and crocheting, hiking and walking in the park, writing in her journal, and sketching.

    Fears and Dislikes: Getting mugged, since she doesn't live in a particularly nice part of town.

    Appearance(any sort of picture, anime/real or description will do): Very messy, frizzy brown hair usually worn down or in a ponytail. 5'8" and average build, fairly curvy. She has glistening light green eyes and doesn't wear any makeup besides lip balm, which suits her well. She isn't very fashionable, and usually just wears a t-shirt or tank top with denim jeans, cargo pants, or shorts and either flip flops or sneakers.
  17. Name: Auburn Vin

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Auburn is gentle, kind, and generous. He is a fan of soft and light colors, ones that match his personality. He is softhearted and sensitive, and isn't afraid to cry. But he'll take things a little more personally, and is very dependent on his big brother to help him emotionally.

    Background: Auburn and August have been the same up until high school, when Auburn started to get bullied. This is when August's tough side came out, and Auburn's feeble side emerged. It was also the time that Auburn's sexuality became known to the student body and he was constantly teased. He found it hard to fit in among other males, so he always made girl friends to share his thoughts with. He found his passion for caring to kids when doing volunteer work and babysitting for money. He moved to Lucerne for college, the scenery, a job, and a new life.

    School Grade: Lucerne University, Medical Division (Mondays/Wednesdays), Home Ec/Children division (Fridays).

    Job: Part-time at a local daycare center.

    Hobbies and Likes: Children, environmental help, volunteering, animals, nice people, heights, men.

    Fears and Dislikes: Barbecue (Sausages, burgers, BBQ sauce, etc), fast food, being made fun of.

    Other: Auburn wants to be a pediatric oncologist (Children with cancer doctor). He also wants to find "true love" and share his life with another man.

    Appearance: ocs/615b2a0d961f58dbb7c89eb55e3c8d9e-1.jpg

    Name: August Vin

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Contradictory to his brother, August is a little more fiery and short-tempered. He is competitive, and can come off as a little bit mean. He is the older twin, and is very protective of Auburn.

    Background: August and Auburn were born a set of twins, August being the older. Until high school, they had the same personality and style. In high school, August started to become a little more stern when his little brother was being bullied for being "soft" and "gay". August was suspended for beating up Auburn's tormentors, which left Auburn at school alone. Aside from the same personality (until high school), they have the same looks. Even now, the only way to tell the two apart is by personality (And occasionally, dress). August moved to Lucerne for the college and a job at a nearby marine center.

    School Grade: Lucerne University, Science/Biology division (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

    Job: Student/Marine trainer

    Hobbies and Likes: Marine biology, animals, swimming/training.

    Fears and Dislikes: Heights, roller-coasters, losing his brother, people finding out his secrets, dislikes kids.

    Other: His goal in life right now is to graduate college and major in marine biology. His (Secret) long-term goal is to loosen up and find a partner to live "Happily ever after" with.


    Just throwing this out there, they live in the same apartment complex, but not the same buildings.
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  18. [MENTION=4523]juliennerox[/MENTION], [MENTION=1127]Darkness Dies[/MENTION], both accepted! have fun :)