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    Many books talk of far of worlds and different dimensions, these books are usually refered to as Sci-fi or
    Fantasy. Although some scientists like to believe in the idea of life beyond the stars, to many it is no more
    than a dream. However... this story if you choose to believe will have many thinking differently...

    Thirteen years ago three children with no history or record were discovered wandering aimlessly
    around parts of the streets of New York City. Now young adolescence find themselves being drawn
    together and pulled away from the lives they once knew into a completely different world, a world in
    which only one would only thought to have read about in fairy tales. Now the three along with the friends
    they meet along the way must discover themselves, their pasts, and most importantly their futures. Will
    they be trapped in this strange land forever or will they find a way back home?


    - Kara Kurozaki -
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    Name: Luka Lucifer Harukia Alexander Kurozaki
    Age: 15
    Power/Ability: Able to communicate w/ animals and transform into a wolf herself
    Weapon: Scythe or two swords .her starter weapon is a wakizashi
    Personality: Kind, loyal, fun, kinda sarcastic at times, protective, shy
    Bio: She was born of royal blood but she is really mostly demon so there for her mom hide her birth from everyone including her father who tried to steal her shortly after finding out that she was his daughter. she jumped out of his arms and fell into a portal to another world.
    Extra: She is slightly crazy

    Half-Breed Form

    Full-Blood Form

    - IcarusV -
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    - WolfGirl -

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    Name: Melody Rose Field
    Ability/Power: Can turn herself into a half wolf or a full Wolf and she can make everyone nice to each other for a couple sec.
    Personality: Shy, doesn't talk much
    Weapon: Double daggers and a bow and arrow

    Bio: Her parents and her were transported to Arthus a year before luka and the others when they get there they turn into wolf form and her parents were shot and killed by hunters. Shortly after her parents died she tried to adapt to Arthus. After a while she started to hear thoughts in her head she then had the idea. She started to kill everything in site. She finally stopped since it was against her nature she had to concentrate and make sure it would never happen again. She has half an angel and half a demon inside her usually the angel is in control but if the demon takes charge she will kill anything or anyone in site while the angel side is helpless to watch.
    Extra: Has a strange attraction to roses
    Half-Breed Form
    Full-Blood Form

    - Schizophrenic -
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    Name: Yao Yaolin Sung Xing Ling Hong Wuu Syun
    Age: 17 (January 7th)
    Power/Ability: Yao has the abnormal ability to read the thoughts of any intelligent living life-form, this ability is accompanied by several others he begins to discover as he enters the strange world known as Arthus.
    Weapon:At the beginning Yao uses the pair of reinforced scissors he always keeps on his person. As time passes he soon acquires a large iron claw with sharpened pointed tips for his right hand and an equally big and sharp iron hook which he uses with his left hand.
    Yao is diagnosed as mentally unstable young man, he tends to have recurring moments of instability in which he begins to talk to unheard voices, occasionally experiencing fits of laughter, rage, and/or depression. Yao is hard for anybody to understand, and communicate with, thus isolating himself from others. He appears to be timid, avoiding strangers. Yao finds comfort in small, closed, dark spaces, and staring hours into nothing. Yao has found himself also developing a sense of power and serenity when presented with blood and cold surfaces. Despite how he seems deep down in him, somewhere untouched Yao is actually a timid, gentle, generous,good-willed, caring and understanding soul but growing up he was layered in corruption.
    Yao was born into a world called Arthus, the child of two demons or otherwise known as Yokai. After being born Yao's mother died and his father disappeared, he was soon picked up and raised by a wandering and lone Yokai, until one day while escaping a troup of demon hunters hired by a local preist Yao had fallen into a lake in which he was dragged down by the creatures living there and nearly drowned until he was caught in a portal in which thrusted him into another world.
    Yao now has no memories before the age of six and was found at the age of four collapsed in an alley way, from there he was taken into cudtody of child security and passed from one home to the next always being turned out after a few days. Yao grew up with the odd ability to read the thoughts of those around him, as a child he didn't understand the abnormality of this and was seen as a monster. The truth is never a pretty thing and no one wants to be found out but with Yao it was inevitable he grew up unable to shut his years to the cruel, and immoral voices that floated around him, day by day he grew more insecure and did not trust those around him, he was all alone, and wanted to disappear. Eventually unable to find a home for him, forget volunteers as rumors spread among the agency, they sent him to a boarding school and volunteered to pay for the funds, just as long as they never had to see him again. Life was no different at the school, in fact it was even worse as hate went just beyond thought. Yao by then had already learned to keep his ability quiet but the other students still always found fault in him for whatever reason and abused him. What hurt him the most however was not the physical pain or the voiced insults but those inside that were true and even more hurtful. Eventually Yao withdrew from classes and attempted many times at suicide, earning him trips into therapy and checkups until finally on his 17th birthday after being stripped and mutilated by the students in his dorm he finally left hoping never to look back. Running his only possessions were the clothes on his back and the scissors in his pocket.
    Extra: Yao's name was given to him by his first foster family, a Chinese couple that had just moved to America. Yao also has an unexpected soft spot for animals, being the only creatures with no real thoughts, reason, or judgement, they are in his opion the perfect beings.

    Half-Breed Form
    Full-Blood Form

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  2. It was five in the morning when Yao had managed to sneak out of
    the dorms and escape the school Campus. It was now Eight and Yao had managed
    to make his way to the public park that was nearly four miles from the school campus.
    Yao stopped an took a seat on a bench that rested in the shade of the trees.
    The park was empty as far as he could see and this luckily gave him a chance to rest.
    Yao was unsure as to what his next step would be, where he would go now that
    he has managed to escape from the hell hole everyone called school. After this
    the best step to take is make his way out of the city and find a isolated place to stay.
    The only problem was to this plan was Yao's empty pockets he had no money for food,
    let alone shelter. He was now in a stump but he believed this was better than if he stayed.
  3. Early in the morning I heard some one sit on the bench below my tree and was rustling through his pocket for something. I didn't mind it until suddenly the tree branch snapped and I fell on the boy" I so sorry, are you ok"
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