Lucas Greene Academy-The School for the Gamers of Judgement!

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  1. Lucas Greene Academy-The School for the Gamers of Judgement!

    'A School for players of a game-how ridiculous' They said.

    They said a school for such a thing couldn't be made, and yet it was. In late 2014, a school was made for a game called Judgement! Which was developed in early 2012 and released in fall 2013. 'Seriously?' Some said, and that wasn't the end of it. Players between the ages of 15-18 were each sent a letter stating.

    -To the Following player (Your First and Last name, and In-Game name),

    It's with Great Pleasure to inform you you have been enrolled into Lucas Greene Academy for This Fall 2015. The first day is on August 10th 2015-please show up before 7:45 or else you will be locked out of the school. Once you have arrived, please use your school map (That you have received with this letter) to find your way to the gym on the left side of the school for the first assembly of the semester. The assembly will start at exactly 8:00, so please do not be late or else.

    We hope to see you for a magical and wonderful school year!

    Toki Galligon
    Headmaster and Founder of Lucas Greene Academy-

    It was a rather short letter, and was rather suspicious as it was named after a game creator. But no one suspected it and just went along with it. And by August, students of around the world and of all ages showed up for their first day at Lucas Greene Academy.

    And oh what a terrible, horrible, stupid decision that was.


    Two girls with short brown hair and light blue eyes were standing right in front of the school while watching other students show up for the first day of the school year.

    "After two whole months were finally back to school!" The younger one said as the older sighed. "Y-Yeah.." The older stuttered, looking over to her sibling shyly. "U-Um..Sis? Why are you so happy? We're going to a new school...aren't you nervous?" She asked as her sister's head turned over to look at her nervous sister. "Nervous? Yeah but, come on, who isn't?" She asked as her older sister poked her fingers together.

    "Y-Yeah I guess.." She mumbled as the younger stood in front of her, bending that way they would be face to face. "You know I'm right! Now, let's go!" She exclaimed, turning around quickly and sprinted inside, Her older sister looked up and followed after her, bugs not as fast. "W-Wait Arrietty!" She exclaimed, following in tow into the school that would later be everyone's worst nightmare.
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  2. Kuroh.jpg
    The frosty morning air could be seen by the cloudy consistency of condensed window panes and by the light puffs of white escaping passing pedestrians. Fall had come quickly this year, evident by the colorful leaves that decorated the damp ground, and it seemed that winter was not far behind. The numbing coldness however didn't appear to affect Kenshin as he continued to wake at dawn to practice Kendo. The rigorous exercises he undertakes would keep him warm enough to be impervious to the changing temperatures.

    "Shiro?" A voice called, the training rooms shōji door sliding open. A young looking women with deep brown hair and chocolate colored eyes entered the room. A light peach kimono was wrapped around her frame as well as a thick, white shawl to protect from the cold. She smiled as she spotted her son standing by one of the benches, a shinai clasped tightly in his other hand while the other held a piece of paper. Cerulean eyes surveying the printed words intently before looking up to address the approaching women.

    "Haha (mother), is something the matter? You may catch a cold..." He began when a white towel was placed around his shoulders.

    "I should be saying the same thing for you" Yuki retorted, though the disapproving tone in her voice didn't reach her eyes. Before Kenshin could apologies or thank her, like she knew he would, she held out a freshly washed and ironed school uniform, "Its nearly seven, you better hurry if you want to make it in time"

    Even with his mothers persistence, Kenshin remained adamant towards wearing a sweater but dawned a dark gray scarf for her peace of mind. From a distance, the new school could be seen, the gates fast approaching. There was no hesitation in his steps however as he passed the threshold and into school grounds. Almost instantly a cold trickle made itself present in the palm of his hands. The strange sensation and possible foreshadowing of the dangers to come was lost in the persistently icy breeze.
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  3. Thunk, Thunk

    The sound of a clanging chain and the dull thwap of a bag she was hitting was all that was heard in the room. A dead silence followed each big move, which she quickly followed with another, to keep the silence from invading her game. She gritted her teeth, kicking in the bag as hard as she could, her raw flesh ripping at the leather slowly. Beads of sweat dotted the floor around her bare feet, her dark hair flying with each sharp movement, the only thing distracting her being the sound of the door opening.

    Halting her movements, the girl shut her eyelids, pressing a hand to the bridge of her nose before opening her eyes and removing her hand, turning to see her personal butler, Jenson, coming to get her. Stepping back from the punching bag, which at this point was half decimated, Amber looked at Jenson with a stern gaze.

    "It's 7 am mam. You must prepare for school. He said, bowing to Amber, who simply looked up and past him.

    "Prepare my uniform." Amber barked, slowly walking out of the ring, leaving behind the sweat stains and used punching bag as she headed to the shower room.

    "Darn, it sure is cold."

    Amber grumbled as she walked out of her house, stepping carefully down the marble stairs of her house. The cold wind snapped at her hair, which she had tied in a ponytail after having the messy mop neatly straitened. She had denied her butler's request to have her driven to school, deciding that she didn't want to seem like a queen. She would rather keep her wealth a secret, it would be better for her, and for others.

    Shivering, Amber slowly made her way to school, walking up to the front and looking at it. At the beginning, it looked sort of normal, but the more she looked at it, the more she thought it was starting to look a little creepy. A gust of cold wind reminded her of where she was, and she continued inside the gates, going towards where she assumed the gym was.[/glow]
  4. Elliot took a deep breath as he looked at his new school. The Lucas Greene Academy stands tall as the cherry blossom's petals scatter upon the wind's wake. A huge flock of students enter the academy carrying bags packed with notes, pens, and possibly the hopes of having an eventful school life. He watched their innocent smiles as they approached their fellow friends and listened to their blissful laugh as they ponder on the odds of them studying in the same school.

    Elliot never thought he'd get to see this kind of view ever again.

    It was last week when the juvenile prison he was detained to received a letter directed to him. It was about a school who wishes to enroll chosen people who played the game Judgement!. His father, Earl, who is also the psychologist handling his son's rehabilitation thought it would be a great idea to enroll Elliot in a school whose students have the same hobbies like him other than "playing" just to keep his recurring urges at bay.

    "Why are you still doing this?", Elliot asked his father, Earl, with a rude tone. "What do you mean?", his father replied with his soft, patient voice. "Don't give me that crap, you know what I mean", Elliot laughed. "I killed your own wife, for pete's sake! Why are you still acting like you're my dad?". Earl gave him a soft smile. "Because you're the only one I have left". "Pathetic. You still think you can save me?".

    "Yes. You're a good kid, Elliot. You've just wandered off the wrong path".
    "You're an idiot", Elliot sneered. "I bet you'll cry like a baby when you realize one day that you can't"
    "Perhaps", Earl said. "But I will be at peace knowing that I tried my best".

    His father began packing up his stuff. "Your classes will start at the 10th. By then, a car will fetch you here before 6:30 so make sure you wake up early and eat plenty". Before he walked out of the door, Earl smiled one last time to his son. "Make sure you behave, Elliot".


    "Mr. Quinn", the stone-faced driver called him out. "Your father would like me to remind you to-"

    "-to behave, I know. Now shut up, and leave". With that, Elliot entered the academy.
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  5. Mattaline Nelson ♥ iiMattyMattii
    Click here to reference Matty.

    A high school for gamers? Ridiculous. Impossible. Outrageous. And yet there she was, sitting on her bed, staring down at an acceptance letter for a school that should not really exist. What college would accept a student from such a school?What job criteria would their diploma meet?

    When Mattaline first received the letter she thought it was a trick, from somebody who lived nearby and somehow found out that she was iiMattyMattii. She spent several nights trying to figure out how they could have done it. Her avatar was male, her headphones were programmed to alter her voice when she used the microphone, her security settings were all set. And, even if they had somehow figured out who she was, why would they send a fake acceptance letter? What kind of lame prank was that? When Matty found out that the school was real she was so relieved that she had herself a giggle fit.

    It didn't take long for her to decide she wanted to attend. Of course, that meant revealing to her teammates that she was a girl- which she still has yet to do- but she figured that after gaming with them for so long they wouldn't really care. Besides, she wanted to check the school out, see how different it was from the average school. Talking her parents into allowing her to go was a challenge, but just like any challenge Matty stepped up to the plate. Several weeks later of near-perfect behavior, she sat on her bed on opening day, contemplating staying home instead.

    No, she told herself, pushing up off the bed. I've worked too hard to earn this to chicken out now. If the team doesn't like me... Well, fuck them all. I can always make new friends anyway. The teenage girl made her way to her bathroom, where she went through her morning routine.

    Fifty minutes later Mattaline was dressed, her hair was brushed and straightened, and her belly was full. Her mother insisted on driving her to school, and once they arrived the two of them sat in their car for a while, gawking at the building. Finally, her mother said what they were both thinking: "It's kinda creepy, isn't it?" Matty nodded slightly. "It's not too late to go back to your old school..."

    That was actually untrue, the cut off was over a week ago. Even if Mattaline wanted to go back she'd have to wait until the end of the first quarter to transfer. "We're already here," Matty said, pushing her door open and climbing out. She turned around to grab her backpack and gave her mother a hug goodbye. "I'll call you later," she promised, "I love you."

    "I love you too."

    With that, Mattaline closed her door and turned around, taking a deep breath. She ran behind a crowd of students trying to escape the rain, following them inside and then to the gym. The whole way she couldn't believe that she was actually there, walking through the halls. Once inside the gym she looked around, knowing that it was very possible that her teammates were already there. If only she knew where they were. I wish the school had set up certain area's for certain teams, so that we could all find each other, Mattaline thought as she took a seat at the bottom of the bleachers, towards the center of the row.

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  6. Jason Morgan - Johnny

    "Hey wiener, you're gonna be late for school! Wake up or I'm gonna come up there and drag you out the door!"

    At his father's shouting, Jason instinctively shot out of bed and sprung to his feet, stumbling out of his room in his undies. "I'm awake, I'm awake!"

    "Good, 'cause I didn't want to climb upstairs anyway."

    Jason chuckled at his dad's joking, and threw himself into the shower and shot the water on, jittering beneath the cold water before it warmed. This always seemed to happen on his first days at school. Not to mention he wasn't used to beginning the school year in August...every other school he went to began in September. He still remembered the acceptance letter he had received not too long ago. It was odd, getting a letter relating to an online game he that had his username on it no less, and for a school named after the creator of the game. It was shocking at first, but afterwards he was pretty excited. He wouldn't have to spend the rest of his Summer vacation searching for a High School, and he got to go to a school modeled after the one in the game. Everything about this was just so awesome. He knew his parents wouldn't argue, since it meant they wouldn't have to help him search for a new school. He felt luck was in his favour, but, he had no idea what was waiting for him.

    After his shower was done, she stepped out and dried himself off, and got himself dressed. He rushed down the stairs to see his dad lounging on the couch, and his mother hurrying around the house. "Hey dad."

    "Hey monkey." replied his dad simply.

    Just then, his mom zipped around the corner and handed him a plastic bag filled with all sorts of things, and smiled. "Eee! It's your first day! How exciting!" she said, to which Jason could only reply with a quiet chuckle. "Here's your lunch! Have a good day at school honey."

    Jason returned her smiled and turned towards the door, packing the bag into his black backpack and slinging it over his shoulder. "Guess who doesn't have to go to school today?" quipped his dad, pointing at himself with a grin. As Jason rolled his eyes at him, his father giggled, and Jason strode out the door. "Later stinker, have a good day!"

    With confidence in his heart, and a catchy tune on his mind, he slipped out a pair of ear-buds and popped them in, listening to Mr. Roboto while he strode along the cool morning streets towards his new school. He wore just a simple t-shirt, but he didn't mind the cold, as he had felt much worse when growing up in Canada. Compared to the winters there, the chilling winds felt like cool breezes across his pale skin.

    He was going to make the most of this school year.


    After entering the Academy, he roamed the quiet halls quizzically, and quickly pulled out the map he had been given. This school is...awfully quiet. he thought to himself. Did I just come early? No, they all must be at the assembly already... He strolled through the halls, still zoned out to his playlist, and parted the gymnasium doors open to find...a surprisingly small number of other students. Huh, so he was early. Or rather...everyone else was late. He shrugged, and came to take a seat on the bleachers. Ooh, look at all the ladies. Heheh... His eyes glanced across everyone who was already gathered, and noticed plenty of attractive girls, and two other guys. He passed Kenshin and Elliot a slight wave, then turned back around to jam out to his favourite song...the Mortal Kombat theme song, of course. It was odd how everyone was in uniforms though. Was he supposed to wear one? Eh, whatever. He'd much rather wear his blue Alliance t-shirt anyway.

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  7. Jackson sighed as he was laying down on his bed. Between his fingers he was twiddling a knife around, and his eyes constantly switched from looking at the letter of acceptance pinned to the wall and the school uniform hanging up on the door. The house was quite, after all his dad had gone on some work for a few months and had left Jackson to train at home. He had never really been to a proper school before. The boy got off the bed and pulled the letter down. He skim read it, it seemed to be form the people that made Judgment! Jackson had only just began to play the game, he had a small group of people he would play with online but had never met them in real life. The only reason the boy played the game was because it was so violent.

    "Well better get going" he said to himself, changing into the uniform. Before leaving the room he picked up some stuff, then began to walk down the stairs. The boy had already been up for a few hours, after all he had to keep training like his father told him to. Because of this the boy had already eaten, he loaded the dishwasher with the dirty dishes and turned it on. Just as he did he heard the post slid through the door. As he walked over he saw a large parcel, it was monthly payment from his dad. Just enough for the boy to get by.

    After skimming through the junk mail, Jackson picked up his keys and left the house. It was a bit of a walk to the school, but he made it just on time. After passing through the gates he made his way to the gym. Jackson didn't really look around at the other people, however when he got into the gym he scanned the area. Some of these people were probably his team mates. Unfortunately since he had never met any of them he didn't know who they were.

    Jackson took a seat near the back and waited for the assembly to start.
  8. The. School. Was. Huge

    It wasn't just any ordinary high school. No, it was bigger and a lot more extraordinary then any normal high school. Before heading towards the gym, Arrietty had taken a look around the school. The classrooms, the cafeteria, the Auditorium, all of it. And everything simply amazed her.

    "W-Wait Ari!" A voice shouted as Arrietty turned around, seeing her sister jog towards her and stopped in her tracks, panting heavily. "O-Oh..sorry sis..just caught up in the moment I couldn't really help myself." Arrietty apologized as the short haired girl caught her breath, looking up at the girl. "Yeah..I kinda noticed!" She said in a Irritated tone.

    "Look I said I was sorry. Come on Alice." She said, grabbing her sister's arm and pulled her into their final destination, the gymnasium. Much like the rest of the school, it was huge and had a stage in the middle of the gym for the assembly, fairly simple. "Cute.." Arrietty remarked and let go of Alice's hand. "So, want to sit together?" She asked as Alice shook her head.

    "Fine." Arrietty sighed, kissing her sister on the cheek and said a small "I love you." then parted ways with her sister and went to sit on the left side in the Bleachers while her sister shyly scrambled to the right side.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Crowds of students flooded through the gates with anticipation and excitement for what their first year at Lucas Greene would bring. All of them gamers of course and some were even reminiscent of their online character. It was a comfortable atmosphere, one held together by one common interest: Judgement!

    The first year of its debut had been a hectic one. International hunting groups were formed, alliances forged...and broken. But all in all it was an interesting experience. One that, to be honest, Kenshin hadn't counted on to enjoy. Before Judgement! he had never considered gaming as a prime choice to pass the time. The only reason why he had joined this game in particular was because of a certain sparring partner who had begged for his help. It might have a been a bit naive of him to immediately accept the task without asking for further details but to be fair, he hadn't a clue that it would have something to do with an MMO.

    It didn't take long for other games to follow and for him to start appreciating them. Most were recommended by his in-game teammates, Future of Hope. A group of amazing gamers that he had the privilege of leading. They've never met in real life but they're relations were of that of close friends. Although in this academy, it wouldn't have been a surprise if they too had been enrolled. In fact just in that moment Kenshin passed Jimmy and acknowledged the boy's wave with a nod and pleasant smile.

    Perhaps he would be meet them after the entrance ceremony. And with that thought he passed through the double doors of the gym. He took a seat towards the front of the bleachers where he would be able to clearly hear the coming announcements.

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  10. ~:Amber:~
    Amber seemed to have an unpleased look plastered to her face as she walked though the gates, watching as people greeted each other as equals, friends, sometimes more than that. To her, it was nothing. Online friendships where much easier than in real life ones, and she feared for whom she would see here. No doubt that the leader of the group she was in, Future Hope was here, and that is what terrified most. Amber came off as more hostile in person that she did online. When she was online, she could be open with people, but in person she was guarded, insecure.

    Looking around her, watching people wave back and forth as she slumped towards the gym. She did not care for this one bit. As she entered the room, the smell of sweaty bodies and pubescent mood swings filled the air, causing the girl to silently gag on the air she was breathing until she got used to it. After her few seconds of gagging where over, Amber walked forward and sat down on the bench next to a dark haired man who somewhat reminded her of her leader, not that she would say a thing to him.
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  11. After a few wrong turns and a few minutes of wandering around the campus, Elliot finally admitted that he is lost.

    The school was friggin' huge! While he was aimlessly wandering around the campus, he passed by 3 cafeterias, 2 libraries, 10 dorms and an Olympic sized swimming pool. And he hasn't even ventured further inside the campus. And the tuition fee's free in this place?, he wondered as he recalled that the letter mentioned that the tuition fee was free. When he read that part of the letter, Elliot just assumed that the school is probably just another non-profit public school with crappy equipment that's 'funded' by some shady NGO operated by a government official for the sake of publicity. But instead, he saw a school with buildings and equipments that is at par with the top universities of this country. Elliot is having a hard time believing that the tuition fee in this place is free. Who the heck is funding all this?

    His thoughts stopped short as he stumbled upon a billboard with the map of the entire school on it. He did a double take when it said that the area of the campus was 15 acres. But he glanced at his watch and realized that the ceremony was about to start. He looked for a path back to the gym and headed that way.

    On the way back, he reminisced those times when he was playing Judgement!. After all, it was the reason why he was accepted into this university. He played the game as a PKing(Player killing) Beserker. It's very easy to PK as a Beserker class since they're tanky and can deal huge damage with either single-target or AOE attacks, but nobody uses it to PK since it was 'too strong' and it 'breaks the game'. But Elliot doesn't care. In fact, he enjoys it whenever he receives hate mails from people he PK'ed in-game. Sheesh, it's just a game, he would always think. Be glad I didn't actually kill you IRL.

    It was also then when he stumbled upon a player named Kiro who was the leader of a popular group known as the Future of Hope. Since he happened to be in a PvP zone, Elliot attempted to PK Kiro but he failed. For a Ronin class who are known for their high agility stats, Kiro was nearly untouchable. And with Elliot's slow ability cooldown as a berserker, he was at a disadvantage. After this failed attempt of his, Kiro emailed him and asked him to join his group. He did and, although some of the members disagreed with his PKing habits, he managed to become close with the rest of the group. But since he got arrested and was placed in juvenile prison, he wasn't able to log on for a month. Elliot wondered if his groupmates still remember him.

    He arrived at the gym and was relieved that the ceremony wasn't starting yet. He also noticed someone waving his hands towards him. He looked familiar but Elliot didn't greet him back since he couldn't remember who he was. He sat at the left side of the bleachers, just beside the girl with brown hair. Elliot looked at the girl beside him and noticed she was cute. Dad did tell me to make friends, he thought and decided to strike up a conversation. "Hey, did you dye your hair with that color or it's natural?". Elliot realized that it was a stupid question and was suddenly ashamed of himself for asking.

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  12. OOC: Sorry if it's short.... I already had her seated in my first post, because I expected the assembly to start by the time we got to our second posts, so I didn't really have much for her to do.

    Mattaline Nelson ♥ iiMattyMattii
    Click here to reference Matty.

    Not a single person that came in after Mattaline went unnoticed. She studied each and everyone of them, not exactly judging or sizing up. She was just curious as to what her fellow gamers actually looked like. Since she had never outwardly expressed her love for video games before, she never really knew anyone who played them. Not in person, anyways.

    Baffling enough, most of them seemed normal. Looks can be deceiving, of course. Mattaline knew that best. But, until she got to know them all, their looks was the only thing she could go off of. A surprising amount of them were attractive enough, and some were even tan. So much for stereotypes, she thought as she smiled at a wave of people passing by.

    Her eye was drawn to the clock on the wall, seeing that the opening assembly should be starting soon. Good, I can't wait to get this show on the road. Each and every second that passed only made Matty more impatient, restless. She started to tap her foot absentmindedly, eyes drifting once more.

    Mattaline suddenly realized her heart was beating at unusually quick rate. Her eyebrows furrowed, she hadn't realized how afraid she was until that moment. What if she was a reject among these people? Maybe I should have just stayed at my old school, she thought, watching more people pass by. At least I know where I stand there. Despite being slightly terrified, Mattaline also realized she was enjoying herself. There was something exciting about the uncertainty.

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