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Childish Grumpino

all things are nothing to me
Original poster
So late last year I cobbled together this cheeky little system for running a Battle Royale-inspired JumpIn RP in which a bunch of high school students murder each other in various fucked up ways as part of a twisted deathmatch game.

Then I totally forgot about it for several months.

Anyways, now that I'm jones-ing for some games to play in again I figured I'd chuck it up here and see if there's anyone game for such a game.



Welcome to LSS: Last Student Standing.

You are going to die.

Let's get that established right from the get-go. This is not a tale of survival against the odds. There are no heroes coming to save the day, no superhuman powers to help you stand above the rest. You are one of a class of ordinary high school students, plucked from your normal lives and dropped into a horrifying ordeal of murder, bloodshed, betrayal and despair. Only one of you can walk away from this. Only one student will be left standing.

For that student to be you, you're going to have to fight for it.

The rules of LSS are very simple, designed for maximum lethality and simplicity. Players take the role of one of Manderly High School's 10th Grade students, selected to be this year's candidates for the Last Student Standing tournament. Character sheets are NOT REQUIRED for this RP; simply check how many students remain in the game, roll to discover what randomised weapon your character has been assigned, and jump on in. If your character is killed (and they are almost certainly going to be), you are welcome to simply create a new one provided enough students remain.

The principle theme of LSS is lethality. Violence is inevitable; it is also brutal, fast and extremely dangerous for both sides. To fight another student is to take your life into your hands, because one wrong move, one slip-up, one miscalculation and you're bleeding out on the floor.

There's no hit-points in this setting, no plot armour.

LSS is also a Horror RP, and this plays a key role in the themes present. Despair, terror, isolation and a descent into murderous insanity will all be present throughout the course of the story, growing ever more potent as time passes.


  • Your character is going to die. Be aware of this.
  • The GM has the final say in disputes, conflicts and encounters.
  • Once a character is dead, that's it for them. No respawns, miraculous recoveries or hidden layers of plot armour. You're welcome (even encouraged) to rejoin with a new character.
  • If you do not post in the IC in THREE DAYS, your character will be killed.

Just follow the instructions below.
  • Confirm how many students (male and female) remain alive in the game.
  • Choose your character's gender.
  • Roll on the random weapon table (found below) to find out what instrument of death (or piece of junk that's probably going to get you killed) your character has been assigned.
  • If the weapon you rolled has an additional roll included in it's description (such as the amount of ammunition you have for it) roll for this as well.
  • Choose a starting location on the island.
  • Start posting.

Nice and simple. This is a JumpIn, after all. A lethal, murderous JumpIn.

Violence is an ever-present threat in LSS. Even if you've decided that you're not playing any part in this twisted game, there's no telling when one of your class-mates is going to come charging out of the treeline, wild-eyed and swinging a fire axe. There's no escaping it.

When two or more students find themselves in the same zone as each other, they may elect to engage in CONFLICT. The rules for such violent encounters are as follows:
  • Each student chooses their response to the coming conflict; FIGHT (the student will seek to murder their opponent) or FLIGHT (the student will seek to evade, hide or otherwise escape from the encounter).
  • The students add up any bonuses their equipment may add or subtract to the situation.
  • Each student rolls a d10 in the OOC (ten-sided dice, a tutorial for rolling dice on Iwaku can be found HERE).
  • The student with the highest number wins the encounter.

If the winning student chose FIGHT as their response, they successfully murder their opponent; the student's player writes out a post describing the encounter and how it plays out, and the game continues from there. If the student chose FLIGHT as their response they successfully escape from the situation a separate zone, and CANNOT BE ATTACKED BY THE SAME PLAYER until a later time.

Students can choose to team up against an opponent, overpowering them through numbers. It's unfair and cruel, but in a cut-throat game like LSS that's sometimes what it takes to survive. In such an event, the two students ganging up on the opposing student decide which response they want to take to the engagement as usual: FIGHT or FLIGHT. All characters then roll, the highest deciding who wins and who loses. If either of the students who have teamed up gets the highest roll, they succeed in either overpowering or escaping from the solitary opponent. However, if the opponent has chosen FIGHT as their response and wins the roll, they succeed in killing both of the students who ganged up on them.

A conflict cannot have more than five students involved. If there is more than this in an encounter, it is resolved in a separate fight.

That's that. Quick, simple and sufficiently dangerous.

Like you were told at the start, you are going to die.

To prevent the game from degenerating into a massive, all-out slaughter on the first day (though this has still happened on a few occasions), the organisers of LSS choose a location that is large enough for the students to spread out into, ensuring a variety of engagements and a game that lasts the required amount of time.

The game of LSS is broken up into days and the time of day; MORNING, AFTERNOON and EVENING (eg. 'DAY TWO, AFTERNOON' or 'DAY THREE, MORNING'). The island is divided into a ten by ten grid, each of the squares known as ZONES. Students can traverse the island up to FOUR ZONES in a straight or diagonal path each period of the day.

As the game progresses, the organisers will attempt to push the dwindling number of students ever closer together by declaring certain regions of the island to be DEAD ZONES. Anyone caught within these regions must quickly escape the region, or else their collar will be detonated and they will be forcibly removed from the game for violation of the rules.

LSS is a three-day event, beginning on the morning that the students first arrive on the island and ending in the afternoon of the third and final day. As the game progresses, dead zones will be created to force the surviving population of students into an evermore confined space, ensuring that the violence continues right up until the final student is left standing.

1.Gas powered chainsaw
3.Box of matches/ pack of cigarettes
4.Crossbow (with 2d10 bolts)
5.Grenade (quantity: 1d4)
7.Butchers cleaver
10.Pocket knife
11.Survival knife
13.Tracking device (designates the location of any student within ‘100 meters)
14.Caltrops (quantity: 2d10)
15.Revolver (with 2d12 bullets)
16.Semi-auto pistol (with 1d4 clips of 8 bullets)
17.Pump action shotgun (with 1d12 shells)
18.Sawnoff double-barrel shotgun (with 1d12 shells)
19.Bulletproof vest
21.Light sub machinegun (with 1d4 clips of 20 bullets)
22.Throwing stars (quantity: 1d8)
24.Laser pointer
25.Batteries (quantity:1d6)
27.Police baton
28.Mace, can of
31.Motorcycle helmet
32.Iron frying pan
33.Poison (1 small bottle good for 1d10 doses)
35.Uzi (with 1d4 clips of 20 bullets)
36.Baseball bat
37.Brass knuckles
39.Power drill (with 6 hour battery)
41.Choking wire
42.Blow dart gun (with 2d10 darts)
43.Martial arts manual
44.Silenced automatic pistol (with 1d4 clips of 8 bullets)
46.Flash-bang grenade (quantity:1d4)
47.Land mines (quantity:1d4)
48.Chloriform, bottle of (with handkerchief)
49.Morphine, bottle of (enough for 1d6 doses, with 2 sterile syringes)
50.Sling shot (with 1d20 bullets)
51.Airsoft pistol (batteries included, with 1d4 20 shot clips)
53.Can of gasoline
54.Can of spray paint
55.Night vision goggles
56.Glass bottle
57.Military folding spade
58.Flare gun (with 1d4 flares)
59.Cage of snake (with one poisonous snake)
61.Gas mask
62.Grenade launcher (with 1d6 smoke grenades)
63.Nail gun (with 6 hour battery and 1d4 clips of 30 nails)
64.Bear trap
65.Collapsible baton
67.Lockpick kit (with instructions)
68.Car keys (6 keys on a ring with a Hello Kitty key chain)
69.Roll of 100 dollar notes
71.Straight razor
72.Butterfly knife
73.Sniper rifle (single shot rifle with 2d10 bullets)
74.Throwing darts (quantity: 1d10)
75.Bola (quantity: 1d4)
76.Acid, bottle of
77.Croquette mallet
78.Fire extinguisher
79.Smoke grenades (quantity: 1d4)
80.Fireworks (box of 12, with matches)
81.Steel-toed boots, pair
82.Duct tape, roll of
83.Speargun (with 1d6 spears)
84.Umbrella (blue)
85.Golf club
86.Handcuffs (with 2 keys)
89.Portable defibrillator (with battery, good for 1d6 treatments)
90.Pingpong paddle
91.Box cutter
92.Laughing gas grenades (quantity: 1d4)
93.Cleated shoes, pair of
95.Grappling hook (with 50 foot cable)
97.Tennis racket
99.Caddle prod (with battery)
100.Bow (with 1d20 arrows and extra string)

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Neato, but you might want to rework the weapons, it might suck for a guy to instantly get beat up having only a pair of handcuffs


This was one of my all time favorite movies when I was in high school.
And still is.
I love this. I love this lots.

Childish Grumpino

all things are nothing to me
Original poster
Neato, but you might want to rework the weapons, it might suck for a guy to instantly get beat up having only a pair of handcuffs

That was sort of the aim. As in the book and film where the main characters get stuck with a pot lid and a paper fan, some folks get lucky and others don't. It all basically comes down to a roll of the dice with fighting anyway: the weapons are largely there for flavour and to give people something to work with.

And thanks kindly, Staci.
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