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    Interest Check Threads: II & I

    *Please note that some stuff may change for now since I am typing first draft here and will get feedback from my co-gm Tarot, but most things will follow closely to the game's lore and story.

    Concerning the Adult Link timeline immediately after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this role play centers around two entities that arose from the aftermath of the war against Ganondorf.

    Hyrule is saved. After celebrations across the land among victors, survivors, and cowards alike, the world has divided into two extremes. One portion of the population, having renewed hope, started to rebuild and help heal the damages of battle. The other portion, thankfully still the minority, took advantage of the peaceful chaos by looting, conning, and deceiving.

    While much of Hyrule's lay of the land remained the same, two new entities appeared. Actually, one new entity appeared, and another extended itself to become something more. To begin, we shall speak about the latter.

    Lon Lon Ranch

    Owned by Malon and Talon, the two kindhearted ranchers realized that the aftermath of the war left many orphans, single mothers, and homeless victims. They devised a plan to extend their ranch into an orphanage foremost, a shelter second, and to continue their original purpose as ranchers.

    By taking on new industry such as agriculture, Lon Lon Ranch became self-sustained. Employees are also the denizens, and now, the ranch has grown to become something else entirely, and for the better.

    The majority of the inhabitants are orphans, there are some adult refugees, but they are more rare and tend to be more temporary due to getting back up on their feet again.

    The Museum of Hyrule

    An undertaking by a mysterious, "new-money rich" noble with a passion for antiques, history, and culture, a large museum to be dedicated to preserving the history and cultures of Hyrule was freshly constructed. While still quite empty in collection and staff, they are quickly growing. Many jobs and expeditions are available for the unemployed or those that seek adventure. The museum has a no discrimination policy against race, age, and class for employment.

    That's great, but what exactly are we role playing??
    Great question, reader, we will be role playing as orphans and others closely involved with the orphanage and museum. The story will start off with a group becoming extremely curious about where the heroic savior, Link and his brave, wise partner, the fairy Navi, have disappeared to. While on this epic journey throughout Hyrule, we will discover many peculiar, terrifying, ridiculous, and heart-warming experiences. Come, join us today, and create your character, a character you will journey with from this moment until the day you die.

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  2. Lore

    *This role play will be medium-strict, so that means please try to keep things logical to how things are in the game, but liberties can be made as long as its not crazy like laser guns or other lore-breakers

    Hyrule Map


    From fleeting fairies in a bottle, to the fairies of Kokiri, to the Great Fairies, and possibly even Din, Nayru, and Farore(though this is just speculation from some), these magical beings can be helpful, dangerous, and fun all at the same time. If you are not a Kokiri, please be wary, as the intentions may be unpredictable. Most fairies are humanoid, and their glow tends to make them appear to be a ball of light. It is the Great Fairies, that can manifest into a larger form, appearing to be an attractive and almost naked woman.

    To read more about Fairy, please click here.






    They live in Kokiri Forest, and are a child-like race. It is mysterious on how they come into being, but many have existed for centuries. Each have their own fairy, that are their partner, friend, teacher, and guardian. It is rumored that the Kokiri, while ageless and possibly immortal, may lose that status when they leave the protection of the Kokiri Forest. However, there is controversy whether that is simply a rumor to help them stay safe but not journeying out into the dangerous world. The Kokiri worship the Great Deku Tree.

    To read more, please click here.



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  3. Characters
    Accepted (open)

    Character Sheet


    Status: [One word to describe your current status such as "Orphan", "Refugee", "Wanderer", etc]
    Affliation: [Lon Lon Ranch/Museum of Hyrule/Unaffliated, please choose one of these]

    Appearance: [Please use Anime/Concept Art/Fantasy Art or detailed description]
    Personality: [Just some insight, doesn't have to be too detailed unless you want to]
    History: [Also, can be brief]

    Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Weapons & Talents:

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